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01-13-2008, 09:12 PM
im doing an assigment on the lost tribes of israel and there is a myth that the pashtuns are descendents from thetribe of joseph. Does anyone know of any good websites that i can use to suupourt this please.

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01-14-2008, 12:50 AM
It is most probably a myth. Their is a trend in the Asian subcontinent- especially post 18th century to create links to figures mentioned in the bible and Qu'ran. I have limited historical knowledge about the tribe/house of joseph, however it did stretch into Jordan in its day and their is evidence that Persian jews are descendents.
So it maybe worth looking into the whole mythological prospective or the Persian link.

01-14-2008, 03:28 AM

Israelites are just one of the ancestors of Pashtuns. They later converted to Islam.Their other ancestors are (Aryan) Bactrians (who converted from Zoroastrianism to Islam), Kushans (who were Buddhists) and Makedonians etc.

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