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01-15-2008, 02:53 AM

“Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar…” I could here my brother’s voice ring out from downstairs. I just groaned and pulled the blankets over my head to muffle the sound.
“Haya Ala As-Salah...” he kept on going. A wave of guilt swept over me and I tried to ignore it but a voice from inside me started nagging, “Get up! How could you sleep when someone is calling you to Salat?” I couldn’t get back to sleep no matter how hard I tried. Angrily I jumped of my bed and went to the bathroom to make Wudu’. I collided with Khawla on my way.
“Well. Look who got up for Fajr!” she exclaimed the surprise clearly visible on her face.
“Just leave me alone ok?” I grumbled.
“Why are you so grumpy, I’m just complimenting you?!”
I pushed past her and went to the bathroom and made Wudu’. At first I just wanted to get over with it and I started performing it improperly. But the same voice started nagging again.
“What’s the use of getting up if you’re not going to do it right?”
So I started all over again making sure the water reached everyplace. When I finished I went downstairs into the living room where my family were just getting ready to pray. My father called the Iqamah then started.
“Allahu Akbar!” he said raising his hands. I stood behind my father next to Khalid, my brother. My mom and two sisters stood behind us.
“Alhamdulillahi Rabil Alamin…” My father recited from the Quran, his voice pleasant and melodious.
“…Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.” My dad turned his face to his right then his left. We followed suite. Then they all turned to face me a smile on their faces.
“MashaAllah Khalil. I’m so happy to see you praying again.” My mom started hugging me and making everything into a big deal.
My dad slapped me on the back. “I hope Allah will guide you my son.”
“Big deal! Why do you guys care so much about what I do? I’m not a kid anymore you know!”
“Khalil I just…” my mom began.
I just rolled my eyes and got up to go back to my room. Suddenly I saw a look of hurt on my mom’s face and I felt filled with regret. I hurried away and heard the voice again.
“You hurt your mother by rolling your eyes in front of her. Especially after she praised you! You better go back and make it up to her!”
What I couldn’t do that! I would just look like some sort of fool and besides Mom will just get over it. Soon Khalid comes back into the room.
“Hey man what’s wrong?” he asked.
Khalid and I are twins, identical twins to be exact. The only thing that people use to distinguish between us was that he has a scar near his eye. I remember he got it when we were younger when he fell off his bike. But even though we looked alike, we were as different as night and day. He was all religious and stuff while I was more of a ‘’bad boy’’. And he took it upon himself to make sure I didn’t get myself into the really “bad” things. But to Khalid almost everything was bad.

But even with all these differences, Khalid and I somehow got along together really well. And right now I could tell he was angry.
“Why? What did I do?” I asked innocently.
“What do you mean ‘why’? You just shout at mom then you say ‘what did I do?’.”
“I just don’t see why they make such a big deal over everything I do. I’m totally sick and tired of this man!”
“Come on, that does not give you any right to shout at her and hurt her feelings. I seriously think they were just trying to boost up your confidence and be nice so you can pray a bit more like you should be.”
“Khalid, you know I’ve always prayed my Salah.”
“Yeah except, you didn’t use to pray the Fajr Salah which is like the most important.”
“Use to. I pray now thanks to your screeching voice waking me up every morning. Man, you sound like a witch. Actually I think witches have nicer voices.” I joked.
“What!!! That’s it! You asked for it you…”
“Watch it you’re not supposed to say bad words. Do I have to remind you ‘bout that, Sheikh Khalid?”

We started wrestling and laughing our heads off ‘till mom yelled to stop goofing ‘round.
“Come on boys. Breakfast is almost ready! Get dressed and come down. And stop acting like clowns!”
We were soon all sitting around the dining room table eating what would fill up an army. Mom always liked to cook a lot even though we were only six people.
“Your Aunt and Uncle are coming over today sometime after Dhuhr. So I want all of you to be on your best behavior.” My dad announced. He was always about behavior and manners.
“Are Aisha and Ahmed coming with them?” Khawla asked.
“Yes.” Came the answer.
Aisha and Ahmed were our cousins. Ahmed was our age. We always had a great time together. We would usually play jokes and pranks on the girls who would always have something for a pay back. Aisha was his sister and was eight years old. She was a natural comedian and got away with everything probably because she was “Mommy’s Baby”. Also our Uncle was like the best guy my brother and I know. He always has some sort of gift for us. And they weren’t those lame ones that people usually give hoping that you’ll like them when they probably don’t cost more than a dollar. But then again that’s probably why they get them those kinds of lousy gifts.

So at Dhuhr time my brother and I go with my dad to the Masjid. After we prayed, we goofed around on the parking lot with some other boys from school while we all waited for our fathers to stop chit chatting with each other. Which Khalid thinks is weird. He thinks that only girls should do that. It’s not “cool for a guy to spend all his time talking” he says. I disagree with him but I don’t argue with him. (I learned not to argue with him. You’ll never win. And even when you do win he won’t admit to what ever it was that we were arguing about.)
“Khalid, Khalil, lets go.” My dad called.
As we were about to leave another guy comes up to my dad and they get into another long conversation. Khalil rolled his eyes.
“You seem to have mastered the art of rolling you eyes Khalil.” I joked with him. “Just last week you were saying only girls roll their eyes. So either you were wrong back then or you turned into a girl.”
That was all it took to get him running after me threatening to “get back” at me. We laughed as we chased each other around the parking lot which was filled with men.
After a while I turned around and saw that Khalil wasn’t chasing me anymore. So I went to go see where he went. Knowing Khalil he was never too far away from trouble. I saw his head poke out from behind a car so I ran up to him. As I got close I saw he had a branch he probably chopped down from a tree. It was as tall as him and had a diameter of about seven inches. I didn’t care how big it was, I knew I wasn’t gona stick around to see how much damage it could cause to the human being. With a hideous battle cry he charged toward me and I dashed away wondering if he’d really use it. I ran and hid behind dad knowing he wouldn’t dare use it on me in front of dad. I was right as he came closer he threw it down far away. I smirked as he came closer. He just ignored me.
“Dad can we leave now? You know we’re gona have guests coming over.” He asked impatiently.
“Ok, ok we’ll leave soon Inshallah. Bear with me for a couple of minutes son.”
Khalid came over to me.
“Baby.” He smirked. I poked him in the ribs and he retuned the favor. Dad saw and scolded us with his eyes as he spoke to yet another man.
“Don’t worry Khalid. I’ll get you back for calling me a girl. And next time you won’t be able to run behind dad so he can protect you. You’ll be long gone before that.” He made a big show about how “strong” he was by flexing his muscles.
“Oohh I’m so scared.” I mocked. “Anyways that was payback for calling me a witch this morning.”
“I thought that you’re supposed to be forgiving everyone Sheikh Khalid. Besides I didn’t call you a witch. I said “Even a witch sounds better then you.” I think you need some hearing aids. I’ll remember to remind Dad about that. You’ll probably thank me later when you can hear well. Wait did you just hear everything I just said or did I just waste my time talking to the ‘witch’.”
“I don’t know all I heard was a couple of mumbles.
“What Ever! You’re just jealous that I can hear better than you. ”
“I can hear perfectly well Khalid.” And our argument ended at that.
He sighed. “By the time we leave here it will be Asr.”
“Don’t worry Khalil we’re leaving now.” My dad said.

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01-15-2008, 02:55 AM
We finally left the Masjid after what seemed like a thousand make that, a million years. I never knew my dad could talk for that long. When we got home our guests were already there. Ahmed was shooting hoops on the driveway. Khalid and I joined while my dad went inside.
“Hey guys!” Ahmed said. “What took you guys so long? Do you know how long I was here waiting for you?”
“My dad was chatting with some guys and we ended up waiting for about an hour.” Khalid replied.
“I know what you mean. I always have to wait for my dad to finish talking. And I use to think women talked a lot.” Ahmed said.
“Hey, men talk. Women just gossip and talk ‘bout how they look, what they’re gona wear, what they’re gona cook, and whole lot of other stuff.” I explained.
They laughed.
“What? It’s true!” I said innocently.
“Come on you guys lets play. You two against me.” Ahmed bragged.
“You sure? With me on the team you wont last a second.” I replied back.
“We’ll see about that.”
I knew Ahmed was good cause we played on the same team in basketball at school and he was the bomb. But we still teased each other and argued like little kids.
“Can we watch?” Khawla asked. She had Aisha and Khadeejah behind her. Khawla and Khadeejah were twins like us. They were two years younger than us. But unlike us they were the best of friends and they almost never fought. Khawla seemed to be the “leader” while Aisha and Khadeejah just followed everything she did.

“Don’t you have anything else to do?” I asked.
“No. We’re bored. The grownups are having some sort of meeting and they said to not come into the house.”
“Leave them Khalil.” Ahmed said. “They can watch if they want. I want them to see that I can beat you to a game any day.”
We played 6 games. Khalid and I won three and Ahmed won three.
“Good game guys! But you only got tied with me because you have two players.” Ahmed said.
“Yah right Ahmed! I can beat you with my eyes closed! I boasted jokingly.
“Well its gona have to be another day then cause I don’t think I can play for another second.”
We laughed and ran upstairs.
We played games and goofed around until Mom called us to lunch.
Like usual Mom cooked more than enough. The rice was a mountain on our plates. But for once in my life I was happy she cooked a lot. After our game I was starved. We practically devoured our food. My dad kicked me from under the table to stop eating so fast.
“So kids how about going out somewhere for dessert after this?” Amu Ali asked.
“Amu we’re…” I started.
“Sorry I know you’re not kids. So what do you want me to call you guys?” Amu interrupted.
We exchanged glances.
“How bout Shabbab or just boys?” Khalid answered.
“Great! So how bout it?”
“Okay,” we said simultaneously. So we were waiting outside waiting for Amu to come out.

Soon the girls came out side and joined us in the driveway.
“Amu said to wait for a little bit while he speaks on the phone.” Khawla announced.
“A little bit? If I know him we’re going to be staying here a lot more than a little bit.” Ahmed declared.
“Not again!” Khalil groaned.
“I’m gona read while we wait. Call me when he comes out.” Khadeejah said. She took her book and sat under a tree. At fourteen Khadeejah already acted like a young lady. Unlike Khawla she was serious and always hungry for knowledge. We usually found her reading or listening to lectures or speeches. Between her and Khawla I was closer to her.

“You read too much Deej.” Khalil teased her. “By the time you grow up you won’t be able to see anymore because of your frequent reading.”
“Hey at least I’ll be more knowledgeable than you.” She retorted back angrily.
“Who said you’re smarter?”
“No one. But I will be if you just waste all your time playing and goofing around.”
“You know Deej, sometimes I feel so concerned about you.”
“Why?” she asked
“I worry about you learning about so many things and stuffing them into your brain. I really hope it doesn’t blow up eventually.” He said sarcastically as she flushed with anger.
“Leave her alone Khalil!” I found myself saying.
“What?” he said taken aback. “Since when did you become the boss?” “Just leave her what’s so bad about reading? You’re always reading comic books and comedy stuff.” I replied
. “So! What’s so bad about that? You know what Khalid? I’m sick and tired of you telling me what to do all the time. When are you ever gona learn how to stay out of other people’s businesses? Why do you care if I tease someone if the person isn’t you?” He said angrily taking a step towards me with his fists clenched. Khawla ran back to the house with Aisha behind her. Khalil took another step this time with his fists up challenging me to fight him. His anger showed on his face clearly.
“Cool it Khalil. It’s not a big deal.” Ahmed said pushing him back.
“Leave me alone.” Khalil grumbled between clenched teeth.
“Come on fighting is not gona help you in anyway Khalil.”
“I said leave me alone!” He shouted pushing him down.
“Stop it Khalil! If you ask me you’re really acting pretty immature.” Ahmed retorted as he got up. That was enough to get Khalil into a fit of rage. He aimed a punch at Ahmed but it got blocked.
“Stop Khalil!” I shouted.
“Go away Khalid.” He said. Soon he turned to me and began punching.
Ahmed pulled him away from me.
“Stop it now!” He hissed into his ear. Khalil just pushed him away.
“Hey calm down guys what’s going on here?” A voice said behind us.
We turned around and saw Dad standing behind us with his hands crossed on his chest. Amu was right behind him.
“What are you guys fighting about?”
Khalil just glared at me and turned away. Dad turned towards me waiting for an explanation. I sensed my face turn hot and stared at the ground. I felt tongue tied and I didn’t know what to say. I could just tell him what happened but that would get Khalil even madder.
“Nothing Amu. They were just arguing.” Ahmed replied calmly.
Dad didn’t look convinced but he didn’t say anything.
Amu looked at us. “I’m sorry guys but I’m afraid we won’t be going anywhere today. I have a meeting in a couple of minutes. Ahmed and Aisha can stay but I have to leave. I promise I will take you guys out some other time ok?”
“Ok,” Ahmed said and we nodded. After that Amu left with dad following. Khalil turned towards me and glared. He was about to say something but I didn’t want to hear anymore of his nonsense. I turned away from him and walked toward the house angrily.
“What’s wrong Khalid?” Mom asked with worry in her voice. I sighed.
“Nothing.” I replied trying to cool down.
“Did you get into a fight with your brother? From what we saw from the window it sure seems like it.” She remarked. I shrugged and slumped into a chair thinking about what happened. This was the first time I ever defended Khadeejah from Khalil. I usually teased her with him. Right now as I remembered all those times we taunted her I suddenly felt a wave of guilt sweep over me. But that left as I remembered what Khalil said, “I’m sick and tired of you telling me what to do all the time. When are you ever gona learn how to stay out of other people’s businesses?” Did I really get into other people’s business? No, at least I don’t think so. I try to stop him from doing anything bad and he gets mad. Fine I thought if he wants to be that way let him. I wont correct him anymore. He’ll see what’ll happen to him. But then my mind flew back to one of the Prophet’s sayings. “If one of you sees something wrong let him change it with your hands. If he cant then let him change it with his tongue. If he cant then let him feel in his heart that it is wrong. This is the weakest point of faith.” I felt trapped. I didn’t want to correct him anymore but I didn’t want to have a weak faith either. My mind suddenly became full of questions.
Why is he so ungrateful? I always try to get him out of trouble, why does he feel that I’m trying to boss him around? Why does he always choose to fight people instead of making peace with them? Why does he like to pick on other people? Does he expect everyone to be like him? Why, why, why? I felt suddenly dizzy. I didn’t even notice my Mom sitting next to me watching me. I looked at her and she smiled.
“Why were you guys fighting Khalid?”
I shrugged. I didn’t feel like talking. But from the look on her face I was sure she was not gona let me go until I told her what happened.
I took a deep breath and told her everything that happened. I was surprised at how mad she looked and I started to doubt weather I should have told her or not.
“I wish Khalil learned how to control his anger. His anger the only thing that makes him lose control and react like that.”
I stared at the floor. She sighed.
“You know the prophet warned us about that?”
“Yah, he said “The strong one is not the one who is physically strong but the strong one is the one who controls his anger.” I replied.
She smiled at me. I got up and went to my room. I had an idea.

01-15-2008, 02:57 AM
I'll add more if u guys like it
I'm too embaracced to put it up in the general forum


Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-15-2008, 04:03 AM
omg sis! i jus got hooked to the story. MashaAllah its awesome :D you wrote it?? :D

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01-15-2008, 04:35 AM
reallly you like it? i started doing it for my sis then i kina got hooked
on ;D
but i'm soo happy u like it thanks!

Ayesha Rana
01-15-2008, 12:58 PM
WOW! Masha'Allah-u wrote that!?! I couldn't get my eyes off the screen lol! Please do post up some more-it's very inspiring and all the time funny and entertaining-u've got real talent Masha'Allah

01-15-2008, 03:33 PM
MASHALLAH CAN U PLZ POST IT UP PLZ like c'mmon why u keepin us hangin sis?:@:@...I wanna read more..>EVRY1 chant MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE ok i think u get the point

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-15-2008, 03:49 PM
LOL! seriously, more more more! :p

01-15-2008, 07:53 PM
YE thts the spirit..where this sister at..i think we need more peopole sayin MORE MORE MORE MORE lol

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-15-2008, 10:11 PM
MORE MORE MORE! Lol. Im sure the sister is eagerly writing her stories :p Well they are addicting! :D

01-16-2008, 12:23 AM
Its a great story sis....i loved it...:D...

you guys are in for a treat......:okay:

01-16-2008, 01:20 AM
dont give it away:D thnks u guys i'll post more a little later

01-16-2008, 02:44 AM

I went inside. I could feel the blood rushing through my head. I saw Mom sitting on the sofa watching me with a slight frown on her face. I knew she knew something about what happened. I met her gaze and turned away in embarrassment. After the fight Khalid went inside and Ahmed went to shoot more hoops to get his mind off what happened. I went upstairs to our room.

Khalid was there working on something on the desk. He turned around and saw me. He looked at me for a second then went back to what ever he was working on. I went to our bookshelf and got my sketch pad. When I was bored I usually drew something to express my feelings. I was wrapped up in my drawing that I didn’t even feel the time go by. Suddenly Khalid got up. I looked up but he ignored me. He placed something on my bed and left.
I waited until I was sure he was gone and then I jumped up and picked it up. It was a medium sized poster that he decorated nicely. One other thing Khalid and I had in common was that we both drew pretty well. One thing that captured my attention was the powerfully built man that he drew on the side. He was flexing his muscles. The thing that got my attention was the small writing on the guy’s chest. I squinted and read it. It said: “The strong one is not the one with big muscles. But the strong one is the one that controls his anger.” – Prophet Muhammad.

I sat down and reflected on this. Never in my life have I heard or read anything like this before. I suddenly felt guilty about punching Khalid, pushing Ahmed, making fun of Khadeejah, and for acting so stupid.
The only person I felt like apologizing to was Khalid but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. I guess I didn’t want to ruin my ego. I got my sketch pad and scribbled some things down and placed the paper on his bed. Then I made two more. I went downstairs into the kitchen where Khadeejah, Khawla, and Aisha were baking cakes and cookies. They glared at me as I came inside. I ignored them and opened the cookie jar and got a cookie. I also placed one of the letters into it.
Next I went outside where Ahmed and Khalid were playing. They ignored me and turned away concentrating on their game. I went to Ahmed’s jacket and placed the last letter in one of his pockets. I hesitated trying to decide weather to play or to go upstairs. I chose the later. I went to my room and fell asleep.

01-16-2008, 02:45 AM
After placing the poster on Khalil’s bed I went downstairs. I saw Ahmed playing outside so I joined him. We soon forgot all about Khalil and what happened. After a while Khalil came outside. I expected him to come towards us and say something about the poster or the fight. But he didn’t.
“Ignore him Khalid. He’ll forget about it Inshallah.” Ahmed whispered. So we proceeded with our game. From the corner of my eye I could see him go to the grass where we placed our jackets. He stuffed something in one of them and then left. Ahmed looked at me with raised eyebrows. After he left we raced to the jackets and checked the pockets.
“What do you think he placed in here?” Ahmed asked me.
“I don’t know. It looked like a paper probably a note.” I answered.
“I found it!” He exclaimed. “You’re right it is a note.” He began reading it.
“What does it say. It’s probably for you since it was in your jacket.”
“He said: “Hey man I wana apologize about what happened today. I got angry and went out of control. I’m really sorry. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t come up to you and apologize but I didn’t think you’d want to speak to me after treating you that way. Especially since you were only trying to calm me down. If you refuse to forgive me then I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to forgive someone like me. Sorry. – Your cuz Khalil.
“Wow! Khalil actually apologized. His ego never actually lets him apologize to anyone. Ever.”
Ahmed laughed. “He’s probably changing. Who knew fighting could change you that way!” We both chuckled.
“It’s almost Asr let’s go inside and get ready.” I said.
“Are you gona forgive him?”
“Sure. Khalil’s cool he just gets mad too easily.”
I just nodded. “I’m gona go change ok?”
“Sure I’ll wait here. I think I smell cookies.” Ahmed replied while heading off to the kitchen. I went upstairs and found Khalil asleep.
I hesitated. Should I wake him up for Salah? Or should I just leave him alone?
He groaned and turned on his bed.
“Khalil it’s time for Asr.”
This time he got up. He sat up and stared at me but he didn’t say anything. He stood up and went to the bathroom. That’s when I realized the letter on my bed. I picked it up and read it. “Hey Khalid. I’m sorry for what I did this morning. I know I was wrong. I got mad for no reason. Thanks for the poster. I hanged it up on the wall above the dresser.”
I looked up and like he said it was up there. I kept on reading. “I hope I didn’t hurt you with my words when I said “I’m tired of you telling me what to do.” I swear I don’t think I would be here if it weren’t for Allah and then you. I like it when you remind me with your sayings and wisdom. I like it when you get me out of all the messes I get in. Even though we’re brothers I think you’re my best buddy. And I’m proud of that. I remember the Prophet saying that a good friend is like a perfume seller. You benefit form him in may ways. He either gives you a bottle of perfume or you buy it from him or you just get a sniff of the sweet smell. Thnks. ~ your bro Khalil.

I had tears in eyes when I finished reading. I placed the letter in my top drawer. Then I got dressed and went downstairs where I found Ahmed and Khalil waiting outside.
“What took you so long bro?” Khalil joked.
I shrugged. “Let’s go.”
We walked to the Masjid. It wasn’t far from our house. It was about a ten minute walk.
“I don’t like walking. I wish I could drive.” Ahmed complained.
“You know there’s this Hadith about how to increase your good deeds. The Prophet said, “With every step you take while walking to the Masjid Allah erases a bad deed and replaces it with a good one.” Khalil said.
Ahmed and I looked at him shocked. Khalil was usually the one that complained about the walking.
He looked at us with a curious look on his face. “What? What are you guys so surprised about?”
“You changed a lot in one or two hours Khalil.” Ahmed said. Khalil looked at me then stared at the floor and didn’t say anything after that.

We got to the Masjid and prayed the Asr prayer. After that the Imam announced that there will be a short talk in five minutes.
“You wana call mom and tell her that we’ll be late?” Khalil asked me. I shrugged and gave him my cell phone. Dad had taken his away last week since he downloaded so many games and stuff which all added up in the bill.
He shook his head. “You call her.” He said looking away.
“Why don’t you?” I asked.
“I don’t think she would want to talk to me.” He said softly. He looked up with a pleading look in his eyes.
I looked at him for a moment then I went outside and called her.
“Assalamu Alaykum?” She said.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam Mom.”
“Is something wrong?” She asked with a hint of worry in her voice.
“No. I called to let you know that the Imam’s making a Khutbah in a couple of minutes and we decided to stay.”

After I hanged up I went back inside. The Khutbah was already starting.
I sat between Khalid and Ahmed and we listened to the lecture. The Imam was talking about Today’s Youth. He talked about the some of the stuff the youth of today do. He told them that all this stuff they do for “fun” would lead them to hell fire. I looked at Khalil and saw him shiver. He saw me looking at him and he frowned and turned away.

01-16-2008, 02:46 AM
dats it 4 tonight
i'll put up more tommorow maybe if i hav time
I'm glad u guys all liked it
but i want some critisism to k?


Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-16-2008, 05:09 AM
LoL sis what criticism. Mashallah its too good for criticism. Well i got one, he shouldve left a note for Khadeeja too since he did make fun of her :p k thats all i got Lol.
Inshallah imma wait for the others :p


Ayesha Rana
01-16-2008, 11:43 AM
ooooooh! Masha'Allah! That is so enrapturing sis! Do some moooore pleease_Insha'Allah-Yikes i gotta go see to the kitchen...Wasalam

01-16-2008, 12:48 PM
Mashallah i was gnna cry when i read that part about Khalil leavin the note ...MANN WHT CRITICISM...dere is none...mashallahh...MORE MORE MORE MORE

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-16-2008, 05:27 PM
^^ :p MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol :D

01-16-2008, 11:53 PM
no not critisism but mayb a few pionters?
sis Jazzy: great minds think alike ;D i was gona do dat :)
i'll post some up after i finish my homework

01-17-2008, 12:59 AM
Khalid was staring at me for some reason. I guess he’s still mad about what happened. I frowned as I remembered what I did. Ever since this morning he didn’t really talk to me. I pushed that away from my mind and tried to concentrate on what the sheikh was saying. I looked closer at him. His name was Shiekh Muhammad and he was the Imam of our Masjid. He was an Imam for only about a year. But he already won most of the people’s heart. He was a son to the old men, and a best friend to others. But to us youngsters he was a father and a role model. With his long flowing beard, loose Islamic clothes, and his warm nature he was someone we could talk to whenever we had anything bugging us. He always knew how to respond to people, how to make you feel better, how to make you fear Allah more. When speaking to older guys he would be serious and persuasive. But when speaking to the youth he would be more light hearted and would try to make his talk more amusing, entertaining and fun.
Right now as I listened to his speech I became more and more inspired to be a better Muslim teen, a better person all together.
He spoke about some things that youth do for fun like drinking, gambling, smoking, and other sinful actions. He told us these things may be fun but they would only lead you to burn in the hell fire. In fact they are more harmful then they are fun. “Some people drink and gamble so they can fit into the environment.” He said. “Some say they gamble so they can make money. They only look at the good side but never consider that they would be losing thousand of dollars to someone who doesn’t even deserve it. Other’s drink so they can cool down. They don’t look at the consequences that will come out of this act. After drinking you lose control and become abusive to all of those that you love and care for.”

He was finished after about thirty minutes later. As other people got up I stayed where I was thinking over everything he said.
“Come on Khalil.” Ahmed said. “We’re gona go.”
Khalid was behind him staring at me quizzically.
“You guys go I wana do something first.” I replied. Ahmed looked at Khalid and Khalid shrugged. “Ok.” He said. “Here keep this with you.” He gave me his cell phone and they both left. I sat there thinking.
Our Masjid had a really good and active community. Ever since Shiekh Muhammad came the men have been having meetings and lectures all the time. I have always hoped they would make some kind of program for the youth in the community. There weren’t many of us and most of them were getting affected by the bad society little by little each day.
As I thought about this I realized that there weren’t any more people left in the Masjid. I could still hear them outside but I was alone in the Masjid. Great I thought the Sheikh left. How am I suppose to speak with him now?
Maybe he’ll come back after talking with some people. I got up and went to get a Hadith book to read while I waited. One Hadith caught my attention. It said something about leading a good example. If you start something that people learn from and they teach to someone else you get the good deeds of them and anyone else who learns it or teaches it to someone else. I was so caught up in the book that I didn’t notice the person who next to me. He placed his hand on my shoulder and I jumped.
“Sorry I startled you” he said. And I realized it was the sheikh. “I love seeing our Muslim youth reading Hadith books or the Quran and staying in the Masjid long after everyone else leaves.”
“Actually Amu, I stayed because I wanted to talk to you about something.” I said lowering my gaze.
“Oh really what is it?” He said sitting down in a more comfortable position.
For once in my life I suddenly felt speechless and tongue-tied.
“I was thinking about how active our Masjid became after you came. I mean you made a lot of organizations and stuff. And I think the people really benefited from them a lot.” I began.
“Alhamdulillah.” He said softly.
“I was wondering if you could start something for the youth. Some thing they can learn from and at the same time they can have fun and they can enjoy themselves. Like the boys can have something every weekend maybe an I’tikaf or something. You can make lectures and they can play games like quizzes on Islamic history, the life of the prophet and the Sahabah. And maybe every other night you can do a lecture series on the Seerah of the Prophet or his companions. And fro the girls they can have some kind of club in the Masjid where they learn Home Economics and other things. And the lecture series can be for both the boys and the girls.” I noticed I was talking too much so I stopped and looked at him. He had a big smile on his face.
“What’s your name?” he asked.
“Khalil.” I answered.
“Oh so you’re Ali’s son, one of the twins? I thought you looked familiar. What was your brother’s name?”
“Khalid.” Is he trying to change the subject because he thinks it’s a bad idea I thought.
“Well Khalil, I guess it's true when they say great minds think alike huh? I have been thinking of doing something for you teens for along time but I couldn’t think of anything that you guys would like. I guess I should have asked some of you youngsters a bit earlier.”
“So you like my ideas?” I asked with the excitement clear in my voice.
He nodded. “They’re excellent! I’ll try my best to make your wishes come true. You’d better head home it’s getting late.”
“Ok. Bye!” I got up and left. When I got home Ahmed and Aisha had already left.
“You’re early!” Khalid joked.

01-17-2008, 01:00 AM
“I know.” He replied. “Did you guys eat yet?”
“Is that all you think about Khalil?” Khawla piped up.
“No. I care about a lot of other things too.”
“Yeah, like your comics, your beauty sleep, and your stomach.” She joked. I expected Khalil to give her an angry reply but he didn’t.
“Yah, that and some other stuff.”
“Like what?”
“Khawla why don’t you just leave me alone?”
“Maybe I just don’t feel like leaving you alone.”
He ignored her and went outside to the backyard. I followed him. He was sitting on the porch steps.
“Why did you stay behind at the Masjid?” I inquired.
“No reason.” He was quite for a while. Then he seemed to remember something. “You know our birthday is in a couple of days?”
“Yah. In three days right?”
“Yeah, we’re gona be seventeen. Cool huh?”
“I guess. But I wana stay sixteen. Seventeen sounds kind of old doesn’t it?”
“Aren’t you already old Shiekh Khalid?”
“Well, we’re twins right?”
“And if I’m old that means you’re old too right?”
“OK. You got me. But I meant you’re mentally old.”
I laughed.
“What’s so funny?”
“I don’t think there’s anyone who can win you in an argument.”
“Yup. I’m The Man!” He boasted as he flexed his muscles.
“Did you like the guy I drew for you?”
“Was that guy supposed to be me cuz I’m not that ugly.”
“No. It’s supposed to teach you to stop flexing your muscles. You’re not the only one with muscles you know.”
“Oh so you think you’re strong?”
“No. I know that I am. By the way, did you apologize to Deej?”
“Do I have to?”
“Well I didn’t exactly but I gave her an apology note. It’s in the cookie jar.” He chuckled. “They were baking cookies so I thought she’d find it there.”
“You’re so bad In hiding things Khalil.”
“Hey lets go see if she found it or not. If she didn’t we’ll put it somewhere more obvious.” We went to the kitchen and pretended to get a cookie.
“No cookies before dinner.” Mom warned. Khalil nudged me.
“Just one Mom please.” I begged. She agreed. So we each took one then we went back outside.
“It’s not there. I guess she found it.” Khalil said.
We were quiet as we munched on our cookies. The sun was setting. It left behind it a trail of beautiful colors. We heard the porch door open behind us. We turned around and saw Khadeejah behind us. She came out and sat on the grass.
She was quiet for a while. Then she held up the bowl of cookies she was carrying. “You guys want some?” she asked.
We both took one. Then we elapsed into silence again.
“Was that note suppose to be for me?” she asked Khalil. He nodded but refused to look at her. She looked at me and then back at Khalil.
“I’ll forgive you if you answer this question. Why do you two hate it when I read?” Khalil stared at the ground. Suddenly the silence was broken by Khawla as she came outside.
“What are you doing here?” She asked Khadeejah. “I thought you weren’t going to forgive him after he embarrassed you.”
Khadeejah just kept quiet. After a while Khawla went back inside and Khalil followed. Khadeejah’s mood suddenly changed after Khalil left.
“Hey I’m working on translating this Arabic book into English.” She said proudly.
“What’s it about?” I asked her.
“The effects of sin and the benefit of Dhikr. It’s really cool. It talks about how sins can affect you and how you can become closer to Allah by just remembering him and praising him. But it’s kind of hard some words are hard to change into English.”
“I can help you if you want.” I offered getting up to go inside.
“Oh thank you! You’re the best.” She exclaimed clearly pleased.
“You’re welcome. We’ll work on it when we come from school Inshallah.

We went inside and after eating and praying all our prayers we went to sleep.

01-17-2008, 01:00 AM
“Rise and Shine!” I heard Khawla say. I groaned and pulled the covers over my head. She turned on the light making it more difficult to fall asleep.
“Go away Khawla! It’s still early.” I heard Khalid say. We had gotten up for Fajr about an hour ago and then we went back to sleep.
“It’ll be time to go by the time you two get ready. You better get up or I’ll get a glass of water and pour it over your heads. We both ignored her and pretended to sleep. She left. After a while I got tired of sleeping and I got up.
“Come on Sheikh. Time to get up.”
“Just five more minutes.” He said pulling his blanket over him.
“Why is it so easy for you to get up for Fajr but you cant even get off your bed for school?” He laughed and got up.
“Wow Khalid. You have the worst hairdo ever. He chuckled and ran his hand through his hair. We spent twenty minutes running around in the house getting ready. After that we sat down for breakfast. I looked at my watch. We had forty-five minutes left. Great! We didn’t have to rush like we usually did.
“I cant believe it’s gona be Ramadan tomorrow.” Khadeejah exclaimed.
“I know but it’ll be on Wednesday if they don’t see the moon today.”
Khalid remarked.
“Mom, we’re gona have to go and buy a lot of food for the Iftaar.”
Khawla said.
“Why? We’re gona be fasting anyway. We don’t need that much food. Besides even if you make a lot of food for Iftaar it’ll all be wasted because a fasting person can’t eat that much. I speak from experience.” Khalid replied. I nodded in agreement. Khawla just glared at us.
“Do you boys want to go and look for the moon today with me. It’s pretty sunny. A couple of Brother’s are taking they’re son’s with them. I thought we could join them. It’ll be fun Inshallah.”
“Yeah!” Khalid shouted. Then he seemed to remember something. “When are we leaving?” he asked.
“Around five Inshallah. Don’t worry that’ll give you a long time to do your homework.” Dad teased him.
“What’s wrong Khalil? You’re not talking today.” Khawla asked.
I shrugged. “Let’s go.” I said picking up my plates. I took them to the kitchen. Mom followed me.
“Are you sure you’re ok?” she asked. “You’ve been pretty quiet lately.”
“I’m fine.” I said and smiled.
“Khalil! We’re gona leave you here if you don’t hurry up!” Khalid shouted.
“Bye Mom.” I said as I left taking my back pack with me.

We all went to an Islamic school. Our parents didn’t want us to be influenced by the society. So they placed us in an international Islamic school called ISP (Islamic school of Portland). Most of our friend went there including Ahmed.. Probably because it had very good teachers and it had a clean environment.
Our dad dropped us off there every morning and then picked us up everyday at three-forty five.

01-17-2008, 01:00 AM
When we got there we still had fifteen minutes until class time so Khalid and I went to the cafeteria to get some snacks. After that we went to our lockers to get our books. We saw Ahmed running towards us. A teacher stopped him and told him not to run in the hallways.
“Hey guys! Guess what?!” he exclaimed breathlessly.
“Hey. What happened?” I asked.
“I told you to guess. But anyways my parents are going to Makkah to make Umrah this Ramadan.”
“Wow! But why don’t they just save their money and make Hajj?” Khalil asked.

“They made Hajj a couple of years ago and now they want to make Umrah.” Ahmed answered.
“But wouldn’t they get more reward making Hajj? I heard that the reward for the Hajj Al-Mabroor is Jannah.” Khalil stated as we walked to our class.
“Yes but making Umrah erases al your past deeds. Plus making Umrah in Ramadan is the same as making Hajj with the Prophet.” I told him.
“What do you mean? How can it be the same as making Hajj with the Prophet if he’s not around any more?” Khalil asked.
“I mean it’s the same in the reward.”
Bye now we reached our first class, Arabic. Our teacher wasn’t there yet. We picked seats that were next to each other. A couple of students were already there. Ahmed turned to us again.
“Hey I didn’t tell you the rest of the news.”
“There’s more?” I asked. He nodded.
“Since both my parents are leaving we’re gona be staying with you guys till they come back.”
“Yeah!” I exclaimed. At that moment one of our friends came over and claimed a seat next to us.
“Hey guys! Did you guys study for the test?” He asked. His name was Yusuf. He was Khalil’s all time best friend.
“We did but Khalid didn’t.” Ahmed said.
“Why not?” he asked me. I shrugged. I had forgotten all about the test.
“You wana go over it now?” he asked me.
“Too late.” Ahmed said nodding over to the teacher’s desk. She was already there.
“Turn around Yusuf class is started.” She said to him. He twisted in his seat and turned around. “Every one get out a pencil or pen we will be having our test in a few minutes Inshallah. I turned around to get my pen from my back pack. “Don’t worry sheikh you’ll do good Inshallah.” Khalil whispered.
“No Talking please!” The teacher said staring hard at us. Her name was Elham. But the rules were that you address the female teachers with Khala and male ones with Amu.

01-17-2008, 01:13 AM
“Write you name and the date please. Papers with no names will not be corrected.” She said as she passed out the papers. Khalid looked like he wanted to disappear. I don’t blame him Khala Elham’s tests were always extremely hard. Even if you study half the night it’s not likely that you’d get a hundred. Ahmed finished his first. Then Yusuf, then a couple of other boys did. After a while I finished and gave it to her. Khalid was the last person to finish which was strange since he was usually the first one to finish. Khala got up.
“I’m going to go to the office to get papers. Please no talking! Yusuf write down the name of anyone who talks.” She said and then she left.
“Hey Khalid what’s wrong? You’re the only one who isn’t finished.” One of the boys said.
“Yeah, you’re usually the first one who finishes.” Another kid piped up.
“Hey let him concentrate!” Ahmed defended him.
“Yeah, you want me to write down your name?” Yusuf asked.
Khalid finished his test and placed it on Khala’s table. Just then Khala came back inside.
“What are you doing off your table Khalid?” she asked
“I finished my test.” He said as he went back to his seat.
“Ok class. I want peace and quiet while I correct the tests. You can go to the back of the classroom and talk but I don’t want to hear any loud voices.” She said. Then she called one of the students to watch her correct his test.

01-17-2008, 01:16 AM
enough for tonight

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-17-2008, 03:25 AM
LoL JazakAllah sis. I hope Khalid does well :D!! Lolll

Btw sis, this story is really great Mashallah. You should post in the general forums. plz! :D Lol.


01-17-2008, 11:38 AM
MAshallahhhh seriouslyy I hope khalid does weellll tooo..nd ye u shuld post it up in the general section its so nice..actuallyy i think you should produce a book with this story..fr real i'm nt evn playin..its gnna b reall good inshalalllah waiitn fr MOREEE

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-17-2008, 04:57 PM
^^InshaAllah. and im gunna buy ur book if u do :p hehe. MORE MORE! :D

01-17-2008, 10:14 PM
Originally Posted by Souljette
actuallyy i think you should produce a book with this story..fr real i'm nt evn playin..its
Originally Posted by Jazzy
^^InshaAllah. and im gunna buy ur book if u do :p hehe. MORE MORE! :D

Sis M421....seee you should really think about turning it into a book....its great :okay:

If you do turn it into a book...i want the 1st copy..!!!...:D...lol..

01-17-2008, 11:13 PM
Sis M421....seee you should really think about turning it into a book....its great
hmm. M421 different but i liki ;D

i'll post some up soon iA
about posting it in da genaral section i'm not dat bold (brave) (too shy) :hiding:

ps. thnks 4 da comments Jazakumullah Alf Khair!!! :) :) :D :D

01-17-2008, 11:22 PM

“How well do you think you did Khalid?” Ahmed asked me. I shrugged. I hoped I did well. If there’s one thing my parents hate it’s for us to get a bad grade.
“Yusuf?” Khala called him. He got up and went to her desk.
“We’re going to go moon sighting later.” Khalil announced.
“Really? Can I come?” Ahmed asked.
“Sure if you can make it to our house before five.”
“I can do that. Or I’ll call my dad and ask him if I can go home with you guys.”
We were quiet for a bit. Then Yusuf came back with a smile on his face.
“How much did you get?” I asked.
“Four wrong. A minus. Not bad right?”
“You’re lucky I’m probably gona get a D or lower.” Khalil said.
“I have the highest so far. You three are the only ones left.”
“Ahmed!” Khala called.
“We’re left bro.” Khalil said. I wanted to disappear. “Don’t worry your brain wont let you down this time.” He said trying to make me feel better.
After five minutes Ahmed was back. “Three wrong.” He said happily.
He smirked at Yusuf. “I got the highest now!”
“What Ever.” Yusuf said rolling his eyes.
“You and Khalil seem to like rolling your guys eyes.” Ahmed remarked. Yusuf and Khalil frowned but didn’t say anything.
“Khalil!” Khala said. Ahmed looked at me. “Don’t worry Khalid you’re too smart to fail.” He said encouragingly. Khalil was back after a while.
“How much did you get?” I asked him.
“Khalid!” Khala called me before he could say anything.
I went to her desk. She patted the chair next to her and I sat down.
“Worried?” she asked. She started correcting my page. I could feel my heart thumping as she made checks everywhere. Maybe I wouldn’t do so bad after all I thought. I stopped looking at the paper.
“You don’t want to see your grade?” she chuckled. I looked at it and jumped up. A couple people laughed.
“Yes!” I shouted. Taking my paper with a huge smile on my face.
“Shhh no shouting in class.” Khala warned. “Good Job. Did you study?”
“No. Maybe I shouldn’t study from now on.” I joked and went back to my seat. She chuckled.
“How much did you get?” Khalil asked me.
“About a hundred wrong.” I joked.
“No really how much did you get? I got three wrong like Ahmed.” He told me.
“I got a hundred percent.”
“Not fair! Especially since I studied and you didn’t.”

