Khalid Ibn Sa'id RA - A Fighter of the Foremost Muslims

A Fighter of the Foremost Muslims
Khalid Ibn Sa'id RA was born into a highly wealthy and power-oriented family. His family lived in luxury and abundance, and his father was proud of his influential high status among the Quraish. Khalid Ibn Said RA descended from Ibn Umayyah, Ibn ‘Abd Shams, and Ibn ‘Abd Manaf.

When the first rays of Islam crept in, slowly but surely, over Makkah to announce in whispers that revelation had descended upon Muhammad the Trustworthy in the Cave of Hira' with a message from Allah SWT to proclaim to His slaves, Khalid Ibn Said RA heart was revived and he gave an ear to the whispering which was like a wonderful light, and he was also heedful to it. Khalid Ibn Said RA was thrilled with joy as if he had been waiting for this news all his life. He kept on following these rays of light wherever they went. Whenever Khalid Ibn Said RA heard his people talking about the new religion, he would join them and listen carefully with repressed joy. Every now and then, Khalid Ibn Said RA would participate in the conversation with a word or two that gave impetus to the new religion to achieve publicity, effect, and guidance.

If you had seen Khalid Ibn Said RA in those days, you would have the impression that he was a quiet young man who kept discrete silence. Yet beyond this calm appearance lurked a commotion of human feeling that was full of movement and joy. You could almost hear sounds of drums, trumpets, prayers, and glorifications. You could almost see the hoisted flags. Khalid Ibn Said RA inner-self was feasting in the full meaning of the world. You could feel the......