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10-31-2007, 06:27 PM
Salamu’alaykumu wa Ramathuallah wa Rabarakathaha

You can just skip down to the link to the multimedia presentation if you want to. My words are only to provide a context which all Muslims might better comprehend than most persons who will be veiwing the multimedia presentation in the link below.

There are a significant number of Aboriginal inmates of Australian prisons whom have converted to Islam while in prison, and whom are in the process of converting.

Aboriginal Australians are incarcerated at a higher rate than the rest of the population, without any equivalent higher rate of criminal activity. These prisoners are prisoners of war, and the war is a war of invasion, and the invasion is of this land we all live upon, which was already known to be Muslim owned lands prior to 1788.

The tropical, and parts of sub-tropical north of Australia, had long been within the Empire of Islam. This land was engaged in a long term process of gradually converting the whole population, each individual converting in time as reason in Islam could be found, when we were invaded by the British. The conversions happening today in modern Australian prisons are evidence of the victory in Allah of that ongoing process.

Yet today this nation state is enabling its police force to have defined that any Aboriginal person, whom sustains Aboriginal cultural tradition, and whom also believes in Allah, has no real credibility, as though Islam, if in an Aboriginal person, is a pathological state of mind.

The federal Howard Government has not offered any renunciation of its denial of basic Human rights and land rights for Aboriginal Australians, by offering a referendum of national vote about Terra Nullius, because our ability to portray our real Human belief in Islam, is denied us, unless we are prepared to deny our indigenous identification with land.

This is the context in which it might have begun to seem, as though the Australian police, and those other nation’s police forces supporting Australian security intelligence services, had set out in a conspiracy to manifest proving Islamic prophesy right here in Australia. Clearly the police have failed to notice how neatly they prove the case against their arguments about what defines sanity versus criminality.

Meanwhile there are many Indigenous Australians whom realize that we need to raise the profile of our lives, so as to ensure that the presence of the Army and the doctors examining Aboriginal children, will manifest something positive. Even if the only positive result is that which we ourselves work to attain, nobody can afford that there is no positive consequence to be attained from the situation of the Army having been used to prevent child abuse.

The following link is available for all persons whom would like to learn more about the world of those Aboriginal Australians whom are sustaining, and teaching, our cultural traditions. The people in these slide shows and short films, live in a culture which has sustained the initiation tradition of the prophet Moses, in an unbroken cultural tradition, which Muslims joined in with upon first arriving here, as we then joined the Ummah, and included the teaching of Mohammed into our initiation practices.

Please pass this link on to every person who cares. http://media.news.com.au/multimedia/2007/10/garma/

Today many Aborigines use the traditions of Christianity for worship, since as Christians we are less discriminated against by the police. Our way in Christianity is distinct since we received Islam before we received the teaching of Isa. Yet we are in real need of an active modern Islamic education for our children, so that they can be best equipped for coping with the modern world. Aboriginal Muslims need for other Muslims to accept our Islam, even though its face is so very different. The police who victimize indigenous Australians, do so in belief that they are taking action against Islam, will not make life any easy for other Muslims either, whether or not Muslims support Aborigines.

Alaykumuassalamu wa Ramathuallah wa Rabarakathaha

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