01-17-2008, 11:23 PM
Soon school was over and we all rushed outside waiting for our parents to pick us up. Ahmed already got permission to come with us but under the condition that Aisha would come too. We really didn’t care since Aisha spent most of her time with the girls.
Dad picked us up like usual. It was almost four.
“Dad can you drop me off at the Masjid?” I asked.
“Why? You seem to be really interested in the Masjid these days.”
Ahmed said.
“Sure.” Dad answered with a hint of delight in his voice. He dropped me at the Masjid and I jumped off. I went to the bathroom and made Wudu’ then I went and prayed two Rak’ats. After I finished I saw the Sheikh coming so I got up to greet him.
“As-Salamu Alaykum Khalil you’re just the person I wanted to see today. But don’t you have school today?”
“Wa Alaykum Assalam. My dad just dropped me of here after he picked me up from school.” I answered.
“Well I’ve been thinking about your ides lately. I want to start on the lecture series first, but I don’t know what to talk about. Any ideas? I wanted to do the Seerah of the Prophet but I think a lot of people already know about it.”
“What about the fights against the Persian and Roman empires in the era of Abu Bakr and Umar?” I asked. He seemed thoughtful for a while.
“That’s a good idea though I’m going to have to search for more information.” He said finally.
“My brother has a set of CDs that are about them. I can try to get them for you if you want.”
“That will be great. Can you get them today? I want to start on the program on the first day of Ramadan which could be tomorrow Inshallah.”
“We’re gona go to the moon sighting so I don’t know if we’ll make it for Maghrib here.”
“Ok I’ll see you there then. I’m going too.”
“Great! I’ll see you then. I have to get back home and start on my homework. As-Salamu Alaykum.” I said as I got up.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” He answered waving good bye.
As I was leaving I saw someone waving to me from the parking lot.
I came closer and saw that it was Yusuf.
“Hey Khalid!” he shouted waving.
“I’m not Khalid.” I said as I came closer.
“Oh sorry, I thought you were Khalid since he’s always at the Masjid. What are you doing here?”
“Nothing…” I said. He shrugged.
“Well, I asked my dad if we can go to the moon sighting and he said OK. So I’m gona see you there Inshallah.”
“Ok then see you later!”

01-17-2008, 11:23 PM
We went home after dropping Khalil off at the Masjid.
“Khalil sure changed.” Khawla remarked.
“Al Hamdulillah I hope he stays that way.” Dad said.
We went home and everyone headed in different directions so they could finish their homework with no disturbance. I went to my room and started with my homework. Today was one of those days which we didn’t have that much homework. Aisha came up to me after a while.
“Can you help me with my math.? Khawla and Khadeejah are too busy.”
She asked.
“Ok. I’ll help you as soon as I’m done with this.” I answered.
“But by that time it will be time to leave. Dad said we cant go anywhere until we finish our homework.” She said innocently.
“Who’s we?”
“Ahmed and me. We’re coming too.”
Just then Khawla came in.
“Do you have an extra pencil? Mine broke.” She asked.
“Are you guys coming with us to the moon sighting? I thought it was only the boys who were going.” I asked while giving her a pencil.
“Thanks. Yeah, Mom’s gona pack a picnic and we’re all going together. That’s if Khalil comes back soon. He’s not gona have enough time to finish his homework.” She remarked.
“He doesn’t have that much.”
Ahmed came in after a while.
“What are you doing here Aisha? Did you finish your homework?”
“No. But I only have Math left but it’s too hard.” She answered.
“She needs help but I’m kinda busy. And I promised Khadeejah I’d help her with something.” I told him.
“Come on I’ll help ya.” He said. She followed him downstairs.
I finished my homework and went to Khadeejah and Khawla’s room.
“What do you want?” Khawla snapped.
“Leave him alone Khawla.” Khadeejah said.
Khawla was brushing her hair. She stared at me from the mirror.
“You can come in but don’t touch anything.” She said.
“Why not?” I asked as I sat on her messy bed.
“Get off or you’ll have to make it.” She shrieked as Mom came into the room.
“Khalid how many times do I have to ask you and you brother to not come into the girls’ room?” she asked tiredly.
“Sorry.” I said quietly.
“Khawla can you please put on your Hijab and come downstairs to help me with the food?” she said as she headed out the door. Khawla followed her. I went to where Khadeejah was sitting behind her desk.
“What are you working on?” I asked.
“The same book I told you about last night.” She said without looking up.
“Do you need help?”
“Yeah.” She said scooting over to provide me a place to sit. I sat down.

01-17-2008, 11:51 PM
I left the Masjid and headed for home. I took my time walking not paying attention to where I was heading. I suddenly heard the loud screech of a car. I whirled around and gasped. A fast moving sports car was rushing towards the crosswalk in front of me. What traumatized me was the elderly man crossing it. The car was a couple of yards away. I dashed forwards grabbing him by the hand and pulling him back. He shrieked as the car rushed past us. I watched it slam into a telephone pole and spin in wild circles. I dragged the man back onto the side walk just as the car whirled past us. It kept on spinning until it fell into a ditch a few yards away from us.
I got up and brushed my self off. I saw the man shaking and staring at where the car disappeared. I offered him my hand and pulled him up to his feet.
“Khalil! Khalil!” I heard someone shout. I turned and saw the sheikh and Yusuf running towards me with a couple of other guys behind them.
“Are you ok?” The sheikh asked me. I nodded. Never in my life had I seen anything like that before. The sheikh went to the old man and tried to calm him down he seemed to be in a shock.
“Wow man you saved the guys life!” Yusuf exclaimed.
“You think he’s ok?” I asked.
“He’ll get out of the shock after a while. Don’t worry bout it.”
“No I mean the guy in the car.”
“Where’s the car?” Yusuf’s dad, Amu Jihad asked me. I pointed to the ditch where the car fell into. Some guys ran towards it. I looked at Yusuf and then we followed. We got there just in time to see some of the Uncles pulling three men out of the car. They were really hurt but one was worse then the rest. He seemed to be the eldest one maybe twenty or something. I guessed the other two were in their late teens.
“Call an Ambulance!” Amu Jihad ordered us. I took out Khalid’s cell and gave it to Yusuf. I was in too much shock to talk.
Amu Jihad stared at the eldest one. “Say La ilaha ila Allah!” he ordered him.
“How does he know he’s Muslim?” I asked Yusuf. He shook his head.
“They’re our neighbors.” He choked on the words.
His father kept on repeating his order but the guy remained silent.
“He’s not answering.” My voice shook. I recalled a Hadith the Prophet once said, “Who ever utters La ilaha ila Allah on his breath, enters Jannah.”
Suddenly the man’s mouth moved and he uttered some indistinguishable words. Everyone held their breath hoping he’d say the Kalimah.
To our dismay he was singing! Yusuf couldn’t take it anymore. I saw a tear drop from his eye as he walked away. Amu Jihad seemed to be the only one who didn’t lose hope. He kept pushing the man to say the Kalimah. The man’s blood was pouring out and forming a puddle under him. I glanced at the Sheikh. His face was pale and he was shaking his head.

I looked at the other two guys who were in the car they were conscious But they kept on moaning. From the distance I could hear the siren of the ambulance. I looked back at the man. He struggled to pull his head up but then he went limp. Suddenly Amu Jihad got up. He took one look at the guy and then turned away. “Inna Lillahi Wa Ina Ilayhi Rajioon.” He said. I looked from one face to another they were all blinking back tears. Some were trying to hide their tears while others who couldn’t bear looking walked away. I turned away grief-stricken. I saw Yusuf sitting on the curb with the old man by his side. When he saw me the guy got up and shook my hand until I was afraid he would rip it off.
“Thank you. Thank you. MashaAllah may Allah reward you my son. Al-Hamdulillah if it weren’t for Allah, then you I wouldn’t have been alive bye now. Thank you.” He exclaimed. I smiled warily and sat down next to Yusuf.

“You ok?” I asked as we watched the ambulance carry the guys away. I glanced at Yusuf he shrugged.
“Did you know them?”
He nodded. Then Khalid’s cell phone started ringing. I answered it and walked a few paces away.
“Khalil?” I heard Khalid’s voice ask.
“Where are you? Mom’s getting frantic. You’re late you know.”
“I’ll be there in a lil’ bit.”
“Ok see ya.”

“I have to go home.” I told Yusuf. He nodded.
“Are you still comin’ to the moon sighting?” I asked.
“You bet we’ll be there!” a voice said behind me. I turned around and saw Yusuf’s dad behind us. I smiled.
“Are you going home?” he asked me and I nodded.
“Do you want a ride?”
We went into Amu’s shiny new car. As he drove towards our house I couldn’t help being afraid. I was still shaken about the car accident. I bet the guys weren’t even thinking of death when they entered their car. I made a silent prayer for a safe ride.

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-18-2008, 03:08 AM
Wow, sis ur really good...Mashallah. Im even more hooked :) Patiently waiting for MORE! lol! :D


01-18-2008, 03:10 AM
ok give me a sec inshallah :)

01-18-2008, 03:11 AM
I was helping Khadeejah with her book when Mom came back into the room.
“Khalid, do you know where your brother is?” she asked.
“We dropped him off at the Masjid.” I answered.
“Well tell him to come back home. We’re gona be late because of him!” Khawla said as she entered the room.
“Does he still have your phone?” mom asked.
“Can you call him and tell him to hurry up? Then go and get dressed it’s almost time to leave.” mom said with her face full of worry.
I went to the phone and called him.
“Hello?” I heard him say.
“Where are you? Mom’s getting frantic. You’re late you know.” I said.
“I’ll be there in a lil’ bit.” He answered.
“Ok see ya.” I hanged up.
“What did he say?” mom asked.
“He said he’ll be here in a lil’ bit.” I replied. I went back upstairs to Khadeejah’s room.
“Can we work on the book another time? I think we did enough for one day.”
“Sure. Thanks by the way.” She said.
“No problem.”
I got dressed then went downstairs to the living room. Ahmed was playing games on Khalil’s laptop. I joined him.
“Khalil will get mad if he finds out that we’re on his laptop with out asking him.” I remarked.
“Don’t worry we’ll turn it off before he comes.” Ahmed answered.
“He said he’s coming in a little bit.”
After a while we heard a car drive up in our drive way. Then the doorbell sounded. I got up to open the door and Ahmed followed.
Khalil was standing outside looking terrified. I looked past him and saw Yusuf’s father Amu Jihad waving goodbye as he drove away.
“What’s wrong?” I asked Khalil.
He ignored my question and pushed past us. We followed him as he went inside our room and plopped himself onto his bed.
“Khalil? Are you ok?” Ahmed asked but Khalil didn’t answer.
Dad came in. “Are you guys ready to leave?” he asked then he saw Khalil. “Is something wrong?” he asked. He glanced at me and I shrugged.
“Well…get ready. We’ll be leaving in a few minutes.” He said then left the room Ahmed followed him. Khalil got up and picked out some clothes and put them on. I looked at him. He looked like he would break down and start crying.
I got up to leave.
“Hey Khalid?” I heard him say. I turned around.
“You know those CDs dad gave you last Eid? The ones about the war against Persian and Roman empires? Can I borrow them?”
“Umm ok.” I said as I got them out from my book shelf. I gave them to him and he took them.
“Thanks.” He mumbled as he placed them in his CD burner. I watched him for a bit then went downstairs.
“Khalid can you help me put the stuff in the car?” Dad asked. I helped him carry the big cooler. Then I helped Aisha put her bike in the back. Ahmed tossed in a soccer ball and a couple of jerseys.
“I got your Jerseys from you dresser and I got an extra one too.
“Khalid! Ahmed! Come here.” Dad shouted from the backyard’’.
“Help me carry this thing.” He said as we came closer. He was lugging the grill.
“It’s too heavy!” Ahmed exclaimed.
“Get one of the scooters Khalid. We’ll place it on it and then pull it.” Dad said.
So I got one and we helped him pick it up and place the grill on the scooter.
“How are we going to fit this thing in here?” Ahmed asked when we got to the car.
“Let’s get everything out then put the grill in first. After that we’ll try to stuff everything else in.” Dad suggested. So we took everything out then we stuffed the grill in.
“Why do we need it?” I asked.
“I promised the brothers that I’d bring it. They’re gona have a barbeque.”
We placed the cooler in then the bike. Khalil came down carrying a small gift bag which he placed on his seat.

01-18-2008, 03:11 AM
“What are you carrying?” Ahmed asked.
“CD’s.” I answered.
“What for?” Khawla asked.
“Why do you care?”
We piled into the car and left. I was lost in thought thinking about what happened today. All of a sudden I felt Ahmed punch hard on the shoulder.
“Ow! What do you want?” I found my self shouting.
“Sorry. But you’re not listening. We’ve been speaking to you for the past five minutes and I don’t think you heard.”
“So, you didn’t have to punch me like that!”
“What has gotten into you Khalil? Please don’t let me hear you shouting at anyone anymore!” Dad exclaimed. I felt like I’d blow up with anger then I remembered the Hadith and I tried to cool myself down.

We got to the park after a half an hour of driving. There were a lot of parks that were only ten or twenty minutes away form our house but they chose this one cause it was on a high altitude. That would make it easier to spot the moon.

“Hey Khalil!” I heard someone call me. I turned around and saw Yusuf’s older brother Yunus waving. I went over.
“Hey Yusuf has been waiting for you. He’s over at the lake. He told me to tell you to call you when you got here.”
“Ok thanks. I’ll go there after I help my dad unpack. Is the Sheikh here yet?”
“No. They’re stuck in traffic.”
“Whose they?”
“My dad went to go pick him up.”
“Oh ok.”
“We’re gona play soccer later when more of the people come.”
“Great!” I said as I ran back to where my family was waiting.
“Who was that?” Khalid asked.
“Yunus.” I answered.
“Khalil come help us unpack.”
“Why did you guys bring the grill for?” I asked.
“They’re gona have a barbeque.” Khalid answered.
Dad went to put the cooler under a tree and we tried to take the grill out.
“Hold it boys. Let me help you.” My dad said as we pulled it out of the trunk.
“Slowly now. Don’t drop it.” He said. Ahmed’s hand suddenly slipped and the grill fell on his foot.
“Oww!” he howled. “Get it of! Get it off!”
I picked up my side higher and he pulled his foot out.
“Thanks.” He said as he rubbed his foot.
“Maybe we should get some help.” Khalid said.
“That thing weighs a thousand tons I don’t think we’ll be able to carry it by ourselves.” Ahmed complained.
“Hmm. Why don’t you guys go for now. I’ll get some of the brothers to help us carry it later. We’ll just leave it here for now.” Dad proposed.
“Ok. But lets get the rest of the stuff out.” I said.
So we took out the bikes, balls, blanket, and picnic basket out. After that I headed to the lake. I found Yusuf sitting on the bank.
“Hey Yusuf!” I said as I came closer.
He jumped and looked back. “Oh! I didn’t here you coming.” He mumbled.
I plopped down next to him. “You still mad about what happened?”
“Not really. I mean I’m not sad about the fact that Mo died I know it was written. If he didn’t die in that car he would’ve died in some other way.”
“Whose Mo?” I asked.
“The guy that died the oldest one. The other two survived. But they’re seriously hurt.
“What are their names?”
“One was Jibril and the other was Ammar. Ammar was Mo’s younger brother and Jibril was his friend.”
“Mo’s friend?”
“No Ammar’s.” He answered. We were quiet for a while.
“You know what really got to me?” he broke the silence.
I looked at him. He stared straight ahead at the water. “What?” I asked.
“Like I said, I’m not angry that he died. The thing that really made me think was the state that he died in.” he said.
“I remember the Prophet saying something about that.” I remarked. He glanced at me. “Really?” he asked.
I nodded. “He said, “Everyone will be resurrected on the state that he died in.” I looked at Yusuf. His eyes seemed to be full of panic.
“You mean since he died singing he’ll go back to Allah while singing that song?” he asked worriedly. I shrugged.
“That’s scary. I mean you can die any second now. But imagine someone dying while praying or while reading the Quran.”
I nodded. “Yeah it would be so cool to be resurrected while reciting the Quran.” I threw a small pebble into the lake. Yusuf picked up one and threw it. “Mine went farther.” He joked then he got serious.
“You know the more you think about death, the more it makes you want to be a better person. Like you wana do something you know are bad and then you think what if I die while I’m doing this.”
“Yeah, but some people try their best to forget all about it saying they’re too young to die. But when you see something like what happened today you realize that you might die in the next minute.”
“I know. Like I tried to sleep one night without praying the Isha’ and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t fall asleep. I kept thinking what am I gona do if I die tonight and I didn’t pray? So I’d get up and pray and only then could I fall asleep.”
“You know the two prayers I try my best to never neglect are the Isha and Fajr.” I remarked.
“Why?” he asked looking at me.
“I remember my dad telling me something when I was about thirteen. He said, that the Prophet peace be upon him said, “The two hardest prayers to the hypocrites are the Isha and Fajr prayers. They come to it lazy and half asleep.” I guess the thought of being a hypocrite scared me.” I joked and we both laughed. “That’s a good way to get you to pray. My dad used to get us to pray by saying if we don’t pray now we’re gona have to pray in the Hell fire.” He said.

01-18-2008, 03:12 AM

“Ahmed, Khalid do you guys want to go to the playground with us?” Aisha asked. I glanced at Ahmed and he shrugged. We followed them to the playground. Khawla and Khadeejah started playing tetherball and Aisha rode her bike.
“You wana see who swings higher?” Ahmed asked pointing to the swings.
“Ok, there’s nothing else we can do.” I said.
We swung for about fifteen minutes.
“I’m higher than you!” Ahmed bragged.
“I dare you to jump off.” I said.
“Ok.” He swung a few more times.
“One…two…three!” he flew off and landed a few feet’s a way.
“Ow! My foot!” he yelped as he held his leg and rolled in the sand.
“Are you ok?” I asked as I got off the swing.
“No! Do I look ok? First the grill and now this.” He glared at me.
I laughed and helped him up.
“Assalamu Alaykum!” I heard someone say. We turned around and saw Sheikh Mohammad walking towards us waving.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” We replied.
“Hello Khalil. Did you bring them?” he asked me.
“I’m not Khalil I’m Khalid.” I said.
“Oh. I’m sorry. You two look so alike I don’t know how you guys can tell each other apart.” He said a bit embarrassed.
“Khalid has a small scar near his eye. That’s how we distinguish them.” Ahmed remarked.
“What’s your name?” The sheikh asked him.
“Ahmed. I’m their cousin.”
“Oh ok. Do you two know where Khalil is?”
“No he came here but he disappeared after that. He went towards the lake.”
“Ok. I’ll check there. JazakumAllah Khair.” He said as he left.
“What do you think “them” is?” Ahmed asked me.
“He said, hello Khalil, did you bring them?”
“Oh. I don’t know probably those CDs he was carrying.” I answered.
“I think they started the barbeque let’s go get something.”

01-18-2008, 03:12 AM
sowy if i hav speling mistakes
Ma'salamah :)

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-18-2008, 06:23 PM
LoL i didnt notice anything, i was just paying attention to the story, Mashallah so great :)

JazakAllah sis :)

01-20-2008, 01:11 AM
“Where you really close to them?” I asked Yusuf.
“Who?” he asked.
The guys that were in the crash.”
“Not really. But I knew Ammar really well. He’s pretty good if you ask me. But he befriended the wrong people. I mean, he would pray and they would tease him and tell him to stop wasting your time. They’d say you can pray when you’re older. Have fun now then go make Hajj and have all your deeds erased. And he’d do it just to keep them happy.”
“Wow. Ever since I was young my parents have always warned me to not take bad friends. You might think that you’re too good to be mislead. But if your friends are bad they’ll encourage you to do the wrong stuff. And soon enough you’ll find yourself straying away from the straight path.” I remarked.
“Hey someone’s coming.” Yusuf said as he turned back.
“Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh!” the figure said.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” We returned the greetings and I saw that it was the Sheikh. He came over and sat next to us.
“What are you guys doing?” he asked.
“Talking.” Yusuf replied.
“Talking? The whole time?”
We nodded. “You guys are still upset about the crash aren’t you?” he said.
We didn’t answer. I grabbed a handful of sand and let it slide through my fingers. I saw Yusuf doing the same. The sheikh probably realized we didn’t feel like talking about it so he changed the subject.
“You know I went over to your brother and thought he was you. I never saw anyone who looked so alike like you two. Ahmed said the only thing used to distinguish you guys is that your brother has a small scar next to his eye.”
Yusuf and I laughed.
“Did you bring the CDs Khalil?”
“Yeah but I left them in the car. I’ll go get them now.” I said as I got up.
They got up and followed me to the car. I opened the rear door and got the gift bag out and handed it to the Sheikh.
“Thanks. Well I’ll leave you two to chat. See you later.” He said as he left.
Just then Yunus came over with Khalid, Ahmed, and five other boys following him. He waved and threw a soccer ball at Yusuf.
“Hey, do you guys want to play?” he asked.
“Ok.” We answered. Ahmed threw us two jerseys.
“Here put these on and meet us at the field.” He said.
We put on the jerseys and raced after them. We started stretching to warm up. I looked at the other boys. Yunus started introducing them.
“This is Zaki, Ayub, Hasan, Amin, and Yasin.” He said pointing to each one.
Zaki was a tall guy with long wavy hair. Ayub and Yasin who were cousins were about the same height as me and had short curly hair. Amin who had a warm welcoming face was medium sized and looked Asian. Hasan looked more western and had light blue eyes.

01-20-2008, 01:19 AM
“I’m first captain!” Khalil declared.
“I’m second captain!” Yasin said.
Khalil picked first and he immediately picked Yusuf. Yasin picked Ayub. Yusuf whispered something to Khalil and he picked Zaki.
“I pick Ahmed.” Yasin said. And Khalil picked Amin.
“Why do we have to be last to be picked?” Yunus whispered to me. I shrugged.
It seemed that Yusuf was picking the teams not Khalil. Because every time it was their turn to pick Yusuf would whisper something to Khalil and he’d pick.
“I chose Khalid.” Yasin said.
“I pick Yunus.” Khalil chose.
“Hasan is with me.” Yasin stated.
So the teams turned out, Yusuf, Khalil, Zaki, Amin, and Yunus against me, Hasan, Ahmed, Yasin, and Ayub.
“Hey why didn’t your brother pick us?” Ahmed asked me later.
“I don’t know.”
“Hey do you guys need a referee?” a voice boomed behind us. Amu Jihad was standing behind us wearing sports clothes. He blew into a whistle and came up to us. “So how bout it? Can I be your referee?”
“Ok Amu. But you can’t root for your sons.” Ahmed joked.
“Who me? Now you know I wouldn’t do that.” He said while winking at Yunus. That got out some laughs form us. “Ok to be fair let’s trade Yunus with someone from this team? Who want’s to pick?” he asked.
“Yasin’s captain let him pick.” Ayub remarked.
“Ok how bout Hasan?” Yasin asked.
“Yeah!” Amin shouted pushing Yunus towards us.
“Great let’s start. We’ll do a coin toss to see who get’s the ball first. Whose captain on this team?” Amu asked referring to Khalil’s team.
“Khalil is.” Zaki answered. Khalil and Yasin stepped forward. Khalil picked heads and Yasin picked tail.
“Tails. Yasin’s team goes first.” Amu stated.
I saw Khalil shrug as he went back to his team.
“Who wants to be goalie?” Yasin asked. Yunus volunteered.
Amu blew his whistle to start the game.
“We’ll play until it’s time for Maghrib ok?” he said. We nodded in agreement.

01-20-2008, 01:21 AM
Amu threw the ball to Yasin and we started. Zaki stole it and passed it to Hasan. He wove through the other players and went to the other side.
Ayub stopped him and tried to get the ball away from him. Hasan passed it to me and I dribbled the ball towards the goal but I got stopped by Ahmed. I hesitated then went around him. This time I got stuck with Khalid.
“You gona let your brother have the ball?” he asked.
“Never!” we struggled with the ball for a couple of seconds. He stole it but I got it back. I ran towards the goal.
“Hey! Pass!” Yusuf shouted. I kicked the ball to him. The goal post was only a few yards away from him.
“Shoot!” Zaki shouted at him. He shot but the ball hit the goal post and flew back to Hasan who took another shot. This time it went in!
“Goal!” the whole team shouted crowding around him.
“One point for Khalil’s team!” Amu shouted.
I heard a couple of cheers. We turned around and saw Dad, the sheikh, and some other Uncles watching.
We resumed playing. Ayub got the ball close to our goal then passed it to Yasin. He shot but Amin, our goalie, caught it and passed it to Yusuf.
“Good Job!” Zaki cheered. Yusuf dribbled it halfway across the field and then passed it to Zaki. Zaki came close to their goal but was stopped by Ahmed. They struggled and Ahmed got the ball. He ran with it but Zaki stopped him and got it back. He passed it to me and I ran towards the goal. From the corner of my eye I could see Khalid running towards me. I was still a long way from the goal.

“Khalil! Pass it I’m open.” I heard Zaki shout. I kicked to him but he was stopped by Ahmed. “Move!” I heard Zaki say as he went around him.
But Ahmed wouldn’t give up. I ran up to them.
“Pass.” I said. He passed it and I hurried towards the goal. By now Yusuf was a few yards a head of me and I threw it to him. He ran forward and passed it to Hasan. Hasan was confronted by Ayub. Ayub stole the ball but Yusuf got it back. He headed toward the goal and then passed it to me. The only person between me and the goal post was Khalid.
“Hey let your brother get another goal.” I joked but Khalid seemed mad.
“No way!” he said as he tried to get the ball. I faked a left and he fell for it. I laughed and went right and kicked the ball towards the goal.
“Goal!” Amu shouted.
I looked back and saw Khalid glaring at me. He brushed himself off and got up. He went up to Amu and said something.
“Time out!” Amu shouted.
My teammates crowded around me. Amin slapped me on the back.
“Good job Captain!” he exclaimed.
“I’m so thirsty.” I said.
Amu overheard. “Your brother’s team has a thermos full of water.”
We went over to their bench.
“Do you guys have any cups for the water?” Zaki asked.
Yunus gave him some cups which he divided amongst us. We each filled our cups then got ready to play.
“Come on you guys let’s play.” Amu said.
So we went back to our positions. Since we had the ball last, Amu gave it to Yasin’s team. Yasin took the ball and dribbled it up the field. He passed it to Ahmed. Ahmed went around Zaki and Hasan who tried to stop him.
He was a few yards away from the goal. Yusuf ran ahead of me and confronted him. He stole the ball and ran to the other side. Khalid stopped him. Yusuf tried to go around him but Khalid took the ball and ran towards me. “Try to stop me bro!” he bragged. I went in front of him but he sidestepped me and shot. Amin shot forward to stop it but was a fraction of a second too late.
“Goal!” Amu shouted. Khalid glanced at me and smirked.
“We’re still ahead.” I heard Yusuf say.
“Not for long!” Ahmed countered.
“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch Ahmed.” Yusuf answered.
Khalid and Ahmed glared at him and turned away.
“What do you say you score another one for us Khalil?” Yusuf whispered.
I nodded. “Just get the ball near our goal and then pass it ok?” He nodded.
We started playing again. This time we got the ball. Zaki got the ball and ran forward. He covered a lot of ground until he was stopped by Yasin. He kicked the ball towards Hasan but he was confronted by Ayub.
He passed the ball to Yusuf. I ran ahead of him. Khalid and Ahmed were right behind him trying to stop him. “Khalil!” Yusuf shouted as he kicked it towards me. I got the ball and ran as fast as I could. I could feel the blood pounding through my head as I ran faster. I was only about five feet away from the goal post. I kicked as hard as I could but Yunus blocked it.
The ball flew back and I ran after it. Khalid was right after me. “I’m not gona spoil my chance! I thought as I ran to get the ball. I got to it before him and I turned back to the goal post again. I kicked the ball with all my strength. Yunus jumped up to block it. His fingers were a few inches away from the ball but it went swoosh right in.
“Goal!” I shouted running back. Yusuf slapped me on the back.
“I knew you could do it!” he exclaimed.
“Fifteen minutes warning!” Amu exclaimed.
We were soon playing again. Yasin’s team made a few more attempts to score but Amin stopped all of them.
Soon I had the ball again. I ran forward and passed it to Yusuf. He ran a couple of yards then passed it to Hasan who kicked it to Zaki.
Zaki weaved through the other players and was soon near the goal post but Ahmed stopped him. Zaki passed it to me. I headed towards the goal hoping to make one more goal before the game was over. All of a sudden Yunus kicked the ball from under my legs and I fell forward. I felt a sharp pain in my left leg. I rolled onto my back clutching my foot.
“Foul!” Amu shouted.
“Oh God Khalil I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that.” I heard Yunus say.
Yusuf and Zaki came up to me. “Are you ok?” I nodded and massaged my foot. They pulled me up to me feet. I jumped up and down to get the blood running through my leg.
“It doesn’t hurt. I’m ok.” I said.
“Goal kick.” Amu announced.
I saw the panic on Ahmed’s face. Yusuf slapped me on the back.
“Think you can do it captain?”
“Inshallah.” I answered.
Zaki and Hasan came up to us. “You kick Khalil. Hasan and Yusuf, you guys stay near the goal post. I’m the tallest I’ll try to hit the ball with my head. But if I don’t get it in you guys have to be ready to kick it back in!” Zaki said.
We nodded and everyone got into position. I walked back a couple of feet. “Bismillah!” I whispered as I ran forward. I kicked the ball with all of the strength I had. It flew up and I saw Zaki jump up and hit it with his head.
But it hit the post and flew back.
“Get it Khalil!” Hasan shouted. I ran and got the ball. I dribbled it forward but Yasin’s whole team was right in front of me. I saw Hasan run to the side and I kicked it to him. He waited till I was open then he passed it back to me. I kicked it to Zaki who tried to kick it in but Yunus blocked it. It rolled next to Yusuf’s feet. He passed it to me. “Shoot!” I heard someone shout form the bleachers. I kicked it towards the goal. I went right above Yunus’s head. “Goal!” nearly everyone on the bleachers shouted. The whole team piled on top of me cheering.
“Get off me!” I exclaimed. They laughed and helped me to my feat.
Yunus came over to me. “Good game man! You’re the best player I know! I don’t ever want to be against you anymore!” he said shaking my hand.
“Thanks!” I said breathlessly. Yusuf pulled me aside.
“Hey your cousin is looking at me like he wants to kill me or something.”
I glanced over at Ahmed. He was glaring at Yusuf.
“Don’t worry he’ll get over it.” I said.
I went over to get a drink. Amu Jihad came up to me.
“MashaAllah you’re good!” he exclaimed.
“Thanks. It’s almost time for Maghrib. Are there any bathrooms around here? I have to make Wudu’.” I said.
“Yeah there’s one near the parking lot.” He answered.
“Thanks.” I went over to Yusuf and Zaki.
“I’m gona go make Wudu’. Wana come?”
“Yeah it’s almost Maghrib.” Zaki answered.
“Come on, let’s go!” Yusuf said.
We walked over to the bathrooms. We were making Wudu’ when Ahmed came in with Dad.
“Good game boys! I could hardly keep up with the ball!” Dad exclaimed slapping me on the back. I smiled and then glanced at Ahmed. He was silently making his wudu’. I finished and dried my face. I waited for them to finish. Yusuf finished and grabbed some paper towels. We waited for Zaki. When he was done we went outside where everyone was getting in line to pray. I stood in the first row next to Yasin and Ayub. Yasin turned towards me. “Next time I’ll make sure to be on your team.” I smiled. Yusuf and Zaki plopped down next to me. The sheikh beckoned one of the men to make the Adhan. We listened to his melodious voice and repeated after him. He finished and sat down. After a while Sheikh Mohammad made the Iqamah and started the Salah. “Allahu Akbar!” he said as he raised his hands up to submit to Allah.

01-20-2008, 01:22 AM

“I’m gona go make Wudu’.” Ahmed said. I nodded and went over to get a drink. Khalil’s team had won one to four. Khalil scored three of them and Hasan scored the other one. I found myself getting mad through out the game. I don’t know why, maybe I was just embarrassed that I was loosing to my twin brother. He’ll probably be bragging and boasting about it for the rest of the day.
I saw Hasan come up to me.
“Let’s go. They’re about to pray.” He said. I followed him. We saw that they spread a huge mat on the floor for us to pray on.
They spread another one for the women. We sat down next to Dad and Ahmed just as someone was starting to say the Adhan. After that sheikh Mohammed started the prayer. When he finished he stood up and faced us.
“As you all know,” he started. “We have all come here to look for the hillal or the moon that will signify the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan. We will start looking now since the sun has set. This year we will be offering a gift to the person that spots it first.”
“What’s the gift?” someone asked.
“It will be a surprise but I promise you it’s not one of those dull gifts that people normally receive. We will be handing out binoculars for anyone that didn’t bring them. Please get in a line for them. Also since we don’t have many binoculars you will have to go into groups of two three or four. Please get in a line to get the binoculars.”
“I’ll go get the binoculars for us.” Ahmed offered.
Ahmed, Hasan, Ayub and I formed one team.
“Let’s go near the lake. There’s less trees there.” Hasan said.
“The parking lot is good too.” Ayub replied.
“How about we go to the lake. If there’s no one there we’ll stay there. But if someone is there already we’ll go to the Parking Lot.” Ahmed proposed.
We headed over to the lake. As we came closer we heard some laughs and people talking. Ahmed who was in the lead stopped and turned around.
Let’s go to the parking lot.” He mumbled. I looked over his shoulder. Khalil, Zaki, Yusuf, and Yunus taking turns on three binoculars.
“We can work with them.” Ayub said.
“No, the sheikh said groups of four not eight.” Ahmed countered.
Ayub shrugged and we headed to the parking lot.
“Why did they have three binoculars?” Ahmed asked me later.
“I don’t know. Maybe they brought their own.” I answered.
“Khalid! Ahmed!” I heard some one shout. We turned around and saw Aisha running towards us. Khawla and Khadeejah were running after her.
“Ahmed! They won’t let me have a turn on the Binoculars!” Aisha cried.
“We were going to but she won’t wait!” Khawla replied angrily.
“No! I did wait. Do you know how long I was waiting?” she exclaimed.
“Khawla just let her go first.” I told her.
“Fine.” She said as she grabbed Aisha’s hand and pulled her back.

01-20-2008, 01:23 AM
“Yunus and I brought really cool binoculars.” Yusuf told me. “Let’s go find him so we can be on the same team.”
We looked for Yunus and found him headed towards the parking lot.
“Hey Yunus wait!” We yelled. He turned around.
“Do you wana be on our team?” Yusuf asked him.
“Ok. Just let me go get my binoculars from the car.”
Zaki came up to us. “Hey! Can I join you guys?” he asked.
“Sure.” Yusuf answered. Yunus came back.
“Let’s go to the lake. There aren’t any trees there.” He said.
“We only have two binoculars so we’re going to have to share.” Yusuf stated.
“I got one.” Zaki said.
“Ok then Khalil can share with me.”
“Ow my neck aches!” Yusuf complained after a while. He gave the binoculars to me and I started scanning the sky for the moon.
“You complain too much Yusuf.” Yunus teased.
Yusuf threw a punch at him. But Yunus stepped aside and Yusuf fell forward. We all laughed as they started wrestling.
“Cut it out you guys. We have to find the hillal if we want to get that prize.” Zaki said. We got serious.
“I’m not excited about the prize.” Yusuf broke the silence. “It’s probably gona be twenty dollars or something less.”
“Nah I think it’s gona be good. The sheikh promised that it would be.” Yunus argued.
Zaki massaged his neck. He gave his binoculars to Yusuf. “I’m taking a break.” He said as he sat down.
Yunus shook his head. “You guys don’t deserve any kind of prize.” He joked.
“This is getting boring!” I complained.
“Yeah. I don’t care if we find it or not anymore. Let’s do something else.” Yusuf said as he got up.
Yunus looked at us in disgust. “You guys are so lazy. I’m gona keep on looking. But if I find it the prize is all mine!” he snickered.
“Hey you guys someone’s coming.” Zaki said suddenly.
We turned around as the figure came closer.
“Assalamu Alaykum boys!” he shouted as he waved.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” We answered.
It was Amu Jihad. “Did you guys find anything?”
“No. So far I’m the only one that’s looking for the moon.” Yunus remarked.
Amu laughed then he got serious. “I’m going to the hospital to visit some one. Do you want to come?” He asked us.
“I’ll have to ask my dad first.” I said.
“Me too. But I don’t think he’ll mind.” Zaki replied.
We both left to ask our father’s if we could go. I saw that Amu Jihad followed me so I slowed down so he could catch up.
“Your dad knows about what happened today.” He told me.
I stopped and stared at him. “You told him?” I asked.
He shrugged. “Well the guy that you save knew your family and he came to your dad and told him that you’re so lucky to have a son like you. He asked him what he was talking about. And he said that you saved him from a terrible car crash.” Amu stopped for a moment then continued. “So your dad came to me and asked me what had happened today and I told him. He was mad that you didn’t tell him but he’s ok now. But your mom doesn’t know yet.” He glanced at me. I was about to blow up. He should have known that I wanted to tell him on my own. Why did he have to get into our business and ruin everything? Now dad probably won’t let me get out of his sight. Amu probably sensed that I was getting mad.
“I hope you don’t get mad.” He said. I saw my dad sitting on a bench watching my sisters and Aisha look for the moon.
“Assalamu Alaykum!” Amu said.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam!” Dad answered as he got up.
“Brother I’m going to the hospital to visit some sick friends. Do you mind if your son comes with me? Yusuf, Yunus, and Zaki are coming along also.” Amu asked. Dad looked at me for a long time.
”Ok…” he said hesitantly. “But under the condition that he comes straight back home after that.”
“Don’t worry I’ll drop him off at your house.” Amu assured him.
We went back to the parking lot where Yusuf, Yunus, and Zaki were waiting.
“My dad said I could come.” Zaki announced.
“Great.” Amu said as he led us to his Land Cruiser. Yunus went in the front with his dad and the rest of us sat in the back.
Amu reached out and placed a CD in the CD player.
”Which one is it?” Yusuf asked.
“Sheikh Fiez’s lecture about death.” Amu answered as the voice of a man reciting a verse from the Quran blazed out from the speakers.
“Every soul will taste death. Then to us it shall return.” Was the meaning of it.
I saw Yusuf shiver. Then the sheikh started talking. We listened to him in silence.
He gave us reminders, he warned us, and he reprimanded us for loving the Dunya so much. “Why do you love it when it is only a mere test? Why waste all your time and wealth on it when it shall pass sooner or later?” he asked.
Then he said, “You aren’t going to live forever. No one in this world will ever have a life of eternity. If any one would live forever it would have been the Prophet yet he also died. You aren’t going to live forever so why not benefit from the little time that you are going to live? Why not give your time to something that will benefit you in the hereafter? Build up to your hereafter by organizing small Islamic get-togethers, giving Sadaqah, making Dawah. Do something for Islam. Do something that you and other Muslims will benefit from. Something that you will get rewarded for by Allah not something that will cause Allah’s anger to be with you. Don’t say I’ll do something when I get older. How do you know that you will be alive? You might die the next second!”
I felt my heart stop when he said that. Ya Allah I thought. The sheikh kept on going. “How many times do you think about death? Now a days everyone is too busy in his livelihood to even give it a first thought. How do we remember death? If you want to remember death I suggest you read the Quran. Especially surah Al-Qiyamah, Al-Inshiqaq, At-Takathur, At-Takweer. “ I made a mental note to read those surah tonight after I got home. Suddenly I heard Amu turn off the car and get out.
“What’s wrong boys. You guys don’t want to come out?” he joked.
He chuckled as we got out of the car. We walked towards the hospital.

