Assalamualaikum Brothers & Sisters,

There have been some interesting questions that I have been asking to fellow brothers and sisters, which have given me interesting feedback, but now I want to know what your responses are…

The reason to why I have been asking theses questions is due to the fact, that, if I can start a business that can make the online shopping experience for us Muslims to be easier when it comes to shopping for clothes, skin care, cosmetics etc, I will do so.

However, I need to you guys to help me with these questions, if there is anything else you want to discuss about shopping online from how halal a product is; from marketing, treating of employees and what the brand stands for, what you are looking for when you shop online, what you are frustrated with when shopping online for clothes and also what you want to see in the near future?. Feel free to discuss it.

1. Does your faith have an influence on what you purchase on clothing?

Yes, all the time


No, Never

2. How much time do you spend shopping online in a week?

1-4 hours

5-8 hours

9-12 hours

13-16 hours

Over 17 hours

3. How much do you spend online on clothes weekly?

Less than £50






4. Would you like to have more of a choice of modest clothing while shopping online (that caters more towards your religion)?



I don’t know

5. favourite brands or websites for Islamic clothing?
favourite Brands for Islamic clothing (or Modest Clothing)
Favourite Websites

6. Do you believe that the muslim community is underserved?



I don’t know

7. What kind of ways do you think can increase the choice for muslims when it comes down to shopping for clothing online which is appropriate to our religion?