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09-23-2005, 06:12 PM
:sl: ... :brother: and :sister: 's
do u guys know about the story of Junair Jamshed??...
if u dont know who he is lemme tell u...he was a famous singer in Pakistan who sang the song "Dil Dil Pakistan".....
if u guys want i'll tell u his story and how he changed his life....alhamdulilah!! :D
.... :wilted_ro

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09-23-2005, 06:26 PM
yes please fire away lol...even though i dont know the guy..but if its to do wid islam then fire away! :)

09-23-2005, 07:18 PM
Junair Jamshed's change of life!!...cool!! :thumbs_up :bravo:

Mr. Junaid Jamshed,
Renowned Designer & Former Pop Singer

Interview with KalPoint.com

KalPoint.com Please tell us briefly about yourself including your brought up and education.

Mr. Junaid Jamshed:
I was born on September 03, 1964. Since my father was in Air Force, I studied in various Air Force institutes. I have spent a very disciplined life. Till 18 years I hadn’t seen the clock showing 1:00 am. means early to bed early to rise. I wanted to be a pilot like my father but due to eyesight problem I couldn’t. Later I desired to become doctor but again it wasn’t in my fortune. When I was studying in college Rohail & Shehzad noticed me and said you have got a good voice, you should sing. I hadn’t thought of it because I had been playing under19 cricket team and had decided to adopt cricket as a profession but what Allah wants, it happens.

I wasn’t familiar with big cities like Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad because I had lived in Sargodha, Peshawar, Quetta and other small cities. Being a young man from small cities and coming in front of the entire country was something very different and new for me. In 1987 Shoaib Mansoor asked me to sing “Dil Dil Pakistan” and it was a big hit. Then you all know what happened after that and now I am here in front of you.

KPDC: What was the reason why Vital Signs broke up?

Mr. J. J: Vital Signs had never broken up; you can call it a big break. I met Rohail & Shehzad in 1985 and we are friends since then. When we became popular and the money started coming in, we turned in to stars. Stars have their own tantrums and egos so when these factors started emerging between our friendships we decided to stop working as a band for sometime. In the mean time, I did try as a solo singer but by Allah’s will we could never work as a band again.

We still are friends and play music occasionally but don’t do it professionally. The music that we compose we believe if we go to release this music, this is going to be a big hit but we don’t want to release our music now. We want to play music for ourselves not for the nation. This is enough from my side.

KPDC: Which song of yours you liked most?

Mr. J. J:
Songs are your own creation and they are like kids and when people praise any of yours kid you start loving that one more. There’s no such most favorite song but due to occurrence of a number of interesting incidents some songs can’t be forgotten. When we were doing “Goray Rang ka Zamana” friends forbade us to do this song. They said this song was not of your style and it wouldn’t be appreciated by masses. This is why we put it in last place on side A of our first album. Shoaib Mansoor had written that song and he urged us to do this song because in his views it was going to be a big hit. But we did it half-heartedly; I sang it without any devotion or dedication and just got rid of this song after recording in the studio. Shoaib Mansoor did mixing of this song himself and when the album was released, the song was a magnum opus. When people used to request to sing this song in concerts we tried to avoid it but later we realized that this is our culture and this is the kind of songs people love in our country. On the same theme then we did “Sanwali Saloni Si Mehbooba” and the practice went on. Anyways my personal favorite song is “Aitebar”.

KPDC: Were you ever offered to work in films?

Mr. J. J: The day when I landed in Karachi the offers started coming in. Mr. Satish Anand was my good friend and he kept calling me to act in films. Mr. Syed Noor also offered me but as it is said that every man should know his limits and I wasn’t an actor so I refused them. I am thankful to these people though.

You have also played cricket. Are you active in sports these days?

Mr. J. J: Yes, I have been a good cricketer. Wasim Akram and Saeed Anwar are my good friends. It was the same time when I came into music and they went in to cricket. Wasim Akram signed the beverage company 6 months after my signing with the same company but we left at the same time. I’ve also played with them in different domestic tournaments and have been fulfilling my interest. These days there’s no such activity, I try to give as much time as I can to ‘Tablegh’ and ‘Dawat’ towards Allah. In Morning I go out to earn bread & butter and work till evening. In a day’s work, if get chance for ‘Dawat’ towards Allah, I exploit this opportunity. The evening time I have entirely dedicated for Allah in which I meet different religious personalities and strive to learn. I also try to dedicate 40 days yearly and 3 days in a month exclusively in the way of Allah. I spend Thursday evening at Madni Masjid.

