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View Full Version : Question regarding the Soul

10-27-2007, 09:18 PM

I have a very inquisitive friend, who recently sent this to me, I'm not too sure how to go about it as my knowledge is sadly very limited.

"My real concern is over the nature of an embrios soul. Does it go to heaven with the characteristics and intellect of a two month old featus and live out eternity in this state? or does it magically acquire the personality of an adult despite having never lived through the development required to reach this stage?
I also was wondering more generally on the nature of the soul as a separate entity to physiology. If the soul exists as a seperate entity then why does damaging somebody's brain also destroy their personality? or even make them unaware that they even exist? If you get demented in old age and you think you're Napolean is this the version of your soul that goes to heaven on your death? or does your soul magically return to the state of a spritely twenty-one year old, somehow neglecting the later years of it's life? When someone gets amnesia does thier soul inexplicably mimic the physiological condition by also forgetting its past? or does your soul secretly remember but not tell your brain?"
Any help would be appreciated..
Jazakallah kheyr!

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