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Pure Imaan
12-05-2007, 04:53 PM
Assalamualaikum broz and sisz

Hope all is well! I wanted to ask, how do you perform wudu, I read in different places different ways of performing wudu, which is the right way, is there a right way?

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12-12-2007, 11:53 PM
hmm...wel i wash my arms legs face ears, nose and every where else 3 times, and my hair 1 time... but before it i say "bismillahi rahmani raheem"

Ummu Sufyaan
12-13-2007, 12:10 AM
Check this book out :sunny:

12-13-2007, 06:19 PM
As i am aware there is an 'order' in which you must follow when cleansing befor prayer. Befor starting its always important to clean oneself private parts befor performing wudu
and then in this order -
( im writing this directly from my 'Salah - The Muslim Prayer' book )

Befor a person can say his prayer, he must be clean and pure. The Quran says " Truly Allah loves those who turn to Him and those who care for cleanliness". Cleanliness of mind, of body, and of clothes is called Taharah or purification. is only in such conditions of purification that a Muslim may perform the Salah
Purification of the body is attained by partial or total washing with clean water. The partial wash is know as Al-Wudu or the ablution, and then total wash is called Al-Ghusl or the washing ( bath ) of the whole body


Mention the name of Allah by saying ' Bismilla-Hir-Rahma-Nir-Rahim' ( in the name of Allah, the benificient, the Merciful )
Wash both hands up to wrist together three times, ensuring that every part including between the fingers is weeted by water.
Taking a handfull of water ( RIGHT HAND - very important not the left ) into the mouth, rinse the mouth three times.
Snuff water contained in the right palm into the nose and then eject the water with the left hand. three times.
Wash the face, from ear to ear, forehead to chin three times.
Wash the right arm thoroughly from the wrist to the elbow three times and repeat with the left arm.
Run moistened hands over the head from forehead to the back and back to forehead
Run moistened fingers through the ears, the first finger of each hand going across the sinde of the corresponding ear, while the thumb runs across the outside ( once )
Wash both feet up to the ankles starting from the right and ensuring that all parts particularly between the toes are wetted

Notes -
If you had performed complete Wudu befor putting on your socks or stockings it is not necessary to remove them when you want to repeat the performance of wudu. it is enough to wipe over the stockinged feet with wet habds. this may be done for a period of one day ( and three days on journey on the condition that the socks or stockings are never removed.

The process of wudu end with the recitation of the Kalimatus-Shahadah. :-


A fresh performance of wudu is necessary if one breaks wind, touches the genitals, or becomes sexually excited, or pays a visit to the lavatory, or falls asleep lying down, or vomits, or incurs flow of blood from an injury. or a flow of impure fluid.

AL-GHUSL ( the washing or bath )

The greater purification, Ghusl, is obligatory when one is defiled as a result of nocturnal emmision ( or a wet dream ), marital intercourse, child birth, or when entering into the fold of islam.

The procedure is as follows :
Begin with the name of Allah as for Wudu. Wash the hands and the affected parts of the body with water to remove any impurity. perform Wudu as above, Then wash the whole body three time, using clean water for each wash.

TAYAMMUM ( Dry Ablution )

On certain occassion, it may become either impossible (eg. when water cannot be found or just enough for drinking is available), or it is dangerous, because fo illness, to use water for Wudu or Ghusl. In such situations, Tayammum is performed. The procedure as follows :-
Begin with the name of Allah. Strike both palms on sand, or anything containing sand or dust, like a wall or a stone etc. Pass the palms of the hands over the face once. Strike the sand etc again with the palms. Rub the right hand with the left palm from the wrist to the elbow and similary for the left hand with the right palm. Finish with the Kalimatus-Shahadah as for Wudu.

i hope inshaAllah this is an easy method to follow... in the book i have quoted from there are some illustrations but i hope from what i have quoted it will be easy to follow and understand.

Allah Hafiz

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