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    Why are women more restricted than men? (OP)

    I don't understand why men are allowed to dress fashionably, style their hair, are able to show their body except for their awrah and be able to sing and dance while women can't wear minimal makeup, have to wear baggy clothes, their clothes have to be unfashionable and dark, can't speak loudly or laugh in public, they can't sing, recite or dance either.

    Why do women need to hide themselves so much when men don't?

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    Re: Why are women more restricted than men?

    Quote Originally Posted by samirbrazendale View Post
    Asalaamualaykum :
    All the things that you listed as permissible for a man is ACTUALLY NOT in Islam.
    Lets go one by one:
    - Dress Fashionably ( This is only permissible if there is modesty in the clothing - Todays fashion of tight clothing is also disliked in islam as even if a man is covered, it is in his best interest that he has taqwa and modesty in his dress)
    - Style hair: Certain hairstyles are disliked in islam. So there is a limitation.
    - To show the body itself needs good reason even-though the awrah is from navel to knee. Even in hottest countries you will never find a man praying in Jamaah exposing even the permissible awrah.

    It is unfortunate that today Muslim men have forgotten the ethics of dressing as much as woman have forgotten it. We all need to make an effort.

    The general failure of any gender to practice the Sunnah is no excuse for the other gender to abandon the Sunnah.


    Maasha-Allah, very beautiful answers. Jazaak-Allaho khairan katheeran katheera!!!
    Why are women more restricted than men?

    For the translation and short explanation of the surahs / verses of the Holy Quraan go to


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