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01-20-2008, 02:28 AM
Oh mannnn, its getting even better everytime :) InshaAllah will wait for the others again :D

01-20-2008, 02:39 AM

“This is getting frustrating.” Ayub said. “I can’t find anything.”
“Keep looking Ayub. We can’t give up.” Hasan encouraged him.
“Your turn Khalid.” Ahmed said as he gave me the binoculars. I took them and scanned the sky. The stars were coming out. I saw Ayub sit down. Ahmed did the same. After sometime Hasan and I gave the binoculars to them. They groaned.
“I’m tired I don’t want to search anymore.” Ahmed said.
I sat down next to them. “Neither do I.” I agreed. Ayub nodded. We looked up at Hasan. He sighed. “Fine. But at least let’s go give the binoculars back.”
We got up and walked after him. We passed dad who was watching Khawla, Khadeejah, and Aisha as they looked for the moon.
We found the sheikh sitting under a tree listening to a CD player.

“Assalamu Alaykum Amu.” Ahmed called.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam. Did you boys find anything?” he asked us smiling. We shook our heads.
“We came to return the binoculars.” I said. He looked at me.
“You’re Khalid right?” He asked.
I chuckled and nodded.
“Great. I don’t want to make anymore mistakes with you and your brother. Say, do you know where Khalil is? I’ve looked for him but I couldn’t find him.” He asked me.
“I don’t know he was at the lake a while ago with a couple of other boys.” I answered.
He shook his head. “He seems to like being there.” He joked. “but I looked there and he wasn’t there.”
“Let’s go look for him.” Hasan proposed. “There’s nothing else for us to do anyways.” We waved goodbye to the Sheikh and left to look for my brother. We searched the parking lot, the lake, the soccer field, and the picnic area but we couldn’t find him anywhere.
“Let’s go ask your Dad if he’s seen him.” Ayub said. So we headed towards where dad was sitting. He looked up and smiled when he saw us. “Hello boys.” He said. “Did you find anything?”
We shook our heads again.
“Dad did you see Khalil?” I asked.
“Yes, he went to the hospital.” He answered.
“Hospital?!” we all said at the same time.
Dad laughed. “No he went with Amu Jihad, Yusuf, Yunus and Zaki. They went to visit someone they know who I think is sick.”
“We wasted all our time looking for him and he’s not even here!” Ahmed complained. Suddenly we heard some shouts. We looked back. Khawla, Khadeejah, and Aisha were jumping up and down excitedly. I walked up to them. “Did you find it?!” I asked. They bobbed their heads up and down eagerly. Khawla gave me the binoculars and pointed to where they saw the moon. I looked through them and sure enough the moon was right there. It was as thin as a strand of hair.
Dad scooped up Aisha. “Ramadan Mubarak!” He exclaimed.
I saw the sheikh hurrying towards us. “What’s going on?” he asked breathlessly.

“We found the moon!” Aisha squealed with delight.
“You did? MashaAllah. Can you show me where it is?” he asked.
I handed the binoculars to him and pointed up. He scanned a little bit. “Well, I guess it’s going to be Ramadan tomorrow then.” He said.
“But…but I thought…aren’t we going to get a prize?” Aisha asked.
“Of course.” He said beckoning us to follow him.


01-20-2008, 02:39 AM
Yusuf fell into step with me. “Hey I just remembered something.” He said all of a sudden. “Remember earlier today when we were talking to the Sheikh. What were those CD’s that you gave him about?” he asked.
“Just something he asked me to get for him.” I answered.
“Come on tell me. You’ve been acting pretty secretive lately.” He said. I shrugged.
“He needed some CD’s about the war against the Persian and Roman empires.” I replied.
“That’s it?” he asked. I nodded but he didn’t look convinced. I’ll tell him later if the idea works out I thought. If I told him now and then the Shiekh changed his mind then that would be kind of embarrassing.
We entered the hospital and went to the main desk. The woman behind it looked at us with narrowed eyes.
“Can I help you?” she asked. But from her voice it sounded like she didn’t want to help.
“We’re here to visit two young boys that have been brought here earlier today.” Amu answered.
“We had a lot of people brought in today. So unless you can inform me of their names I can’t help you.” She replied. “They’re Ammar Hilali and Jibril Hourani.”
She typed the names into her computer. She glanced up after a while and gave us a paper to sign. “Please print your name first then sign.” She gave us a pen. Amu went first she watched us with her beady eyes with so carefully as if we were going to pull a gun on her. “This lady’s freaking me out.” Zaki whispered to me jokingly. I chuckled. After we all wrote our names she gave us each a sticker to stick onto our shirts.
“Make sure you put it somewhere where anyone can see it.” She warned. We all placed them on the front of our shirts.
As we walked down the hall to their room’s I began to feel so nervous. The last time I was in a hospital was when my grandma was dying. I hated hospitals. Every time I went to one I always got a sick feeling in the stomach. To me death seemed to lurk in the hall’s of all hospital’s just waiting to seize another soul whose time has ended. Death, death, death. That seemed to be the only thing that was going through my head all day. Just then I remembered Mo, or Mohammed, the guy that died in the car crash. The guy that died while singing. The guy that changed his name, the best name, Mohammed. He changed it to something that doesn’t even have a meaning, Mo. The guy who claimed to be a Muslim, but did everything he could that was bad even though he knew that it would anger Allah. The guy who nearly killed an old man just because he chose to drive a car while he was drunk. The guy who would encourage his younger brother to do bad things and would ridicule him when he tried to pray. That guy… when was his funeral going to be?
“Amu. When are they going to bury Mohammed?” I asked. I couldn’t bring myself to call him Mo. It just wasn’t right.
“Tomorrow after Dhuhr. They’re going to pray the Dhuhr, then the Janazah, then they’ll go to Corvallis to bury him.” Amu answered.
Corvallis was a city a few miles away from ours. We had a Muslim graveyard there and we would bury all our dead people there.
We came up to Ammar and Jibril’s room. As we were about to enter we were stopped by a doctor.
“I’m sorry.” He said. “You can only go in two at a time. And you can only stay for ten minutes each.”
“I’ll go alone.” Amu said. “You boys can go in pairs.”
After a couple of minutes Amu came out. Then Zaki and Yunus went and came back.
I glanced at Yusuf then we went in. I heard some soft groans.
Yusuf walked a few steps ahead of me. When I saw Jibril I felt my heart nearly stop. He had cuts and scars on every inch of his face. One of his hands were broken and was in a sling. His left leg was sprained. He had nearly the whole foot wrapped with bandages. I looked into his face and I saw tears coming out as he stared up at the ceiling. I glanced at Yusuf his face had paled.
Then I looked back at Jibril. His crying was getting uncontrollable now. He was like a little baby seeking some warmth, love, and comfort from his mother, Jibril seemed to be wanting the same thing from Allah, along with forgiveness.
I tried to say something encouraging. The only thing that came to my mind was one verse. “Say to my servants that have transgressed, do not despair, Verily Allah forgives all sins. Verily he is the most forgiving and most merciful.” Jibril glanced at me
and our eyes locked. He looked like he finally found what he was looking for, a peace of mind. He laid his head back and rested.
I saw Yusuf walking towards Ammar who was behind a curtain in the same room. I followed him. When I saw Ammar I was even more surprised. He didn’t even seem hurt his leg which was sprained. He looked at us and smiled but his eyes didn’t smile along. They were a pool of sadness. He glanced out the window.
“I have wronged myself. I made bad friends. They let me go astray and I let them. Now this is the outcome.” He sighed.
Yusuf looked at me hoping I would say something. I searched my head for something that would help.
“And on that day the Wrong doer will bite on his hand in grief. He will say, oh how I wish I followed the prophet. Oh how I wish I didn’t take that person as a friend. Indeed he has led me astray after I had found the truth.” I heard Ammar say. He was quoting from the Quran. I tried to think of an answer but nothing came except the same Ayah.
“Say to my servants that have transgressed, do not despair, Verily Allah forgives all sins. Verily he is the most forgiving and most merciful.” I recited. He seemed startled.
“Is that in the Quran?” he asked.
In normal circumstances I would have thought he was weird for not knowing that but now I actually felt sorry for him.
He sighed again. “I shouldn’t have followed my brother so blindly. I shouldn’t have chosen him above my religion. I should’ve stayed home today. Then none of this would have happened.”
“You shouldn’t say that. What ever had happened was meant to happen. Forget your past Ammar. Ask Allah for forgiveness and concentrate on your future.” Yusuf advised him.
“Do you think Allah will forgive me? Especially after all I have done?” he asked. Yusuf nodded.
Just then a nurse came in. “Your time is up.” She announced.
We went out. I saw Amu, Zaki, and Yunus waiting for us in the Hall.
“You ready to go?” Amu asked.
“What happened? You guys stayed in there for a long time”.Yunus said.
. Maybe twenty minutes.” Zaki said.
After a while we left. We rode in the car all quiet. No one spoke. Everyone was thinking about the boys and how they looked and the situation they were in. Al-Hamdulillah I thought. I’m glad to be alive and healthy. Amu dropped Zaki at his house. Then he dropped me at mine.
I used my set of keys to open the door. My whole family was back and I could here that they were in the family room. I suddenly felt dizzy for some reason it felt like the whole room was spinning with me. I kept still for a moment then when my head cleared I went to the family room.

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Oh my Allah sis, ur are soooooooo talented MashaAllah. May Allah bless u for such a useful story!!! Thanks :)


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O my ALLAH...same thing sis..i dint cum on for two days and felt like i missed alot and i'm like YESSSS MOREE FR ME TO READ>.loll mashallah sis..i was hooked on it..pleasee rite a book ..i mean i'll buy it inshallah..lol k MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE..omg i WANT MOREEE lol ok i'll stop..Salamualikum..i wanna see the whole outcome of this book fr real :D

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oh nooooooooooooooooooooooo ... i wanntt moreeee:'(

masha allah wonderfullllllllllllllll storyyyy .. jazaka allah khair sis...

but i want moreee:cry:

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Same I Want Moreeeeeee :( :( :(

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We were at home when we heard the front door open. It’s probably Khalil, I thought. He came into the room looking tired and frightened. Aisha rushed to him.
"Guess who found the moon Khalil. Guess!” she exclaimed.
He sat down next to mom and pretended to think. “Hmm.” He said. “Was it you?”
“Yes, yes. We found it and guess what I got!” she said happily.
“How bout you just tell me Aisha. I hate guessing games.” He said tiredly.
“We got money. Each of us. Guess how much we got.”
Khalil sighed and rubbed his forehead.
“Ok then if you don’t want to guess, I’ll tell you.” She paused for a moment. “We each got two hundred bucks.” She announced proudly.
“That’s nice.” Khalil said absentmindedly.
Aisha glared at him for not being more interested then she turned away from him angrily.
Khalil leaned back on his chair. Ahmed turned on the T.V. and took the remote and flipped through the channels. He stopped at one channel that had a comical show. We all watched, except Khalil. He just stared at the screen but I could tell his mind was someplace else. I turned back to the show. We were all laughing every now and then. After a while Khalil went upstairs. I saw Mom and Dad exchange worried glances. Dad went upstairs after him.
Weird I thought. Khalil’s been acting very strangely lately.
I turned to Ahmed. “Are you guys sleeping here or is your dad gona pick you up?” I asked him.
“We’re staying here. My dad’s going to pick us up tomorrow after Asr.” He answered.
“Then you two will have to go to the garage to get the small mattresses for Ahmed and Aisha to sleep on.” Mom told us. “Put one in your room and the other one in the girls’ room.”
We got up and went to the Garage. We got one of them and placed it in the girls’ room, and then we took the other one to our room. I could hear Dad and Khalil talking. “Should we go in?” Ahmed asked. I shrugged and knocked on the door. I opened it and we went in.
Khalil looked up. Dad patted him on the shoulder and left. We looked at Khalil inquiringly. He looked like he was crying. We placed the mattress of to one side. I sat down next to Khalil.
“Hey what’s wrong? You haven’t been yourself lately.” I said.
He stared at the floor and opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. As I looked at him I suddenly felt sorry for him. He looked so frightened, confused, worried, sad, miserable and everything else that could make you feel depressed.
“Khalil, you sure you’re ok?” Ahmed asked.
“Yeah.” Khalil murmured.
“There’s nothing bothering you?”
“I don’t want to talk about it right now ok?” Khalil answered throwing himself onto his bed. I glanced at Ahmed. He had a look of concern on his face. Dad came back into the room.
“Come on you guys it’s getting late. Get ready for bed. I want to see you champs in bed in twenty minutes.” He said. We nodded. Ahmed went to the bathroom. Khalil looked up and glanced at me.
“Ramadan Mubarak by the way.” He chuckled.
“Hey man. Any sane person can tell that something’s wrong with you. What is it?” I asked him.
“I guess that sane person is really quite insane cause there is absolutely nothing that is wrong with me.” He quipped.
I could tell he was trying to act normal but deep down he was totally hurt by something. I wish I knew so I could try to help him.
Ahmed came back into the room. He looked bewildered.
“Khalil were you in a car crash?!” he exclaimed.
I looked at Khalil. He looked startled. “Where did you here bout that?” he asked uneasily.
“Your dad was talking bout that to your mom. I heard them when I was going to the bathroom.” Ahmed answered.
“I wasn’t in any car that got into a crash ok?” Khalil said getting up to go to the bathroom. Ahmed blocked his way and closed the door.
“You’re not going anywhere until you tell us what happened.” He said jokingly.
“Why do you care anyway? I was walking and I saw a car fall into this ditch. No big deal.” Khalil replied angrily pushing Ahmed aside.
“Then why are you all upset and stressed?”
“Who said I was stressed? And I’m getting mad right now because I can’t even get one second to myself in this house. You try to think about something and someone’s gona be pestering you all day asking what’s wrong? God. Why can’t anyone learn how to stay out of my business?” Khalil exclaimed his eyes full of hurt and anger. He opened his mouth to say something else but chose not to. He looked at Ahmed for another second then opened the door and left. Ahmed and I stood there for a second startled. I never saw Khalil like that.
“God I actually feel bad for him.” Ahmed said to me. “But I think that there’s more to the story then he’s telling.”
“Yeah, but you can’t get anything out of Khalil when he doesn’t want to tell you.” I said.
Ahmed nodded. “I learned my lesson. But I didn’t think he’d get that mad.” He said chuckling.
Just then my cell phone rang. I took it out of my pocket and stared at the incoming number trying to figure out who it was.
“Who is it?” Ahmed asked. I didn’t know so I shrugged and answered the call. “Hello?” I asked.
“Assalamu Alaykum. Can I speak to Khalid or Khalil?” a deep familiar voice asked.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam. I’m Khalid.”
“Hello Khalid. This is Mr. Aziz speaking. I want to inform you that there will be no school during Ramadan. So after tomorrow there won’t be any school until after Eid.” He informed me.
“So is there any school tomorrow?”
“No. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a lot more phone calls to make.” He chuckled. I hanged up and turned to Ahmed.
“Who was it?” he asked.
“Mr. Aziz. He said there will be no school during Ramadan.” I answered. He jumped up with excitement.
“Yeah!” he shouted.
Khalil came back into the room. “What?” he asked.
“There’s no school tomorrow.” Ahmed told him.
I expected Khalil to be twice as happy as Ahmed but he frowned.
“Why not?” he asked.
“They closed it down for Ramadan.”
Khalil sulked. “That’s not fair.”
“Why not? I thought you were gona be happy.” I said.
“It’s easier to fast at school because you have something to do while you wait. Oh well. At least we don’t have to wake up early in the morning.” He chuckled.
“Well you still have to wake up for Suhuur and Fajr.” I told him.
“I Know. I know sheikh Khalid You don’t have to remind me..” He quipped.
“Really? It usuall takes you an hour to wake up and another hour for you to get out of the bathroom.”
He threw a pillow at me. Soon we were throwing pillows at each other until dad came in.
He stared at the pillow in Khalil’s hand and chuckled.
“I thought I told you boys to go to sleep.” He said.
“Sorry.” We replied.
I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and made Wudu’. When I came back to the room they were already on their beds. I got my prayer rug and placed it on the floor.
“What’re you praying?” Khalil asked.
“Witr.” I replied. He laid back on his pillow. I humbled my self for prayer. Just then Dad opened the door.
“Are you going to pray the Witr?” he asked me. I nodded.
“Come to the living room and pray with me. Praying in Jama’ah is twenty seven times better remember?” I picked up my prayer rug and followed him outside. I stood to the right and behind my dad and made my intension to pray. Then dad brought his hands back behind his ears; ready to open the prayer. I followed.
“Allahu Akbar…”
When we finished praying I went to the bookshelf and got a Quran. I went back to my prayer rug and read it. I had a habit of reading one Juzu’ every night or if I was too tired, I read it in the morning after Fajr. Reading after Fajr was more rewarding but I liked reading at night more. As I read my dad sat on his rug making Tasbeeh and gazing at me. “Let me hear your voice Khalid. I remember when you were younger we would sit after Isha and read it together.”
I raised my voice loud enough for him to hear. I read ten pages then I felt my eyes becoming heavy. Dad realized this. He patted me on the shoulder. “Jazakallah Khair son. That’s enough for tonight. I can tell you’re getting tired.” I smiled and booked marked my spot then I placed the Quran back on the shelf.
“Hey dad?” I asked. He looked up at me. I sat back down next to him on my prayer rug. “Do you know what’s wrong with Khalil?” I asked.
He looked into space for a while before answering. “Yesterday when he was walking back home from the Masjid he saw an old man in the path of a fast moving car. He saved the man by pulling him back onto the sidewalk. The car however started to spin and it fell into a ditch. A couple of the Uncles who witnessed this rushed to help the people in the car. They dragged out three young men. Their driver was drunk and he lost control of the car. Amu Jihad who was there tried to get the guy to say the Kalimah before he died. But…” Dad shook his head like he couldn’t believe it.
“What?” I asked. “But what?”
“He couldn’t no matter how much Amu ordered him he couldn’t say it. Do you know what he did instead?”
“Dad I’m gona die from suspense.” I joked.
He didn’t laugh. His eyes looked sad and tearful. “Khalid, Amu told him to say La ilaha ila Allah but he didn’t. Do you know what he did? He sang.” I gasped. From all the possibilities that spun through my head I didn’t think that the guy would sing!
Dad shook his head again. “He sang.” He repeated. “Instead of saying the Kalimah he chose to sing some devilish song. Ya Allah have mercy on us. Don’t let us die with a terrible fate awaiting us.”
I was thunder struck. How could he not say La ilaha ila Allah. How could he choose to sing! At a time like that was that the only thing that came to his mind? What was he thinking!
Dad broke into my thoughts. “You may think that it would have been easy for him to utter the Kalimah but it’s not as simple as you think.”
I looked confused. “You may be able to say La ilaha ila Allah a million times right now but now is not the time. The Prophet peace be upon him didn’t say, he who’s middle or first word is La ilaha ila Allah will enter Jannah. He said he who’s last word is La ilaha ila Allah will enter Jannah. Do you know why?”
I shook my head.
“It’s because right now it’s easy for us to say anything. But when you see the Angels of Death over your head and you see and feel the pain and suffering that come with death then you will only remember the words and things you use to occupy your self with. You will only remember the things you kept close to you. If a person is pious and god fearing person and he always remembers Allah, then for sure Allah will never forget him. Allah says “Remember me and I will remember you.” But on the other hand, if you’re a sinful person who only runs after this life expecting to live forever and never remembering and fearing Allah then of course that person won’t be able to say the Kalimah.”
I nodded my head to show that I understood.
“The sheikh told me that his funeral will be tomorrow. His two companions are Ok though Al-Hamdulillah. Khalil just came back from visiting them. The guys death and the way he died I guess really affected him. And when he saw the man’s companions it made him feel worse. Maybe you guys can cheer him up?” he asked hopefully.
“I don’t know dad. If we try to talk to him he gets mad. But for some reason he’s not like that with Yusuf or Zaki.”
“Zaki? Does he go to your school?”
“Yeah. He’s knew here. Khalil met him today at the game and already they’re best friends.” I said glumly. He patted me on the shoulder.
“Don’t let that bother you. They may be his best friends but you’re his only brother. Believe me Khalil cares a lot about you.”
“Well he doesn’t really show it.” I grumbled.
“He will sooner or later. You should get some sleep now or you’ll be too tired to get up for Suhuur tomorrow.”
“Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. Mr. Aziz called a while ago. He said that the school will be closed for a Ramadan break.”
“That’s great. You have more time to make Ibadah. I bet Khalil will be happy bout that.”
“Actually he wasn’t. I think he was planning on doing something but he can’t since school will be closed.”
I got up and folded my prayer rug. “Goodnight dad.” I said as I headed upstairs. I opened the door expecting them to be asleep.
They were chatting. They stopped when they saw me enter.
“Were you guys really praying for that long?” Ahmed asked.
“No.” I answered as I got into bed.
“What were you guys doing?”
“We were reading Quran at first then we started chatting.”
“With dad?” Khalil perked up from his bed. I nodded.
“Weird. Dad never just chats with me. He just talks and when he does it’s only to give me advice to something like that.” Khalil frowned. I shrugged and lay down. Ahmed got up and turned of the light. After a while we were all fast asleep.
I found myself driving a car. This isn’t so bad I thought. I gripped the steering wheel and found the car accelerating faster and faster. I stepped hard on the brake pedal but nothing happened. The car was going faster. 40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90… it wouldn’t stop.
Ya Allah I thought. I tried to yell but I couldn’t. I tried to scream but my efforts went in vain. The smell of tires rubbing against the floor reached my nose. Then I smelt something else. It was faint at first but it came stronger and stronger as my car spun in crazy circles. Then I knew what it was, SMOKE. And where there’s smoke there’s fire. I saw the flames circling the car. The strong smell of the fresh smoke suffocated me. Desperately I fought for air.

“Allah!” I shouted. “La ilaha ila Allah.” I sat up in my bed.
“A’udhu bi-llahi min ash-Saytan ir-rajim.” I murmured. I found myself drenched in sweat. I wiped it from my face. Hasbunallah, I never had such a nightmare before. I guess Dad’s story went to my head. I looked around the room. Khalil and Ahmed were sound asleep. I turned onto my right side and tried to get back to sleep. I drifted off again. This time I dreamed I was in a earthquake. The whole earth seemed to be shaking. Khalid! Khalid! I heard someone from the distance calling my name. Then I felt something hit my head hard.
I jumped up and realized that the shaking was of Ahmed who was trying to wake me up. I saw a pillow on my lap. Ahmed must have thrown it at me I thought.
“Get up man. You sleep too much.” Ahmed retorted.
I got up and went to the bathroom to make Wudu then I went to the dining room to eat. Aisha was up.
“Are you going to fast the whole day?” I asked.
“Yup! It’s going to be my first fast. I fasted last year but that was for only half a day. Now I’m sure I can do the whole day.” She exclaimed proudly.
“Well good luck then.”
After we ate we went with my dad to the Fajr prayer. Usually there were only five to six lines but today the Masjid was packed. Luckily we found a place in the front. After the prayer the sheikh beckoned us to be seated.
“I have a few announcements to make.” He said as he glanced around to see if everyone was listening. “I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that one of the young brothers has died yesterday in a car crash. His Janazah will happen today after Dhuhr. The good news is… well actually it’s more for the youth. We will be having Halaqahs every night from this day on. During Ramadan the Halaqahs will be held after Iftaar.” He announced.
Everyone started murmuring with excitement.
Wow! I thought. This was going to be so cool. I glanced at the Sheikh. He was grinning at Khalil. Khalil’s face was all lit up and happy. He turned towards me and smiled. Dad and Ahmed were grinning too.
The sheikh tapped the microphone to get everyone’s attention.
“That’s not all the news.” He said smiling. He signaled someone from the audience to step up. I saw Khalil’s eyes nearly bulge out. The sheikh nodded at him and smiled. I glanced at the guy. He had a long beard and a welcoming atmosphere around him. His eyes were a pool of kindness but looked teasing at the same time. He was grinning at Khalil. “What’s up with that?” I thought. It was like my brother was famous all of a sudden.
“This is my good friend Sheikh Fiez.” The sheikh announced. Sheikh Fiez?! No wonder Khalil was excited. I loved listening to Sheikh Fiez’s lectures. They always made you think and ponder for the rest of the day.
“He will be staying here for a couple of months. I have asked him to give us a few of his wonderful lectures and he has agreed. He and I will be taking turns through out Ramadan. He will speak one night and I will speak the other and so on. Also two other respected Sheikhs will be visiting us. Inshallah they will be here the day after tomorrow, Thursday. I think you may all know them. The first one is Yusuf Estes. He is a Muslim convert that lives in Texas. He is known for his humor and light hearted lectures and sermons.”
I knew Sheikh Yusuf. He was really funny and cool. Al-Hamdulillah I couldn’t believe that he was going to come here.
“The other brother is Sheikh Ahmed Jibril. Inshallah like I said before they will be here on Thursday. This is an opportunity not to be missed. JazakumAllah Khair. Thank you for your patience.”
Ahmed Jibril? I haven’t heard of him before. But from the look on Khalil’s face I could tell he knew him. I’ll ask him later thought. We got up to leave. I realized that Khalil was lugging behind.
“Let’s go boys.” Dad said.
We went outside to the parking lot. “It’s 5:20. I bet we’re going to be waiting for your dad for at least twenty minutes.” Ahmed joked.
“Hey where’s Khalil?” Dad asked. We shrugged. He was right behind us for a few seconds but now he disappeared.
“Can you boys go look for him? I don’t want him going off to anywhere again.” Dad asked as he left to talk with Amu Jihad.
“I’m gona go to the bathroom.” Ahmed said as he left.
I saw Yusuf standing next to the Masjid’s door. I went up to him.
“Hey Khalil.” He said. “Oh sorry I thought you were Khalil.” He murmured as he turned away.
“Did you see him?” I asked.
“Khalil. Do you know where he is?”
“In there. Tell him that I wana talk with him if you see him.” He grumbled. I ignored the fact that he was being so rude. I shrugged and went inside. Suddenly I felt someone pull on my hand. Thinking it was Yusuf I turned around. It wasn’t Yusuf or anyone else I knew. He was a young guy about my age with scars and scratches on his face. He looked like he had been crying for a long time. He had a cast on him foot.
“I’m so glad I found you. After you left I started thinking. I realized that everything you said was true. And I repented. I just want to thank you. I don’t think a thank you is enough. I…” all of a sudden he started crying. A few people looked towards us with raised eyebrows.
“I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said. I was totally confused. I have never seen this person before and he was thanking me for something I didn’t even do! Just then Yusuf came in.
“Did you find your brother?” he asked. Then he saw the boy that was crying while leaning heavily against me. “What’s going on?!” Yusuf asked me. I shrugged.
“He came up to me and started thanking me and saying stuff about repenting…”
“Ammar this isn’t Khalil.” Yusuf said calmly.
“He isn’t? But… but.”
“This is his brother Khalid. Khalil’s the one that visited you last night. He’s somewhere in the Masjid.” I saw a man running towards us.
“Ammar! Ammar are you ok?” he asked.
He took Ammar’s hand and helped him out of the Masjid. I glanced at Yusuf. He frowned at me and left. I stood there watching him leave. I felt my anger rising. What have I done to him? Why was he always so grim and harsh towards me and Ahmed? Just forget about him my mind told me. I went into the Musallah and found Khalil sitting on the floor with Sheikh Muhammad and Sheikh Fiez. I walked up to their small circle.
“Hello Khalid. Sit down.” Sheikh Muhammad greeted me and patted and the floor next to Khalil. I saw a hint of a small frown on Khalil’s face.
“Are you two brother’s?” Sheikh Fiez asked. I nodded.
“Twins? Mashallah it’s like I’m seeing double. I hope I don’t mistake between you two.” He chuckled.
“Are you planning on coming to the Halaqah tonight Khalid?” Sheikh Muhammad announced.
“I cont wait.” I said.
“Do you think it’s a good idea?” he asked.
“The best ever. I’m glad you found a program for us. The programs are usually for the older people.”
“Great minds think alike. Right Khalil?” Sheikh Muhammad joked.
I saw Khalil smiling. He nodded. One thing I like about Sheikh Muhammad was that he was always joking and playing around with us. Sure he was serious sometimes but he would always say something that would make you smile.
“Oh I almost forgot. Dad told me to go looking for you. We’re leaving.” I said. We got up and after exchanging salaams with the Shiekhs we headed towards the door.
“Yusuf said he wants to talk with you.” I told Khalil. He frowned slightly. “I’ll see him tonight.” He said.
“Hey do you know who Ammar is?”
“Yeah why?” he asked looking at me curiously.
“He saw me and mistook me for you.” I informed him. “He said that he has been thinking over what you said and he said thanks to you he has repented and he wanted to thank you.”
“When did that happen?”
“A couple minutes ago.”
We found dad and Ahmed waiting for us in the car. We got in and went home. When we got home I went inside and got my Quran and went to the backyard. I sat on the grass. The sun was slowly coming up. I opened the Quran and started reading. I loved reading outside with the wind against your chest and your hair blowing wildly.
But another thing is that any tree or plant that hears you recites the Quran or Adhan will ask Allah to forgive you on the Day of Judgment.
I read and pondered over the meaning and significance of the verses that I read. I was so gripped in it that I didn’t realize Khalil who was sitting next to me.
”Oh you startled me. I didn’t realize you sitting there.”
He chuckled. “I’ve been sitting here since you started reading that chapter.” Then he got solemn and serious. “Hey remember you asked me last night about what was bothering me?”
I nodded.
“You wana hear bout it?”
“I already know.”
“What?!” he appeared startled. “Who told you?”
“A little birdy.”
He chuckled. “No really who was it?”
“Hmm… I can’t really remember. I’ll tell ya when I remember.”
“Let me guess then. Yusuf? Nah. How bout Ammar. No forget that I don’t think it’s him. Hmm… Oh is it Dad?”
I nodded.
“He told you last night when you guys were “chatting” huh?”
“Yeah. I asked him and he spilt the beans.”
“Yeah. Dad always…”
I punched him on the arm playfully. “Hey don’t backbite.”
“I cant wait until tonight.” He said.
“Tonight? The sun’s not up yet.” I chuckled.
“I know but every time I think about the Halaqah tonight I cant help but feel so excited.”
“I bet after tonight you’re gona be saying I cant wait until Thursday.”
“Yup. Sheikh Muhammad was right. Great minds think alike. Only my mind is smarter and greater than yours.”
I ignored his second comment. “I thought Amu was talking about himself when he said great minds think alike.”
“No he was talking bout you and me. Cuz I’m the one who thought up of the whole thing.”
“What thing?”
“The Halaqahs and youth programs. Remember that day we were fighting and I stayed behind?”
“Yeah. Wait let me guess all that time you were talking to the shiekh?”
“Yup. You wana guess what’s the topic that Shiekh Muhammad is gona be talking about?”
“How great Khalil is?”
“No. Really try to guess.”
“Let’s see. If it was your idea it’s gona be about war or bravery or courage or heroism.”
“Khalid bravery, courage, and heroism are the same. And yes it was my idea. And yes it’s going to be about some battles.”
“The ones against the Persian and Roman empires?” I asked. He nodded. “So that’s why you asked for the CD’s.”
“Yeah. The shiekh needed them for info.” He said.
Dad came outside and sat on the floor next to us.
“I’m glad you two are getting along.” He said.
Khalil yawned. “I’m tired.”
“Why don’t you get some sleep for a while? It’s only 6:21.”Dad said
“Hey look at the sunrise.” Khalil said. We turned our heads and stared in wonder.
“Subhanallah!” Dad murmured.
“I’m gona go sleep for a while.” Khalil said as he went back inside.
I went back to reading the Quran. Dad listened quietly.
I heard the porch door open. I turned around and saw mom come outside. She sat sown next to me and listened.
I kept on reading until my eyes became weary. I stopped and yawned.
“Mashallah” I heard my dad murmur. Mom squeezed me shoulder.
“Please keep on reading.” She said. I recited a couple more pages to keep her happy. But after a while I lost my concentration and my eyes drooped. I felt sleepy and tired.
“That’s enough. I’m gona fall asleep.” I said.
Mom laughed. “It’s still early why don’t you take a little nap?”
“Good idea.” I said as I got up to leave.
“Can you give me the Quran Khalid?” dad asked. “Let me get my share of good deeds.” I gave the Kitab to him and he started reading.
I went inside and stood next to the open glass doors listening to my dad just as he had listened to me. I had always loved listening to his voice. And every time I read the Quran I tried to copy his tone and I attempted to make my voice sound like his even though I could never get close. Mom came inside and saw me standing there.
“I thought you were sleepy.” She joked ruffling my hair.
“I couldn’t help but listen to Dad.” I answered.
“You know your voice sounds so much like him. Every time I hear you reading I can’t help but notice the striking similarity.”
I smiled and went upstairs. Ahmed was asleep but Khalil was up reading a book. He looked up.
“What are you reading?” I asked.
“Quran.” He answered.
I threw myself on my bed. I stared at the clock on the wall. Seven o-clock in the morning. I sighed and turned the other way trying to get some sleep. I closed my eyes and I found myself in a huge amusement park. The strange thing about this park was that there were no people except those who worked there.
I saw a huge rollercoaster and I got on. As it went up a hill I found to my horror that the safety strap thing was so loose. Suddenly the coaster shot down the hill. I looked up and saw a huge loop ahead. I started feeling dizzy. There is no way this strap is going to hold me I thought. As I went through the loop I felt my self falling. Down, down, down… I bolt straight up on my bed.
“What happened?” I heard someone ask.
I looked up and saw Khalil sitting on his bed still reading. I felt my forehead it was burning hot. I lied back down.
“Are you ok Khalid?”
I nodded weakly. I felt sick and dizzy. I twisted and turned on my bed trying to get in a comfortable position. I turned and saw Khalil staring at me.


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Thanks :D


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its loong ;D

Khalid came into the room. I was sitting on my bed reading a translation of the Quran. “What are you reading?” he asked.
“Quran.” I answered. He just shrugged and threw himself onto his bed.
I went back to my reading. I was reading surah Al-Baqarah the cow. I was planning to finish reading the translation of the whole Quran in this Ramadan. All of a sudden I saw Khalid turning and tossing on his bed. Suddenly he shot up on his bed and sat up straight. “What happened?” I asked.
He placed his hand on his forehead and dropped back onto his bed. “Are you ok Khalid?” I asked worriedly.
He nodded and went back to sleep. He twisted and turned for a couple of seconds then found a comfortable position. After a while he fell asleep. Ahmed was just waking up.
“Hey what time is it?” he asked drowsily while rubbing his eyes.
I glanced at my watch. “7:40 don’t you think it’s about time you got up?”
He chuckled. “Nah. I’ll sleep till nine. Wake me up then.” He said while going back to sleep.
“You sleep too much.” I said as I went outside. I bumped into Khadeejah.
“Ramadan Mubarak Khalil! Is Khalid awake?” she asked happily. She was clutching a notebook in her hands.
“No he went to sleep.” I answered.
“Do you want to read my book? Well actually it’s not a book yet, but I just finished my good copy. Tell me what you think.” She said as she handed me the notebook.
“What’s it about?” I asked curiously.
“It was supposed to be about the effects of sin and the benefit of Dhikr but I got tired of translating so I wrote my own book. It’s about death and the punishment of the grave.”
“Great.” I murmured. I had enough of thinking about death.
“I’ll read it.” I promised. I had nothing else to do right now anyways.
“Thanks. Oh, and feel free to give me any criticism. It’ll help me improve the book if I know what’s wrong with it.” She said as she headed to her room.
I went downstairs to the living room and plopped down on the couch. I started to read.
“Bismillah. Dear brothers and sisters, fear the Almighty Lord. And be cautious of his watching. Today there is no reckoning no retribution, no judgment, no accountability, but there is a chance for you all to perform as many good deeds as possible. But this indeed will come to an end. Tomorrow it will come to an end an tomorrow there will be judgment, there will be retribution there will be a reckoning an accountability but there will be no chance to perform good deeds but man continues to play, to waste time, to do injustice and mockery until the end death befalls him. And then and only then will he wake up from his deep sleep. Dear brothers and sisters, soon your souls will reach your throats and your legs will be bound together. And you shall be parted from your mother, father, brother, sister, daughter, son, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, friends, and any one else you are close to. They shall wash you, shroud you, pray over you, and the carry you over their shoulders into that hole. And they shall leave you there after piling the dirt over you. Before they would tell you how much they loved you, how much they cared. But on that day no one will be willing to put themselves into that hole with you. No one will be willing to die and be with you in your grave. The only thing that will follow you, the eonly thing that will always remain loyal to you, are your good deeds. They will never depart you. They will stand there protecting you from the dirt that is thrown over you, from the rocks and pebbles that fall in. They are the only ones that will never betray you. So why do you work so hard on other worldly items? Why not strive to increase your good deeds in his life so they can help you and intercede for you in the next life?
They will leave you in that hole after they filled it up with the dirt and dust. You will hear their footsteps as they leave then… silence. Nothing not a sound. You look around you and see nothing but darkness. Suddenly you feel the presence of something else. You look up and see an angel. His face and body is dark and terrifying. You look at his face and you’re filled with extreme horror. He carries tools of torture within his hand.
“Ya Allah!” you shout. “If I truly knew death was this bad I would have been your best servant! Please Allah! I now know! Please send me back and I will be the best.”

The angel speaks to you. Each word sending shivers down your spine. “No more sound from you! You said you were Muslims yet you did not obey Allah! You were warned by your family yet you did not take heed! You knew about hell and the punishment from Allah yet it did not scare you to turn back to him. This is your reward for choosing the life that you wanted. You fell for the desires and you did not want to sacrifice the sinful fun to pleasing Allah. Now you will face the pleasure of the World that is now gone from you forever, or the pleasure of Paradise that will last forever.”
“But the pain is too much to bear! Please take away some of the pain!” you scream.
“Pain?! You have not even felt pain. You have seen nothing yet. For you the terrors of the grave await you. For you, the horrors of the Day of Judgment are approaching.

