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View Full Version : Palestine In Need Wristband-Unique Eid Gift

10-29-2005, 03:35 PM
Salaam Brothers and Sisters

Only approx 100 Wristbands remaining. Visit www.freeyourmind.org.uk (promo section) and buy yourself and friends a wristband for Eid....only £2 each.

(message on w/band : Palestine In Need, w/band in Palestinian colours)

Why should you buy one?
By wearing a w/band you are showing your support for your Palestinian brother and sisters. If an individual sees you wearing a w/band, firstly, he/she will see you support the Palestinian cause and also if they ask you why you are wearing it, then it gives you an opportunity to tell them of the plight and truth of the Palestinian struggle. You will be showing the world that we as Muslim support the Palestinian people wholeheartedly.

Also, if you buy a wristband for a small price of £2, you can do your little bit financially.

Only 1100 wristbands have been produced so they are very unique so don't miss your opportunity to buy one. Don't just buy 1, buy them for your family and friends or even buy some and sell them to people in your community.

Insha'Allah we are sending the money directly our Palestinian brothers and sisters during Ramadhan. If you would like any further information you can contact me directly, israrraja1@hotmail.com

Go to m-media section and watch clips of our recent youth event. Alhamdulilah it is was a great success, very inspiring and entertaining. DVD is available to buy online.



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Ameeratul Layl
11-01-2005, 10:20 AM

I still havent bought one:playing:

So, wat colours do they have? are there any black ones?
Allah ma3ak

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