KPDC: What difficulties did you face after this change in your life?

Mr. J. J: If you hear that a mountain can change its position it sounds possible but if somebody tells you that someone’s nature has changed, don’t believe to that person. I spent 33 years of my life in the same environment at family, friends, schooling and society. But at that age somebody told that you have been disobeying Allah so far and have done nothing commanded by Allah. But saying just can’t make much impact on your life and it is not in the authority of any human to change himself but whatever Allah wants, it happens. It was a very crucial period and I just can’t express how I went through all this. There’s nothing in the authority of human he just can present himself to Allah and if Allah chooses him there’s nothing more blessed occasion.

KPDC: Which facet of your life you enjoyed most? Previous one or this changed one?

Mr. J. J: To tell you the truth the previous life has its own charm and attraction. The fascination and charisma that life possessed, was very enjoyable. I used to travel a lot to different countries for concerts and met beautiful people but the fact is that Allah prohibits having that life style of disobedience. There are some rewards promised by Allah if you spend life according to Allah’s order. Allah has granted us the wisdom to differentiate between evil and good. So this was the choice ahead of me. Nevertheless, I knew that I was doing something wrong but I didn’t give up bad practice. Later I went out in the way of Allah and when a person once decides to go this way, Allah starts transferring His impression to the heart of the person and helps him. When I started presenting qualities of Allah and telling people about the life of Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam) my faith strengthened.

KPDC: Haven’t you decided to start Hamd-o-Naat Khwani?

Mr. J. J: InshAllah I will. I’ve always been a perfectionist, whether it is singing or business. Whatever field I came in to, I tried to reach the top. I’ll recite Hamd-o-Naat but after selecting finest ‘Kalam’ and with full preparations.

KPDC: It is said that you had announced in a press conference that you will not do music anymore but then we again saw you singing. What do you say about that?

Mr. J. J: Once I had done a press conference in which I had announced that I’ll complete the pending projects & will not sign any more music projects and after conclusion I’ll say farewell to music. This is what I exactly did but I didn’t know that people would make an issue out of it. I have now discontinued music altogether. The whole nation of Pakistan whether kids, men, women or elders, everyone knows me and I don’t want to misguide them telling music is the food of soul. On the Day of Judgment, if Allah asks me why had you been misleading 14 Crore people, what will I say then. “Zikar-e-Allah” is the food of soul. How can such thing be a food of soul, which has been prohibited by Allah, His Prophets and Walis.

KPDC: What are you future plans related to religious activities?

Mr. J. J: I am not in to any religious activity. I am only doing work, which we all must do. Allah has sent Muslims on earth who are supposed to invite people towards Allah. Like branded computers come with Windows XP, the same way Allah has installed some pre-planned ingredients in Muslims otherwise we would never have been created in this Ummat. In other Ummat’s where a Nabi for some specific time used to come and convey the message of Allah, those people didn’t forward this message. But being a Muslim this is our duty to communicate the message forward, which has been imparted to us by our Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam). I’ll keep performing this duty of mine till death InshAllah.

We would like to have your comments on the work done by Kalia Group to endorse the field of IT in the country.

Mr. J. J: I have always appreciated originality and KalSoft is certainly a big leap in the area of Software Development and Information Technology in Pakistan. Please carry on with your endeavors and take Pakistan to the roaring heights of advanced technology.

I am highly impressed with your efforts at KalPoint.com. The provided services are extremely valuable for every one. May Allah guide you and all of us to serve countrymen in the best way. Ameen

What message would you convey to the people through our website?

Mr. J. J: “Khuda nay aaj tak us qoum ki halat nahi badli
Na ho khayal jisay aap apni halat kay badalnay ka”

Don’t call your rulers with bad names because they represent you and me. The head of thieves is usually the biggest dacoit. In order to have an honest and truthful ruler first we’ll all have to become the same. When you point one finger on someone, three fingers are pointing at you. This is what we have to understand.

Questions by Netizens Top

Q1: How and when did this change come in to your life?

Mr. J. J: When Allah sent human on earth He called human as His most beautiful & best creature and asked for best deeds by this best creature. He also asked to preserve good deeds e.g If you are doing anything angelic you might waste it being involved in evil stuff. So it is urged to preserve good deeds for the judgment day. The good deed has also been defined. “Who else’s words are best then the one who invites humans towards the way of Allah”.