“Khalil you’re pale!” I heard dad say. I looked up.
“What are you reading?” he asked.
“It’s Khadeejah’s she said she wrote it.” I answered casually.
“What’s it about?”
“Is it good.”
“I love it. She writes pretty good for her age.”
“Can I see it?” he asked. I gave the notebook to him and he scanned through it. I got up and went to the kitchen.
Mom was cleaning. I stood at the entrance and watched her wash the dishes we used to eat Suhuur. They were all piled on the counter. I guess if she would cook less then there would be less dishes. I could imagine how much she would be cooking for Iftaar. :X
“Assalamu Alaykum Khalil. Did you just wake up?” she asked.
“No. I couldn’t go to sleep.”
“Where are the other boys?”
“I think you should try to get some sleep too. Or else you’ll be too tired later.”
“I don’t really feel like it.”
She shrugged and went back to her cleaning. I went upstairs. As I passed the living room I saw Dad still reading. He looked up.
“Sorry Khalil but this is too good to put down.” He chuckled.
I went to our room but they were still asleep. So I went to the girls bedroom. I knocked on the door.
“Come in.” I heard Khawla say.
I opened the door and went inside. They were all sitting on the floor playing a board game.
“Hi Khalil. Can you believe I’m still fasting?” Aisha said.
I chuckled. “It’s not even nine yet.”
“Still that shows that I can keep my fast.”
I sat on one of the beds. “Did you finish reading?” Khadeejah asked. I shook my head.
“No, Dad took it. He’s reading it right now. I’ll finish reading when he’s done. But he said it’s good.”
I saw her face light up. “Did you like it?” she asked.
“Yeah, in the beginning you feel like you’re right there in the grave. It’s pretty cool.”
“What’s pretty cool?” Aisha asked.
“My book.” Khadeejah answered proudly.
I watched them play for a while. “I’m so bored.” I groaned.
“Do you want to play?” Khawla asked.
“No.” I went back to our room. I lied down on my bed. Just then I heard Khalid’s cell phone. I got it and answered it.
“Assalamu Alaykum?” I heard someone say.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” I answered.
“No it’s Khalil.”
“Oh great. It’s Yusuf. What are you doing?” he asked.
“Nothing. I’m bored to death.”
“Where’s your brother?”
“Oh. Why don’t you come to the Masjid? We can play some basketball. Yunus and Zaki are here too.”
“Ok I’ll ask my dad.”
“Ok see you later then. Wait can you get the basketball? We didn’t bring one.”
“Ok I will. Bye.”
I went to the living room. Dad looked up from the book.
“Dad can I go to the Masjid?”
“Masjid?” he asked.
“Yeah, Yusuf, Yunus, and Zaki are there. We’re gona shoot some hoops.”
“But wont you get tired?”
“Not really. We wont play too hard.”
“Ok. You can go.” He said.
I turned to leave. “Wait Khalil.” Dad called me.
He got up and got something from a top shelf.
He handed me a box. “Ramadan Mubarak.” He said.
I opened it and took out a new cell phone.
“I think you’ve learned your lesson.” He chuckled.
I grinned. “Thanks dad.” I said as I left to get changed.
Dad took away my first cell phone after I downloaded so many games and stuff which added to the bill. ;D
I changed then got my basketball and raced out.
“Khalil! Wait.”
I turned around and saw Mom waving to me from the door.
“Are you going to the Masjid?” she asked.
“Yeah.” I answered as I walked back towards the house.
“Can you do me a favor?” she asked as she gave me a paper.
“What is it?”
“Can you get me those books from the Masjid Library?”
I headed towards the Masjid. When I got there I saw Zaki and Yusuf standing outside. When they saw me they waved me over. I trotted over to them. “Hi Khalil!” Zaki shouted.
“Where’s Yunus?” I asked.
“He’s inside. I’ll go call him.” Yusuf said as he headed to the Masjid door.
“Where’s your brother?” Zaki asked.
“He went to sleep.”
“How bout Ahmed?”
He chuckled. “Why aren’t you asleep?” he asked.
“I didn’t feel like it.” I answered while bouncing the ball.
Yusuf and Yunus came back. We went to the lot behind the Masjid. The sheikh had made it into a basketball court about five months ago after Ahmed’s dad, Amu Rami, suggested it.
We played a couple of games. Then Yunus sat down on a bench.
“I’m getting thirsty.”
Zaki sat down next to him. “Yeah that’s enough.”
“Nah. Come on Khalil let’s keep on playing.” Yusuf said as he threw the ball to me.
“One on one.” I said.
I threw the ball and it sailed right through the net.
“Three points!” I exclaimed.
We played for five more minutes. Then we sat down in exhaustion. We heard some on behind us. Sheikh Fiez was walking towards us.
“Are you guys tired?” he chuckled.
He took the ball and dribbled it a little bit. Then he jumped up and with a flick of his hand the ball went right through the net. Then he went back this time he went right under the net. Then he jumped and dunked the ball in.
We stared at him astonished.
He laughed. “You cant imagine me playing huh? I use to play ball back in collage.” He said as he passed the ball to me.
“You’re good.” Yusuf complimented.
“Thanks. I’m gona go back inside.” He said as he waved.
We went inside and went to the bathroom. I splashed water on my face. I dried my face then I went to the Masjid Library. Yusuf and Zaki followed.
“You read to much Khalil.” Yusuf joked.
“I have to get these books for my mom.” I said as I glanced at the paper she gave me. The first book was a Seerah of the Prophet. I found that one easily. The second one was a book of advice. I looked but I couldn’t find it.
“What’s it called?” Zaki asked.
“You Can Be The Happiest Woman In The World.” I answered.
We kept on looking.
“Hey I found it.” Yusuf exclaimed.
“Great.” I said as I took the books. We went to the Shiekh’s office.
“Hello Khalil.” He said as he looked up from his papers.
“I want to check these out.” I said.
He took the book, wrote down the names, my name, and the date. Then he gave them back to me.
I waved then went outside.
“Are you going to go home?” Zaki asked as he caught up to me.
“Yeah.” I glanced at my watch. 9:30.
“You know we’re moving into a house next to yours. Dad just bought it.” He remarked.
“Really?” I asked.
“Yeah. We’re going to move there after Eid. My mom doesn’t want to move during Ramadan. She says it’s too much hard work.” He chuckled.
“I can’t wait. See you at Dhuhr Inshallah.” I called as I left.
“Bye.” He said as he headed back to the Masjid.
I got home after a while. Dad was leaving. He waved at me as he got into his car. I waved back and went into the house.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” I said as I entered the kitchen.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” Mom answered.
“I got you your books.”
“Oh, thank you.” She said as I gave her the books.
I went upstairs. I came up to our room. The door was open but only a little crack. I opened and went inside. At an instinct I looked up and saw a glass of water falling down right down at me. Splash! I was all wet. Ahmed started laughing and Khalid was trying his best not to laugh.
”That’s not funny.” I remarked angrily.
Ahmed stopped laughing. “Sorry Khalil. That was meant for Khawla. She keeps coming in.”
“Still what if that cup had broken on one of our heads? Then what would you do?”
“We’d be going to your funeral the next day.” Khalid joked.
I shook the water from my wet hair then I changed my shirt then sat down on my bed.
“Where did you go by the way?” Khalid asked.
“Masjid.” I answered.
“Masjid? For what?” Khalid asked.
“We played basketball.”
“Who’s we?
“Zaki, Yusuf, Yunus, and me.
“How come you didn’t wake us up?”Ahmed asked.
“Well you guys were asleep… and I didn’t want to bother you.” I answered. I lied down on my bed.
“I’m so bored.” I complained. :(

01-24-2008, 11:53 PM
“Me too.” Khalid said.
Do you guys want to go to the Masjid?” Ahmed asked.
“Masjid? But I just came back from there.” I answered.
“Okay then. You can stay home while we go to the Masjid.” Ahmed said as he headed for the door. Khalid followed him.
“No wait! Never mind I’ll go with you guys.” I called after them. There was no way I was going to stay at home by my self.
“Do you guys want to take the bikes?” Ahmed asked.
“Why? Are you too lazy to walk?” I chided.
“No but it would be more fun to ride.” He defended himself.
We went to the backyard and got our bikes. Ahmed used Khalid’s old one. We rode to the Masjid.
“Khalil you should have brought your basketball. What are we going to do there?” Ahmed said.
“I don’t know. It was your idea to go to the Masjid.” I answered.
When we got there we put away our bikes.
“Let’s go see if any one is playing.” Khalid said.
I followed behind them slowly. I didn’t feel like playing.
As we came closer to the basketball court we saw two figures in the corner talking. They looked up and saw us. One of them hid something in his pocket. When we were close enough I saw that they were Amin and Hasan.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” Khalid greeted them.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” They replied.
“Do you have a ball?” Hasan asked.
We shook our heads. “We were hoping someone else might have.” Ahmed said. I played around with a little pebble on the ground as they talked. I gave it a soft kick but it was enough to make it roll a few yards. I looked up and saw Amin staring at me curiously. When he saw me looking at him he turned away.
“I have to go.” He said abruptly ignoring my stare. I raised my eyebrows slightly and watched him leave. What was that about I wondered?
I saw that they were all heading inside so I followed them again. They were talking with someone. Mr. Aziz I recognized.
“Hello Khalil.” He said as I walked up to them.
“Do you want to go?” Ahmed asked Khalid and Khalid nodded.
“Go where?” I asked them.
Mr. Aziz gave me a paper. I scanned through it.
“Since school will be closed this Ramadan we thought that kids might be bored. So we decided to make a program every day during Ramadan. You can choose your classes. They’ll be teaching Ramadan Figh issues, Islamic history, Hadith, Quran classes, Tafseer, and Seerah classes. And you can brush on your regular subjects. There’s also fun stuff like sports, arts and crafts, and computer classes. The program will be held everyday of the week from 10:00-3:30. It will start tomorrow Inshallah.” Mr. Aziz explained.
“That’s great. We’ve been bored the whole day with nothing to do. This’ll be interesting.” I said.
“Yeah and we don’t have to get up at seven to go.” Ahmed chuckled.
“Well I hope to see you there then. Good bye.” He said as he waved and left. I looked at my watch, 10:45. Time goes by so slowly I thought.
“Where’s Hasan?” I asked.
“He went to go look for Amin.” Khalid answered.
“Hey, I just remembered that you two are going to be seventeen tomorrow.” Ahmed chuckled. He had turned seventeen two months ago.
“I know but I’m not excited. I like being sixteen more. It even sounds better.” I said. Khalid laughed.
“You were excited about it a few days ago remember?”
“Cant I change my mind?”
We went to the Musallah and sat down. We each took a book and read it to pass the time. I was counting the time until Dhuhr. To me that’s when the day begins. I don’t know why. I guess it’s because I feel so energetic at that time and also most people are up at that time. From the corner of my eye I saw someone enter.
Shiekh Fiez came in and prayed two Rak'ats. Then he sat down against the wall and read some Quran quietly.
I stared at the ceiling and let my mind thoughts wander.
For some reason my sisters’ faces came into my thoughts. I tried to think about something else but I couldn’t. It was like as if my thoughts were glued on them. What should I get them for an Eid gift? Khadeejah liked books, lecture CD’s, and any kind of learning materials. She was trying to get a lecture series last week but they were too expensive. Maybe I could get her those if I find them but they would have to be cheap. There is no way I’m going to spend all my money on her. Aisha was easy. You can just get her a doll or a stuffed animal and she’ll be happy. Khawla was the hard one. I never knew exactly what to get her. I usually just gave her a box of chocolate but I could always tell that she was disappointed. Maybe a nice framed picture would work. Maybe.
“Khalil, do you want to go back home?” Ahmed asked.
I looked at my watch, 11:45. Still about half an hour left.
“Ok. We can come back to Dhuhr with Dad if he’s home.” I answered.
We went outside and got our bikes out, then we rode back home. When we got there I saw Amu Rami and Khala Hala outside. Aisha threw open the door and ran to greet her parents.
We all went inside. Ahmed greeted his parents then he and Khalid went upstairs. I went back outside. I called Yusuf for no reason.
“Hey Khalid.” He answered.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Nothing. Except… never mind.”
“What? What is it?” I asked my curiosity arousing. Yusuf was silent for a while. When he answered he sounded unsure.
“I don’t know I’m probably just making it in to a big deal…”
“What happened?” it wasn’t like Yusuf to be like this.
“I’ll tell you later. Anyway are you going to the Janazah?” he asked changing the subject.
“I guess so. But to tell the truth I’m not really excited about it anymore.”
“Who is?” he chuckled. “But what’s wrong?”
“Nothing I’m just fed up with this topic.”
“Which one?”
“Death. Everywhere I go this week that’s all I think about. Even Khadeejah wrote a whole book about it.”
“You’ll get over it…I mean I was kinda like that the first day Muhammad died because that was my first encounter of someone dying.”
“Really? Come on. You never heard of any one dying?”
“Of course I have but I haven’t seen someone dying in front of my face. And I’m sure you haven’t either.”
We were quite for a while. Then he changed the topic again.
“Are you going to go to that extracurricular youth program?”
“The one Mr. Aziz set up for us while school’s closed?”
“Yup. My dad thinks it’s a great idea so I’m gona go. Are you coming?”
“I heard Ahmed’s parents are leaving for Umrah. Is it true?”
“Yeah, they’re with us right now.”
“When are they leaving?”
“After an hour or something.”
“No, when are they going to leave for Umrah.”
“The day after tomorrow I guess. Some of my relatives are throwing them a farewell party tomorrow night.” I replied.
“Bummer. Are you going to stick around?”
“Never! They’re going to have it after Isha. I’m going to Taraweeh.”
“Won’t your family be disappointed?”
“I don’t think so. Besides what difference would it make if I was there or not.”
“None.” He chuckled. I glanced at my watch 12:20.
“Hey it’s almost time for Dhuhr. I’ll see ya at the Masjid.”
“Ok bye.”
I went upstairs and made Wudu’. Then I went to our room.
“Do you two wana come with me to the Masjid?” I asked them.
They looked up from their board game.
“No. We’re gona pray here with Amu and dad. Then we’re going over to Ahmed’s house.” Khalid answered.
“Well, I’m gona go to the Masjid.” They both shrugged.
I went downstairs. Dad stopped me.
“Are you coming with us?” he asked.
“Ok then, but keep your cell-phone on.”
“I’m gona hang out with Yusuf.” I said as I headed outside.
It was getting late so I jogged. I got to the Masjid and saw a couple of people hurrying to make wudu before the prayer started. I found a spot in the front behind the Shiekh.
Five more minutes until Salah.
Soon the lines were filling up. I saw Yusuf making his way to the front. He sat down next to me.
Shiekh Muhammad stood up and made a small announcement.
“Salamu Alaykum brothers. There will be Janazah prayer after the Dhuhr so I hope everyone stays to pray Inshallah.” Then he called the Iqamah. Some one came and sat down next to me. I turned and saw that it was Amin. He seemed to be out of breath.
“Hey Amin. What’s going on?” I said.
“Huh... oh hi.” He answered absentmindedly then he saw Yusuf. He frowned and moved away from us a little bit. Yusuf frowned and looked away. After a while we all stood up to start the prayer. After the Dhuhr was over I saw some men carrying a box into the Musallah. All of a sudden Amin got up and left.
“That’s strange. Isn’t he going to pray?” Yusuf said as we watched him make his way out of the Masjid. I shrugged and turned back to the box. They placed it front of everyone.
“Where’s your twin?” I head someone ask me. I turned and saw Sheikh Fiez sit next to me.
“Where’s your brother?” he repeated.
“Khalid? He stayed at home with Dad. They said they were going somewhere.” I replied turning back to the box. They were about to pray so I stood up. Salatul Janazah is way different from other prayers because there’s no ruku’ or sujuud in it. When we were finished a couple men rushed forward to help them carry the body. Yusuf and I went outside. Amu jihad followed us out.
“Do you want to come with us Khalil?”
“Ok.” I answered.
“Ok I have a few things I have to do. You boys can wait a few minutes right.” We nodded and he left to go talk to the Shiekh.
“You never told me what happened to you.” I reminded Yusuf.
“Oh that… forget it.” He answered.
I stared at him for a moment. He looked away uneasily.
“Why? Is it serious?” I asked.
“Yeah, but… fine. I’ll tell you but if anyone hears about this…” he frowned at me.
“They wont.” I promised.
“Ok… it’s… it’s about Yunus.”
He nodded. “I think he’s connected with some kind of drug thing.” He said quietly. I gasped.
“Yunus?! No way!” I said shocked. Yunus was so…good. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. There was no way it could be true.
Yusuf’s face looked hurt. “I know but I just cant believe it.”
“Where did you hear that?”
“He came home yesterday and I saw him take a package out from a jacket pocket then he went back outside. I asked him what was in it but he got so mad that I saw.”
“Did he tell you?”
“No, he just said it’s something for Amin. I asked him what it was and he said he doesn’t know.”
“Why do you think it’s drugs.”
“I know Amin’s dealing with drugs. His Mom even know but she cant do anything about it.”
“What? How can she not do anything about that? Her son is dealing with something Haram and she just keeps quite?!”

01-24-2008, 11:54 PM
“Shh… you want the whole Masjid to hear you?” Yusuf exclaimed as we walked a few paces away from the crowd that gathered near the dead body.
“His Mom can’t do anything because he won’t listen. And she doesn’t want to do anything serious that will bring ‘’shame’’ to her family.” He answered.
“Where’s his dad.” I asked.
Yusuf looked at me. “He died a couple of years ago.”
“Oh.” Then I remembered today at the Masjid when I saw Hasan with Amin. What were they doing?
“Does Hasan have anything to do with this?”
“Hasan? He follows Amin blindly. Sometimes I feel sorry for him. And he cant do anything because he’s afraid of Amin.”
“He’s afraid of him?” I exclaimed.
“Yeah.” Yusuf shook his head. “This whole thing is messed up. I don’t care what they do. I’m just worried about Yunus. He doesn’t want anything to do with me now. And I think he knows that I know. He’s been warning me not to tell dad. If I do I seriously don’t know what he’d do. But I don’t think I can keep this a secret anymore. I cant believe he’d do this. Specially since it’s Ramadan.” He said sadly.
“He seemed ok this morning.” I said remembering our game.
Yusuf shrugged. “I don’t think he uses the drugs but he will eventually if he doesn’t stay away from them.”
“Have you tried talking to him?”
“Yeah but he just ignores me. Yesterday he said, “I’m growing up Yusuf. I have a right to try something new now and then. Besides it’s not any of your business.”
“He said that?”
‘Yeah.” Just then Amu came back so we stopped talking. A couple of men were with him.
“I hope you two weren’t too bored. They’re gona come with us. We’re trying to take the least number of cars possible so everyone will be carpooling.” He said as he started the car.
We were silent for most of the ride. We just listened to the other men as they talked nonstop.
The ride to Corvallis was about half an hour.
“Have you ever been to the graveyard before Khalil?” Amu Jihad asked. I nodded.
“We went there when I was about thirteen when my Grandma died.”
“Your grandma? Was she from your mom’s side?” a man asked me.
“Yeah.” I remember my mom was crying nonstop which scared us back then because it’s not often that you see your mom crying.
Yusuf nudged me. “are you still coming to the Halaqah tonight?” he asked. I nodded.
“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
When we finally got there, there were already some men digging. They were all taking turns on the shovel.
“Do you want to dig?” I asked Yusuf.
“Nah, besides they already have a lot of helpers.”
We sat down on a bench that was a few yards away from the hole that they were digging. I looked around and saw so many graves. Are one of these going to be mine?
“You know what dad said?” Yusuf said breaking into my thoughts.
“He said that the shiekh said the Halaqah thing was your idea.”
“Great. Now everyone’s gona know huh?” I said sarcastically.
“So what? It’s a good idea. You’re supposed to be proud.”
After a while the hole became deep enough. They were about to lower the body in so I went to go watch. Yusuf came along.
Some one went into the hole so he could make sure that they didn’t drop the body. After they lowered the body they took turns on the shovel and they started filling up the hole. A man who saw me watching gave me a shovel. I must have looked confused because he started laughing.
“You teen boy never bury dead person?” he asked in a thick Paki accent. I felt my face get hot. I took the shovel and started fill in the grave with dirt. I was trying to not look clumsy and embarrass myself. After a while I started sweating and I gave the shovel back to the man.
“Why you give back shovel? You no fill nothing.” He exclaimed.
“Umm…I…tried maybe you can do better.” I said as I stepped back from the group so he wouldn’t offer again.
“Of course I do better. I how you say it…experienced. I use to think you teen boys strong but me change my mind. We men much stronger then you boys.” He bragged as he went back to work. I went back to where Yusuf was standing. He was trying his best not to laugh but he couldn’t help it.
I felt my face turn red. “Hey, at least I tried. You didn’t even pick up a shovel.”
“Yeah? I would’ve done better then you anyways.” He laughed.
“Really? Why don’t you go try?”
“Umm…” he stammered. I started to laugh. It soon started to rain a little but we didn’t care after a long hot day it was refreshing to have the rain drop on you. We watched the men as the rain washed the sweat off their faces.
When they were done we helped Amu Jihad get the water thermos for the thirsty men. After that we left. And it ended up that the Pakistani man went with us. I groaned with displeasure and Yusuf laughed. The Pakistani uncle who’s name was Salman ended up sitting right next to me.
“You the boy who no know how to dig?” he asked.
Just ignore him I thought but that was hard when some of the men in the car started to laugh.
“You don’t know how to dig Khalil?” Amu Jihad teased.
“No he can dig yes, but he no strong enough to pick up big amount of dirt that’s why. You should get muscles boy. What is a man with no muscles? When I was your age I throw down the strong men in my village because I strong and I have muscles.” Salman said. “Show me how much muscles you have boy.”
I turned away from him. “Show him.” Yusuf whispered.
“Why you ignore me? You haven’t no manners. You not allowed to ignore your elders. Never. I say show me your muscles.”
This man is crazy I thought. But I pulled up the sleeves of my shirt and flexed my arm muscles just so he could leave me alone.
“Mashallah! I underestimate you. I sorry. Mashallah you have gigantic muscles.” He said. Everyone laughed.
This is the last time I’m gona have anything to do with this crazy man I thought.
“Get me out of here!” I whispered to Yusuf.
“You can jump out of the car but don’t count on me to dig your grave for you. That crazy man would make fun of me too.”
We both laughed and Salman stared at us like we were the weird ones. Amu drove to the Masjid where the men’s cars where.
“Are you going to go home?” Yusuf asked when we got there.
“I guess. But I think most of my family if not all of them are at Ahmed’s house.”
“But it’s really poring out here.”
“That’s fine our house isn’t that far you know.”
“Okay. We’re gona stay at the Masjid for the rest of the day. Well until Maghrib anyway. You wana stay.”
“Nah. I’m gona go home and sleep.”
“Yup. Cya later.”
“Cya.” He called as I left.
By the time I went home I was drenched. I found no one home so I went upstairs and went to sleep. I don’t know how long I slept but I woke up with the sound of my cell phone. I got out of bed drowsily and answered it.
“Hi Khalil.” I heard the person say.
“Who is it?”
“Oh.” I said remembering what Yusuf said earlier today.
“What do you mean ‘oh’. You sound like you’re disappointed to hear from me.”
“Uh... no it’s not that.” I said trying to find something to say.
“Are you at home?” he asked.
“You sound drowsy like you just woke up.”
“Yeah, no one’s home so I just went to sleep.”
“Where’s your family?”
“They went to Ahmed’s house.”
“Well I was just checking on you since you didn’t come to Asr.”
“What?...” I looked at the clock on the dresser. 3:05
“God. I slept through Asr.”
“Well you better go pray. Umm… did… never mind.” It seemed like he wanted to say something but he changed his mind. I’m sure that he wasn’t just checking on me. He probably wanted to talk about his problem or something. But if he didn’t want to, that was his choice.
“Cya.” I said as I hung up. I prayed Asr, read some Quran then I went back to sleep. There was nothing else to do anyways.
I was just about to fall asleep when I heard the door bell ring.
God! Why now? I ran my hand through my hair and I shuffled lazily down the stairs and I opened the door. Yunus. What’s going on? First Hasan now Yunus?? But I saw Yusuf behind him so I relaxed.
“Hello Khalil.” Yusuf said.
“We thought you could use some company.” I opened the door open so they could come in but I was in no mood for guests but I tried not to show it.
“How come you didn’t come for Asr?”
“Let me guess you slept through it huh?”
I nodded then I looked at Yunus he looked absentminded and he was strangely quite.
“Are you ok?” I asked him even though I saw Yusuf frown when I said that.
“Yeah.” he said trying to act casual so I didn’t ask him anymore questions.
“I wanted to borrow those CD’s that you lent the Shiekh.” Yusuf said.
“I want to brush up on the topic before the shiekh gives his lecture.” He answered.
“Ok, but there Khalid’s. I’ll burn them for you.”
“Ok. Thanks.”
“My burner is upstairs.” I said as they followed me up to my room. I got Khalid’s CD’s from the shelf and placed them in the burner.
When I was done I placed them in an empty case and gave them to Yusuf. I put the original ones back.
“Thanks but we better go. Dad told us to come back quick.”
I walked them to the door and after exchanging salaams I went back upstairs and lied down on my bed and after a few minutes I fell asleep.

01-26-2008, 10:38 AM
Mashalllahh gooodd jobbbb...i was wondern where you were lol..well waitin fr more :D

Ayesha Rana
01-26-2008, 03:07 PM
Man ur not the only one! I'm rooted to the spot Masha'Allah! This is one of the best stories i've read. Hey are you sure u wrote this? *awestricken* It is soo inspiring Masha'Allah la hawla wa la quwwata illa billa. You've fit so much knowledge into it masha'Allah and kept it entertaining all the time.
Post sum more sis we're gripped with suspense here! And jazakallah khairun btw for sharing this with us sis. We are learning loads alhamdulillah and it is such an excellent reminder. You've captured the emotions so well, i feel like i'm part of the story and can't help relating different parts to areas of my life... keep it up!:okay:
(It just gets better an better Masha'Allah... the druggy part is freakin me allready lol!)

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-26-2008, 06:09 PM
Neaaaaaaaaaaaatttttt MashaAllah. Sis ur so talented MashaAllah. Im so caught up :D Thanks for sharing :)


01-26-2008, 06:41 PM
After we prayed Dhuhr in Jama’ah at home we left to Ahmed’s house. When we were nearly there it started to rain pretty hard.
“I don’t want to go out. My doll will get wet and she doesn’t like that.” Aisha complained.
“It doesn’t even take a minute to get to the door.” Ahmed told her.
“Still she’ll get water on her face. We’re suppose to be nice to everyone remember? If we get her wet that’s not being nice.” She pouted.
“That thing isn’t even real. You’re suppose to be nice to living things.”
“Mom! Ahmed said my doll’s not real.” She started to cry.
Khala turned around from the passenger seat. “Ahmed please don’t give her a hard time. She’s tired and hungry.” She said tiredly.
“Mom, I don’t want to go outside, it’s raining.” Aisha complained again.
“There’s an umbrella in the trunk Aisha.” Amu told her.
“Spoiled brat.” Ahmed murmured under his breath. I chuckled. Aisha always got what she wanted probably because she was still young.
When we got to Amu’s house we stayed there until after asr. We all played board games together and then we prayed and my family went back home. It wasn’t that much fun. I should have gone to the Masjid with Khalil. He’s probably playing again. I thought.
When we got home we saw the house empty.
“Where’s Khalil?” Khadeejah asked.
“Probably upstairs sleeping like usual.” Khawla answered.
“Come on girls we have to start cooking, it’s almost Iftaar time.” Mom told them as she headed for the kitchen. My stomach grumbled. Some times I wonder how Mom can fast and cook at the same time. I went upstairs to change. Khalil was asleep. I changed then sat on my bed. The bed creaked and Khalil jumped up.
“Oh, it’s just you. What time is it?” he asked.
“Four o-clock.” I answered.
He groaned. “There’s still and hour and half till Iftaar.”
“What did you do today?”
“First we prayed then we went to Corvallis.”
“Corvallis? You went there? I thought you came back home after Salah.” Now I was really wishing I went with him. I loved watching people burying the dead for some reason.
‘”Yeah and some Paki uncle kept on teasing me that I’m not strong.” He said frowning as he remembered. I laughed this was the first time someone teased Khalil about his strength.
“You! Wow. What did he say?”
“I don’t know. Anyways after that I came home and oh yeah I copied your CD’s for Yusuf.” He said while trying to change the subject.
“Yusuf? Why does he need them?”
“He said he wants to brush up on the topic before Amu gives his lecture.”
“Hey that reminds me, the two other Shiekhs are coming tomorrow.”
“Oh yeah. I can’t wait to meet Ahmed Jibril.” He said excitedly.
“I know Yusuf Estes but I never heard of Ahmed Jibril.”
“You never heard of him? He’s one of the best Shuyookh. I even have a couple of his lectures saved on my laptop. You can listen to them later.” He said while getting out his lap top. He sat on my bed.
“I thought you said later.”
“Yeah, I’m just checking my E-mail.”
I lied back and watched him scan through the list. Most of them were adds which he deleted without reading.
“You get a lot of Emails.” I commented.
“There’re mostly junk stuff.” He said while deleting more of them.
Then he clicked on one that was labeled Please Help!. He glanced at the sender then went back to his list.
“Aren’t you going to read it?” I asked him.
“It’s from Yunus, I’ll read it later when you’re not watching.” He joked.
“What ever. You’re the one that’s sitting on my bed welcoming me to read.”
He chuckled then turned the whole thing of.
“Do you want to play some catch outside?”
“Isn’t it raining?”
He glanced out the window. “No. it stopped.” So we took the football and went to the backyard.
“Don’t throw too high or it’ll go over the fence.” He warned.
“Really? Or are you afraid you won’t be able to catch it?”
“Oh I can catch it but if you throw it over the fence you’re going to have to go get it.” He retorted back.
“Same goes for you.”
Soon it started drizzling.
“What are you bays doing?” dad asked. He was standing on the porch.
“Catch dad.” Khalil said as he threw the ball to him. He caught it and threw it back.
“Do you want to play?” I asked.
He looked up. “But it’s raining.”
“Big deal. The Pro’s play even when it’s snowing.” Khalil said as he tossed the ball up and down.
“No thanks. I’ll watch you champs from here.” He said as he sat on the porch steps. We resumed playing.
“Why didn’t Ahmed come back with you guys?” Khalil asked.
“He wants to spend some time with his parents before they leave.” Dad answered.
“Did you go with the Janazah?” dad asked Khalil.
“Yeah. I went with Amu Jihad.”
“Did you help dig the grave?”
“He wasn’t strong enough.” I teased. Khalil made a face.
“Yes I was. That guy just underestimated me. He said so too.”
“Which guy?” dad asked.
“They said his name is Salman, Amu Salman.”
“He’s Pakistani right? He’s new in the country.”
“I don’t care if he’s new or not. He’s rude!” Khalil said while throwing the ball. I caught it just as it smacked against my chest.
“Hey don’t express your anger on the poor ball ok?” I said as I rubbed my chest.
Dad laughed. “Khalil I’m sure Salman didn’t want to embarrass you. You know how older people are.” It was raining a bit harder now but we ignored it. I brushed my wet hair from my forehead. I saw Khalil doing the same. He glanced at his watch.
“What time is it?” I asked as I threw the ball back to him.
“Fifteen minutes till Iftaar.” He answered.
“Do you boys want to come in now?” dad asked as he opened the porch door.
“Nah.” Khalil said. “We’ll come in after a few minutes.”
Dad shrugged and went inside.
“You know what I realized?” Khalil asked me after a while.
“Dad’s letting us make our own decisions more often these days.”
“That’s probably because we’re older now.”
“I’m soaked. I’m gona go inside.”
“No don’t. You’re not thoroughly soaked. I can see some dry spots on your shirt.”
“Well it’s almost Iftaar time you can play out here by your self if you want but I’m going inside.”
He followed me inside. We went upstairs.
“Hey you wana wear the same clothes? It’s been a long time since we did that.”
So we ended putting on identical clothes. ;D (i dont know y i made dem do dat)
“Come on boys! It’s only a few more minutes till Iftaar.” Mom called. We went downstairs to the dining room.

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-26-2008, 11:31 PM
LOL i wonder what theyll say bout that :P i think the shirt thing is cool. waiting for more inshallah =]

01-27-2008, 12:35 PM
nice /.. i want more pls

01-27-2008, 12:49 PM
MASHALLAH NICEEE..i WANT MORE TOOo.sis i gotta ask you when are you publishing this and when you are when is it being sold in every country cuz i want my cousins to read this when there a lil grown so they can learn from it mahsallah veryyy nice moral story..keep it up sis mashallah <3

Ayesha Rana
01-27-2008, 02:59 PM
Yeah im gna gt ma bro to read it-would be even nicer in book form!!!



Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
01-27-2008, 04:13 PM
^^ Agreed with both :D

01-29-2008, 01:05 AM
“What time is it?” Khawla asked.
“Two more minutes.” Khalil answered.
“Oh, we forgot the dates.” Khadeejah said as she hurried to the kitchen.
“How could you forget the dates?” Khalil said. She shrugged.
“Mom there aren’t many left.” She called from the kitchen.
“Really? I thought we had a full box somewhere.” Mom said as she got up to look for some. She came back with a tray full.
“It’s time.” Khalil announced. We all took a date then we prayed the Maghrib together. Then we came back to the dining room to eat.
“Did Aisha keep her fast?” Khalil asked.
“She was still fasting when we left.” Khadeejah said.
“Don’t eat too fast Khalil.’’ Mom warned him.
“I want to finish so we won’t be late for the Halaqah.” He said.
“Don’t worry they’ll wait for everyone to eat.” Dad assured him.
After we finished eating we got ready to go to the Masjid.
Mom said she’ll come with the girls later after they washed the dishes. When we stepped outside we saw that it was raining.
“Wow. It’s like getting a free shower.” Khalil joked.
“Khalid can you get the umbrella’s?” dad asked.
“Don’t get me one I love rain.” Khalil said.
I went inside.
“Is it raining?” Khawlah asked.
“I hope we don’t get any floods.” I answered going to the closet to get the umbrellas.
“Can you leave some for us?” she asked.
“But there’s only four.”
“So. Give dad one and you and Khalil can share. And leave the other ones for us.” She said.
“Ok.” I said as I got them and left.
“Thanks.” Dad said as I gave him one.
“Are we going to walk?” I asked realizing that dad wasn’t walking towards the car.
“Yes. I hope you two don’t mind but I need to burn off that food.” He laughed. “Beside it’s more rewarding.”
“Ok. But I change my mind I’m gona get an umbrella.” Khalil said as he walked towards the door.
“Wait. There aren’t any more. Mom’s going to use the other two. You can share with me.”
“Fine. At least I won’t be dripping wet when we get there.”
When we got there, there weren’t many people there.
“Wow and I thought we were going to be late.” Khalil said.
“Yusuf is here.” Dad said.
“I think they had Iftaar here.” Khalil said.
“Yeah, his mom’s visiting some relatives.”
Yusuf was standing at the entrance of the door like usual. When we came closer I saw that he looked really sad.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” Dad greeted him.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” He said with out smiling.
“Is your dad here?”
“He’s with the Shiekh.”
“Are you ok? You look miserable.”
“I’m ok.” He said attempting a smile.
“Ok then. I’ll leave you boys here. We have a small meeting in the library.” He said as he went inside.
“Is something wrong with you?” I asked Yusuf.
“Are you sure?” Khalil asked.
“Well…” he started but then he stopped as he watched a figure come closer to the Masjid. We turned and watched trying to make out who it was. The person was carrying an umbrella and walking slowly. As he came closer we realized it was Amin. He was wearing the hood of his sweater and he it seemed that he had a gloomy and depressing atmosphere around him. When he saw us watching us he glowered.
“What?” he asked. Khalil and Yusuf turned away.
“Are you coming to the Halaqah?” I asked trying to change the mood.
I glanced at Yusuf even though it was dark I could tell he was somewhat angry. Amin was staring at Khalil but Khalil ignored him. I wonder why?
“Did you guys see Hasan?” Amin asked.
“No.” we all said at the same time. Amin turned around to leave.
“Are you leaving?” I asked surprised.
He didn’t answer. “Let him go. I don’t think I want to be under the same roof with him.” Yusuf said angrily.
“Why? Did you guys fight or something? I thought you guys were friends.” I asked.
Yusuf glanced at my brother. Khalil shrugged.
“Would you like to be friends with a heroin?” Yusuf asked straightforwardly. Heroin?!
“What?!” the word hit me like a bullet.
Yusuf nodded. “He’s dealing with drugs and he’s got Hasan and Yunus to do it too.” I couldn’t believe my ears.
“Yunus? No way!” I heard myself saying.
Yusuf looked away sadly. “Does your dad know about this?” I asked.
Khalil shook his head. We were quite for a while.
We watched as some cars parked and the people got out. Everyone that went into the Masjid would say the salam and we’d reply back. One man in particular stopped and stared at me. Not knowing what he wanted I looked away but the man wouldn’t budge.
“Inalillah wa-ina Ilayhi Rajioon!”
His voice boomed. I looked up puzzled.
“I gave you chance to be gooder then me and say the salaam but you turn away. May Allah guide American youth. Alhamdulillah they start these Halaqah’s. Maybe you learn how to say Salam first. Maybe.” He went into the Masjid still shaking his head. I watched him leave. What? I thought. He’s weird, my brain decided.
Khalil started laughing. “Guess who that was.” He said still laughing.
“Who?” I asked.
“That’s Amu Salman. He probably thinks you’re Khalil.” Yusuf said.
“You think we can maybe give him English lessons?” Khalil joked.
Just then Shiekh Fiez came.
“Assalamu Alaykum boys.” He greeted us. We returned the greeting.
“I’m glad you came. By the way how would you like to come with the welcoming party tomorrow?”
“Which one?” I asked.
“We’re going to pick up the Shiekhs from the airport remember?”
“Oh yeah, I nearly forgot.”
“What time are you leaving?” Khalil asked.
“Around four.”
“Great maybe we can come. We have school until three.”
“Ok ask your Dad if he says ok you can meet us here after you come back from school.”
“Ok.” We all said.
“Why are you all standing out here? It’s raining.”
“We’ll come in when you start.” Yusuf said.
“Ok. I’ll be starting after maybe thirty minutes. We’re gona let everyone have a good meal and rest then they can come to the Masjid refreshed.” Shiekh said.
“But won’t that give you less time to talk?” Khalil asked.
“Not really. I’ll still have an hour to talk. Then it’ll be Isha time. Right now I have to get in and go over my notes.” He said as he went inside.
“Do you know what he’s going to talk about?” Yusuf asked.
“No.” Khalil said.
“I hope this rain stops.” I said to on one in particular.
“I like it. Besides rain is a blessing.” Khalil said.
“Yeah, but I still like it to be sunny.”
“Do you know if Zaki’s coming today?” Yusuf asked.
“I’m not sure. He probably is.” Khalil said.
“That’s probably him.” I said pointing to a person who was waving at us as he walked towards the Masjid.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” Zaki said.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” We answered.
“Wow it’s really pouring.” He said. “Why aren’t you guys inside?”
“We’re gona wait here until the Shiekh starts. He still has fifteen more minutes.” Khalil replied.
“You’ll get a cold if you keep on standing out here in the cold.”
“You sound like my mom when you say that, besides it’s not cold.” Khalil said laughingly.
“Well I’m gona go inside.” He said.
“I’m gona go to the bathroom.” Yusuf said as he handed his umbrella to Khalil. Then he followed Zaki inside. Khalil turned towards me.
“Hey you know what Yusuf said?”
“About Amin and them?”
“Yeah. It’s not something that the whole world needs to know ok?”
“What? You think I’m gona tell everyone?”
“No, but I’m just warning you.” Khalil said as we watched someone walk towards the Masjid. It seemed like an old man. He was hunched in the rain with no umbrella. Feeling sorry for him I found myself walking towards him. I offered him my umbrella then I helped him to the door. “Thank you.” He wheezed as he walked inside.
I walked back to Khalil. “You know who that was?” he asked staring after the man.

