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01-23-2008, 10:26 PM

Heres some tips and Ideas thought i may share with you for those Internet Enthusiasts who wishes to make a buck or 2 or even base their full time job by creating websites and sitting there doing nothing all day and watch money coming in through ads/clickthrough affilates etc etc!

1) Rich Jerk
Not sure if any of you guys heard of the Rich Jerk - this guy well he basically made / makes 100s and 1000's $$ per year basically doing nothing - he runs several websites and through advertising / afflicates etc he makes a lot

I purchased this book in DEcember at first i was a bit sceptical as to seeing all these "Get Rich Quick" So called book and Scams - so i came across this and thought why not only $9 so i purchased and and got taken back at the contents of it - There is a LOT Of VERY GOOD INFORMATION in there on things you can do to make you earn $$$ Through doing interent stuff..and whats even better is that you dont need to be a webdesigner or anything like that or have any knowledge of such stuff to do these stuff

The book WONT make you rich overnight - it will give you ideas on WHAT to do then its upto you to do it...you WILL Notice a Difference if you take the ideas of that book and those of you already starting the basics WILL see an Increase in returns provided you apply the techniques... it shows things like

How to make a killing even if you have no website, and no clue how to make one.

if you buy it you get a PDF download where you can download and read it - its around 70 pages long but cuts off the nonsense nad gets straight to the point!

Click here to purchase ebook

2) Pay Per Click Programs
If you have a website why not sign up to Google Adsense
Sign up to it if you get approved then you can place ads on your site each tme someone clicks an ad on your website you get paid

Equally good programs are

Yahoo Publisher Network

Whatever your website is just apply if you get through then great!


More Ideas to come Stay tuned!:okay::okay::okay:

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01-24-2008, 02:38 AM

Brother, why don't you use this site, AND earn some money for this site, instead asking for premium memberships?...:embarrass


01-25-2008, 07:51 PM
Erm, advertizing?

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