In 1997 when I was living a showbiz life, somebody told me such things but being a showbiz star his words couldn’t click me much. After that I went out in search of the authentication of his words. I started going in the gathering of the people who were successfully managing between their works and ‘Deen’. I kept observing and praying to Allah to open the doors of serenity to understand these things. So gradually the environment started influencing me and as Allah has promised that who ever tries to walk His way, the giving is guaranteed whereas the people who struggle aggressively for this world only, Allah bestows on only few not everyone. E.g All the cadets go in to same training and education but only one cadet becomes chief. It is the case in worldly matters but it is entirely different in the ‘Darbar’ of Allah. Who ever struggles hard in the way of Allah, Allah approaches him by Himself. Alhdamdulillah this is how it happened with me.

Q2: Was there any inspiration of someone?

Mr. J. J: Of course, the personality that inspired me was of Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam). The personality of Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam) is highly esteemed and a role model. In Quran Shareef Allah has mentioned plenty of qualities and compliments to this Personality. Allah has not called Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam) by saying Ya Mohammad unlike calling other prophets e.g Ya Moosa, Ya Yahya, Ya Essa etc. but has called with sweet names i.e Muzammil, Mudassir etc. The Quran has sworn up on Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam) at various occasions and Allah sent ‘Ayaats’ for the authentication of this personality when people started calling Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam) poet and wizard (Nauz-u-billah). I got stunned to read all that and thought in the presence of these great personalities why do we make those people heroes who possess wicked persona.

The personality of Hazrat Mohammad (Sallallaho Alaihi wasallam) is a true role model for all the humans in this world. The lives of Sahabis are also good examples. Hazrat Abdul Rehman Bin Auf (Radhiallaho Anho) and Hazrat Usman Ghani (Radhiallaho Anho) were big traders. There was no war general greater then Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (Radhiallaho Anho) and there are lots of other examples. So these people became my heroes and the impression of Elvis Presley on my personality vanished.

Q3: I want to become a designer and have a creative mind; I am 15 years old and need your encouragement. Tell me what should I do to enter in this field (fashion designing)?

Mr. J. J: Fashion Designing work is as creative as making a song is or writing a poem is. Initially I would advice to take your creative work to big designers’ shops and ask them to display or meet some renowned designer and present your work to him and seek his advice. Pakistan Institute of Arts Lahore is playing a pivotal role in making big designers. If you get chance in getting admission there, do go for it. I’ve witnessed work of graduates of this institute and their work is really of international standard. People do possess talent but by going to some institute this talent can be nurtured more.

Q4: The dresses at your shops are very expensive. Not everyone can get them. Why are they expensive?

Mr. J. J:
Well this is just a matter of various opinions. For some people Rs. 1200 suit means nothing but for some it is expensive. When I had just started this business the very next day a family came to my shop and shopped for Rs. 8800. I told the cashier to give them discount and get only 8 thousands. The man who shopped, turned back and said, “ I’ve not asked for discount, why are you giving me this discount”. That guy refused to get discount. So Rs. 8800 doesn’t value much for some people and still Rs. 1200 is a big money for some people. It is a proportional term. Actually we do original work like Kalia Group does. We have a factory where all the suits are made and we also have a creative department where all the day new designs are developed. I have to spend a lot for this creative department. Keeping in view this background I oppose the opinion that my dresses are expensive.

KPDC: It was a privileged occasion for us that you visited our offices and gave us this very informative and learning interview. Thank You and C U On Net.

Mr. J. J: Thanks and C U On Net 2.


09-23-2005, 07:21 PM
that guy yh ..recently he kept a fist lenghth beard ..and after afew months ..he had a clean shave again which ws quite surprising

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09-23-2005, 07:22 PM
Originally Posted by niqaabii
that guy yh ..recently he kept a fist lenghth beard ..and after afew months ..he had a clean shave again which ws quite surprising
:omg: datz well bad he should make his mind up

09-23-2005, 07:27 PM
hey look at "a lifes change"....i worte it a lil while ago!!

09-23-2005, 07:28 PM
Originally Posted by ishkabab
hey look at "a lifes change"....i worte it a lil while ago!!
ok cool :thumbs_up

09-23-2005, 07:29 PM
so whts the story of his life?! or we gotta check the other post??



09-23-2005, 07:31 PM
its on an other thread


09-23-2005, 07:38 PM
hmmm..intresting! let's hope more people insha Allah discover the truth about Islam ameen :sister:

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