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10-30-2007, 07:56 AM
We have some pretty inspiring people in our history - in all fields. One fellow who always got overlooked by Western education was Ibn Battuta who was probably the most prolific traveller the world has ever known. Marco Polo, Vasco De Gama but rarely an Ibn Battuta! That's a great shame.

When I was growing up, from the age of 16 onwards, I took every opportunity to hit the road and explore. I'd work a couple of years then just disappear to countries that I had never even heard of... Stick pins in maps and try and find someway to get there. Though most were never as extreme as I, going off on a year out or simply taking time away to go travelling for no other reason than to experience what the world has to offer is something of a rites of passage thing now for young British, Irish, Australian, Canadian, Kiwi, and Yank twenty-somethings. In fact most Europeans are into it too. And yet - despite the legacy of Battuta, Jubayr etc our youngsters do not seem to get out and about in quite the same way as their Western counterparts.

My own theory is, that even in some of our own 'Muslim' countries there are simply no halal options for servicing our own tourism needs.

I think the difficulties for young women to go travelling are well-documented and I will leave any sort of 'revolution' in that field for someone else. But for the young lads, well, there's currently not too much out there for them.

Till now!

I've had this on my mind for a long time, and I think we're almost there. Come see my site at battuta.net and let me know what you think.

For now though, could anyone chip in with some of the 'halal' alternatives there are for our boys to put on their packs and get out there? Are there any?


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