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12-27-2005, 12:28 PM
i logged on not sure how long ago and I realize I can't do 2 things at one time
with the help of Allah I woke up made salat and decided to make oatmeal a:sister: felt like eating so anyway I was boiling H20 on the stove and simply forgot about it because here I am checking my mail and logged onto to this site even though I may be the only 1 on this site now and not blaming anyone but this site really helps me to be more interested in this wonderful religion to the point that I forgot that I was hungry and the H2O boiled dry right out of the pot Must be more carful.
Just wanted to share this thought or should I say what just happened to me
Salams to who ever took time to read this :)

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12-27-2005, 12:33 PM
oh wow sis
well since this is a sharing thought / experiencing thread :D lemme share 1 too

Yesterday I went to my cousins wedding, it was anice affair, had a lot of biryani and chicken something something (dunno the name of it)

Must say Paki weddings are getting ut of hand with amount of extravagance - there were 22 Dishes to choose from for the main course , I only had 2. The dresses were so extravagant on the women that it would make Queen Elizabeth look like a laundry lady (which she already does in my opinion)

Stayed till 1 AM made a new friend had a lot of fun

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