01-29-2008, 01:06 AM
I shook my head. “Are you going to make me guess who everyone who comes in here is?”
“No. But that was the same guy who was nearly killed in the car accident that day Muhammad died.”
“Really? The one that you saved?”
“Yeah. I wonder why he was walking alone in this weather.”
“I don’t know maybe who ever brought him here parked his car a bit father out.” The parking lot was getting full every minute.
“I’m going to go inside. It’s almost time. Let’s go get a front seat.” He said as he went inside.
“Ok but that’s if there are any left.”
When we went to the Musallah there weren’t many people in the front. Every one was in small groups talking.
We sat in the front and waited for Amu to start. He spoke about the Jannah and what was in it from palaces to gardens.
After a while he was finished. I felt a cell phone vibrating. I went outside to answer it. “MOM” the screen said.
“Hello.” I said.
“Khalid, Khala Shamsa is with me. She wants you to take Nur to his dad.” She said. I groaned. Khala Shamsa’s son, Nurudeen, was one of the most annoying cousins I had. He was eight like Aisha and I was the only one he seemed to bother for some reason.
“Ok. Where is he?” I asked.
“I told Khawla to take him outside. I think they’re waiting for you at the women’s entrance.”
“Ok, bye.” I said as I headed to get my “favorite cousin”. When I got there I saw Khawla who was trying her best to keep him from running of. “Good luck.” She chuckled as she turned back to get into the Masjid. Nurudeen noticed me watching him.
“Hi Khalil or Khalid or who ever you are.” He exclaimed.
“Hello Nur.” I said as I took his hand.
“Where are we going?” he asked.
“To the men’s section.”
“Ok.” If I had said ‘we’re going to take you to your dad,’ he would have started crying. I found Yusuf, and Khalil standing outside again. “Who’s that?” Khalil asked.
“Nur.” I said as I went inside. I looked around for Nurudeen’s dad, Abu Abdullah. When he saw us coming he smiled, but Nur was far from happy. “I want mommy.” He cried.
“Come on Nur. Let’s go get some candy.” His dad said as he took his hand. “Thanks Khalil.” He said.
“Khalid.” I corrected him.
“Oh sorry”. You guys are wearing the same I thought Khalil was you a little while ago.” I went back outside leaving him with Nur who was still nagging. Zaki was going outside at the same time.
“Don’t you get tired of staying outside?” Zaki asked.
“Yeah, but its better then staying inside and sitting around doing nothing.” Khalil said as he kicked on a pebble.
“Why are you outside?” Yusuf asked noticing the keys in Zaki’s hands.
“I’m suppose to give this to my mom.” He said holding up the keys.
“She’s leaving?” I asked.
“Yeah, she said she has a really bad headache.” He said as he walked away.
“Hey I just realized something. Where’s Ahmed?” Yusuf asked.
“He’s at home with his parents.” Khalil said.
“There’re going to come for the Taraweeh though.” I said.
Behind me I heard the door open and a man carrying a huge load of boxes came out. I moved away from his path knowing who he was.
“Why you boys no help you elders?” he asked accusingly. We took a couple of the boxes from him. Then we headed to the garbage can that was behind the Masjid. I was about to throw the boxes away when he started to shout.
“Stop! You crazy boy! Boxes go into recycle. Ok? How can you no care? It say right here if you can read “boxes go here”. Inalillah Wa ina Ilayhi Rajioon.” He said as he kept on lecturing me. Khalil who was behind tried his best to not burst out laughing. Yusuf nudged him to stop then he threw his boxes away. Realizing that Amu was still talking I turned around to listen. But when Amu saw Khalil he gasped and turned from me to him. Khalil who couldn’t hold it anymore started laughing his head off.
“What is this? I see two.” Amu Salman said as he rubbed his eyes.
“There’s two of you?” he asked as he turned towards me. Now Yusuf was laughing to. This got Amu mad.
“Would you stop this nonsense laughing? Back home we say you laugh like hyena. What is going on? Am I seeing double?”
“No Amu, we’re twins. I’m Khalid and that’s Khalil. He’s the one you saw at the graveyard.” I explained.
“Oh… I understand now. He the one who no say salaam and the one who no able to pick up shovel.” He chuckled.
Even in the dark I could see Khalil flush. “He’s the one who didn’t say Salaam to you.” He said as we walked back to the Masjid.
“Then maybe you two shouldn’t wear same clothes. Or else people make mistake.” He said as he went inside the Masjid.
“Maybe we should do this more often it’s fun.” Khalil chuckled.
“God Khalid I felt so sorry for you.” Yusuf said laughingly.
“Yeah, so sorry that you started laughing.” I remarked.
Just then the Adhan for Isha was called. We all prayed Isha then Taraweeh then we went home. By the time we were home I was half asleep. “Are you going to listen to those lectures?” Khalil asked as he got out his laptop.
“Nah. I’m going to sleep.” I said as I threw myself on to my bed. I watched him typing for a few minutes then I fell asleep.


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Lol the Salman guy is a real character ;D lol. Funny part =D. lol JazakAllah Khair sis.


01-29-2008, 01:53 PM
THNK YOU THNK YOU MORE MORE MORE>..lol yee that Salman guy is toooo harsh sad for those guys lol

01-30-2008, 06:22 PM
assalaamu alaikuum .. loool yhhh that salman made me laugh man .. "Am I seeing double?”
joker ..

jazaka allah khair

more pls

01-30-2008, 11:40 PM
We went home after praying the Isha and Taraweeh. I had only one thing in my mind. Check my Email. My curiosity of what Yunus sent me was growing every second. Then I remembered that Khalid had wanted to listen to Ahmed Jibril’s lectures.
"Are you going to listen to those lectures?” I asked
“Nah. I’m going to sleep.” He said as he plopped down on his bed. I signed on to my email. 3 New Messages. I clicked on the one from Yunus.
Hey Khalil, I know we really chat but I really need someone 2 talk 2 right now. I feel like I have this huge load on my chest and I really got 2 get rid of it. I don’t wana talk wit my bro cuz I feel like he’ll never understand. And dad well he’ll jus get mad. Really mad after what I did. I know dat you know. I saw Yusuf telling u today. I jus hope u wont tell my dad. I know he’ll find out but I wana be da one 2 tell him k? can u reply back? I seriously don’t know wat 2 do. If I leave dem they’ll… forget dat part. Can u advise me? Cya tomorrow. –Yunus.

Wow! I didn’t know what to right back. I’ll just talk to him tomorrow face to face I thought. I clicked on the other messages. One was from Yusuf. The other one was another advertisement thing.
I turned of my laptop then I put it away. After a while was I fast asleep. In the morning we went to the ‘’school’’.
There were more people then I expected. Our first class was Quran, Then we had History. History class was by far the most boring one I was half asleep through the whole class.
Then we had a break. I saw Yunus standing alone in the hall. I walked over to him.
“Hey Yunus.” I said. He seemed startled.
“Oh. Hi Khalil. I guess you got my email huh?”
“Yeah. God. I never even thought of you doing something like this man.” I said shaking my head. We headed outside.
“I wish I could change the past. I don’t want to have anything to do with this anymore.” He said sadly.
“Then don’t. How hard is it to…”
“You have no idea Khalil. It’s easier getting in then getting out of a gang.” He said cutting me of.
“Gang? It’s only the two of them.”
“No actually… you know maybe I should just keep quite.” He said turning away. I stopped him.
“Wait! You’re not gona benefit anything by keeping quite bout this Yunus.”
“Yeah I know but I won’t benefit by talking either.”
“Yes you will. Tell someone, maybe they’ll be able to help you in some way…” he shook his head and left. I stood there watching him walk away. He didn’t have that exciting mood anymore. He looked depressed and worried. I wish I could help him but how can I when he doesn’t want to even open his mouth about what’s happening to him?
I went back to class. We were having math class now.
I sat down on a desk. Simultaneously Amin took the one on my left.
Just great. We all waited for the teacher to come in.
Mr. Hussein came in and greeted us. We replied back.
He placed his coffee on his table then started writing some problems on the board.
“Open your book to page 243.” He ordered.
I flipped my pages till I got there. He then explained the lesson to us. Then he gave us some work. After a while everyone was hunched down on their problems.

All of a sudden I heard Mr. Hussein coughing. They weren’t just ordinary coughs though, it sounded like he was choking on something. He grasped his throat and started wheezing. I heard a couple of gasps. A couple of students jumped up from their seats and rushed to the teacher. I stood up. Mr. Hussein was pale white now.
“He’s not breathing!” a boy shouted.
“Call an ambulance.”
Someone ran to call the Principal. Mr. Aziz rushed into the class with a couple of policemen. I could here an ambulance’s siren wailing as it came closer. Khalid walked over to me as they took Mr. Hussein away. Mr. Aziz tried his best to calm down the class.
“Please take your seats. Mr. Hussein will be ok Inshallah.”
I watched the police leave with Mr. Hussein’s stuff.
“Why do you think he wasn’t fasting?” someone asked pointing to the coffee.
“Mr. Hussein has some medicine that he has to take daily so he fasts every other day.” Mr. Aziz answered calmly but he looked anxious. At an impulse I glanced at Hasan.
He was shaking with fright. Was he shaken up by what happened or was it something else? :? When I looked at Amin he had a huge smirk on his face. Something is going on I thought.
After school was finished we waited outside for dad to pick us up. Ahmed joined us. “Are you guys planning on coming to the party tonight?” he asked.
“I don’t know I think I want to go to the Masjid instead.” I answered.
“Yeah, I was mad that I missed out on the first day.” He said. Suddenly I felt someone grab my arm. I turned and saw Yusuf.
“What?” I asked.
He pulled me away from the crowd.
“Do you know what I heard? The police guys said that Mr. Hussein appears to have been drugged.” He said answering his question.
“Does Yunus have anything to do with it this time?” I asked.
“I don’t know.” He said biting his lip in frustration.
“Are you going to ask?”
“No. I mean he wouldn’t tell me anything anyways.”
“I’m gona go find out. I’m tired of all this.” I said as I walked away.
“Well you cant ask now.” Yusuf said. I turned around.
“First of all, Yunus left. Second of all, your dad’s here.” He said pointing to my dad’s car.
“Oh well. I’ll email him then.” I said as I headed towards our car.
“Ok. Cya at the Masjid. Don’t forget that we’re going to the airport.” We went home and I emailed Yunus. After that Khalid, Ahmed, and I went to the Masjid.
Zaki was there. He waved at us when he saw us coming closer.
“Hey! Are you guys going to the Airport too?” he asked.
“Yeah.” We answered.
After a while Sheikh Muhammad came with Shiekh Fiez behind him
“Assalamu Alaykum boys.” They said.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam”
“Is Amu Jihad here yet?” Shiekh Muhammad asked.
“Not yet.” Khalid said. After a while they were sunk in a conversation. I went outside. I sat on the steps and thought about everything that happened. Pictures and thought of the old Yunus went in and out of my mind. He was always so cheerful and happy. I don’t understand some people when they say they enjoy getting “high” on drugs. It’s totally not fun. I’ve never heard of anyone who uses drugs and is happy and content with himself.
I remember something my dad told us once when we were watching a documentary about the effects of drugs. We were about twelve and I asked him what was so bad about drugs.
He said. “Allah has made them haram. And Allah doesn’t make anything haram unless it’s bad for us. He’s the one who made us and he knows what’s good for us and what’s bad. And if drugs were useful and beneficial he would have allowed us to use them. Allah has given us so many things that we can do and He has prohibited only a few but people only focus on the few things that he made Haram. They don’t think about all those things that you are allowed to do.”
My thought flashed back to Amin. He had seemed so innocent and good that day we were playing soccer. What had gone wrong? Sometimes I just wish there was no such thing as “BAD”. But I guess then there would be no reason for hell then. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. Surprised I looked up. Sheikh Muhammad was sitting next to me.
“You have a habit of getting lost in thought Khalil.” He chuckled. I forced a smile.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Come on, I can tell something’s bothering you. You and Yusuf and Yunus. You guys aren’t yourselves these days.”
I didn’t answer. He seems to notice everything I thought.
“You don’t want to talk about it?”
I shook my head. He stood up.
“Ok then, but if you need someone to talk to, you know where to find me.” He said walking back to the Masjid. I saw Yusuf and Amu Jihad walking towards me.
“Hello Khalil.” Amu Jihad said as he went inside.
Yusuf sat on the steps next to me. We didn’t talk.
He broke the silence after a while.
“Yunus swears that he has nothing to do with this drugging thing.” He said quietly. I perked up a bit.
“That’s great. But why are you still sad?” I said noticing his sad expression.
“I seriously don’t know.” He said shaking his head.
“You know this secret of yours is getting on my nerves.” I said.
He looked up quizzing.
“I mean, it’ll just get worse if someone doesn’t do anything about it. Yunus says he didn’t do anything these days so why not just back out. Why is he still staying with them?”
“I’m not Yunus Khalil and I have asked him that and he says it’s too hard. I cant do anything about it. Or are you saying I should tell someone about it?”
“That would work.” I said absentmindedly.
“No it wouldn’t. It would just get him into more trouble.”
“Yunus. If I tell dad he’d… I don’t know.”
“Yunus would get in trouble right? Not you. And even if he does it wouldn’t be a big deal right? I mean he hasn’t done anything serious. And besides I’m not telling you to tell your dad. Maybe someone else whom you trust that could help your brother out of this. Those guys are getting really serious. Dealing with drugs secretly is one thing but drugging a teacher that not forgivable. Seriously, what if that poor guy had died? They would’ve been charged with murder. And if they weren’t minors, they would’ve been charged with attempt murder. Tell your brother to stay away from them if he knows what’s good for him.”
“Some one like who?”
“You decide. I don’t know who you trust. If you ask me I’d tell Sheikh Muhammad.”
I shrugged. “Your choice Yusuf. You can tell him or you can keep it to yourself but I don’t want to have anything to do with this anymore. If you need help I’m here but I don’t want to be involved. And I suggest that you shouldn’t either.”
“Khalil he’s my brother. You’re telling me that I should just ignore this and not do anything about it?!” he said standing up. I could tell he was getting a bit angry and so was I.
“Listen, I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t do anything about it. You’re the one who’s choosing to keep quite.” I answered getting up.
“About what?” someone asked. We turned around. Amu Jihad was standing behind us with Sheikh Muhammad.

01-30-2008, 11:42 PM
“Nothing.” Yusuf murmured. Amu Jihad didn’t look convinced.
Sheikh Muhammad glanced at me but I turned away.
“Are you two ready to leave?” he asked changing the subject.
We both nodded. After a while we were all on the road. We took three cars. Amu Jihad, Yusuf, and Ahmed went in one. Zaki, his dad Amu Nadir, and Zaki’s brother Zakir went in the other. I went with Khalid, Sheikh Muhammad, and Shiekh Fiez.
Sheikh Fiez was driving and I sat in the back with Khalid.
“Are you two excited about meeting the other Sheikhs?” Sheikh Muhammad asked.
“Yeah. I still can’t believe we’re going to be in the Halaqahs of Yusuf Estes. He’s so cool!” Khalid shouted out. I stared outside of the window.
“How about you Khalil?” Sheikh Fiez asked me startling me from my thoughts.
“What?” I asked.
“Are you excited about meeting the other Sheikhs?”
“Yeah.” I answered halfheartedly.
“Is there something bothering you?”
“Are you sure?”
“No? You’re not sure?” Sheikh Muhammad joked.
I didn’t answer. Khalid stared at me for a second then turned away. After a while we were at the Airport. We all got out and waited at the gate.
“Their plane is scheduled to land in fifteen minutes.” Shiekh Muhammad announced. They all sat down on some chairs.
I sat on one a couple of yards away. Yusuf sat on the one next to me, and Khalid, Ahmed, Zakir, and Zaki followed.
“You boys trying to get away from us old people?” Amu jihad joked. We were silent as the grownups talked together.
I saw that Amu Jihad was eying Yusuf and me suspiciously.
“I’m so hungry.” Zakir complained. He was about fifteen, two years younger then us. He and Zaki were really close.
“That’s what happens when you don’t eat Suhuur.” Zaki taunted.
“There’s only about an hour and half left.” Khalid assured him.
“It feels like a whole year to me.” Zakir said.

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Mannn I"m In Mystery Now I Wanna Knw More Nd Whts Gnna Happen

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
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Me too Inshallah lol. Its very interessstinnggggggggggggggggg!! Lol


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ahhhhhhhhhhh wonderfulll .. i wanna knw de next bit plsss..:(

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YES we'll wait...tick tock tick tock tick tock...it's soo hard to wait lol

02-03-2008, 05:07 PM
“Hey what’s going on with them?” Ahmed asked referring to the uncles. I glanced at them they were all running to a nearby window. A lot of people were watching what was going on out of it. I followed the others to the window.
“What’s going on?” I asked Khalid.
“They’re gona have a crash land.” He said worriedly.
“One of the wheels is stuck.” I watched as they sprayed foam on the runway to prevent a fire. A couple of firefighters had hoses in their hands ready to fight any fire. They cleared the runway and the plane slowed down for a landing. An old lady that was standing next to us started crying. A couple of other women consoled her. I heard the Uncles pray for a safe landing.
The plane landed with minus one wheel and it wobbled slightly but somehow it managed to come to a stop. Then a man went and got the wheel unstuck. We watched as the passengers come out with pale faces. We headed back to the gate where the passengers would meet there families. Many of them started crying. Why? I asked myself. They’re safe now, why do you need to be crying. Then I saw Yusuf Estes walk towards us, Sheikh Ahmed was right behind him. They exchanged hugs with everyone.
Everyone that is except me. I’m not really found of hugging other people so I stood in the background trying to be unnoticed but it didn’t work… Sheikh Yusuf walked towards me and handed out his hand. “Assalamu Alaykum” he said enthusiastically.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam” I answered and I did the same with Sheikh Ahmed. No hugs. Perfect. 
We were soon waiting for the luggage to be unloaded. When everything was finished we hurried back to our cars. Sheikh Yusuf ended going with us. And Sheikh Ahmed went with Yusuf and them. Khalid spent the whole rest of the ride talking to the other Shiekhs.
“This is just great.” Sheikh Fiez sighed referring to the traffic.
“It isn’t too bad. I just hope we’re not late for Iftaar, but we have forty-five minutes. Inshallah we can make it.”
I sat in the window seat half listening half thinking. I was thinking when Sheikh Yusuf spoke to me. Khalid nudged me to get my attention.
“Did you hear what I said?” Shiekh Yusuf asked.
“Obviously not.” Khalid teased.
Shiekh Yusuf chuckled. “Seems like you like to daydream a lot.”
“He loves it.” Khalid said. I ignored him.
“You haven’t actually uttered one word since I came here, except Wa Alaykum Assalam.”
“You know Khalil, if there’s something wrong with you, you should talk about it to someone.” He continued. Come on. I’ve been lecturing someone bout that a couple of hours ago.
But I just said ‘I know.”
“So there’s nothing wrong with you?”
“Physically, no.” He didn’t ask me any more questions. He probably sensed that I totally didn’t feel like talking. Don’t ask me why? I find myself like that, especially if I get in a fight with someone, or if I argue with someone. Dad says that I’ve always been like this; I keep my feelings in me, whereas Khalid is more of a social type. Sometimes.
“Which one of you came p with the idea of the Halaqahs?” I heard Sheikh Yusuf ask.
“Khalil did.” Sheikh Muhammad answered for us.
“Yeah, you won’t believe how excited he was yesterday.” Khalid finished.
“So what happened today?”
I looked up. “What do you mean?”
“You don’t seem enthusiastic or anything.”
“It’s not that…” I held myself. God. Keeping a “secret” was so hard. If only I didn’t promise… wait I can’t say if. Arghh. I was getting a headache. Was it from this secret that was burdening me or was it from something else? I don’t know. I just wish I could… I don’t know escape? Scream? Shout? I just want some tranquility I I’m not gona get it if I have this stupid secret flashing in and off in my mind.
We finally got to the Masjid with twenty minutes to spare.
I went straight home without waiting for anyone. They were all busy talking anyway and my head hurt too much to join in.
I knocked on the door of our house and waited for someone to open. It was starting raining and I was getting wetter every second. Khawla opened the door then hurried back to the kitchen where she, Khadeejah, Mom, Khala Hala, and a couple of my aunts were cooking. I don’t know how they manage to work with so many people crowded around them. I wanted to avoid them but if you want to get to the family room you have to pass by the kitchen and of course they saw me.
It’s not that I don’t like my family but they tend to be annoying sometimes, specially my aunts. One of them Khala Rawdhah came up to me and pinched my cheek like I was still a young kid!
“Oh! You grow so fast I can hardly keep up with you Mashallah!” she exclaimed. I forced a smile and tried to go to the family room.
“Why are you running away Khalid?” Another one, Khala Hanan asked.
“I don’t think that’s Khalid, he would’ve been more cheerful. That’s definitely Khalil.” Yet another one, Khala Najah said. That ticked me of and I tried my best to not explode.
“On second thought I’m going to my room.” I said as I walked away from them.
“Khalil where’s your brother?” Mom asked.
“He’s at the Masjid with Ahmed.” I said turning around.
“Oh, that’s a good boy. He’s always at the Masjid. Why aren’t you there Khalil?” Khala Najah asked.
“Where do you think I came back from?” I retorted.
“Khalil! Don’t ever talk back to your elders! Do you hear me?” Khala Rawdhah scolded me. I glanced at mom expecting her to tell me to say “I’m sorry Khala. I’ll never talk back to again.” Like when I was younger but I was surprised to see her holding back from laughing.
“You should discipline these boys.” Khala Najah said to mom. Khawla snickered as I went pass her. I went upstairs and laid on my bed thinking. If I weren’t fasting I would’ve taken some aspirin or something. The pain in my head was killing me. I didn’t want o fall asleep otherwise I would sleep through Iftaar. I heard some feet marching up the steps. Great. Khalid and Ahmed were back.
They came into the room.
“Oh. Hello Khalil.” Ahmed said.
“You are the rudest person I have seen in my life.” Khalid said to me. I ignored him and turned my back to him.
“Come on get up. I don’t feel like talking to your back.”
“Would you just leave me alone. If I’m rude then that’s my problem not yours. Ok?” I said loosing my temper. I’ve had enough of people trying to set me straight. It’s my life why do they care? Khalid seemed surprised.
“Ok. Let it be your problem but cant you at least be nice a little bit?”
“What are you talking about?”
“Today when we were heading back from the airport, the way that you were acting if you ask me was mean. I mean you even left the Masjid without saying bye or anything…”
“What difference would it make. I come up to you guys and say bye. What would you benefit?” I said interrupting him.
“You don’t have to get mad Khalil, I’m just…”
“Ok I wont get mad as long as you just leave me alone!” I glanced at my watch five minutes. I went to the bathroom and washed my face to cool down. I don’t know why I’m getting this angry and it wasn’t helping my head, it’s just making it hurt more. I made wudu then I went downstairs to the dining room. Khalid and Ahmed were already there, so was dad and the rest of the people. The women took their plates and disappeared in the family room.
“Great. There gona go eat in there, make a mess on the floor, then expect us to clean up.” Khawla murmered. Mom took her plate and went to the family room also. We all prayed then we sat down. Dad, Ahmed, Khalid, me, Khawla, Khadeejah, Aisha, and Amu Rami were left at the table. I pecked at my food then I went to the kitchen and got one Tylenol pill. I went to the dining room and ate a little more. Then I went upstairs again.
I lay on my bed for what seemed like an hour. Until dad came in anyway. He closed the door behind him softly. He sat down on my bed and I sat up.
“Ok Khalil, I’ve known you since you were born ok? And I know when some things wrong with you. So I suggest you tell me what’s wrong right now before I find out myself.” He said in a tone that showed that he wasn’t kidding. And knowing dad I’m sure he would’ve went out and found out one way or another. But I had promised didn’t I? And I can’t break a promise. Right?
“Dad, I just had a head ache.”
“Yeah, today, but for the past two days you’ve been awfully quite. You’re not yourself. The Sheikh has realized it and so has Amu Jihad. You, Yusuf, and Yunus. So are you going to tell me what’s going on?” I felt a sharp pang in my stomach as if I was bitten by something. I wish I hadn’t gotten into this. But wishes don’t come true. Do they?
“Dad…I cant.” That’s all I said and I’m sure he’s not gona accept it. Dad’s patient and cool but you don’t wana mess with him when he’s angry. And right now he was fuming.
“What do you mean you can’t?” he asked.
“I can’t I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone.” I sighed and leaned my head on the bed post.
“Listen Khalil. What you’re concealing from us, is it bad.”
“What do you mean bad?”
“Bad as in is it something that could harm you guys, something dangerous.” I looked at his face he was calmer now. I considered blurting everything out again. And I would have if I didn’t stop myself.
“Yes.” That’s it. I thought. I’m over with, dad’s gona blow up. But he didn’t. He remained calm.
“Khalil, do you have anything to do with it? I mean what ever it is, are you seriously deep in it.”
“No dad.”
“I hope you’re telling me the truth.”
“Dad seriously. I didn’t do anything wrong.”
“You are right now.”
He nodded. “Come on now. Don’t you remember the Prophet’s Hadith when the prophet told us, he who sees something wrong should change it with his hand. If he cant then with his tongue, and if he cant then he should atlest know in his heart that the thing is wrong…”
“I did that dad. If I hadn’t…”I inturupted him.
“Wait Khalil I’m not finished with the Hadith. If you cant change it with your tongue then you should know in your heart thet it’s wrong. But the one that does that has the lowest of faith. Meaning he’s in the lowest rank of believers. Do you get it.”
“So what are you going to do about it?”
“Dad, I don’t know. There isn’t much that I can do. I spoke to both of them Yunus refused and Yusuf, well he’s afraid that they’ll get in trouble.”
“Khalil, let me ask you something. Which one in your eyes do you think is worse. I mean right now. Which one would be worse, breaking your promise, or keeping quite about it?”
I pondered over that a bit. If I break my promise, Yusuf wouldn’t trust me anymore, but maybe it might help them if I told dad or someone. Maybe they can help them get out of their problem. But if I kept quite about it, then Yunus might get worse, Amin and them might do something dangerous that could effect everyone. Should I tell? I decided I will. Even if Yusuf never talks to me again. Even if we get into trouble. Even if dad gets mad.
“So?” dad said waiting for an answer. “Which one is worse?”
“Keeping quite.” I said quietly.
“So are you going to tell me?” I nodded hesitantly.
“You know Khalil, even if you tell me, It’s not like I’m gona go around telling the whole world that my son told me this and that. I promise you I’ll try my best to keep your name out. Ok?”
I nodded feeling a bit assured. I glanced at my watch three minutes till the Halaqah. Just then Khalid and Ahmed opened the door. “Are you going to the Halaqah tonight?” Khalid asked me.
I glanced at dad and shook my head. Khalid seemed surprised.
“Well…ok then. Cya.” He said as they both left.
Dad sat down in a more comfortable position.
“I’m all ears.” He joked. I smiled and told him the whole story. Everything. I didn’t leave anything out even about Mr. Hussein getting drugged. And surprisingly dad didn’t get mad like I thought. He sat for a long time tugging at his beard which he normally did when he was thinking hard.
“Well?” I asked.
“Hmm. This is serious Khalil.” Dad said staring at me.
I sighed. “I should’ve just kept quite.” I murmured to myself.
“Why? You think I’m gona get mad?”
“You’re not?”
“Well. Of course I am disappointed that you and Yusuf didn’t come to me or Amu Jihad or even one of the Sheikhs. Khalil we’re not here to get mad and punish. I’m here to help you and guide you. Ok?” I nodded.
“One more thing. How about trying to avoid Yusuf and Yunus till we get this settled.” He said.
“Avoid them? But…”
“Believe me Khalil this is for your own good.” I just nodded. That was going to be hard. Yusuf was everywhere I went.
Dad glanced at his watch.
“If we hurry. We can make it in time for Isha.” He said and after three minutes we were in the car heading towards the Masjid.
“Dad?” I asked when we got there.
“Yeah?” he said turning towards me.
“Can you not tell anyone that I told you please?”
“Of course. You can count on that.” He said.
I was happy to see that I didn’t miss the whole Halaqah but I only got to here the last five or four minutes. I sat down next to Zaki remembering dad’s advice about avoiding Yusuf. Dad sat down next to me. I guess he’s going to be keeping an eye on me. I don’t blame him. And I didn’t get mad. Probably it’s because I knew what I got my self into wasn’t a small thing. Drugs? I hope my mom doesn’t hear bout this.
“I forgot to ask you something. Does your brother know about this?” dad whispered in my ear.
“Kind of. A little bit.” I whispered back. For some reason I didn’t want to get Khalid involved.
I was half listening to the lecture which Sheikh Muhammad was giving. He was talking a little on Abu Bakr’s life story. But I missed most of it. Atleast my head ache went away. And the burden that was on my chest was gone now. I kind of felt a bit more…happier.
When the Halaqah was done I tried getting up but dad pulled me back down.
“Sorry Khalil. But I don’t want you anywhere with out my supervision.” He said softly.
I sat back down and leaned against the wall.
“Don’t get mad Khalil. It’s like I said. It’s for your own good.” He repeated.
“I know dad. I’m not mad. I totally understand why you’re supervising me but cant I atleast go appoligize to Shiekh Yusuf.”
“What did you do?”
“Umm…nothing but…I think I was kind of impolite to him today.”
“What did you do?” Dad was always about good manners. And he totally doesn’t allow us to be rude to someone older then us.
“Nothing I just didn’t talk because I was mad.” I said looking away.
“Ok but come back. Ok?”
“Sure.” I said as I got up and went to the library. Sheikh Yusuf was there alone reading. He placed his book down when he saw me.
“Hello.” He said cheerfully.
“Hi Sheikh.” I answered.
“Ok you’re going to have to tell me if you’re Khalil or Khalid.” He joked. I chuckled.
“I’m Khalil.”
“How am I suppose to tell you two apart?” he laughed.
“Khalid has a scar near his eye.”
“Oh. Ok. Did you need anything. Or are you just looking for a book. I must say this is a really good library.”
“Actually Sheikh, I wanted to apologize to you.” I said feeling my face go hot. I admit it I’m not use to apologizing.
“Oh…what for?” he asked confused.
“For today when we were picking you up. I wasn’t really nice.”
He waved his hand to show it was nothing. “Aw just forget about that. I sensed you had something on your mind. I was once a teen you know. And I know how you guys feel sometimes. Don’t worry bout it.”
“It’s no problem. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll carry on with my reading.” I went back to the Musallah and collided with Yusuf on my way. Great! How am I suppose to avoid him when he keeps popping up from nowhere.
“Hey, I’m glad I found you. How come you were late. Your brother was on time.” I shrugged.
“Is something wrong?” he asked.
“No. I had something I had to do.” I said mater of factly.
“Ok…are you sure?”
“Yeah. I have to get back to my dad.” I said walking past him.
I sat down next to dad.
“I thought I told you to avoid him.” He teased.
“Dad. He’s everywhere.” I said hoping for sympathy.
He ignored me. “What did Sheikh Yusuf say?”
“He said not to worry bout it.”
“Ok… but I don’t want you doing that again ok?”
“Sure.” I said leaning my head against the wall. I closed my eyes.
“Assalamu Alaykum” I heard someone say. I opened my eyes.
Amu Salman was standing in front of us.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam” we both answered.
He sat down next to us. “This your son?” he asked dad.
“Yeah, this is Khalil.” Dad answered.
“Why you no outside with your brother and friend?” he asked me.
I shrugged.
“He’s staying here with me tonight.” Dad said looking at me.
“How’s your headache by the way?” dad asked me.
“It’s ok.” I answered.
“Your head hurt you?” Amu Salman asked.
“Not anymore.”
“Say Alhadmulillah. You complain from head ache. Some people suffer greatly. People get shot, people get sick, but some they no complain. They keep quite and have patience. Patience is key to success you know?” he said.
Dad nodded. Then they started along conversation patience.
If I hadn’t told dad about the drugs I would have been outside with my friends right now. After a while Amu Salman left. He said he had something else he had to do.
“He’s not that bad is he?” dad asked. I kept quite.
After a while someone called the Adhan. Everyone repeated after it quietly. Then we prayed the Isha and Taraweeh. We were about to get up to leave when Shiekh Muhammad came up to us.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” He said. We answered his greeting.
“I’m surprised to see that you’re not with your friends Khalil.” He said. I just shrugged.
“I’m going to go to the bathroom. Wait for me here Khalil.” Dad said as he headed towards the bathrooms.
“You seem more cheerful then you were today.” The Shiekh said as he sat down in front of me.
“Yeah.” I said watching the other people leave the Musallah one by one.
“Did you like the lecture tonight?” he asked.
I turned back to him. “Well I kind of missed the first part.”
“Yeah I noticed. Where were you?”
“You can say I had a meeting.” I joked.
He chuckled. “With your dad?” I nodded.
“Shiekh Ahmed is holding the Halaqah tomorrow.” He said getting up. “I should be on my way. I’ll see you tomorrow Inshallah.” He said going outside. I saw dad coming so I got up.
“Let’s go.” He said putting his shoes on.
I followed him outside. Khalid, Ahmed, and Yusuf were talking together. Amu Jihad and Amu Rami were with them. Dad walked over to them and I followed slowly.
“Hello Ali.” Amu Rami greeted my dad. “I wanted to take the boys out for Ice Cream before I left.” He said.
“Right now? In this weather?” dad asked doubtfully.
“Sure. I promised them remember?”
“Well…ok if they want.”
“How bout it boys? Do you guys want to go?”
“Yeah!” Ahmed and Khalid exclaimed.
“How bout you Khalil?” Amu asked.
“Ok.” I said.
“You can come along too, Yusuf.” Amu invited him. I saw Dad get tense but he didn’t say anything.
“Ok, we’ll tag along but we’ll take our car and follow you guys” Amu Jihad said. Dad looked a bit happier when he said that. So we piled into Amu Rami’s van. We went to the ice cream shop and everyone got something. After that we went home and everyone fell asleep.
We got up to go to school in the morning.

I was headed towards the bathroom when mom stopped me.
“You can go back to sleep Khalil. Your dad said you’re not going to school today.” She said.
“What?” I asked surprised. Just then dad came out of his room.
“Sorry champ. I’m not letting you get out of my sight.” He said as he headed downstairs.
“What?” I asked again. “Dad, it’s like I’m under house arrest or something.”
“Sorry, but you’re not going.” He said quietly. Knowing that he wouldn’t change his mind I went back to my room. Half of me was angry but I was kind of relieved, but I knew it would be really boring today. I went back to my bed. Khalid was getting ready to leave.
“Why are you going back to sleep?” he asked.
“I’m not going to school.” I answered.
“Why not?”
“I don’t know. But dad said I’m not.”
He shrugged and went downstairs. Later that day I went with dad to the Dhuhr prayer. After that we took Ahmed’s parents to the airport.
“Good bye!” Amu waved.
“Bye.” We answered. Then we drove back home.
“Khalil you do know why I didn’t let you go to school right?” dad asked me later when we got home. Mom had gone shopping and we were the only ones home.
“Yeah dad I know.” I said gluing my eyes to the TV.
“It might hurt you, and you might feel like I’m being to strict on you, but it really hurts me more then it hurts you. I don’t like to see any of you guys sad or angry with me but right now I couldn’t think of any other solution.”
I didn’t answer. I acted to be really interested on the TV.
I got bored of watching TV so I went upstairs and got on my laptop.
I got a new message from Yusuf. It was short.
Hey man. Why aren’t you in school? Khalid’s here but you aren’t??
And how come you came late last night? And how come u’r ignoring me??
How am I suppose to answer that? I didn’t. I logged off and played a couple of games then I surfed the web until it was time for Asr.
“Khalil let’s go!” dad called from downstairs.

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After praying the Asr, dad dropped me off at home then went back to pick them up from school. I was playing a little bit of basketball when they came. Ahmed and Khalid joined me.
“How come you didn’t come today?” Ahmed asked. I shrugged as I passed him the ball.
“Yusuf asked you to meet him at the Masjid at Maghrib.” Khalid told me.
“But we pray here at Maghrib.” I said dunking the ball.
“Then call him.” He said simply.
The rest of Ramadan was the same for me, wake up for Suhuur, pray Fajr, go with dad to Dhuhr, Asr, break my fast at Maghrib, then go to the Halaqah’s. Dad still wouldn’t let me go to the School.
“Not until we fix this problem.” He would say. I actually didn’t really mind. I liked staying home by my self and going to the Masjid.
Yusuf would email and phone me for the first few days then he stopped. I guess he got tired of calling me and not getting any answer.
I don’t see why dad doesn’t want me to be with him, but I don’t have a choice. Ever since we were little our parents taught us to obey and not question. Sometimes I think this is not fair but unfortunately I don’t choose the rules.

We were all excited on the day before Eid. Aisha was the most excited one from the whole family. She locked herself in the room yesterday for more than two hours.
“What is she doing?” I asked Khadeejah.
“She said she’s making presents for everyone.” She answered.
When we went to the Taraweeh that night the whole Masjid was filled.
“Assalamu Alaykum!” we heard someone say behind us as we got out of the car. We returned the greetings. It was Amu Salman. He seemed to be nicer these days. He and my dad were becoming good friends.

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We saw Zakir at the entrance.
“Hey guys.” He said cheerfully. “Aren’t you guys excited about tomorrow?”
“Yeah, but I’m gona miss Ramadan and the Taraweehs.” Ahmed replied.
“Yeah. Hey where’s your brother?” Zakir asked me. “I hardly ever see him.”
“He’s with dad.” I answered.
Just then Yusuf entered the Masjid.
“Hey.” He said. “What’s up with your bro?”
“Why?” I asked.
“He treats me these days like I don’t exist.” He said frowning.
“He treats everyone like they don’t exist.” Ahmed joked.
“Come on you guys don’t backstab him. Khalil’s cool.” Zakir said.
One thing I liked about Zakir and his brother was that if they ever see anything wrong they’re not afraid to speak against it specially Zakir.
We went inside and waited for the Salah to start.
Khalil and dad came in. Khalil sat next to Zaki and dad sat down next to them and started reading Quran. I glanced at my watch we had about ten to fifteen minutes left. There wasn’t going to be any Halaqah tonight because the people had to get ready for Eid. After a while Zakir and Ahmed went and sat next to Khalil and Zaki, and they started chatting, but Khalil was kind of quite.
“Do you know why your brother’s ignoring me?” Yusuf asked.
“I don’t know.” I said. Khalil and Yusuf have been best friends ever since I could remember; I don’t know why Khalil’s all of a sudden ignoring him.
The next day we woke up early before Fajr and got ready for the prayer.
Then we got in the car and drove to the place where the prayer was going to be held. The Masjid wasn’t big enough so they usually rented this huge building. Aisha was squealing with delight.
“Sit still!” Khawla complained.
“I cant I love Eid.” She said.
“We do too, but we’re not jumping up and down our seats are we?”
After the Salah our parents usually spent about an hour speaking to their friends and family. Khalil stood quietly next to me. We were standing against the wall watching everyone as we waited for our parents.
“Isn’t that Shiekh Muhammad?” Khalil asked. I looked and saw the sheikh walking towards us carrying a bag.
“Eid Mubarak!” he said happily while crushing me in a bear hug. When he got to Khalil he laughed and just shook his hand.
“I know you don’t like hugs.” He said. Khalil seemed embarrassed.
He took out two small gifts from the bag.
“These are for you two. Open them when you get home.” he said waving.
“What do you think it is?” I asked Khalil. He shrugged and placed his in his pocket. Then I saw him frown. When I looked up I saw why. Yusuf was walking towards us with Yunus next to him.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” Yusuf said.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” We both answered.
“Hey Khalil, finally you’re not with your dad for a change.”
Khalil frowned slightly and turned away.
“Are you guys going to do anything fun today?” I asked them.
“I don’t know. We might go to the amusement park but I’m not sure.” Yusuf answered. I glanced at Khalil. He was staring at Yunus.
Yunus realized it. “What?” he asked.
“Nothing.” Khalil replied quietly.
“Hey, what’s wrong with you? I’ve been wanting to know why you’re ignoring me?” Yusuf said.
Luckily for Khalil dad walked up to us. “Come here Khalil.” He said calling him.
Khalil walked away. Yusuf watched him leave. For once he looked hurt.
I kind of felt sorry for him. “He’ll get over whatever’s bugging him. Khalil’s like that soon he’ll be his old self again.” I assured him.
“I hope so.” He said as he left.
When we got home the first thing we did was eat breakfast then we started opening our presents. A lot of our Aunts and uncles came over and they brought their kids with them. Khalil, Ahmed, and I took our presents and went upstairs to open them. Dad came with us.
I opened the one from mom first. She got me a new game for my Play Station. Khalil got me a set of Hadith books. Khawla gave me a new CD Album for one of the Sheikhs. Khadeejah gave me a book that she wrote.
And Ahmed gave me an art set. The rest of the gifts were money. When we opened Dad’s gift we were speechless. He got all three of us new Iphones. We all thanked him.
Then I opened the gift that the Shiekh gave me. He had given me a small mp3 player. Khalil’s gift was really cool. He got a Digital Quran Player with a built in camera. That way he could take up to four hours of video and as many pictures as he wanted. Also it had about fifty Hadith books and five translations of the Quran. He was dumbfounded.
And for once in a long time I actually saw him overwhelmed with happiness.
“This is so cool!” he exclaimed. Dad smiled.

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Then we heard banging on the door. I got up and opened it. Aisha was standing there holding a box filled with some kind of cloth. She came in and placed the box on my bed. Then she took out four scarves and handed one to each of us.
“Eid Mubarak! I knitted them all by my self.” She said proudly. I was impressed. They looked really good.
“Thanks Aisha. How long did it take you?” I asked her.
“A week. Mom got me a step by step book and it made it easier.”
She took the box then went downstairs to give away the rest of the scarves.
“Do you boys want to go to the Masjid? It’s almost Dhuhr.” Dad asked.
We arrived at the Masjid and found a few people there. I guess most of them were with their families having fun.
Khalil brought his basketball so we played in the back after the Salah. Dad sat on the bench and watched. After a while he got tired of watching and joined in. I was surprised at how well he could play.

