20,000-25,000 dollars from the beginning of my 3rd uni year (next school year) when I will likely have a job through disabled services, to the end of the first semester (autumn/fall semester) of 4th uni year (final, inshaAllah). it's for marriage. or for college if i fail to get a scholarship or get into the honors program. currently im surviving off subsidized loans are they halal? i may need money for that, too. how can i make a lot of money as a college student in an office job, when i will be making at most 18 credit hours a week in my later college years to compensate for little credit hours now? and am weak and exhausted easily? (and lazy). i was considering investments, but what is halal? should i just work real hard at my job, or would that affect my studies?

i also suffer from autism, an other issues like ocd, anxiety, and depression, potentially borderline personality disorder

i was considering a job as a data entry clerk. i have never worked before.