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01-27-2008, 09:34 PM

For those interested:

[PIE]Program: Islamic studies and Quran for teen girls and women.

Location: The Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Quran Center for Woman - Istanbul, Turkey

Cost: Free! This includes room and board, three meals a day, and trips to major Islamic sites in Istanbul. AIRFARE AND VISA IS YOUR RESPONSIBLITY.

Courses: Fiqh (Hanafi/Shafi) , Seerah, Tafsir, Hadith, Adab, Purification of the Heart, History of Prophets, Quran, Arabic, and Aqueedah. Possible Turkish as well!

Program Length: Two months (June 15 until August 15) For anyone whom it is not possible to stay that long, they may leave whenever it is convenient for them. The two month time spand is merely a gap. However, we hope to have everyone arrive by June 15 at the latest.

Details: All classes will be taught by the Ustazas that teach full-time for the Center. They of course are all women.The Center is actually a school fully equipted with dorms that house approximately 600 women and teenage girls throughout the year. It also houses 300 women who memorize the Quran. It has a cafeteria, Moqsue, store, clinic, and library. The place also has full-time security 24/7. The students there are from China, Russia, Uzbekistan, Greece, Turkminestan, East Turkestan, Germany, France, Saudia Arabia, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, and of course, Turkey. The Center has been operational for 12years and women from all over the world come there for two to four years of study, after which those who are successful are certified by the school to teach and give dawah.

The participants of the summer program, in addition to studying Islamic full time, will get to tour various Islamic sites, such as the Topkapi Palace of the Ottoman Caliphs, The Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmad Mosque), the grave of Sahabas, such as Abu Ayyub al-Ansari, who housed the prophet (saaws) upon his migration to Medina, the grave of Yushua (AS) the youth mentioned in the Quran who accompanied prophet Musa (AS) on his journey to meet Khidr, the graves of Ka'ab b. Malik, Jabir ibn. Abdullah, and many more!

Please contact Sis. Laila Franklin @ 770-559-3512 or Sis. Sasha Abdur-Rashid @ 404-421-7522 for more information.[/PIE]


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