When we got tired we went back home and changed from our sweaty clothes.
Dad said he was going to go and visit the Sheikhs and Ahmed went with him. We went downstairs to the family room where most of the family was.
Khala Rawdha, Khala Shamsa, Khala Najah, and Khala Hanan were there and so were Nur and a couple of my other cousins.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” Khala Shamsa said. We returned the greeting.
They carried on their little conversation and we played on the plays station.
But soon all the kids were gathering around us asking for a turn.
“You can play later when we’re done.” Khalil said with annoyance in his voice.
“No! I want to play now!” Nur cried.
“Khalil please give them a turn.” Khala Shamsa said.
“Fine! But you guys only get ten minutes and if you come back after that…”
“Khalil! Don’t threaten the kids!” Khala Najah scolded him.
He acted like he didn’t hear but he gave the little kids a turn anyway.
Later we turned it of and sat listening to everyone laugh, cry, complain, argue, and have fun. Even though they weren’t doing anything they still seemed to be enjoying themselves.
“Let’s go play catch.” Khalil whispered. We went to the backyard with the football. It was raining but it was only a drizzle.
“Ughh. Even on Eid the weather has to be gloomy!” I complained.
“It’s not a big deal. You should be grateful that it isn’t pouring.” Khalil said.
“Hey Khalil?”
“What’s up with you and Yusuf?”
He didn’t answer.
“He said you treat him like he’s not even there.”
“So? I have a right to talk to someone when ever I want don’t I?”
“Well you can’t be quite at someone you’re angry at for more then three days.”
“Who said I’m angry at him?”
“Well it looks like it.”
“How bout we just forget about this subject ok? It’s Eid we’re suppose to be happy.” He said closing the topic.
Later that day we went to the amusement park and rode on all the rides.
But after a few days school reopened.

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“Dad? Am I going to go to school?” I asked dad on the night before school started. He was in his office working on some book.
He looked up. “Yes.”
“Really?” I asked kind of excited.
“Yes, but you will still be under supervision by me, Sheikh Fiez, and Sheikh Muhammad.” He said turning back to his book.
“Supervision? What are you going to do? Go and take classes with me? Dad I can take care of myself. I don’t need to be under supervision twenty-four hours every single day. If you want me to stay away from those boys I’ll be happy to obey. You don’t need to watch over me like I’m going to commit suicide. I’m not a little kid anymore I can take care of myself.” I said trying to compress my anger that was trying to escape.
“I’ll make a deal with you today. If you manage to stay out of trouble today I’ll let you be “free”. If you suspect anything just give me a ring. Or you know what just tell the Principal. Believe me he’ll totally help you.”
“Ok dad I’ll do that.” I said doubting the fact that I’d go to Mr. Aziz and tell him anything.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” Zaki said the next day.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” I answered as I closed my locker.
“I didn’t think you’d come today.” He said as we walked to the cafeteria.
“Why not?” I asked.
“Well… you only came for I think two days to that school program then you stopped. So I thought maybe you wouldn’t come today either.”
“Oh…Was it fun here?”
“Not really. I mean I enjoyed the sports activities but you can do that anywhere.” We got our plates then sat down. We ate in silence.
When I was done I looked up and a frown appeared on my face. Yunus was headed towards us and he looked mad. Yusuf was right behind him.
Yunus sat down right in front of me. Should I get up and leave? Yunus started to talk before I could decide.
“Listen Khalil, I’d like to know how my dad found out about this.” He asked angrily. His eyes were a pool of anger right now but I didn’t care.
“About what?” I asked calmly.
“Come on you know exactly what I mean.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’re saying I spoke to your dad then you’re totally wrong. I didn’t utter a single word to him besides salam.” I said which was true.
“Then how does he know about it?”
“I don’t know. Why are you asking me?”
I looked up at Yusuf he was looking away uncomfortably.
I got up and threw my plate in the garbage hoping that Yunus would leave me alone, but he didn’t. He stepped up into my face.
“If anyone else hears about this you’re dead meat.”
“Oohh I’m so scared.” I mocked as I turned away from him and left.

Later that day when we went home dad came up to me while I was working on my homework.
“How was school today?” he asked.
“Ok.” I replied. I frowned as I tried to solve a math problem.
“You sure?”
I nodded. If I told him what Yunus said… I don’t know what he’d do.
Besides I don’t think he’s the one who told Amu Jihad.
“Amu Jihad called me earlier today.” He said trying to get my attention. I looked up.
“What did he say?” I asked.
“He said Yusuf told him about what happened.”
“Yusuf?! No way!”
He nodded. “Yeah he was pretty mad that he didn’t hear about this earlier.”
“He’s mad at you?”
“No. He’s mad at his sons. He just cant believe that is own flesh would do that. His wife is grief-stricken too.”
“Does mom know about this?” I asked randomly.
“No. I don’t want to tell her. She’ll go crazy.” He chuckled. “Come on let’s go to the Masjid.” He said.
So we put on our jackets and we all went to the Masjid.
We arrived just in time for Maghrib. After the Salah dad turned to us.
“Are you going to stay for the Halaqah or do you guys want to come back home?” he asked us.
“I want to stay. Sheikh Muhammad is getting to my favorite battle.” Ahmed said. We all agreed.
“Ok then. I’ll leave you guys here. Give me a ring when the lecture is over.” He said as he left.

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02-18-2008, 09:39 PM
Khalil, Ahmed, Zaki, and I were playing basketball in the school court when Yusuf and Yunus came in.
“I have to do something.” Khalil said as he tried to leave. Yunus grabed him from the back of his shirt.
“You’re not going anywhere until you tell me why you told my dad.” He said.
“Listen I didn’t say anything to your dad ok?” Khalil said shrugging him of.
“Then who did? You expect me to think that he found out without anyone telling him?” Yunus said his face turning red with anger. As soon as he said that I knew what he was talking about. His dad probably found out about the drug problem and Yunus thinks Khalil told him. I glanced at Yusuf. He was looking uncomfortably at them. I guess he doesn’t know who to side with.
Khalil was getting angry, he tried not to show it but it wasn’t working.
“May be he did. I’m telling you I didn’t tell him. Do you understand that?” he asked sarcastically as he tried to walk away again but Yunus stopped him again.
“You know something and you’re not leaving until you tell me.”
“Who’s going to stop me from leaving? Besides you’re not even making sense.”
Ahmed walked up to me. “What are they talking about?” he whispered. I shrugged. Just then Amin walked in. Great! I saw Khalil get tense.
“What’s going on?” Amin asked Yunus.
“This kid has a big mouth. He’s been telling people…” Yunus started but Amin interrupted him.
“What?!” he exclaimed. He walked up to Khalil with raised fists. From the corner of my eye I saw Zaki running outside. I turned around just in time to see Amin throw a punch toward Khalil head but he blocked it.
Soon they were fighting for real. Soon Yunus joined in. Khalil was outnumbered but he wasn’t defeated. We rushed to separate them.
Yunus pushed me. “Stay out.” He hissed. I turned back to Khalil. He was crouched on the floor holding his face. Amin was standing over him smirking.
I ran to him. He removed his hand from his face. He was bleeding. I gasped.
Amin laughed. “That should teach you to keep your mouth shut.” He sneered.
I gave Khalil a tissue. He wiped his face from the blood. He was beyond angry. He stood up with his fist clenched but he didn’t try to fight.
I looked back at Yusuf he was standing there watching.
“You want another beating Khalil.” Amin smirked.
“Khalil don’t.” I warned as I saw him raise his fist.
Suddenly we heard a voice boom behind us. Mr. Aziz was standing behind us with his hands crossed on his chest.
“What’s going on here?” he asked angrily. I looked around but Yusuf was no where to be seen. Ahmed stood up and told him what had happened.
“I want you two big champs in my office immediately.” He said referring to Yunus and Amin. Then he turned towards Khalil. “And you, go wash up. I’ll be speaking to you too.” When they left I walked with Khalil to the bathroom. He washed his face at the sink. We heard the door open. Yusuf came in.
Khalil glared at him and turned away.
“Khalil I’m…” Yusuf started to say.
“You’re a traitor Yusuf. A real coward. What kind of a friend you are. You know you’re the one who told your dad yet you let your brother get mad at me for something you did. Besides that they start fighting me and you just stand there. And when Amu comes you run away so you don’t get in trouble.”
Khalil exclaimed angrily. Yusuf opened his mouth to say something but Khalil walked past him. Yusuf glanced at me. I forced a smile and followed Khalil outside.
“I’m dead. Dad’s never going to let me out of sight from now on.” He kicked at a pebble angrily.
“But you didn’t start the fight.” I tried to reassure him.
I left him outside and went inside. Class was almost starting.
Finally school was over.
“Your dad’s here.” Ahmed said to me as we were leaving.
“I’m not surprised.” We went outside and waited for dad and Khalil to come out.

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Is that everyone then?
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OMGGG WHTTT PPL..they wer jst standin dere...HOW DARE He..ok i'll stop lol..i'm wait fr moreeeeeeeee
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02-19-2008, 11:44 PM
They came out after a little while. Khalil looked mad but dad seemed surprisingly calm. We got into the car and went home.
Khalil went upstairs and slammed the door.
“He’s going to get in trouble for that.” Ahmed whispered. But dad just went into his office and got on the phone.
“Let’s go upstairs.” I said.
Khalil was lying on his bed. When he heard us come in he buried his head under the pillow.
“Hey, did you get in trouble?” Ahmed asked.
“Trouble? I’m suspended.” He replied sitting up.
“But you didn’t do anything.” Ahmed said.
“Yeah try telling that to Mr. Aziz. He says I should have came straight to him from the beginning. He said because I fought I have to be suspended.” Khalil said as he paced back and forth in the room.
“He’s crazy. Does he expect me to stand there and let them kill me?”
“For how long are you suspended?” I asked him.
“A whole week. Amin and Yunus are suspended for two weeks.”
“Cheer up. At least you won’t have to do any home work.” Ahmed said.
“I wish. I have to do all the work I missed at home. All of it.” Khalil said while sitting down. I noticed he had a bruise on his forehead.
“Is dad mad?” I asked.
“He was pretty calm in there but he’s probably going to blow up on me soon. Just wait and see.” He looked at his watch.
“Let’s just go to the Masjid. It’s almost Maghrib.”
“But there’s still a whole half an hour.” I said.
“I rather spend it at the masjid then to sit here and wait for what dad’s going to say.” He said as he headed towards the door.
“Will he let you leave?” Ahmed asked.
Khalil shrugged. “I’ll soon find out.”
Dad let us go so we got on our bikes and pedaled towards the Masjid.
Shiekh Muhammad was just getting of his car when we got there.
“Assalamu Alaykum!” he greeted us cheerfully.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” We answered.
We put our bikes away and went inside.
“Did you bump your head?” Sheikh Muhammad asked Khalil.
“What? What do mean?”
“You have a small bruise on your forehead.” Khalil raised his hand to touch it then he winced in pain.
“I didn’t even notice it till now. It’s throbbing now.” He said.
“What happened?” the Sheikh asked. Khalil’s face turned red and he looked away.
“He got into a fight in school.” Ahmed teased. Khalil glared at him.
Sheikh Muhammad seemed surprised.
“You got into a fight?” he exclaimed. “With whom?”
“Amin and Yunus.” Khalil murmured.
“Wow. Did you guys get in trouble?”
“Big time. We all got suspended.” Khalil replied.
“Does your father know about this?” Amu asked.
“Dad? Yeah he knows. I don’t know what he’s going to do though.”
“Well I have to work on some papers. I’ll be in my office.” The Sheikh said as he walked towards his office. We went to the Musallah. Zakir and Zaki were there reading. Zaki looked up and grinned.
“Hey Khalil. How much trouble did you get into?” he asked.
“I get a long break from school.” Khalil joked.
“You’re suspended?” Zakir perked up. Khalil nodded. We all sat down and got a book to read. Soon Sheikh Ahmed came in and called the Adhan. Soon people started poring into the masjid like always. When the Salah was over we went outside to get our bikes.
“Hey! I got a flat!” Khalil exclaimed. We looked at his bike the wheel was flat.
“There’s a note there.” Ahmed said pointing to the handlebars. Khalil opened it and read it. A frown came onto his face.

02-20-2008, 12:51 AM
“What does it say.” I asked him as I got of my bike.
“It’s some kind of threat I guess. A lame one if you ask me.”
“What does it say?” I asked again.
“This is your first punishment. Beware of the second one.” Khalil read out loud. Ahmed chuckled.
“Sounds like something a little kid would write.” He said. We got down and helped Khalil patch up the whole.
“It’s not going to last long.” I commented. “But it’ll get you home inshallah.”
We rode of home. Dad was waiting at the entrance.
“You guys are late. You promised you’d come straight home.” He said eyeing us suspiciously.
“I had a flat, dad.” Khalil said as we put our bikes away.
“Well meet me in my office. All of you. I want to talk to the two of you.” Dad said as he went back inside.
“Probably about today.” Khalil murmured.
“Good luck.” Ahmed said as he went to the living room.
We went upstairs. Dad was sitting behind his desk. He took of his glasses and told us to sit down.
“Ok. I want to hear everything that happened. Don’t leave anything out.” Dad said. Khalil did most of the storytelling.

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02-21-2008, 01:36 AM
Khalil did most of the storytelling.
Dad didn’t say anything. He just sat there and tugged at his beard thoughtfully. I glanced at Khalil. He was drumming his fingers on the table nervously. I wonder what dad’s going to do.

02-21-2008, 01:36 AM
I sat there waiting for what dad was going to say. Finally after what seemed like millions of years he spoke up.
“Well, I cant do anything about the fact that you are suspended, Mr. Aziz is not someone who will go back on their word. You can leave now. I want to think about this a bit.” He said. We stood up and left. Khalid went to the room, but I went outside to the backyard. I sat down on the porch steps.
I wish everything would go back to how they were. I wish I never got my self into this. But my wishes never come true. I heard my phone ring.
“Yusuf.” The screen read. I hesitated. Should I pick it up? No.
It stopped ringing and I went back to wishing but he called again.
Fine. I’ll pick it up this time.
“Hello?” I said into the phone.
“Hey Khalil.” I heard his familiar voice.
“Listen. I know you’re mad at me, and I just wanted to apologize weather you forgive me or not. I’m tired of all of this. Seriously.”
I didn’t answer. What was I suppose to say anyways?
He kept on going. “You know what I want right now? More then anything? I want our friendship back. I wish I could go back into time and erase all of this. I’m really sorry. I was a jerk for not speaking up today.”
“Umm… It’s ok Yusuf. You didn’t want to get in trouble.”
“Are you suspended?” he asked uneasily.
“Yeah. A week.”
“Oh… at least you get a few days of.”
“Yeah, maybe.”
“Are you coming to the Masjid for Asr?”
“Ok. See you then. Bye.”
I heard the porch door open. Khalid came out.
“Who were you talking to?” he asked.
I looked away and didn’t answer.
“Khalil? Did you hear me?” he asked sitting down.
“Yusuf.” I said.
“He was just apologizing.”

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Wow, your story is great. I've been hooked on them for almost 2 hours, I've been reading right thru lunch. I love it. Can't wait to read more.

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02-24-2008, 08:19 PM
I heard the porch door open. Khalid came out.
“Who were you talking to?” he asked.
I looked away and didn’t answer.
“Khalil? Did you hear me?” he asked sitting down.
“Yusuf.” I said.
“He was just apologizing.”
edited that part

02-24-2008, 08:29 PM
I nodded. “Yeah he said he was sorry and…”
I was interrupted by a shrill scream. I glanced at Khalid. We got up and ran back into the house. Aisha was shaking and mom was trying to calm her down. Ahmed was standing next to her.
“What happened?” dad asked as he hurried into the living room.
“I came here to play with my doll. And I pulled up the shades.” She said pointing to a nearby window. “There was an ugly man there. He had a gun in his hand.” She started to cry. “He ran away when I screamed.” She managed to say between sobs. I saw mom’s face become pale.
“Which way did he go?” dad asked her.
“He ran toward the driveway.” She sobbed.
“Are you sure he had a gun?”
She nodded. “He was holding it in his hand.” She shuddered as she remembered it.

02-24-2008, 08:34 PM
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02-24-2008, 09:01 PM
“Let’s go see if we can find anything.” Ahmed whispered to me.
We went to the front yard and looked around.
“You think she imagined it?” Khalid asked.
“I don’t think so. But we were in the backyard why didn’t we hear anything?” I said.
“Hey Khalil. The guy left a note for you.” Ahmed called. He was standing next to the car waving a small paper. We walked up to him and I took the paper.
“To: Khalil.” That was all it said.
“They didn’t finish whatever they were going to write.” I said as I turned the paper over. “Look at this. They drew a couple of pictures on it.”
“Let me see.” Khalid said. I handed the paper to him.
“A skull and a coffin.” He frowned. “Khalil you think this has anything to do with Amin?” he asked worriedly.
“I don’t know. You think Amin has a gun?”
“What are you boys looking at?” I heard dad ask. He walked up to us.
Khalid gave him the note. “Ahmed found this next to the car.”
Dad looked at it and frowned. He looked up at me.
“I don’t like this.” He murmured.

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03-02-2008, 07:46 PM
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“I don’t like this.” He murmured.
Suddenly we heard a loud crash. We turned our heads towards the street.
“What was that?” Ahmed asked.
We shrugged and walked to the next door house. There was a moving van next to it. Zakir was there. One of his little brothers Zaid was standing next to him.
“What are you doing?” dad asked him.
He was staring at a huge vase that lay next to his feet. The glass had scattered everywhere.
“Zaid was carrying it when he tripped.” He explained.
“Oh yeah. I just remembered. Zaki told me you guys were going to move in here. I totally forgot about it.” I remembered.
He nodded. Then his father came out of the house.
“Assalamu Alaykum!” he greeted us smilingly.
We answered the greeting, but his smile vanished as soon as he saw the broken glass.
“What happened?” he asked. Zakir explained to him.
“Well we should clean it up before someone gets hurt.” His dad said.
We stayed to help them get the furniture out then we went home.
And after eating dinner we went to sleep.
Suddenly I awoke to someone shaking me awake.
I looked up and saw Khalid standing over me.
He mentioned me to be quite. I sat up in my bed and wiped my eyes drowsily. He pointed towards the window and I looked there.
Ahmed was standing looking at something outside. I got up and joined him there. I looked outside the window but I didn’t see anything.
“Look at the bush over there.” Ahmed whispered pointing. There were two indistinctive figures hiding there. I looked back at Khalid.
“Should we go get dad?” he asked.
“You go. We’re gona go outside.” Ahmed answered for me. We opened the door. Khalid headed towards my parent’s room. I followed Ahmed outside. From the porch we could see them stand up and move towards dad’s car. I saw one of them take out a small pocket knife and thrust it into one of the tires slashing it.
“What?! What do they want?” I asked Ahmed.
“Shhh.” He hissed. I noticed that the guy was walking towards the other tire.
“He’s gona slash all of them. Are we suppose to stand here and watch?” I asked. I didn’t hear any response. Suddenly I felt a cold hand wrap around my neck.
“You’re suppose to be in bed.” The person hissed. He tightened his grip, and I gasped for air. I twisted trying to loosen his grip. It worked. But then to my horror I saw him shove his hand into his pocket. Even though it was dark outside I could see him sneer. One thing that caught my attention was the huge scar that was shaped like a star on his jaw bone. I took a step back but he took one too.
Then I saw someone walk up behind him and tackled him onto the ground. Khalid. I joined in. The man fought like a wild cat though; punching and kicking wildly he managed to get away and run of into the dark. The other man followed him. The yard soon flooded with light as dad came outside with Ahmed right behind him.
“Are you ok Khalil?” he asked. I nodded.
“I think we should call the police.” Dad said. We went back inside. Mom was pacing in the room nervously.
“Alhamdulillah You’re ok.” She exclaimed.
Soon a police man came and asked a few worthless questions.
“Did you see the person that attacked you?” he asked.
“Yes.” I answered.
“Can you describe him?”
“He was pretty tall. He had long black hair. And a star shaped scar on his cheek.” I answered him. He took a couple of notes and asked a few more question. Then he left. I glanced at my watch. Surprisingly it was almost Fajr. We went upstairs and made Wudu’.

03-02-2008, 08:04 PM
I was asleep when I heard a shout. I jumped up from my bed. I got up and looked out the window. A man was standing next to our front yard. I saw a hand poke out from the bush and pulled him away from view. I nudged Ahmed awake. Together we watched waiting to see if they would come out.
“Wake up Khalil. He’ll kill us if we let him sleep through this.” Ahmed said.
I shook Khalil. He looked up at me sleepily. I mentioned him to be quite. He got up drowsily and followed us to the window.
“Should we wake up dad?” I asked him.
“You go and get him up. I’ll go outside with Khalil.” I went towards dad’s room. I knocked on the door and waited. Dad opened the door. He yawned and stared at me.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Dad there are some guys outside hiding in the bushes.”
That seemed to get him up immediately. He went back into the room and got a powerful flashlight. He turned it on and I squinted at the light. He ran down the stairs and I followed him. When we got to the door he mentioned for me to be quite. We opened the door quietly and went outside. Dad turned of the light. I glanced around and saw Khalil. He was struggling with a man. Somehow he got out of the man’s grip, but then I saw the man place his hand into his pocket and step forwards. Khalil stepped back.
I ran up to them and tackled the guy down. Khalil joined into the fight.
But even though the man was outnumbered he somehow got away and ran into the darkness. Dad walked up to us. Ahmed was behind him.
“Are you ok?” he asked Khalil.
Khalil nodded. We went back inside and dad called the police.
After a while a policeman came and asked Khalil some questions.
“The man had a star shaped scar.” Khalil told the policeman.
After he took some notes he thanked us and left.
We went upstairs to get ready for Fajr.
Then I went outside with Khalil to check the tires. The man had slashed two of them. Khalil shook his head.
“That’s going to take a long time to fix. We won’t make it to the Masjid.”
“Let’s pray here then. At least it’s still Jama’ah.” I said.
We ended up praying together at home then we went outside to fix the flat tires. We watched as Ahmed raised up the car.

03-25-2008, 03:54 AM
After we finished changing the tires we went inside and everyone went in separate places. I followed Khalil to the family room. He was playing games on his laptop. I switched the TV on and surfed through the channels.
Mom came into the room. “Khalil can you take these books back to the Masjid Library?” she asked him. He took them and went outside. I went upstairs and fell asleep.

03-25-2008, 03:54 AM
“Hey Khalil!” I heard someone shout. I turned around and saw Zaki walking up to me. I had some books in my hands. Mom wanted me to take them to the library. “Where are you going?” he asked.
“To the Masjid. I have to return these books for mom.” I answered him.
“Can I tag along?” he asked. I nodded.
“You look exhausted.” He said.
“We had a long night.” I filled him in on what happened the night before.
“Wow! I can’t believe it. What did they want?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know.”
After a while I noticed him looking back a little bit.
“Hey, don’t look now but I think the guy is following us.” He whispered.
“What guy?” I asked trying not to look back.
“He’s been walking behind us for some time now.”
I stopped and placed the books on the ground. I acted like I was tying my shoelaces. The man seemed surprised. He paused for a second, and then he walked right past us whistling casually. I stood up and picked up the books. The man kept on walking. Now we were behind him but he made a quick turn forcing us to walk ahead of him. From the corner of my eye I could see him turn back and walk up behind us again.
“Do you know him?” Zaki asked me.
“No. But I’m sure I’ve seen him before. Except I can’t remember.” I whispered back.
“Is he the guy that attacked you last night?”
“No way. I would have noticed that guy; he had a star shaped scar on his left jaw bone. Besides he was bigger built then this man.”
“Yeah. This guy is just a pile of toothpicks. Let’s stop and ask him what he wants.” He said slowing down.
“Umm… ok.” I said reluctantly.
We stopped suddenly and whirled back to face the man. He was taken aback and he stumbled a few paces back.
“Hello.” I said casually.
“Oh…uh, hi.” He stammered.
“Why are you following us?” Zaki asked him straightforwardly.
“Following you? Now why would I do that?” he laughed nervously.
“Khalil look out!” Zaki shouted. I turned around and saw a black car racing towards me. I jumped aside just in time, the car raced right past us then screeched to a stop. Zaki helped me up and picked up the books. When we turned we saw a muscular man coming out of the car. There was another man behind him. I gasped when I recognized the second man. Zaki seemed to know who it was too. The man sneered at me.
“Are you hurt?” he scoffed as he walked towards us.
I stepped back. The skinny man was no where to be seen. I looked back at the men. They seemed that they wouldn’t be leaving without a good fight. They were the predators and we were the prey. I whispered a silent prayer. The scar man walked towards me with raised fists. Zaki stepped up next to me. “Oh so you want to stick with your friend don’t you.” The man sneered. He threw a punch at Zaki who stumbled back a bit. I was about to step up to him when I heard Zaki shout and point behind me and then I saw total blackness as I felt something hit the back of my head.

Thud. I hit my head on something. That bolt me awake from my uncautiousness. I tried to raise my hands to the back of my head which was throbbing. Then I realized that my hands were bound. I stretched my legs and felt them bump into someone or something that was next to me.
“Ow. Stop it Khalil.” It hissed. Zaki.
“Zaki? Where are we?” I whispered.
“In the trunk of that car that nearly ran you down. After they knocked you out they tied you up and at gun point they placed me in here.” He answered.
“Are you tied up?” I asked him.
“Yeah.” It was dark in here and I could hardly see anything. The only light came in from a small crack next to the lock. I could feel the car moving under us. Then it slowed down to a stop. Bang! I heard a door close. Then footsteps came closer to the trunk.
“Remember just do what they ask you. And try to act weak. Don’t fight back.” Zaki warned. I was about to reply when the trunk was snapped open. The light flooded into the small trunk. We blinked as we tried to get use to the light. Rough hands pulled us out. Then they marched us into a small room. I looked around. There was a small window but it was high up. There was nothing else in the room except a couch, and a small water faucet. They threw us into the room and locked the door behind us. I glanced at Zaki he was pacing up and down the room. I sat down on the couch.
“What are you doing?” I asked him as he started jumping up and down.
“I look silly don’t I?” he laughed. “I’m just trying to get my blood circulation going again. I hope they don’t cramp us up into the trunk again.” He chuckled as he sat on the floor.
“What do you think they want?” He asked me after a while.
“I don’t even know who they are. Except that they slashed our tires and nearly choked me last night.” I answered.
“I wish they would just take this rope of our hands. It’s eating through my flesh.” He complained. I sighed and leaned back on the couch trying to recollect my thoughts. Mom. She kept on popping up in my head. Then I sat bolt up. “Zaki! I just remembered something.” I exclaimed happily.
“What?” he asked looking up at me.
“What?” he asked confusedly.
“Mom, remember? She told me to take the books. I dropped them when the car nearly killed me. If these guys didn’t pick them up…then…”
“Then someone will know something happened to us.” He cut me off.
Then he got somber again. “But still, no one knows where we are. I mean neither do we.” He said. We heard the door creak open. We looked up and saw a huge overweight man standing at the entrance. The man with the scar was standing next to him. They both had evil looking expressions on their face. The fat man stepped into the room.
“Well Khalil we finally meet. This is great. I’ve always told my men how much I longed to see you.” He laughed. His laugh sent shivers down my back. “Well relax no one is going to hurt you or your dear friend. Yet.” He emphasized on the last word.
“Enjoy your life Khalil. It certainly will be a short one since I shall be taking it after a while.” He laughed his evil laugh again. I looked down at my bound hands. Ya Allah give me a chance to use my hands and overcome these men with them. Ya Allah help! I prayed silently in my heart. “Don’t worry we’ll untie your hands.” The man seemed to have read my mind. I looked up shocked. He started to laugh again.
I glanced at Zaki he was staring at the entrance. The scar man had a gun in his hands. He noticed us staring at him.
“Yes that’s Killer. Kevin Killer. He’s fuming mad bout last night. I suggest that you don’t get him angry. He might lose control and fire that thing.” The fat man said behind me. I looked back at him. He had a knife in his hand. I scooted away from him eying the knife. He laughed again.
“My, you certainly jump to conclusions pretty fast. I’m not gona hurt you I just want to untie the ropes.” He said. He took a step towards me. I moved back slightly. I still didn’t trust him. He squatted down in front of me. I watched carefully as he sawed through the thick rope. I was worrying that he might saw through my hands. When he was finished he stepped up to Zaki. When he was done he stood at the entrance and turned to us.
“Now listen carefully boys. I’m a pretty patient person, but if you get me mad… you don’t want to think about it. I have only two simple rules for my prisoners. Yet many have failed to accomplish them and they were…never mind. The first rule is, you must respect all my men. Don’t pick any fights with them. Second rule, no escaping. I have men every where. There is a small chance for you to escape. And if you do, well we know where to find you.”
After that he left. The scar man came and threw us some blankets.
“Sleeping is the only thing you can do here.” He smiled evilly. “We’ll bring you your food later on. Your food and your friend. Like you he had a big mouth.” Then he left, and the door was closed. Locked.
“Which friend?” Zaki asked me.
I shrugged but I was pretty sure who it was. Big mouth? Then this had to be connected to Amin and them someway.
“What does he mean big mouth, Khalil?” Zaki asked again.
I was quite for a while as I tried to decide if I should tell him. Why not? So I filled him in. He was speechless.
“So that explains it.” He thought aloud after a while.
“Explains what?” I asked.
“The fight between you and Yunus.”
“Yeah. He thinks I told his dad, but I didn’t.
“So Yusuf is the friend with the big mouth?” he chuckled. I nodded.
“How are we ever going to get out of this place.” I asked getting up.
“Only Allah knows.” He mumbled.
“If we ever get out of here, remind me to never go anywhere with you.” He said after a while. I pretended not to hear.
I went to the faucet and made wudu’. Then I took one of the blankets and placed it on the floor.
“It’s Dhuhr time. But which way do you think is the Qiblah?” I asked him.
He glanced at the window. “I can’t tell. The window is too high up to see from. Just pray to which ever direction seems right to you.” He said as he headed towards the faucet.
So after a few seconds of thinking I chose a direction and started praying.
One ayah came to my mind. Is it not He who responds to the distressed one, when he calls on him, and who removes the evil, and makes you inheritors of the earth, generations after generations? Is there any Ilah (god) with Allah? Little is that you remember! From surah An-Naml. I repeated it and repeated it asking Allah to help us.

03-25-2008, 03:55 AM
I felt someone shaking me awake. Thinking it was Khalil I turned on my bed and buried my head under the pillow.
“Khalid.” I heard my mom’s voice say. I slowly sat up and turned to look at her. She seemed worried.
“What happened?” I asked her.
“Nothing. Do you know if your brother came back?” she asked.
“I don’t think so. Why?”
“He’s been gone for more then two hours now.”
“He’s probably at the Masjid.” I said but she seemed more worried. “I’ll go with Ahmed to check. It’s almost Dhuhr.” I said as I swung my legs of the bed and went to the bathroom.
Five minutes later I was walking to the Masjid with Ahmed. We heard someone call us and we turned around. Zakir was hurrying to catch up with us. “Do you guys know where Zaki is?” he asked.
We shook our heads.
“Zaid said he saw him leaving with Khalil.” He said.
“We can’t find Khalil either. Mom sent him to the Masjid to return some books. It’s been more then two hours and he’s still hasn’t come back.” I remarked.
“They’re probably playing basketball or something.” Zakir said trying to lift our spirits. He was always so positive.
We walked towards the Masjid in silence.
“When are people ever going to learn not to liter?” Ahmed asked pointing ahead of us. It looked like someone had thrown his books on the floor.
As we came closer I felt my heart sink. They must have realized this because they asked me what was wrong.
I picked up one of the books. It looked like someone had stepped on it. The others were in better condition though.
“These are Mom’s books.” I said quietly.
“Your mom’s? How’d they get here?” Zakir asked.
“Khalil was taking them to the library.” I frowned as I pondered over what would make him throw the books.
“You think something happened to him?” Ahmed asked quietly.
I forced the idea to the back of my head.
“Let’s go to the Masjid.” I said and they followed me quietly.
When we got there Sheikh Fiez was just leaving.
“Assalamu Alaykum Sheikh.” I said trying to smile but it was unsuccessful.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam. Is something wrong?” he asked.
“Have you seen Khalil or Zaki today?” I asked.
“No, I haven’t. Did something happen?”
“Umm… we can’t actually find them. Khalil was supposed to have brought these books to the Masjid about two hours ago. We saw them scattered on the street just now.” I answered.
“Let’s go inside. Maybe Sheikh Muhammad has seen him.” He said.
We went inside to the Sheikh’s office he was on the phone so we waited outside. I glanced at Zakir. He seemed so worried.
I was surprised; Zakir was usually happy and optimistic.
Sheikh Muhammad opened his door and told us to come in.
He immediately noticed our worried faces. “What happened?” he asked.
We sat down and related to him what happened.
“Subhanallah…I can’t believe this.” He said as he shook his head.
“Have you seen them?” I asked hopefully even though I knew what the answer was going to be. He shook his head sadly.
“Where’s your dad?” he asked me.
“At home with mom.” I sighed and leaned back in my chair.
“Should we call the police?” Zakir asked.
“They won’t do anything about it because they’ve been gone for only a couple of hours. For a search to take place they have to be missing for about twenty-four hours.” Ahmed remarked. I looked into space thoughtfully. Khalil can take care of himself I’m sure, but can he stand against some thugs with guns in both hands? The more I thought about it the more my worry increased. I didn’t notice Sheikh Fiez talking to me until he placed his hand on my shoulder. I jumped.
“Don’t worry Khalid, we’ll find them Inshallah. They can’t have gone that far.” He said trying to cheer me up.
My thoughts went back to Khalil and for some reason I remembered that day that we fought and he wrote me that note. (I like it when you get me out of all the messes I get in. Even though we’re brothers I think you’re my best buddy. And I’m proud of that. ) I’ll get you out of this one too, I thought. I made a promise to my self to not stop until I found out what had happened to Khalil. After staying at the Masjid and praying we went home with dad. Zakir stayed with his dad. When we got home Ahmed went to the room. I went to the kitchen. Khadeejah was making lunch. She was cutting onions and her tears were pouring out. I knew it wasn’t the onions that were making her cry. Khadeejah was the only person in our family that could cut a hundred onions and not shed one tear. “You ok?” I asked as I leaned against the counter and stared at her. She just nodded. I looked up as mom came in.
“What happened?” she asked me.
“Umm…we went to the Masjid but he wasn’t there.” I said simply not wanting to upset her more. She sat down on a chair and faced me.
“Where do you think he is?” she asked. I shrugged. I glanced back at Deej; she was staring out the window absentmindedly.
I went upstairs to dad’s office. He was pacing back and forth while talking on the phone. I sat down and waited for him to finish talking. When he did he sat down behind his desk and placed his head on his hands.
He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “What are we going to do?” he asked out loud, more to himself though.
“Do you think Yusuf knows where they are?” I asked hopefully.
He shook his head. “I just spoke with Amu Jihad. He says Yusuf is not there either. Yusuf went outside to take out the trash. He didn’t come back so after twenty minutes they got uneasy and went outside. The trash was scattered all over the floor and Yusuf was gone.” Dad shook his head like he couldn’t believe it. I sat there quietly not knowing what to say.
Dad’s phone rang again so I went outside to our room and threw myself onto Khalil’s bed.
“This is so stupid.” I said to no one in particular.
“Yeah. We’re sitting here wondering what to do and Zaki and Khalil are God knows where. I hope they’re ok.” Ahmed looked up from his book.
“Yusuf’s missing too.” I told him as I sat up.
“No way! This is more then a coincidence.” He exclaimed.
“I’m surprised Yunus isn’t missing.” I mumbled to myself.
“What?” Ahmed asked.
“You said something about Yunus.” He said.
“Forget it.”
“I’ve never seen you like this before, Khalid. You remind me so much of Khalil.”
I didn’t say anything.
“Ahmed you wana go to Amu Rashid’s house?” I asked after a while.
“Why?” he asked as he looked at me confusedly.
“It’s not far from here so we can walk. Besides Amu Rashid is a police officer and maybe he can help us.” I said getting excited.
“Maybe he can search a little about that man with the scar on his face.”
“Which man?”
“The one that attacked Khalil last night. You know he had a star shaped scar on his face.”
“Yeah. But how is knowing about the guy going to help us?”
I was getting frustrated by his questions. “It’ll help us in everyway. I have a feeling that the scar man has something to do with this.”
“Oh my God Ahmed! Stop asking so many questions!” I replied angrily.
“Ok no need to explode. Are you sure you’re not Khalil?” He joked but I didn’t find it funny at all. My brother’s missing and he’s cracking jokes.
“Let’s just go.” I said as I headed out the door. He followed me out.

03-25-2008, 03:55 AM
We both sat quietly on the blankets asking Allah to help us. Just then we heard the door open we turned around to see a tall man come in with a tray of food. Behind him was Yusuf. He wasn’t tied up though. When the man left he smirked.
“Hey guys.” He said happily.
I exchanged glances with Zaki. “What’s there to be happy bout?” Zaki asked him. Yusuf chuckled.
“Why are you so cheerful?” I asked him.
“Just wait until I tell you. Scoot over.” He said to me as he sat down next to us. He glanced over his shoulder then he turned towards us.
“Yesterday I went to the Masjid. Amin was in the back lot talking on his cell. And I overheard him saying something about us getting captured or something like that so I came prepared.” He beamed. We didn’t say anything. I knew this had something to do with Amin.
“Guess what I brought with me.” He said as he stood up.
He didn’t let us guess he just started pulling stuff out of his pockets.
“First I got a few bucks. Two hundred to be exact.” He said pulling out his wallet. He threw it at me.
“How did you manage to get two hundred?!” I asked as I caught it.
“It’s from my Eid money.” He said.
“What are we going to need money for?” Zaki asked.
“We’re going to need it if we ever get out of this place.” Yusuf explained. “And you’ll never guess what else I got.” He said excitedly. He fished through his pockets and took out a pen.
“A pen?” Zaki asked. “What do we need a pen for?”
“It’s not a pen. It’s a spray gun.” He said throwing it towards us.
“Cool. Can we test it on you?” I asked jokingly.
He ignored the comment and tossed a small container to me.
“They’re tacks. I don’t know if we’re going to need them but I got them just in case.”
“You should have brought some rope.” Zaki said as he took the tacks.
“I’m way ahead of you.” Yusuf chuckled. He pulled up his shirt. He had a long piece of rope wrapped around his waist. Zaki and I tried our best to stifle our laughter. He ignored us. “You’re going to be thanking me one day. Besides there was no other place to put the rope.”
We got serious after that.
“The last thing is the best. A GPS.” He said proudly as he pulled out a small devise that fit in his palm.
“Cool. I didn’t even think of that. We’re going to need it if we want to tell where we are.” Zaki remarked happily.
“One thing I forgot is my cell phone.” Yusuf said soberly.
“Yeah I wish I brought mine with me, but who thought I’d need it when I’m just returning some books.” I replied.
“You’re forgetting something.” Zaki said after a bit. We looked at him. “How are we going to get out of here if that guy has guards everywhere?” he asked. We both looked back at Yusuf.
He pointed at the window. “We’ll climb out. Besides the boss only has about five men and that’s it. We’ll wait until its night time then we’ll try to go.” He said.
“How will we know what time it is?” Zaki asked again. I pointed at my watch. “It works.” I told him.
I glanced at it. “It’s Asr time you guys.”

03-25-2008, 03:55 AM
Mom asked us where we were going and I told her we were going to visit Amu Rashid. She looked at us suspiciously but she didn’t say anything.
We mainly walked in silence. I was thinking about what we were going to say to Amu Rashid when Ahmed broke into my thoughts.
“Weekends are supposed to be for relaxing and having fun but here we are looking for your missing brother and we don’t even know where to start.” He remarked. “I wish we had even one clue to go on.” He went on.
I didn’t say anything.
“What do you think Amu Rashid is going to do?” he asked me.
I shrugged. “I don’t know but he’s the only person I can think of right now.”
We reached their house and knocked on the door. Amu Rashid’s son Yahya opened the door. He was about nine years old. He stared at us.
“Hi Khalid.” he said happily.
“Is your dad home?” I asked him.
He nodded. “He’s in the backyard planting.” He answered.
“Can we see him?”
He opened the door wide so we could come in. Then he took us to the back yard and went back inside the house to resume playing.
Amu Rashid looked up when he saw us. He smiled.
“Assalamu Alaykum boys! What brings you to my house?” he asked cheerfully.
We answered his greetings then I told him what happened and he looked greatly concerned and surprised.
“How long has he been missing right now?” he asked.
“Right now it’s been about five to four hours.” I told him.
“Also another one of his close friends Yusuf, Amu Jihad’s son, has gone missing. He went out to take out the trash and that’s the last time they saw him.” I said. He scratched his head as he thought.
“Hmmm… this is serious. I’ll alert a search party for them. Right now I think you guys should stay at home. I’ll see what I can do about this.”
So we left after that. When we got home dad had already left. I asked Mom where he went but she didn’t know. She said a tall skin man had come while we were away. He told dad that he knows what happened to Khalil. Dad went somewhere with him.

