View Full Version : Work cut out in Ramadhan

10-06-2005, 09:10 PM

It's Ramadhan, yet my school are STILL holding compulsory extra lessons, tests, coursework and an over-load of homework! I'm spending more time on school work than I am worshipping Allah! If it can't get any worse...my school is a private Islamic school!!! It's not right! I (along with some supporters) have tried explaining this to the teachers but will they listen? No! Some do....but the majority don't. :mad:

10-06-2005, 11:43 PM
You must get to perform salah, right?

is it a boarding scholl your at?

10-07-2005, 04:37 AM
ah.. that sucks..my school isnt ging extra classes..but it isnt cutting short the classes either..and trial's right after Eid...:mad:

10-07-2005, 04:46 AM
Maybe they plan to close for the last ten days.
So they are rushing up before that.

10-10-2005, 02:10 AM
yup..sister maybe..!

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