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11-17-2005, 06:42 PM
A female tutor of Syrian descent is available to teach Arabic and Tajweed privately for sisters only. Located in North London, the tutor is easily accessible and available to teach on most days of the week. Tuition fees are very competitive and negotiable. For further information please contact Sister Maream 07903035653 or myassaf@maktoob.com.


Sister Maream was born in Damascus Syria into an Islamic family. From an early age she was taught traditional Islam at the hands of her mother Ustadha Umm Muhammad 'Alouni (Graduate of Shari'ah, University of Damascus). and studied Shafi'ie Fiqh (Kitaab Fiqh al-Ibadaa'at ala Madhab ash-Shafi'ie) under Ustadha al-Hajaa al-Khuloud (Doctor of Fiqh, University of Damascus).

She studied Tajweed and its Sciences under various teachers including Anisa Hanadee (Mujaza Qur'an wa Tajweed from Sheikh al-Qaari Muhayiden al-Kurdi) and Anisa Rubana (Mutakhasis bi Tahfeez Qur'an wal Tajweed, Graduate of Shari'ah) for 2 years, helping her to memorise over 20 Juz of the Qur'an. She studied Seerah, Hayaat as-Sahabah and Da'wah at the hands of Sheikha Umm Mua'dz. She studied Arabic up to A-level before commencing a BA in Economics at the University of Damascus.

Sister Maream has been living in the United Kingdom for 3 years and has continued her Islamic studies pursuing a BA in Shari'ah with the London Open College. She is studying 'Aqeedah and Usuol Emaan under Dr Jalaaludeen Saleh (Director, London Islamic Open College), Fiqh al-Ibadaat and Fiqh al-Usra under Sheikh Noorudeen al-Noui, Arabic Linguistics and Grammar under Ustadh Muhammad Shoshaan and Uloum al-Qur'an under Ustadh Ahmed Hallak.

Sister Maream has written on a number of topics for both her college studies and personal reasons including, "The Miracles of the Qur'an", "The Ruling regarding the one who rejects the Sunnah", "Al-Istawa ala Arsh", "The lessons from Gahzawat Mu'ta", "A comprehesive Tafseer of Surah Qaaf upon the understanding of the Classical Mufasireen" and is currently preparing articles on "How the Quran views the Torah and the Injeel" and "Beneficial Lessons from the life of Yusuf (as)".

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