03-25-2008, 03:56 AM
Soon after we prayed Isha we sat down on one of the blankets and discussed what we were going to do. The Boss’s men have checked up on us about three times that day.
“If we even escape they’ll find out in less then a split second.” Zaki commented. Yusuf sat thinking. He glanced at the couch then to the door then back. His face lit up all of a sudden.
“I have a great idea.” He said getting up.
We looked at him waiting for him to explain.
“What time is it?” he asked me. I glanced at my watch.
“it’s almost nine-thirty.” I answered.
“Ok then we’ll wait till one o’clock tonight. Then we’ll dispatch my plan.”
“Which is?”
“You’ll see.” He said mysteriously. “We’ll go to sleep for now and then we’ll wake up at one o-clock. Except we don’t have an alarm.”
“I have my watch. It has a small alarm.” I told him.
“Great. I call the couch.” He exclaimed as he threw himself onto the couch. Zaki and I each took a blanket and layed down. I set my alarm then after a while I was asleep.
I woke up a few hours later to the sound of my alarm. For a moment I forgot where I was and I looked around me and remembered that I was a captive somewhere on this earth. I stood up and stretched. Then I went to the sink and washed my face. I walked up to Yusuf and Zaki and woke them up. Zaki pulled the blanket over his head but after a few minutes he got up. Yusuf was energetic like always. He stood up and looked at us.
“Listen you guys. If we mess up, we’re history.”
“Thanks for the encouragement.” Zaki mumbled.
“Ok first thing: keep your voices low. You never know who’s awake. Besides we want them to think we’re still sleeping.”
We nodded.
“Second thing we do is, we have to move the couch against the door.”
“Why?” I asked him.
“Look around the room is small right? If we place the couch horizontally against the door, it will reach the other side of the room. That way if they try to open the door, the couch will be stopping them. And they wont be able to get in.”
“They’ll just bomb it and make a hole then come in. How simple is that?” Zaki quipped.
“Come on you guys get serious. Even if they get in, we’ll be long gone before then Inshallah. So help me move this thing before they decide to check on us. Then I’ll tell you the next step.”
We helped him move the couch. He made us pick it up instead of pushing it. He was worried that it would make some noise that would draw attention towards us. When we finished we turned back to him.
He took out his rope. “We’re gona have to find a way to get up there.” He said pointing to the window which was twice as tall as me.
“I have an idea.” Zaki said. “If I give Khalil a boost I’m sure he can get up there. Then we can toss him the rope and he can pull us up.”
“Why me? I asked. “Besides if I do mange to pull you guys up how are we going to get down? We don’t even know what’s on the other side.”
“Still, it’s worth a try.” Yusuf said.
“Come on Khalil.” Zaki encouraged.
I agreed and he gave me a boost. I grabbed the window sill and pulled myself up. The window was open and I looked down. It wasn’t that far down; about twice my height though.
“You think we can get down?” Yusuf whispered. I nodded. They threw me the rope and I caught it.
“Who’s first?” I asked. Yusuf volunteered.
I dangled down the rope and he grabbed on. I pulled him up but it was hard. My arms strained and my muscles ached. Finally he managed to grasp the window sill. He pulled himself up and looked down.
“Throw the rope that way and I’ll slide down.” He said.
So I did and he got down. As soon as he landed on the ground he hurried and climbed one of the trees.
“Hurry up Khalil.” Zaki called. I groaned at the thought of having to pull him up too. But I threw down the rope to him and he grasped it. I pulled him up and worried that my arm would rip of its socket. When he was only a few feet away from the ground I felt the rope slip from my hand. I tried to get a better grip but it was too late it had slipped. Luckily Zaki wasn’t that far from the ground and he jumped safely down. I massaged my aching arms. I glanced down. Yusuf had climbed down from the tree. He was standing next to Zaki. They both beckoned me to jump. Are they crazy?! I’ll break every bone in my body I thought.
“Come on Khalil, we’ll catch you. Hurry up.” Yusuf hissed. I took the chance and jumped. They broke my fall and caught me.
“Let’s go. We cant waste a single second.” Yusuf said. We followed him through the dark. We crept through the trees and bushes trying our best to not step on any twigs. After we walked for twenty minutes we stopped and caught our breath. My arms still ached.
“You guys weigh about a million tons.” I complained. They both chuckled.
“Let’s try to see if we can get a signal on the GPS we have to know where we are.” Yusuf said as he took out his GPS. After a while he put it away.
“There’s no signal?” I asked.
“There is. I saved the location since we don’t have a paper or pencil to write it on.” He said.
“Let’s keep on walking then. The farther we are from this place the better.” Zaki whispered. We got up and kept on going.
We were about two miles away when Zaki asked me what time it was.
“Three in the morning.” I answered.
“There’s a small town coming up. Maybe we can find some help there.” Zaki said.
Yusuf shook his head. “That’s too obvious. That would be the first place they’d check for us. Besides we don’t know any one there or if there will be and open stores at this time. It’s pretty late.”
“Early you mean.” Zaki corrected.
We kept on walking. My legs were starting to hurt but I didn’t say anything.
I think we walked about four miles when Yusuf let us stop. We were still concealed behind the trees and greenery.
“We should preserve our strength. We wouldn’t want to wear it off.” He said. That’s just like Yusuf. I thought. He always thought of everything.
After ten minutes we started walking again.
“Yusuf?” I heard Zaki say.
“Where are we going?” he asked. Yusuf didn’t answer. I guess he doesn’t know. I thought.
“I don’t know.” He confessed. “I have my mind set on finding a busy city or town where we can get help.” He said. We walked in silence for a while then he spoke up again.
“Do you guys want to know where we are?” he asked. We both nodded.
“First of all we’re not in Portland and believe it or not, we’re not in Oregon…”
“We’re out of state?” Zaki interrupted him.
“Yeah. We’re in Washington. Seattle Washington to be exact.” He whispered. We were still trying to be quiet just in case. We were on the edge of the highway in the woods so we were sure no one could see us but we weren’t going to take any chances.
I glanced at my watch it was near six o-clock.
“Yusuf maybe we should try to get help now. It’s almost six. Most stores will be opening by now.”
“Ok that sign says there’s a food stop about one and half mile away.”
So we kept on walking until we got to the exit. I was surprised at how lit up the streets were here. We saw many gas stations but Yusuf refused to stop at them.
“We want to find some busy place with a lot of light and a lot of people.”
We got to a supermarket. Yusuf hesitated at first but then complied to go in. It was just opening and there weren’t that many people.
Yusuf took out his GPS.
“We’re approximately nine miles away from that place. I need a paper and pencil but I don’t want to buy them.” He chuckled.
“Why not?” Zaki asked.
“I don’t want to waste any money. We might need it later.”
“You want to ask the clerk if he has any.” Zaki asked.
“It’s a she you guys.” I corrected.
Yusuf walked up to the counter with the GPS device in his hands.
“Hi. Umm…I was wondering if you might have a pen and paper. I have to write this down immediately.” He told her.
“Yes I have some right here.” She said as she bent down to get a small notepad. She ripped a page out for him and then she gave him a pen.
“Thanks.” He said as he turned and walked towards us.
He scribbled something down and then stuffed the paper into his pocket.
“What do we do now?” I asked him.
“Call the police?” he asked. Zaki and I agreed. There wasn’t anything else we could do anyways. Yusuf took charge again.
“There’s a pay phone in the front of the store. Some one has to go and call. It’ll be better if two of us stay here. Other wise they will spot us. Three is easier to spot then one. Who wants to go?”
“I’ll go.” I volunteered half heartedly. I took the note from Yusuf and some change then I went outside. I dialed operator and asked to be connected to the police. The man asked me my name and what I wanted to report. I told him everything from since I left the house until now. Then he asked me if I knew where their hideout was located. I glanced at the paper and told him the exact altitude.
“We measured where we were after we escaped. But the place will be a few yards away though.”
“Don’t worry. We’ll find it. Right now I’m going to send a squad car to pick up you and your friends. Also you may want to contact your parents. Don’t leave the supermarket under any circumstances.” He warned.

03-25-2008, 03:56 AM
After that I hung up and went back inside. Yusuf and Zaki were in the electronics section. I walked up to them.
“They told me that we have to stay here until a squad car comes and picks us up. The man said we should try to contact our parents too.” I told them. Yusuf seemed doubtful.
“It’s pretty early I doubt that they would be awake. We’d just be wasting money if we called and no one picked up.” He said.
“Why are you all about money all of a sudden?” Zaki asked jokingly.
Yusuf ignored him. We looked through the electronics until we heard a voice boom from behind us. We turned around and saw a policeman standing behind us. He looked at us for a bit.
“Which one of you is Khalil?” He asked.
“I am.” I answered.
“I’ve been ordered to pick up a Khalil, Zaki, and Yusuf.” He said as he read a small slip of paper. We followed him outside and he told us to get into his police car. He drove to the police station and we got out. Compared to the rest of the city which was all shabby, the police station was new and clean. The man took us to a room. They started searching our pockets and they took almost everything Yusuf brought with him.
“Why?” Yusuf asked them.
“Don’t worry we’ll keep your stuff safe here. You can have them back when you’re leaving.”
Then they took us to another room where we had to sit waiting for over three hours. I glanced at my watch it was nearing Dhuhr time.
I got up and walked over to the police man who was standing next to the door.
“We have to pray.” I told him.
He shook his head. “Not now. I’m not aloud to let you leave this room under any circumstances.” I was about to argue when I felt some ones hand on my shoulder. Zaki was standing next to me.
“Don’t worry Khalil. We can pray later at Asr time. We’re considered to be traveling so we can combine our prayers together.” We walked back and sat down next to Yusuf and waited for another three hours.
Finally they let us go to the bathroom to make wudu’. Then we prayed in a little room. They placed a guard to watch us.
“Why are they guarding us so much? It’s not like we did anything wrong.” Yusuf murmured later when we finished praying. They escorted us to a small room. Another guy who I think was the chief was sitting on a huge chair. He looked up when we came in.
“Hello boys. Sit down.” He said in a voice that wasn’t really hospitable.
We sat down on a bench that was in the room. The other policeman gave a slight nod then he left.
“Tell me, what’s going on.” The chief said staring at us coldly.
I opened my mouth to talk but Yusuf started before me.
When he was finished the chief looked at us from one face to the other.
“You said there was a man named Kevin Killer?” he asked as he got up and started pacing in front of us. We all nodded.
“Well let me tell you this. We brought in every worker in that factory that you were held captive in and we couldn’t find a single man that fit your description of Kevin Killer. Furthermore, they have all testified that there were three boys who have been working for the boss by selling and trading drugs. Does that sound familiar to you?” he asked.
I couldn’t hold myself. “Are you accusing us?” I retorted angrily.
The man didn’t seem to change his cold and unfriendly mood.
“Do you have any other explanation?” he asked.
“Yes! I do. And…” I started but he cut me off.
“Right now you don’t have to say anything. First we want to the other prisoners to identify you three.” He said as he mentioned us to follow him from the room. We walked behind him slowly.
He took us to stand behind a glass window. There was a group of people behind it. None of them looked friendly.
“Try not to look nervous.” Yusuf whispered to us.
They squinted at us and some of them shook their heads others nodded pointing straight at us.
“How could they say that? We’ve never even seen them before!” Zaki whispered to us. We could see some officers questioning the men. After an hour they took them away.
Then a few officers took us back to the chief’s office. This time they stayed.
“Well the majority of them say it’s you.” He said smiling – a smile that had no warmth.
“Can we talk now?” I asked between clenched teeth.
He stared at me for a moment before saying yes.
“First of all, we have never in our life seen these people.” I started. Yusuf and Zaki nodded in agreement.
“They’re mistaking us for these other boys in our community. We know them personally. In fact one of them is my brother Yunus. He and two of his friends have been mixed up with these drug dealers. My father had just found out about it only a while ago. I doubt that they’ve seen these guys either. They’re just making false accusations so they themselves won’t get into trouble.” Yusuf remarked angrily.
“Also if we were dealing with something wrong why would we go to the police and give ourselves in?!” Zaki said. We were all staring at them angrily. I couldn’t believe that they were trusting some thugs’ words over ours. Stereotyping. If it wasn’t that I don’t know what else it was.
“Well the first thing we’ll be doing is calling your parents to let them know you’re ok. Then we’ll take you to a hotel to spend the night in.”
He gave us a paper to write our name, parents’ name, address, and phone number. I wrote down dad’s cell phone. Then I passed it down to each of them. When we were done we followed another officer out.
When we were leaving they gave back Yusuf all his stuff.
Then we got into the police car. He drove us to a hotel that wasn’t far from the police station. It wasn’t actually a five star hotel but it wasn’t too bad. It seemed clean and organized so I didn’t mind. It wasn’t crowded either. The police man who’s name tag said Rodney walked up to the reception desk and talked to the clerk there. After that he escorted us to our room and turned to talk to us.
“You will be staying here until we can get in contact with your parents. You are not allowed to leave the hotel unless you ask permission from the chief. We expect you to remain in good conduct. You may order whatever you need from room service. Also feel free to roam around the hotel they have a basketball court downstairs and a private indoor swimming pool upstairs. You may reserve it for yourselves when ever you like. Good Bye.” He said and left closing the door after him.
“Talk about bossy. He treats us like little kids.” Yusuf said as he threw himself onto his bed. He took the middle one and I chose the one on his left side. Zaki took the other one. Zaki sat up on his bed and glanced at us.
“What do you think is going to happen?” he asked us.
I shrugged. “What do you think happened to Kevin Killer?” I asked.
“He probably ran away as soon as he found out that we escaped.” Yusuf remarked. He was reading a newspaper he found on the drawer next to his bed.
“What about the boss?” I asked him again.
He was half listening and he just shrugged.
“I guess they caught him. Or maybe he got away too. I don’t remember seeing him in that crowd that was identifying us.” Zaki answered.
“Let’s pray you guys. It’s nearly past Maghrib.” Zaki said after a while.
I headed to the bathroom and made Wudu’ then I took one of the sheets and laid it on the floor. When we prayed we sat there in silence each of us observed with our own thoughts. After a while we all went to sleep.
I woke up later at fajr when my watch started beeping. I forced myself out of bed and glanced out of the window. I was surprised at how much it was raining. I could hardly see anything outside.
I went and made wudu, and then I woke them up. At least I tried. Zaki got up but Yusuf just groaned and turned on his bed.
“Come on Yusuf!” I said trying to shake him up.
“If you don’t hurry up, we’re gona pray without you.” Zaki called from the other side of the room as he placed one of the extra sheets on the floor.
Yusuf ignored us a bit then he threw the covers off and went to the bathroom. I rolled my eyes and joined Zaki. We prayed two rakahs for Sunnah as we waited for Yusuf to come out. We were taking turns on who would be Imam. Right now it was Yusuf’s turn.
He finally came out and we waited as he prayed his own Sunnah prayer. Then he stood in front of us and picked up his hands up to his ears and called a quick Iqamah. I stood in line with Zaki and we waited for him to start. He paused for a second then he raised his hands again.
“Allahu Akbar!” he said and he brought his hands down to his chest. We followed in unison. He read the Fatihah and paused for a second as he decided on a surah. He recited Al-Inshirah. One ayah caught my attention. Verily with every hardship there is ease.
When we were finished we sat down and quietly made dhikr. Zaki broke the silence after a while.
“You know, right now it’s like we’re under hotel arrest.” He joked.
“I know. I’ve experienced it before.” I answered but my mind was in its own world. I was thinking about what was going to happen and my mind was making all sorts of stories. I shook my head to loosen my thoughts.
“What? Was it that bad?” Yusuf asked.
“No. I’m just thinking about something else.” I answered.
Suddenly Zaki held up his hand for us to be quite.
“Did you guys hear that?” he asked. He was whispering.
I glanced at Yusuf and we both shook our heads.
He got up and crept up to the door. All of a sudden he pulled open the door. A boy of about fifteen fell into the room. He was eavesdropping!
I stood up and so did Yusuf. I saw surprise in the boy’s eyes. He jumped up and tried to run but Zaki was standing at the entrance. He realized he couldn’t run away. His shoulders sagged and he looked up looking totally defeated. For a moment I felt sorry for him. Yet he seemed so familiar.
“Listen. We’re not gona hurt you. Just tell us why you were eavesdropping.” Yusuf told him.
“No! It’s not what you…” He started but then he stopped and looked up.
I followed his gaze. A big muscular man was running toward our room. A clerk was right behind him trying to stop him. He didn’t seem to be having any luck. The boy seemed terrorized when he saw them.
The man burst into our room. He glared at each of us. When his eyes rested on the boy they looked like they would emerge from their sockets.
“What are you doing to my nephew?!” he shouted. I couldn’t decide which was scarier his voice or him. He grabbed the boy by the arm and started pulling him out of the room. They boy was beyond terrified he was horrified. But he didn’t pull back he just followed the man.
The clerk stood at the entrance. He placed his hands on his hips. For a moment I remembered Khawla. He shook a skinny finger at the man.
“I should have you reported. You broke a valuable vase and you have disturbed our peace. This will not be tolerated. I will have to ask you to leave and never come back to my hotel.”

03-25-2008, 03:57 AM
The man looked as if he would blow up. He walked up to the man and spoke between clenched teeth. “You don’t tell me what to do.” He said in a quite voice even though it sounded like he was shouting.
The clerk was gona argue. I could tell and he did.
“I so can tell you what to do. I’m in charge at the hotel today. I… OOMPH!” he didn’t finish his sentence. The man had socked him. The blow sent him flying backward. He banged his head hard on the floor. Ouch. I thought. That must have hurt. The man smirked and walked away in a quick stride pulling the boy behind him. None of us moved for a second. Then I saw Zaki kneel down next to the clerk. I joined him and checked the man’s pulse. It was still strong. And he was breathing.
Zaki looked up at me. “I think he just got uncautious. Call the hotel doc Yusuf.” He said. I helped him pick up the guy and lay him down on one of the beds. Yusuf hurried to the phone that was between my bed and his.
As soon as he finished a man with a doctor’s suite came knocked on our door. We let him in and he hurried towards the bed. He seemed nervous like and I hoped he knew what he was doing. He checked the clerk’s pulse and breathing. “I think he just lost cautiousness. Yes he just lost cautiousness.” He said in a jumpy voice.
“Some doctor.” Zaki mumbled to me. I held back a smile. The man seemed completely out of his mind. He looked frail and thin as if he hadn’t eaten for a week. I guessed he’d be blown away with the first breeze. Yusuf walked up behind him to ask him something.
“Excuse me?” he said. The man jumped up so high in fright. Yusuf stared at him for a second. His face showed clear surprise.
“You shouldn’t scare an old man like that. You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t.” the man stammered. Yusuf backed away from him. I tried not to laugh.
Then we heard a knock at the door. I walked up and opened it.
A tall man looked down at me. A tag on his shirt pocket read Manager.
I let him in and he walked up to the doctor.
“How is he?” he asked.
“He’s fine. Yes, he’s fine.” The Doctor replied.
“That’s good. I was worried for a second. Jim is one of my favorite clerks.”
“He will wake up soon. He will, soon.” The doctor said bobbing his head up and down. And true to his word Jim woke up in a few minutes. He blinked a couple of times before raising a hand to his mouth and gasped.
“Oh. I have to get back to the desk.” He said as he tried to get up. The manager man pushed him down.
“Don’t bother yourself Jim. I’ll get you to one of the rooms so you can rest.” He said as he helped the man out of the room. The doctor followed them. When he got to the door, he looked back at us and waved.
“Good bye boys. Good bye boys.” He said as he closed the door behind him. When he left Yusuf fell on his bed laughing.
“Talk about weird.” He remarked.
I grinned. “Why do you think he repeats everything twice?”
Zaki shrugged. “You guys are laughing bout the doc. What about that guy and the kid? Why do you think they were here?”
We got serious and Yusuf sat up. “I don’t know. But I do know one thing. It’s still early and I’m going back to sleep.” He said.
“You don’t wana find out bout that man?” I asked. He shook his head.
“Fine then. Good bye Yusuf. Good Bye.” Zaki joked.

03-25-2008, 03:57 AM
“Do you know who he is?” Ahmed asked me. I shook my head. Dad had a lot of friends and I didn’t know all of them. The man was probably someone he knew. But I kept my hopes up. The man said he knew something about where Khalil is, I hope they find him.
“Oh Ahmed, your parents are coming back tomorrow.” Mom told him. He nodded. “They called me last night and told me.” He said.
“We’ll go and pick them up from the airport tomorrow Inshallah.” Mom said as she turned to go to the kitchen. I could tell she had a lot going on in her head. She’s probably worried about Khalil I thought.
I locked my self upstairs in my room, trying to think when I heard a knock on the door. Ahmed opened it and came in.
“My parents are coming tomorrow you know.” He said obviously trying to remind me even though I just heard mom say that about three minutes ago. He took out his suitcase and started piling his clothes in.
I watched him for a moment. “What are you doing?”
“Packing up.” He answered. “I’m gona miss staying here.” He kind of chuckled.
I didn’t reply.
“You know I’m praying so much that your brother comes back or is found.” He said. I stared at him.
“You want to know why?” he asked. I shrugged.
“It’s because you’re so boring and grumpy now. You were so cool to hang out with before. Hey don’t take it as an offence.” He said when he saw a frown growing on my face. I lay back on my bed. My whole mind was foggy and I couldn’t think of anything. Ahmed lingered around a bit.
“You want to shoot some hoops?” he asked hopingly. I shook my head. I didn’t feel like doing anything right now. He shrugged and went outside.
I must have fallen asleep. I woke up with dad shaking me up.
“Come on Khalid. You’re going to miss the Maghrib prayer if you don’t get up.”
I got up and after a while we were all walking to the Masjid. By now news had spread out in the small Muslim community and after Salah almost everyone crowded around dad, Amu Jihad, and Amu Nadir.
They all expressed how sorry they were and that they were willing to do anything to help. Sheikh Yusuf was there too. Sheikh Ahmed had said that he was going to leave soon but Sheikh Yusuf was staying. Khalil and I were happy about that. I walked away and stood outside. It was raining pretty hard but I didn’t mind. I glanced at the Masjid entrance and remembered last Ramadan when Khalil and I would stand there with the rest of our friends in the rain. I pictured Zaki with his long jet black hair, wet, and plastered on his face as he laughed along with us. And I pictured Yusuf who was always joking around with Khalil and always refusing to go inside no matter how bad the weather was. I felt a big lump rising up my throat; I swallowed it back down and forced back the tears that were threatening to spill out. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled I whirled around nearly throwing the man out of balance. Shiekh Muhammad was behind me. He seemed startled at my reaction.
“Sorry Khalid. I didn’t mean to startle you.” He said. He was quite for a bit. “You remind me a lot of Khalil right now. He had always liked to daydream and have his head in the clouds.” He chuckled. I grew tense.
“What do you mean, had?” I asked snappily. I hadn’t meant to sound so rude but it just came out and it was too late to take it back. He didn’t seem bothered by it though.
“No, I didn’t mean it that way Khalid.” He sighed. “I know you’re worried about your brother. Just keep on praying to Allah that He keeps him safe. Who knows if you’re sincere he might be knocking at your door the next day.” The sheikh said. Then he walked away and engaged into a conversation with another man. His talk kind of lifted my spirits but I still felt gloomy. I didn’t feel like staying for the Halaqah and we went home. I was upstairs in Dad’s library when Khawlah and Khadeejah came in.
“Hi Khalid.” Khawlah said cheerfully. I looked up from the book I was reading. They started searching the shelves until they found the book they were looking for. Then they sat down on the floor and looked through the books. Khadeejah started scribbling down some notes.
“What are you two doing?” I asked them.
“It’s for class. The teacher made us partners so we’re working on our essays together. Right now we’re just looking for some info.” Khawla explained. When they finished they put away the book but they stayed in the room.
“You know, the house seems so strange and empty without Khalil.” Khawla remarked. She was sitting behind dad’s desk with her chin in her hands.
“Yeah. I really hope he’s Ok.” Khadeejah said.
We all sat in silence for a while then I got up and went downstairs. After praying Isha with dad and Ahmed I went back upstairs. The rest of them stayed downstairs but I didn’t feel like talking to anyone so I went to my room.

03-25-2008, 03:58 AM
I glanced at Khalil’s bed and a pang of worry hit me. I forced it away and went to sleep. The next day after Dhuhr dad gave me a choice of staying at home alone or going with them to pick up Ahmed’s parents. I picked the second one. I’ve never seen anyone as excited as Aisha was while we were driving to the airport. She squealed with delight at the thought of her parents coming home after a month and half. I glued my face to the window ignoring everyone else. Aisha was talking nonstop. When we got to the Airport she jumped out of the car excitedly. She was bouncing all around us when Khawla told her to stop. We walked over to where the passengers would come from. We were sitting on the chairs while Dad went to the reception desk to ask when Amu Rami’s plane would descend.
“We’re three hours early.” Dad sighed as he dropped himself into a chair.
Three hours?! There is no way I’m going to sit here and wait for three hours with out doing anything.
“Dad, I’m gona roam around the airport. Ok?” I asked him. He nodded absentmindedly. I walked away and Ahmed followed me. I was sort of annoyed, I wanted to be on my own, but I just shrugged it of. He was in a better mood then me, probably because his parents are coming home. I ended up following him around.
“Hey I need to go to the rest room.” He said after a while. I pointed to the escalator.
“They’re up there.” I said and we went up. I waited outside. I heard a door open behind me. I thought it was Ahmed but it wasn’t. He was another boy of about fifteen or sixteen. I noticed he was staring at me like he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.
“What?” I asked.
“How did you get here?” he asked.
“What are you talking about?”
“Aren’t you the boy in that hotel? With the other two boys?” he asked.
“What hotel?”
“Are you trying to act like you haven’t seen me before? Remember my Uncle knocked that clerk uncautious? That’s kinda hard to forget.”
I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then suddenly a light clicked on in my brain. Khalil! Maybe that’s who he was talking about.
“How did the other boys look like?” I asked him excitedly.
“One was tall and had long wavy hair that came up to his shoulders. He’s the one that opened the door. And the other was as tall as you and he also had black hair, they all looked Arab.” He said.
“You said there were three.”
“Yeah the other one was you. And if he wasn’t you then he was your clone.”
Or my twin I thought. “Where is the hotel located?” I asked him.
“It’s not in this state. It’s in Washington next to…” suddenly we heard a shout and a muscular man came running towards us. He looked beyond mad.
“What are you doing here chatting?!” he exploded on the boy. “You’re here talking to a complete stranger and we’re about to miss our plane. Let’s go!” he grabbed the boy’s hand and pulled him away. For a moment I felt sorry for the kid. The man looked merciless. Then Ahmed came out.
“Who was that shouting?” he asked but I was half hearing him. I was overjoyed at the thought of finding Khalil and my friends. I basically ran back to where dad was. Ahmed was hurrying to catch up to me.
“Khalid! What on earth happened to you? Khalid, wait!” he called.
When dad saw me running he stood up and hurried towards us.
“What? What happened?” he asked.
I stopped to catch my breath and told him what the boy said.
“Washington! Do you know how many hotels are in the whole state?” Ahmed asked. “It will take us the whole day. You could have at least found out what city they were in.” he said.
“Well he was about to, but that guy pulled him away.” I answered.
“Ok how about this. Khalid and I will go home by Taxi. Ahmed, you stay here till you parents come. Then you guys can take the car back home. Meanwhile we’ll be looking through the phone book for all the hotels in Washington. We’ll each take a city and check up the hotels if there’s any Khalil, Zaki, or Yusuf there.” Dad proposed.
“It’s worth a try.” I said. Dad walked over to Mom and told her what we were going to do. She agreed. Dad took out his cell phone and told Amu Rashid what was happening and we went outside and caught a Taxi. When we got home dad rushed upstairs. I took a phone book from his office and went to my room for peace. I started with Tacoma. It was a big city and there were hundreds of hotels there. I called each one, one by one. None of them had a Yusuf, Zaki, or Khalil staying there. After three hours I had called all the hotels that were listed in the book. I moved on to Seattle. It was a million times worse. This time I had to go through a thousand hotels.
One of them was located next to police headquarters. I was about to give up. Three more and I’m taking a rest. I thought. I called the hotel which was called Eight Avenue Inn. A man named Jim answered the phone.
“Thank You for calling Eight Avenue Inn. What can I do for you?” he asked.
“Hi. I’m looking for a Khalil. Is he residing here?” I asked.
“As a matter of fact, he just came in with two friends yesterday night. Would you like to speak with him?” he asked.
“Ok, please hold.”
After a while he was back. I’m sorry; he is not in his room right now. Don’t worry I will make sure to tell him that a…what is your name?”
“Ok, Khalid. I will tell him.” Then he hung up. I raced to dad’s office and threw open the door. He was just getting of the phone.
“I hope you had more luck then me.” He said.
“Dad! He’s in the eight Avenue Inn in Seattle Washington. I asked the clerk to talk to him but he wasn’t in his room. They’re gona call back when he gets back.” I got that all out in one breath. Dad was so happy. He placed his hand into his pocket then his smile vanished.
“”Oh no! I forgot my cell phone in the airport.” He exclaimed.
Just then we heard the doorbell ring. I went downstairs to answer. Khawla, Khadeejah, mom, Ahmed, Aisha and they’re parents were there. Aisha was in her dad’s hands. I opened the door and let them in. Dad had just come down.
Khawla handed him his cell phone.
“You forgot it on your seat.” She told him. He thanked her and took it upstairs. I guess he’s going to call Amu Rashid. Then I heard my cell phone ringing from upstairs. I hurried up and answered it.
“Hello?” I heard Jim’s voice. “Your brother is here to speak to you.” He said as he transferred me. After a few seconds I could hear Khalil’s voice. I don’t think I was ever as happy as I was right now.

03-25-2008, 03:58 AM
“Assalamu Alaykum. Hey Khalid.”
“Wa Alaykum As-salam. Are you ok?” I asked.
“Yeah. I’m fine. So how’d ya find us?”
“You sure don’t sound like someone who was captured and missing for almost two days. I spent about four hours searching every hotel in Washington.”
“Well, what’s the use of panicking? You just exhaust your self and when you’re done, you’re still in the same situation. Anyways how did you know that we were in Washington?”
I told him of my encounter with the kid this morning.
“Wow! He didn’t seem helpful when I saw him.” He laughed.
“How did you guys get to that hotel?” I asked.
He stopped laughing. “Khalid you gotta help. They’ve accused us of dealing with drugs.” He said. I felt my heart nearly come to a stop.
“Hey you still there?” he asked.
“No. I’m trying to decide if my hearing’s ok.”
“I told ya you need hearing aide.” He joked.
“Quit joking Khalil. This is serious.”
“What ever. Where’s dad?”
“In his office. You wana talk to him?” I asked.
“Sure. I bet he’ll be more useful then you.”
I ignored him and went to dad’s office. He was just getting of his phone. I handed him my cell. He thanked me and I went back down stairs and greeted my Uncle and Aunt. They smiled back. Every one was in the family room except Khadeejah. I guess she’s upstairs.
“Khalid who were you talking to?” Khawla asked. She was eating an apple.
“Khalil.” I answered. Khawla nearly choked on the apple. Mom’s face was filled with a wide smile of happiness.
“Is he ok?” she asked.
“Yeah. He sounds like he went on a vacation and there’s nothing wrong.” I chuckled. I didn’t tell her bout what he said about getting accused. I switched on the TV and surfed through the channels though I was not actually seeing them. Why would anyone accuse them of dealing with drugs? Is there more to the truth then he’s telling?

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Alhammdullah u managed to update us thnk UUUUUUUU siss luvzz

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03-26-2008, 01:19 AM
u're welcome ^^
i didnt get time to write anything today
i'll probably post tommorow inshallah :)

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u're welcome ^^
i didnt get time to write anything today
i'll probably post tommorow inshallah :)

03-26-2008, 06:20 PM
“So where are we going?” I asked Zaki after we left our room.
He shrugged. “I don’t know. What do you want to do?”
“Let’s go downstairs to the lobby. Maybe that kid is still here.”
We took the elevator.
“It’s funny how technology makes people so lazy.” Zaki commented.
“I don’t care. I love it.”
He shook his head as we got off.
A new clerk was taking the spot of the guy named Jim.
Zaki walked around the lobby trying to decide on something to do.
“You want to play some ball?” I asked him.

03-26-2008, 06:21 PM

03-26-2008, 06:51 PM
i hv no clue wht happened lol

03-27-2008, 08:27 PM
A new clerk was taking the spot of the guy named Jim.
Zaki walked around the lobby trying to decide on something to do.
“You want to play some ball?” I asked him. He shrugged and we went to the basement. There were some boys playing already. We watched them for an hour until their game was finished. Then we started playing.
We played until it was Dhuhr time then we went back to our room. Yusuf was already up. He was on his bed reading.
He looked up when we came in.
“Did you guys find anything about muscle man?” he asked.
We shook our heads. “We didn’t even try.” Zaki chuckled.
“Boy, are you guys lazy.” He said as he put away his book. We all made wudu’. It was Zaki’s turn to lead.When we finished praying we went downstairs to eat.
“It’s kinda late for breakfast, don’t you think?” Zaki asked as we sat down at one of the empty tables. We were looking through the menu’s.
Yusuf shrugged. “It’s never too late to eat.” He joked.
Zaki shook his head. “Every time I’m eating I remember all the poor people in different part of the world who cant afford to eat three meals a day.” He said solemnly.
“That’s if you can call what they eat a meal. Some are lucky to get even a slice of bread.” Yusuf added. I listened to their conversation quietly.
After a few minutes a waiter came to take our orders. He scribbled them down on a small notepad.
“Your orders will be ready in ten minutes.” He said as he left.

03-27-2008, 08:50 PM
“How worried do you think our parents are?” Zaki asked after a while.
“Enough to tear our heads off when we come back.” Yusuf joked.
“You can’t last for one hour without joking huh?”
“Sure I can. But what’s the use of being so serious all the time?”
“What’s the use of joking all the time?”
“First of all, I don’t joke all the time, and second, joking eases the tension in any atmosphere.” Yusuf answered.
“Sure but it gets irritating after a while.”
“Well it doesn’t bother me so who cares?”
“I care.” Zaki answered.
Yusuf shrugged. “That’s your problem. It’s your opinion against mine.”
“Yeah and mine’s superior.”
“Says who?”
“You guys are getting pretty annoying.” I broke in. They were quarrelling like little kids.
“We’ve been waiting for an hour. This place has such bad service.” Yusuf complained.
“It’s only been ten minutes, and I had to sit here and listen to you guys argue over some nonsense.” I replied.
“Our food should be here by now.” Yusuf said.
“There’s one thing you lack Yusuf.” Zaki spoke up.

more later iA

03-27-2008, 08:51 PM
Yusuf was about to retort back when the waiter came with our food.
Later after we finished eating Zaki and Yusuf stayed downstairs. I went upstairs back to our room. I took Yusuf’s book and started reading. It was a novel and was pretty boring. I was half paying attention when the phone rang. I picked it up.
“Is this Khalil?” a familiar voice asked.
“Khalil this is Jim. A boy by the name of Khalid would like to talk to you. Would you like me transfer him to the line?” he asked.
Khalid?! I could hardly believe my ears. “Yes.” I answered.
“Ok. He’s on the line right now.” I heard a click.
“Assalamu Alaykum. Hey Khalid.” I said into the phone.
“Wa Alaykum As-salam. Hey. Are you ok?” he asked.
“Yeah. Al-Hamdulillah. I’m fine.” I had a question for him too. “How did you find us?” I asked him.
“You sure don’t sound like someone who was missing for almost two days. I spent more than four hours searching every hotel in Washington.”
I sort of laughed. We sure changed. Khalid was usually the calm one.
“What’s the use of panicking? You just exhaust your self and when you’re done, you’re still in the same situation.” I answered him. “Anyways, how did you know that we were in Washington?”
“I didn’t. See, we went to the Airport today to pick up Amu Rami. And I bumped into this boy that obviously thought I was you. I found out from him that you were in a hotel some where in Washington. But then this man came and pulled him away before he could tell me what city. So dad and I had to sit and search all the hotels in Washington. And I finally found you in this one.” He explained.
I laughed. “That’s impressive. The kid seemed to be eavesdropping on us. He didn’t seem helpful when I saw him.”
“By the way. How did you guys get to that hotel?” he asked.
I stopped laughing. “Khalid you wont believe this. The police found our kidnappers but now they’ve accused us of dealing with drugs.” I told him. I heard a soft gasp then silence.
“Hey are you still there?” I asked.
“No. I’m trying to decide if my hearing’s ok.” He answered. I memory went back to when we were arguing at the Masjid in the morning of the day of our fight.
“I told ya you need a hearing aide.” I joked.
“Quit joking Khalil. This is serious.” For a second he sounded like Zaki.
“What ever.” I said. “Where’s dad?”
“In his office. You wana talk to him?” he asked.
“Sure. He’ll be more useful then you.” I teased him. He didn’t answer either he didn’t hear or he was just ignoring me.
After a minute I heard dad’s voice.
“Khalil?” he asked. He seemed relived and happy.

03-27-2008, 09:50 PM
“Assalamu Alaykum dad.”
“Khalil?” he repeated like he couldn’t believe it. “Are you ok son?”
“Yeah dad. We’re all fine.”
“Alhamdulillah. Tell me what happened. How did you get yourself in Washington?” he asked.
“It’s a long story…” I started.
He cut me off. “I’m all ears. I’ve spent the past forty-eight hours wondering what happened so I’m not gona let go of a chance to find out.” He said.
I could picture him leaning back in his chair waiting for me to start.
“Well mom sent me to take some books to the library and Zaki joined me. While we were on our way we noticed a skinny man following us. We stopped and asked him why he was following us but he denied that he was. And just then I heard Zaki shout so I turned around and saw a black car racing towards us. I jumped aside and the car whizzed past us. At that point we looked around for the guy that was following us but he wasn’t there. Suddenly the car came back and two men got out. One of them I don’t know who he was but the other was the scar faced guy. The one that attacked me on that night that they were slashing our tires. Well they knocked us out and placed us in the back of their car. then they locked us up in this room with nothing but a few blankets a couch and a faucet.”
“Sounds pretty luxurious.” Dad commented.
I kept on going and told him about Yusuf coming and how we escaped and called the police.
“Did they contact you dad?” I asked him.
“Who?” he asked.
“The police. They made us write down our names and our parents’ phone numbers.

03-27-2008, 10:08 PM
“The police. They made us write down our names and our parents’ phone numbers. So I thought they might have contacted you.”
“Not yet. Which is pretty strange they usually do everything right away.”
“Dad, you know they’ve accused us of dealing with drugs.”
His shout startled me.
“I guess they’re mistaking us with…”
“With Yunus, Amin, and Hasan. No doubt. The police really accused you three? Are you serious? You’re not joking with me are you Khalil?” he asked. He seemed angry.
“I’m serious dad. And it wasn’t the police that accused us but the warehouse workers. And the police chief said the majority of them testified to that. So unless we can bring some solid proof evidence I guess we’re gona be under surveillance. We’re not allowed to leave the hotel.” I told him. I could sense him trying to control his anger.
“We’re coming.” He said.
“What?” I asked confusedly.
“We’re coming. Khalid and me.”
“You’re gona come to Seattle?” I asked him.
“Yes. We’ll drive. No one accuses my son then gets away with it. I’ll let you speak to Khalid while I talk to your mother. Don’t hang up ok?”
I nodded then remembering that he can’t see me I said yes. I heard him talk to someone then a loud click.
“Khalil?” I heard Khalid’s voice after a minute.
“Wow. I’ve never seen dad like this.” He chuckled.
“Like how?”
“He seems ticked off. You know what he said?”
“We’re going to Seattle. Can you believe that?”

