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09-19-2005, 11:10 PM
Salam to anubody no this sheikh. I herd he from monchester

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Ahmad raza
11-09-2009, 01:26 AM
Yes Brother he is a well known shaikh from manchester and resides in bolton however he is the shaikh who opened the first khanqah in europe in 1977....

mashallah he has alot of followers and he is very steadfast on the sunnah and shariah..

at this moment he has 4 khanqahs running in uk and many other little centres.. he also has khanqahs in pakistan aswell as saudi arabia, africa etc however his main khanqah is in manchester.. they have 2 zikr majlisis every week one on thursday and one on sunday and mashallah they have beautyfull langar served on sunday and theres no langar on thursday also they have a zikr majlis in bradford every tuesday and one in burnley i think its on wednesday...

the shaikh does not get involved in any sort of politics or arguments i.e brelvi deobandi etc etc and his simple message is to practice the shariah and sunnah and do the zikr allah..

Mashallah the shaikh is v unique and a great great great wali allah!! if you read the books of the pious sufi elders and then u luk at the life of the shaikh you will end up remembrin the great awliyaa, i think for ahl e nazar just looking at his face is enough..

mashallah the shaikh is respected by many scholers from both school of thorts i.e brelvi school and deobandi.. however at the same time there are scholers from the very same school of thorts that speak against him out of jealousy..

the shaikh is strictly the follower of ahl e sunnat wal jamaat in aqeedah and amal.. however nowadays there is a great rumour that the shaikh is linked to the deobandi school and this is not true.. the shaikh has clarified this many times as he is a strict follower of ahlesunnat wal jamaat..

the shaikh has khilafat in all silsilahs however his main silsila is naqshbandia mujaddadia, and he has khilafat from arif billah hazrat shaikh ali murtaza saheb naqshbandi mujaddadi rahmatullah alaih, and they have it from khwaja ghareeb nawaaz urwatul wusqa shaikh al arabi wal ajam hazrat fazal ali shah qureshi rahmatullah alaih!

The shaikh has also written and performed many naats in the praise of rasulullah sawas aswell as salaat o slaams and he was also the first shaikh in england to hold mehfil e ziyaarate moye mubarak (the blesssed hair of the holy prophet sawas)

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