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12-06-2005, 02:27 PM

:: Islam as seen in the Bible (1) ::

Aslam 3alikom o ra7mat Allah o brakatoh

Now it's Questions Time ..

Do we find the word " Islam" in the Bible :?

We do not find it as a term
for which there are three main reasons:

1- It is an Arabic word, and the Bible in our hand is an English translation of Ancient Greek and Hebrew

2- Islam is translatable word. Since it bears some meaning, it lends itself to translation

3- Many religions of today, being identified by means of names ending with " ism " and " ity ", did not exist during Biblical times.There was either the religion of obeying the One and Only God, or there was idonlatry. People were either believers in the One God, or they were pagans or heathens

Obviously, when we want to look for the word " Islam " in the Bible
we have to look for its translated meaning only

" Submission to the will of the One True God "

what does " submission " mean here :?
it means total obedience, loving, and willing

In the Biblical terminology, it means " keeping the commandments " or " doing the will of God "

we find these phrases in many places in the Bible
( both in the Old Testament and New Testament )

The following are a few examples:

( to be continue ) ...


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