03-27-2008, 11:51 PM
“You seem excited.”
“Sure I am. Isn’t it nice over there?” he asked.
“How should I know. Most of the time I was locked up somewhere and now we cant take one step out of the hotel. The only time I got to see the world was in the middle of the night in the woods, and when I was in the back of that squad car. The whole city from what I saw looked shabby.”
“Where’s Yusuf and Zaki right now?”
“I don’t know. They’re somewhere in the hotel probably playing basketball.”
“Hey dad wants to talk to you.” He said as he gave the phone to dad.
“Khalil, we’re gona leave right now. Inshallah we should be there in about three hours. Stay in your room in case we need to call. Ok?” dad said.
“Ok.” I didn’t want to stay in the room for three hours but I didn’t argue.
“Ok. Assalamu Alaykum.”
“Wa Alaykum As-Salam.” I answered. I hung up then I called room service.
“Is there a way I can get some video games up here?” I asked them.
“Sure. Some one will bring you some to choose from in a few minutes.”
The few minutes turned out to be twenty minutes. Finally a man came and pushed in a small cart that was filled with games. I picked a couple of them then he got them set up. I was playing for about an hour when Yusuf and Zaki came in.
“Cool man. I cant believe I didn’t even think of that.” Yusuf exclaimed as he sat down next to me. I let him play.
“I’ve been playing for the past hour or something. My fingers are numb.” I said. Zaki and I sat down and watched him play.
“What were you guys doing?” I asked them.
“Basketball.” Yusuf answered with his eyes glued on the screen.
“You know it’s about time we get in contact with our parents.” Zaki said.
“Dad’s coming.” I told him. They both whirled around to face me. Yusuf paused his game.
“Really? Your dad’s coming here?” Zaki asked.
“You called him?” Yusuf asked.

03-28-2008, 01:09 PM
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03-28-2008, 05:52 PM
“No. Khalid called me.” Then they made me tell them how he found out where we were and I had to do another twenty minutes of story telling again.
“When are they coming?” Zaki asked.
“Today. I’m supposed to stay here in case they call.”
“Great. I’m glad we have someone else to sort this out. I couldn’t go to sleep last night as I thought of what we were going to do.” Yusuf said.
“YOU were sleepless and worried?” Zaki asked him. I laughed.
Yusuf ignored us and went back to his game. We watched him play in silence. Then we heard the phone ring. I got up and answered it.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” I heard Khalid say.
“Wa Alaykum As-salam.” I answered.
“Dad told me to tell you that we’re almost there.” He said.
“How much is almost?”
“A little bit less then an hour.” I could here people talking in the background.
“You guys took the bus or something?”
“No. Why?”
“It sounds like there’s a whole crowd with you.”
He laughed. “Amu Rashid, Zakir and his dad came along.”
“Oh. He’ll be happy about that.”
“We’ll see you later. Assalamu Alaykum.”

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03-29-2008, 04:11 PM
Dad was pretty insistent on going to Seattle. He called Amu Rashid and asked him to come along. He agreed. I went to wait outside while dad got ready. Zaki’s dad Amu Nadir was outside with Zakir. They were raking. I walked over to them.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” Amu Nadir said.
“Wa Alaykum As-salam.” I answered.
“Did you guys find anything new about the boys?” He asked.
I nodded. “Yeah, they’re in Seattle Washington and we’re going over there right now.” Zakir dropped his rake in surprise.
“Are you for real?!” he asked. I smiled and nodded again.
“Dad can we go? Please?” he begged.
“Where’s your dad?” Amu Nadir asked.
“Umm…he was getting ready. He should be out by now.” I turned around. Dad was headed towards us. Amu Nadir walked over to him and they started talking.
“How’d you find out where they were?” Zakir asked and I told him the whole story over again as I helped him finish raking. When I finished Dad and Amu Nadir were still talking.
“Come on boys.” Dad called me after a while.
“We’re coming along.” Amu Nadir told me as he passed me to get ready.
Zakir followed him inside. We waited in the car. After five minutes they came out. We first prayed at the masjid. Then we were on our way.
Dad and Amu Nadir chatted for a long time of past memories. Zakir joined in soon. And they were all laughing and enjoying the funny memoirs.
“Khalid can you call Khalil and tell him we’re only about an hour away?” dad asked me after a while. I took out my cell and called him. He picked it up.
“Assalamu Alaykum.”
“Wa Alaykum As-salam.” He answered.
“Hey, dad told me to tell you that we’re almost there.”
“How much is almost?” he asked laughingly.
“Umm…about an hour.”
We walked a bit then he hung up.
“We have to stop at a gas station soon. We’re only about twenty minutes and I hate to stop, but we have no choice.” Dad said later on. He exited and stopped to get some gas.
“Dad we’re gona get a few snacks.” I said pointing to a small store. He nodded and Zakir and I got out of the car and headed towards the store.
Zakir basically got candy and some chips.
“That’s gona make you really thirsty.” I said pointing to the two bags of chips he was carrying. He grinned and got a bottle of white water.
“You don’t want some juice or pop?” I asked. He shook his head. I got some chips and a bottle of Pepsi. After I paid we went back to the car.
“These people are taking too long.” Dad was saying as we got in.
“Here comes that man right now.” Amu Nadir said.
I nearly choked on my chip when I saw the guy. He was wearing a hood so you couldn’t really see his face but I recognized him immediately. He was the man with the star shaped scar. Right now only half of his scar showed. The other half was hid behind the hood. What had Khalil said his name was? I tried frantically to remember. Oh yah, Kevin Killer. He sure looked like a killer. He was walking towards our car slowly like he had all the time in the world between his hands. Zakir noticed that I was staring hard at the guy.
“What? You’re acting like you just saw a ghost.” He laughed.
Dad and Amu Nadir turned around to look at me.

03-29-2008, 05:00 PM
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03-29-2008, 06:53 PM
“Dad look at that guy closely.” I said.
Dad turned. “What?” he asked confusedly.
“Look closely at his lower jaw.” He stared harder then he let out a gasp.
“Hmm… I have many questions for this guy.” Dad said angrily as he opened his door and stepped out. I followed him out. The guy was only a few feet away from us. When he saw me his face went pale. He looked from me to dad then he ran. Dad glanced at me then he took off after the guy. I hesitated then started running after them. I could hear Amu Nadir and Zakir coming out of the car behind us. I kept on running and soon I passed dad and was only a few paces behind the man when he jumped over a fence to a small parking lot. I jumped over the fence after him. The light was dim here so I stopped running and looked around for him. He’s probably hiding behind a car. I thought. I paused for a second to listen. Sure enough I could hear the man’s loud breathing. He was behind a pick up truck. I stepped up quietly behind him but he saw me. He was furious. He started to run but I caught him by the back of his sweater and placed him in a headlock. His hood came off and he tried to whirl around angrily. I tightened my grip.
“Get your hands off of me!” he shouted. He stepped hard on my foot with his heel but I didn’t loosen my grip. He brought back his arm and elbowed me in the ribs. I cried out in pain. Taking the chance he whirled around with all his strength throwing me back but I was up in a flash wondering where Dad and them were. They guy’s eyes were full of hate. I guess I must have looked the same way. My blood was boiling with anger.

03-29-2008, 07:27 PM
“Your brother got away from me but you’re dead.” He muttered under his breath. He pulled out a gun from his pocket. His hand went down to turn of the safety. I didn’t give him a chance. In a split second I had kicked at his hand sending the gun flying. I smashed down onto his chest, knocking him down onto his back. He gave a startled cry. I tried pinning down his arms but he pushed me off. We were both on our feet in no time. He clenched his fists and threw a punch at me. I blocked it and threw my own punch but he blocked it. Somehow he got his arms around my chest crushing me. I wiggled to get free. He grabbed both my arms and twisted them behind my back. I felt the pain go through my arms. I brought my leg back and kicked back hitting him on the knee. He cried out in rage. He loosened his grip on my hands and I broke free. I placed a hand on my chest trying to catch my breath. The man was still in pain from the blow I gave to him on the knee. I glanced back. No one. Where was dad?! I turned around just in time to see Kevin Killer getting up. He was limping. But I wasn’t looking at his leg. In his hand he had his gun!

03-29-2008, 11:11 PM
I reprimanded or not getting rid of it. He had an evil snarl on his face. “You’ll never get away from me alive.” He hissed.
I felt a wave of fear sweep over me but I pushed it away. I raised my hands and stepped away from him. I prayed to Allah that he doesn’t fire.
“Ya Allah.” I murmured under my breath.
“What?” he asked. His eyes were going wild. So this is how a mad man looked. He was in my face right now. I guess I must have looked freaked out. He swung his hand towards my head, the one with the gun. I ducked down and spinned with my right leg out. The guy’s legs swept right out from under him. He shot twice as he fell hard onto the floor. The bullets went wild though. I’m sure dad must have heard that. I thought. I was getting worried. I don’t know how long I’m gona be able to stand against this guy. I kicked the gun away as far as I could. It went under a car. Kevin Killer was up again. I heard a shout behind me. I looked back then I turned back just in time to see Kevin throw one punch at my head. I was taken my surprise and I went flying back. Thud. I fell hard against the pavement. I felt a severe pain in my head. I saw someone run past me and then everything went black.

03-30-2008, 02:25 PM
Dont" Tell Me He Got Away>.mannn :o :o More More More

03-31-2008, 02:37 AM
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03-31-2008, 11:15 PM
“Hey you dad’s coming.” I told Zaki as I hung up.
“Yeah. Khalid said they’ll be here in about an hour.”
Yusuf gave Zaki a turn to play. We sat and watched him.
“It’s Asr time.” Yusuf said as he paused the game. It was my turn to lead. When we finished I sat back and faced them.
“I miss praying at the masjid.” Zaki complained.
“At least we’re praying Jama’ah.” Yusuf answered him.
“Still I like it more at the masjid with everyone there.”
“Al-Hamdulillah we’re still not in that room with those guys.”
“I wonder what happened to them.”
“Who?” Yusuf asked.
“That Kevin Killer guy and the Boss.”
Yusuf shrugged. “They’ll be found sooner or later.”
“I hope so.” Zaki was quite for a bit as if trying to decide weather to say something or not.
“Hey Yusuf? Where’s your brother?” he finally asked cautiously.
Yusuf shot me a look. I looked away.
“I don’t know.” He finally said. Zaki looked at him quizzically.
“He’s probably with dad. Besides the last time I saw him was a little bit before I was kidnapped.” Yusuf explained.
We were quite for a bit. Then Zaki got up.
“I’m gona go downstairs.” He said as he left.
“You told him?” Yusuf asked me after he had left.
I glanced at him and shrugged.
He didn’t say anything but he didn’t look angry anymore.
“What difference does it make?” I asked after a while.
“None I guess.” He answered.
“Do you think your brother knows anything about our kidnapping?”
“I don’t know.”
We were quite for a long time. Yusuf went back to playing. I stayed at my spot thinking. After a long while Yusuf spoke up.
“You said they’ll be here in an hour right?”
I nodded.
“Well it’s been almost two hours now.”
“They probably stopped somewhere.” I answered, but my heart wasn’t so sure.
“Why don’t you call them?” Yusuf asked.
I walked over to the phone and called Khalid’s cell phone. I waited for a while but it was ringing continuously with no one picking it up.
Finally I just hanged up and tried dad’s phone but it was the same.
“They’re not picking up the phone.” I said out loud.
“I hope nothing happened.” Yusuf said as he got up.
“Where are you going?” I asked him.
“I’m gona get Zaki to call his dad. Maybe he’ll pick up. You keep on trying.” He said as he closed the door behind him.
I tried a couple more times finally I gave up and leaned back against the wall. I don’t know how long I was sitting there when I hear someone running towards the door. Zaki and Yusuf charged right in.
I got up surprised. “What?”
“Your brother…” Yusuf started. He stopped to catch his breath.
“Khalid? What happened to him?”
“He’s in the hospital.”

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04-02-2008, 12:20 AM
“He got hurt fighting Kevin Killer.” Yusuf stated. I stared at him unbelievingly. Why would Khalid be fighting with Kevin Killer?
“Your father’s with him right now. Dad and Zakir are coming here to pick us up.” Zaki spoke up.
“Where are we going? We’re not even allowed to leave the hotel.” I said.
“Your dad already got permission for us to leave.”
“Is Khalid hurt badly?” I asked.
“I don’t know.” Zaki answered. I sank back down with my head in my hands. We heard a knock at the door. Yusuf got up and opened it. I looked up as Amu Nadir and Zakir came in. After quick greetings they sat down on the beds. We waited for them to explain what happened. Zakir wouldn’t talk so Amu Nadir spoke up.
“We stopped at a gas station to fill up the car. Khalid noticed the guy and so did your dad. They both stepped outside to confront him but the guy ran. Your dad took of after him and Khalid followed. I think Khalid out ran your dad and caught up with the man. Your dad lost sight of him and we spent a while looking for them but we couldn’t find them. Finally after like five to ten minutes we heard two gun shots that I swear nearly stopped my heart. We followed the sound and found them both in a parking lot. we called out to them but that turned out to be a mistake. Khalid turned around to see who shouted, and just as he turned his face his opponent gave him a blow that sent him flying. He hit the pavement pretty hard.
Kevin Killer tried running away but we managed to catch him. We called the police and they took him away and then an ambulance took Khalid to the hospital. Your father is there right now. He told us to pick you three up. We’re leaving right now.” He said. We followed him outside to the car. We drove silently to the hospital. Dad was in the waiting room. He stood up when we came in.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” He said happily though I could tell he was worried.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” We answered.
“How is he?” Amu Nadir asked.
“I haven’t been informed yet.”
“Inshallah it’ll be all right.”
We all sat down and waited for the doctors to tell us the news.
After what seemed like a year a man in a doctor’s suit came out. Dad walked up to him and they spent a few minutes talking. After that dad followed him inside but he came back after ten minutes.
“What did they say?” Zaki asked him.
“He has few minor scratches and a broken collarbone. They want to check if he has any damage to his head.” Dad answered.

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04-04-2008, 04:34 AM
“When can we see him?” Amu Nadir asked.
“I’m not sure. Maybe later inshallah.”
It was about an hour and half when the doctor finally came back. He talked to dad a bit, and then he went back inside.
Dad shook his head slightly. “They say that he has a small concussion.”
“Subhanallah. I guess he hit the pavement pretty hard.” Amu Nadir commented. We were quite for a bit. We looked up and saw one of the nurses. She beckoned us to follow her.
“We can see him now.” Dad said.
“All together?” I asked.
“You can go alone if you want.”
I waited outside the door as they went inside. After ten minutes they came out. I went inside. Khalid looked up.
“Hey.” He smiled.
I sat on the edge of his bed.
“You don’t look hurt.” I commented.
He pointed at his arm that was wrapped with a cast. “Say Alhamdulillah you don’t one these on your arm. I can’t play for about two to three months. And over all of that, I got a concussion. How cool is that?”
“Hey at least you got a criminal behind bars.”
“So what? It wasn’t worth it.”
“I think we’ve changed personalities. You’re different.”
“I don’t know.”
“I thought you guys couldn’t leave the hotel.”
“Dad got permission for us to leave.” I answered.
“When are they gona do the surgery?” he asked.
“Why are you scared?” I teased.
“No, I just wana know. Did they make a new law that you cant ask question?”
“No. And I don’t know when.”
He leaned back. “I hate it here. This is all because of you.” He accused playfully.
“Me? What did I do?”
“A lot.”
“You want a cast on the other hand too?”

04-04-2008, 07:21 AM
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04-05-2008, 05:12 PM
He made a face. I heard the door open. Dad pocked his face in.
“You two ok? We’re gona leave in ten minutes.” He said.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“Police Station. That’s why we came here remember?” he closed the door as he left.
“Great. I don’t want to see that man anymore.”
“Who?” Khalid asked.
“The Police chief. He’s weird.”
“We can trade spots. No one will notice.” He joked.
“Nah. I don’t wana wear that.” I pointed to his cast.
He sulked. “If I stayed at home this would have never happened.”
“You’re not suppose to say if, Sheikh Khalid.”
He threw one of the hospital pillows at me.
“I’d throw it back if you weren’t hurt. You’re lucky.” I said as I gave him back the pillow. “You better not throw that back at me.” I warned as I stood up. I walked over to the window and pulled back the curtains. The light flooded into the room.
“Wow. That’s really nice. We’re so high up. I can see nearly the whole city.” I said. Khalid looked up and walked over. I stared at him.
“Are you allowed to get out of bed?” I asked.
He shrugged. “Well it’s not like I broke my leg or something.” He said as he stood next to me.
“It’s really nice.” He said. Then he seemed to remember something. “What do you think Mom’s gona say? First she had one son missing and now another in the hospital.” He kind of laughed.
I shrugged. “I can’t wait to get back home. I don’t really like it here.”
“That’s what I said.”
The door opened again. Dad came in.
“What are you doing?” he asked Khalid.
“What?” Khalid asked innocently.
“Why’d you get out of bed?”
“Come on dad. I didn’t hurt my leg. Besides I was getting tired of staying in bed all that time.” He answered.
“I rather you stay in bed. I don’t want something to happen to you.”
“What could happen? I just got up to look outside the window.” Then seeing dad’s frown he quickly added. “But I’ll stay in bed if that’s what you want.”
“Come on Khalil. We’re leaving.” Then he turned to Khalid. “We’ll be back in about an hour. After the surgery we’re gona go back home maybe tomorrow inshallah. Ok?”
I followed dad outside where they where waiting. We all got into the car and dad drove off. We arrived at the police station in about five minutes. The police chief was waiting for us in his office.
“Welcome. Please sit down.” He said in a cold voice.
We all plopped down in to some chairs.
“Where do we start?” the chief asked.
“How about the fact that we have nothing to do with that accusation?” Zaki spoke up. His dad silenced him with a look.
“Do you have any proof to that?”
“It is true that there were three boys mixed up with this but these boys aren’t the ones.” Dad stated.
“And how can we get in touch with those boys?” the chief asked.
“I have all of their parents’ phone numbers.”
The chief handed a paper and pen to dad. After he wrote down the phone numbers he gave it back. All of a sudden we heard a loud commotion outside. Men were shouting everywhere. The chief jumped up and threw open his door. We followed him out. He stopped one police man and asked him what was going on.
“That guy that we brought in today just escaped. He set a fire to one of the squad cars. It’s burning up pretty fast.” He answered.
“Which man are you talking about? And where is he right now?”
“I think his name was Kevin something. He’s the guy with the scar on his face. He’s escaped. We don’t know where he is right now but we have men looking for him everywhere.” The man hurried away.

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04-05-2008, 05:29 PM
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and am waitin for more

04-05-2008, 05:31 PM
We heard sirens outside. I guessed that the firefighters were here. We followed the Chief outside. I could feel the heat against my face. A man was trying his best to get the people away from the scene as possible.
The Chief turned to us.
“If you like you can go right now. I’ll check up on those phone numbers that you gave us.” He said as he walked up to talk to another man.
“Let’s go.” Amu Nadir said.
“Khalid’s gona have his surgery tomorrow morning. One of us can stay with him at the hospital. The rest of us will go back to the hotel.” Dad said as we got into the car.
“Who wants to stay?” Amu Nadir asked.
“I will.” I volunteered. Dad nodded in agreement. They dropped me of at the hospital and they went back to the hotel. I went upstairs to Khalid’s room. I knocked and went inside. Khalid was awake. He sat up.
“Great. I was about to die from boredom.” He grinned.
“Why didn’t you ask them for a book or something?” I asked.
“They don’t want me thinking too hard.” He laughed.
I pulled a chair and sat down next to his bed.
“How did it go?” he asked.
“Kevin Killer escaped. And he set a fire to one of the police cars too.”
He perked up. “He escaped?! But he wasn’t even in there for a whole day yet! Do they know where he is right now?”
“No. But they got nearly every police guy after him.”
“What if he goes out of the state?”
“I guess they’re gona alert all the neighboring states.”
“Did you find out when I’m having my surgery?”
“In the morning. After that we’re gona leave.”
“Good. Are you gona go back to the hotel?”
I walked to the window. “No. I’m staying here tonight.” I answered him.
“Really? That’s great because if you leave me here alone, I think I might go crazy. Remind me not to go running after criminals next time.”

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Was that all of posts from your mind, Sister Muslimah421?

I just thought all of your posts are awesome!

04-06-2008, 12:17 AM
Was that all of posts from your mind, Sister Muslimah421?

I just thought all of your posts are awesome!
:D yeah i wrote them
Jazakallah Khair :)

04-06-2008, 12:19 AM

Oops sorry for my grammar, because I am tired. :rollseyes

Jazaak'Allah Khair.

04-06-2008, 12:22 AM
lol :D

04-06-2008, 12:53 PM
HEYY i'm waitin fr the story ENUFF CHIT CHAT lollllzzz

04-10-2008, 01:53 AM

sorry 4 not posting anything for 3 days :-[
i got reaaaly busy. inshallah i'll try my best to post the next part
tommorow. am gona have to force myself to sit and type more lol

Take Care :)

04-10-2008, 04:09 AM
Can't wait to read more. Hope you will have the story flowing in your brain without any writer's block.

Hungry for more.:)

04-10-2008, 10:27 PM
Am soooooo lazy today :( :( I don’t feel like doing anything

“Really? That’s great because if you leave me here alone, I think I might go crazy. Remind me not to go running after criminals next time.”
“Oh…I forgot to pray the Maghrib.” I suddenly remembered.
“I already prayed. You’re kinda late.” Khalid said. I made Wudu’ and started praying.

“How do you feel?” dad asked me later on. We were in the car heading home. I just had the surgery about two hours ago.
“I’m fine.” I answered. Actually I had a bad headache, but the doctor had said to expect something like that. I stared out of the window. The cars were whizzing past the window. I wanted to fall asleep so badly.
“Khalid?” I heard someone ask after a while.

really sorry btw

04-11-2008, 07:34 AM
tht helpsss lol bt sis take ur time i got alott to do too so it's fine

04-12-2008, 09:41 AM
sister take ur time

04-12-2008, 06:39 PM
“How do you feel?” dad asked me later on. We were in the car heading home. I just had the surgery about two hours ago.
“I’m fine.” I answered. Actually I had a bad headache, but the doctor had said to expect something like that. I stared out of the window. The cars were whizzing past the window. I wanted to fall asleep so badly.
“Khalid?” I heard someone ask after a while. I opened my eyes.
“Come on we’re home.” Khalil was saying. I sat up and got out of the car feeling a bit dizzy. We walked to the house. Mom opened the door and greeted us. Khadeejah and Khawlah were right behind her.
Everyone headed to the family room, but I went upstairs to lie down.
I tried my best to sleep but I just couldn’t. Khalil came in after a while.
“You’re still sleepy? You were asleep from when we left Seattle until now.”
I didn’t say anything.
“Here dad told you to take one of these. He said it should get rid of the drowsiness.” He said as he gave me a pill and a glass of water.
“Dad’s waiting downstairs. He wants to go to the masjid. You wana tag along?” Khalil asked.
“Ok.” I said as I stood up and followed him downstairs. Dad was waiting in the car. We both got in.
“Are you sure you feel ok Khalid?” dad asked.
I nodded. “I have a slight headache but I’m ok.”

don't worry i'm posting more in a few minutes. alhamdulillah am out of my writers block lol :D

04-12-2008, 07:06 PM
When we got to the masjid dad headed to the Sheikh’s office. I followed Khalil all around the masjid. He went from one room to the other.
“What are you doing?” I asked him.
“You know when was the last time I came here. I want to see that everything’s the way it was.” He answered lightly.
He went to the back lot and I followed. To our surprise Hasan was playing there. He turned around and saw us. He waved.
“What’s going on?” Khalil whispered softly. I shrugged and we walked over to him.
“Hi.” Hasan said as he shot a basket.
“What are you doing?” Khalil asked him.
”Playing. What does it look like?” he replied cheerfully.
“Where’s Amin?” Khalil asked cautiously.

04-12-2008, 07:12 PM
As Salaam Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

Masha'Allah! Such nice stories, Sister Muslimah421.

04-12-2008, 07:21 PM
^^^ u read the whole thing?

04-12-2008, 07:34 PM
^ Some of them, but it seems most of them are very good stories!

may Allah Ta'ala pleased with you, Insha'Allah!

04-12-2008, 07:39 PM
Originally Posted by RighteousLady
^ Some of them, but it seems most of them are very good stories!

may Allah Ta'ala pleased with you, Insha'Allah!
Ameen and thnks but it’s jus one looong story lol :D

04-12-2008, 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by muslimah421
Ameen and thnks but it’s jus one looong story lol :D
Oh sister. You did very well and very talented! Keep it going on, Insha'Allah! :thumbs_up

04-13-2008, 01:01 PM

04-13-2008, 03:35 PM
wow you got me so hooked into your story, that the thought of making a story myself :X

Mashallah, a very creative mind you have :D


04-13-2008, 05:31 PM
oh yeah before i forget, since nobody has yet commented on it
i love the way you have used the underlining part to show the different views of Khalil and Khalid :D
This is going to be a big revolution in the world of the authors :statisfie
mashallah again and keep it up, but don't drop back from your school work ok:)

04-13-2008, 06:40 PM
Ye mashallah jst waitinf fr her to b done nd den make her own book inshallah

04-13-2008, 08:31 PM
oh yeah before i forget, since nobody has yet commented on it
i love the way you have used the underlining part to show the different views of Khalil and Khalid
This is going to be a big revolution in the world of the authors
mashallah again and keep it up, but don't drop back from your school work o
Jazakallah Khair. I keep forgetting to underline Khalid's though :X

but don't drop back from your school work
i don't alhamdulillah *i drop back from writing lol*

thought of making a story myself
please do. it'l be nice to read someone's else's story for a change :)

04-13-2008, 09:38 PM
yeah i would like to make a story, but the problem is i don't really know how to start, what to talk about and if i have the ability to do like you :D
because you seem like you know what you want your audience to feel like... however i don't
and i also don't think that school work won't allow me to have any spare time to do anything... so we'll see inshallah
but if you need any technical assistance or anything to do with designs then let me know :P
i could maybe do a design for the cover of your book ;-)

04-13-2008, 09:43 PM
yeah i would like to make a story, but the problem is i don't really know how to start, what to talk about and if i have the ability to do like you
because you seem like you know what you want your audience to feel like... however i don't
I didn’t either. The whole story was just to entertain my sister and little nieces and I got hooked on

and i also don't think that school work won't allow me to have any spare time to do anything... so we'll see inshallah
but if you need any technical assistance or anything to do with designs then let me know :P
i could maybe do a design for the cover of your book ;-)
Jazakallah Khair I’ll let u know if I need anything :)

04-14-2008, 03:45 AM
“Where’s Amin?” Khalil asked cautiously.
“His mom sent him off to live with his grandfather in Malaysia.”
“What happened?” he asked pointing to my arm that was still in a cast.
“He broke his collarbone yesterday.” Khalil answered.
“He was fighting a man. Kevin Killer. Do you know him?”
Hasan hesitated. “Uh…yeah I know him but I haven’t seen him for a long time. Ever since we heard that they were kidnapping you we backed out.”
“Whose we?” I asked.
“Yunus and me. We decided that it was wrong and really serious so we decided to not have anything to do with them anymore.”
“Why didn’t you decide that before? Didn’t you know that it was Haram?” Khalil asked accusingly.
“Actually I never used any of the drugs. And I don’t think Yunus did either. All we did was deliver them. I knew Amin since we were both little kids and I…I trusted him. I regret that now but I guess it’s too late. I promised to not have anything to do with this and I asked Allah to help me keep my promise. Now that Amin isn’t here it’s easier.”
“Well I hope you can keep your promise. You’re a great guy; you just need to show it. Stop sinning man. You don’t need to pick a heavy load when the light one is right in front of your eyes. And if you’re gona pick the heavy one then you better pray for a stronger back.” Khalil stated. Hasan chuckled.
“No seriously. It’s gona be hard to walk on a bridge that is as wide as a piece of hair so forget going over it with a load like that.”
Hasan was about to say something when we heard a shout behind us.
Yusuf and Yunus were headed towards us. Yunus had a basketball under his arm.
“Assalamu Alaykum!” Yusuf called.
“Wa Alaykum As-Salam.” We answered
“I didn’t expect you guys to be here. I thought you might want to rest after that trip.” Yunus said.
“Dad wanted to go to the Masjid so we tagged along.” Khalil answered.

04-14-2008, 01:57 PM
WHOAA waitin fr moree

04-14-2008, 09:57 PM
later :p

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
04-14-2008, 11:22 PM
How much later :O lol :)

04-14-2008, 11:55 PM
ten to twenty minutes from now?

04-15-2008, 12:28 AM
“You wana play?” Yunus asked. They all started playing with Yunus and Hasan against Khalil and Yusuf. I had to stand on the side and watch since I couldn’t play. Honestly I felt left out. I wanted to play so badly but as Khalil always had said, wishes usually don’t come true. Don’t waste your time wishing, just focus on the reality. I had always argued with him about that but now I was starting to believe it. After a while I got tired of watching and I went inside. Dad was in the Musallah with Shiekh Muhammad. I sat down next to them.
“Assalamu Alaykum Khalid.” The Sheikh said.
“Wa Alaykum As-Salam.” I answered.
“Where’s Khalil?” dad asked me.
“He’s playing basketball in the back with the other boys.” I answered.
“How does it feel?” the sheikh asked.
“How does what feel?”
“Your arm.”
“It doesn’t really hurt that much. It’s just annoying to have a cast on your arm and you cant do anything.

04-15-2008, 06:22 PM
More More More

04-16-2008, 10:17 PM
will post in half an hour
oh yeah before i forget, since nobody has yet commented on it
i love the way you have used the underlining part to show the different views of Khalil and Khalid
This is going to be a big revolution in the world of the authors
mashallah again and keep it up, but don't drop back from your school work o
i forgot to say I only use the underlining thing on the forum so people can make out. Wen I’m typing on Word I just use different fonts. I do the same for my other story also

04-16-2008, 10:55 PM
“Assalamu Alaykum Khalid.” The Sheikh said.
“Wa Alaykum As-Salam.” I answered.
“Where’s Khalil?” dad asked me.
“He’s playing basketball in the back with the other boys.” I answered.
“How does it feel?” the sheikh asked.
“How does what feel?”
“Your arm.”
“It doesn’t really hurt that much. It’s just annoying to have a cast on your arm and you cant do anything.
He gave me the papers that he was studying.
“Can you take these to my office? He asked me.
I took it and headed towards his office. I was a few yards away when I heard someone call me.

04-16-2008, 10:57 PM
“I’m gona go inside.” I said after a while of playing.
I had noticed that Khalid wasn’t watching anymore so I went inside to look for him. I saw him walking towards the Sheikh’s office so I called out to him.
”Why did you go inside?” I asked him as I got closer.
He frowned at me. “Guess.”
I looked away sort of ashamed. “Hey I’m sorry. But we’re going to the park later. You’re gona come right?” we had just agreed on meeting there around Asr time. Hasan had thought it up and we agreed.
“Today? Who’s going?” Khalid asked.
“You want me to list everyone? Ok Hasan is coming, and Yusuf, Yunus, Zaki, and Zakir and Ahmed. I’m going if you’re gona go.”
“Ok, but….”
“Don’t worry we wont leave you out this time.” I assured him.
He nodded and walked towards the sheikh’s office. He came out in a few seconds. The Iqamah was just being called. We went to the Musallah to pray. After the Salah we waited for dad to come out.

04-16-2008, 11:50 PM
Dad finally came out and we headed home. I went upstairs and Khalid followed.
“I don’t feel safe knowing that Kevin Killer is out in this world with us.” Khalid said all of a sudden.
“The boss is not found yet either.”
I heard my cell phone ring. “Where is it?” I asked.
“It’s on top of the dresser.” Khalid replied. I got it and answered it.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” I heard Ahmed’s voice.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.”
“I heard you were back so I was checking on you. How’s Khalid?”
“He’s fine.”
“Didn’t he break his hand?”
“He broke his collarbone. And he’s ok right now.”
“Yusuf called me and said to come to the park today at Asr. What’s going on?” he asked.
“Nothing. We just wana get together at the park. No harm.”
“Ok. I’ll be there, and so will dad. Aisha is driving me crazy here. So I’ll do anything to get away. Say Salam to Khalid for me.”
“Ok. Bye.”
“See you later.”
Khalid looked up from his book. “Who was that?” he asked me.
“Ahmed. He sends his Salams.” I said as I walked over to our closet. I glanced at the football in the corner. Too bad, I thought. Khalid and I always use to take it to the backyard and play when ever we where bored, but we cant do that now. It seemed like everything is changing in this world.
“I’m going outside.” I said as I closed the door behind me. I opened the porch door and went out sitting on the front steps.

04-17-2008, 12:08 AM
“I’m going outside.” I said as I closed the door behind me. I opened the porch door and went out sitting on the front steps. A squirrel came down next to my feet. I watched it quietly. It started nibbling on a small acorn that it was holding in its hands. It watched me from the corner of my eye. I looked up to see a bird flying down and landing on the small birdfeeder Khadeejah had made. I sometimes use to wish that I was a bird. So free and careless. It doesn’t have any problems except trying to find it’s food and staying away from trouble. The squirrel ran away as I stood up and walked around the yard. The flowers where shriveling up. I took the hose and started watering them. When I was done I went back inside the house.
“You want to go now?” dad asked me.
“Where?” I asked.
“To the park. Didn’t you tell me that’s where we were going?”
“Oh yeah. I’ll get Khalid.” I went upstairs. Khalid was standing at the window looking out.
“Come on Khalid. We’re leaving.”
He turned around and followed me out.
When we got to the park Yusuf and Yunus were already there helping there dad barbeque. They waved when they saw us.
“Assalamu Alaykum.” Dad called as we got nearer.
“Wa Alaykum Assalam.” They answered.

04-17-2008, 04:59 AM
Yusuf was carrying a Frisbee in his hand. “Let’s go play with it next to the lake while we wait for the other boys to come.” Then he glanced at Khalid who was frowning. “You can play with your right hand. You only need one arm to catch it.” He said as he led the way to the lake.
“Be careful.” Dad called after us.
The lake was behind some woods. So to get there you had to go through all these trees and bushes. We had always hanged out near the lake.
We played while talking at the same time.
“Catch!” Yusuf said as he threw it towards me. It flew over my head and into the water. It landed a few feet from the shore.
“Go fetch, Yusuf.” Yunus teased.
“Why me?” he complained.
“You threw it. Besides it’s not far from shore you can wade in the water.”
Yusuf rolled up his jeans and waded over and got it.
“Why are you in the water Yusuf?” I heard someone ask. Hasan was standing behind me.
“I didn’t even hear you coming.” I said.
“Why is he in the water?”
“He threw the Frisbee in so he has to go get it.”
I looked back at Yusuf. He was only a few feet from the shore when he slipped on something underwater. He waved his hands wildly as he fell back. Splash! He was all wet. We couldn’t help it; we all started laughing. He came out angrily. He was trenched. We heard some laughs behind us. Ahmed, Zaki and Zakir were walking towards us.
“What happened to you?” Zakir asked.
“Don’t you know this is not a swimming pool Yusuf?” Zaki joked.
“Shut up! It’s not funny.” Yusuf said angrily. He stomped away from us. We were all still smiling. Yunus walked over to him.
“There are some spare clothes in the trunk of the car. You can go change in the bathroom or you can wait here. The sun will dry you off in a few seconds.” He laughed.
Yusuf stomped towards the woods to the car.
“Why did he get into the lake in the first place?” Ahmed asked.
“We were playing with the Frisbee and he threw it into the water so he had to go get it.” Khalid explained.
“Where is it right now?”
“The Frisbee? I think he took it with him.” Yunus said.
We all sat down and waited for him to come back. We expected him to be angry. But when he came back he was carrying a big plate.
“Dad made some hotdogs.” He said as he gave each of us one and took one for him self. He sat down next to me. He was wearing dry clothes now and seemed to have forgotten about the fact that he had fallen into the lake. He ate his hotdog silently as we talked.
“Did the police find where Kevin Killer is?” Zakir asked.
“I don’t think so.” Khalid answered.
“Wouldn’t it be cool if we were the ones who found out where he is?”
“We could. We can set up a trap for him right now.” Hasan spoke up.
Yunus nodded. “Yeah but how? That guy’s not easily tricked.”
“I have a plan. You guys want to hear it?” Hasan asked. We all nodded.
“Ok. You know Kevin thinks that Yunus and I are still on his side? Well that’s a good advantage for us. I can call him right now and make up some story to get him to meet me here at the park. Then we can trap him and call the police.” He said as he looked around to see what we would say.
“Easier said than done.” Yusuf mumbled.
“No. it might work…” Yunus started.
“It might. And if it doesn’t he’ll shoot every one of us. Then what?” Yusuf said.

04-17-2008, 03:39 PM
WHOAA waitin fr moreeeeeee

Nσσя'υℓ Jαииαн
04-17-2008, 05:19 PM
!!!! :)

04-18-2008, 12:07 PM

04-19-2008, 01:17 AM
“Can you not interrupt me, Yusuf?” Yunus asked. “Ok. Listen. We can tell him that Amin had left yesterday, since he still doesn’t know about that. And we could say that Amin had left a package and he asked us to give it to Kevin.”
“Yeah. Then we can say to meet us at the park in the woods. He wont get suspicious then.” Hasan finished off.
“That’s good. Just pray that it works.” Zaki said.
“Ok. I’ll call him.” Yunus said as he took out his cell phone.
“No. I’ll call him.” Hasan said as he took the cell phone from him. He walked away some paces and called. We waited silently until he came back.
His face was lit up. “It worked. He’s coming right now in a fifteen minutes. He said he’s passing by with the boss so he can stop and come here.” Hasan said. Then he started giving out orders.
“Ok someone has to go up a tree over there and signal us if they’re coming or not. Maybe Khalil or Yusuf?” he said.
Yusuf pushed me forward. “You go.” He said.
“Wait. Before you go, you need to know the rest of the plans. When we see the signal, I’ll go forward with Yunus. The rest of you guys come up and hide behind a tree or something. When I signal you come out and attack. Get it?” Hasan explained. We all nodded.
“What’s your signal going to be?” Zakir asked.
“Um… I’ll pull my left ear ok?” Hasan grinned sheepishly.
“Some one has to go and call dad and them.” Ahmed spoke up.
“How about…Khalid.” Yunus picked.
“Problem.” Yusuf said. We all turned towards him.
“You don’t have a package.” He snickered. Hasan thought furiously.
“We have a small empty package in the car. Who can run fast enough to the car and get it in a three minutes? We’re wasting time here?” Zaki asked.
Yusuf volunteered and in a few minutes he was back carrying a small brown box. He tried his best to control his breathing as he handed Hasan the box.
“Come on. We don’t have time. Khalil you go to the tree. You can use this to signal.” He said as he gave me a small mirror. I took it and ran to the tree with the most leaves and climbed up. I only waited for about ten minutes when I saw two men coming. With my heart beating I started signaling towards the shore. I did this a couple of times to make sure that they got it. I heard a twig snap under me. Great! They just had to wait for Hasan under my tree.
“Where is that boy?” Kevin asked impatiently.
“He better hurry up. Otherwise he’s in trouble. And I can’t believe Amin left. He was really good.” Boss stated.
“Who cares about him? I got all my men in jail because of those boys. If I ever get my hands on them…” Kevin didn’t finish his sentence. He just shook his head and leaned against the tree waiting. I slowly took the mirror and signaled again just in case they didn’t see it the first time.
“Did he tell you a specific location?” Boss asked him. Kevin shook his head.
“It’s gona be night time by the time we get to Washington if that boy doesn’t hurry up.” He said looking up at the sky. I held my breath hoping he wouldn’t see me. Then I had a sudden urge to sneeze. I tried my most best not to but I couldn’t. I tried muffling it but it was loud enough for both men to look up.

04-19-2008, 01:18 AM
i might be able to finish the whole thing tommorow so inshallah am gona post alot then :) *MAYBE* (don't get your hopes up too high ;D)
and i couldnt post anything yesterday cuz or internet wasn't working

Ma'salamah :)

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