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11-18-2007, 04:37 AM

don't know much about it.. but as per their request I am passing it around

Al Safa Halal sold to American Halal Company - now 110% halal
We just received notice that the well-known North American company, Al-Safa Halal, that specializes in frozen packaged halal food will be sold to a Muslim company. Formerly owned by non-Muslims, there has been a lot of controversy regarding the ‘halalness’ of their products. Hopefully this announcement will dispel any concerns that Muslims tend to panic over instead of worrying about more important issues.

We are not overlooking the importance of consuming zabihah products (we fully support the Zabihah movement and do not subscribe to any ‘convenient’ non-zabihah fatwas). We only hope that more concern and efforts would be directed to issues that are detrimental to the growth of Islam.

We would like to hear your comments on Al-Safa, the state of halal or zabihah food in North America and/or Europe. Please add them in the comments section.

Announcement Regarding the Sale of AL SAFA HALAL

Mr. Adnan Durrani and American Halal Company, which is wholly owned by him, has signed a binding agreement to purchase AL SAFA, North America’s leading HALAL brand. Mr. Durrani will be the new Owner, Chairman and Chief Halal Officer (CHO) upon the closing date, which is anticipated to be early next year. Directly reporting to Mr. Durrani will be Steve Hahn (S.VP & COO) who co-founded AL SAFA HALAL in 1999. Mr. Durrani is a prominent member of the Muslim community and a charter member of the American Institute of Islamic and Arabic Studies, as well as being a highly successful food entrepreneur and venture capitalist.

Mr. Durrani will be managing AL SAFA HALAL on a full time basis, bringing together two decades of experience in building niche food brands into major household brand names. He was also a founding partner of Stonyfield Farms yogurt, now the largest organic yogurt brand in the world with over $350 million in sales. Mr. Durrani commented, “I am extremely excited about buying AL SAFA. I have always felt it is the only true halal brand, especially since it is hand slaughtered which I am dedicated to. Just as I did for organic foods, I intend to build AL SAFA and American Halal into the most recognized and trusted Shariah compliant halal food company in North America.”

Following this brief announcement will be an official press release from Mr. Durrani’s office as the closing nears.

One Response to “Al Safa Halal sold to American Halal Company - now 110% halal”
Shahed Says:
November 13th, 2007 at 8:40 pm

Your reference to “110% Halal” infers that the previous incarnation was “100% Halal”, which is a statement that I wholeheartedly agree with. I think that the former owners, though non-Muslim, did what they could to provide a quality product to the Muslim consumer that conformed as best as possible to generally accepted Halal criteria. It is unfortunate that people are basing the validity of the “halal-ness” of the meat to the religion of those who own the company. The previous owners should be thanked for raising the bar for quality Halal consumables, not villified based on urban legend and rumors.

Anyway, it looks like this is now a non-issue, which means an end to the arguments about Al-Safa on zabihah.com!

Pray it is beneficial insha'Allah


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