View Full Version : Been To Hajj Already? Share Your Experiences On The Day Of Arafat Here

12-18-2007, 02:15 PM
The day of Arafat is the day that the pilgrims stand on the Mountain of Arafat - basically spending the day in prayer and dhikr.

I remember my experience as we made our way in a bus up to the place of Arafat. There were millions of people heading up a barren mountain moving in unison - on foot, by bus, etc as we climbed higher and higher on Arafat. Out the window of the bus I was in, I saw poor people, very elderly people, black people, white people and everything in between.

The feeling I had was, it was a dress rehearsal for The Day of Judgment. When I spoke to other people, they said the same thing. Just the bus ride to the place of Arafat alone was an extremely moving experience.

After arriving at our destination, we, the pilgrims, spent the entire day in prayer and dhikr of Allah...standing, sitting, bowing.

....InshaAllah. I will finish this later....I can hear the Adhan of Maghrib ending the day of Arafat for us here in Riyadh. :)


P.S. for those of you who have experienced the day of arafat, please post some of your experienced here

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