Sol Invictus:
you would argue that the concept of god is simple. now you would also admit that god created all things and as our current cosmology theory holds space, time, and matter all came into being at some point (by an originator we would hold to be god). could you please explain to me where god was located when he created everything in existence? remember that space/area/location came into being during the big bang and as such this concept did not existed prior to this in the same way that neither time, nor area existed prior to this. will you say that he just created these? well prove it to me in a manner that makes sense. how do you explain god when there was no concept of location? currently you believe that god is located in heaven and that makes sense and so how do you unify the non-existence of location and the existence of a real being. please, this is something which boggles the minds of quantum physics and i would very much like you to explain it in a matter that makes sense. the concept of area not even existing is incredibly mind boggling so i very much would like an explanation.
I thought this question deserved its own thread. I enjoy a good cosmological question.

Yes, I believe God exists in Heaven. But, it is not a physical heaven. God is hidden behind physical existance.

In order to answer the question of this thread, we need to ask another question:

What is the nature of God?

1 Timothy 1:17 "Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever. Amen."

If God is eternal, then he is without beginning and without ending. There is no time when he didn't exist, nor will there be a time where he wont exist.

And if God is eternal, surely creation is eternal; as above - so below; God & Creation exist hand in hand. The Big Bang is not thee beginning, but aye beginning.

What is Creation? Energy happening in Time and in Space.

In science they say that energy can't be created out of nothing and that it can't be dissipated into nothing. Energy can only be transferred into one state or another. In other words, the Big Bang can't be created out of nothing. Something must have caused the Big Bang; energy had to have been transferred in order for the Big Bang to bang. And not just any old bang, but a big bang. So, what created the big bang of the Big Bang?

The Big Crunch! Only a Big Crunch can create the Big Bang. What is a Big Crunch? When the remnants of the last universe (or multiverses) gravitates into a black hole, when that black hole reaches mega-huge proportions it becomes the Big Crunch and finally reaches a point of 'critical mass'... and then...Badda-BOOM!!! You have a new Big Bang creating a new universe (or multiverses) and a new cycle begins.

God as an eternally existing being that exists apart from space and time; as the creator of the universe; and is all-powerful, all-knowing, and in the omnipresent manner that he watches - this determines the nature and the variations to the theme of the eternal cycles of creation.

And both God and Creation in both its eternity; without beginning and without ending, is totally beyond mankinds puny human comprehension.

But that's Ok. What's important is that our sense of awe for the universe inspires our sense of awe for God.