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View Full Version : 'antiquing' show me some pix pls

01-18-2008, 09:34 PM
There is no such a word.. I should coin it though :confused:
I hope this thread is gratifying but that of course is contingent on your participation?..

all you are asked to do, if you want to of course, is share with me a picture of something that is of value to you and tell me the story behind it..

I was out yesterday with my niece and sis, and it was snowing, it was a hectic day, I had to run som errands then we had dinner, my two year old niece is very rambunctious so every hour can seem like 5.. when we got home, I realized that I had lost my bracelet, which was an heirloom, it belonged to my grandmother, it was very old.. well, needless to say I am really crushed, given its sentimental value even more so than its monetary value...
I have looked every where for it.. and I am certain by now I had lost it when I was out....

well obviousely I have no picture to show for it, but it was very pretty and unusual, and the person who made it paid exceptional attention to detail..imsad...
I believe this and a compass kit that belonged to my dad, which was opened and closed by a nail in a wooden box, and was incredibly neat were two items of great sentmental value to me, both are now lost...


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