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01-12-2008, 06:46 AM
In Ahadees i didn't find any mention of dream after Istikhara prayer.!!!

But 80% of times I saw dreams on doing Istikhara.
But many of dreams were inconclusive. Some of times they were VERY clear & conclusive.

Any personal experiences on this issue? that how Istikhara works. Please NO web links as I can google them.


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08-09-2009, 02:37 AM
(BUMPing an old thread of mine).....
Share personal experiences....... NO website links please.

Quran says Prophet Yusuf's(pbuh) dream came true 40 years later.
So timeline of events shown in dream can be quite variable.

Some of my dreams came true within a months time, others realized a few years later.
Some of them i understood completely when i saw them, others made sense only after event actually happened. While some of them i mis-understood initially & got correct understanding after the event actually happened.

After one Istikhara i didn't see any dream BUT had a very bad feeling in the morning about the work i was going to do, so i abandoned. Though i was perfectly ready to join that work the night before & was happy about it too.

Once i did istikhara about a thing, i saw word "British" in relation to that, i thought i that event would be related to England, but i it turned out to be Canada, then i realized British Commonwealth countries like Canada, Australia & UK share same Queen....!!! Canadian currency bears Pic of British queen.

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