Everything works in this Universe with the will and law of God. Our efforts are destined which goes with the plan of God. And only He knows the degree and extent that can be crossed. God will make man reach his marvel and then man will be judged with complete justice on the day of resurrection. For God made man as the Vicegerent of the Earth to test man. If man exerts an effort to become a part of God's marvel it is entirely his own choice and freedom.

Man has been granted the freedom with limited authority and also given a moral compass, sense of right and wrong, kindness and violence, fairness and injustice etc. And freedom of choice is granted by the Creator to make use of His powers for all his action. And every act will bring good or bad results. This choice is like a tool for him to increase goodness or use it for destruction. And the creator knows everything who owns all the knowledge, wisdom, power and authority.

“And God (is) Predominant over His affairs, but most among mankind do not know”.(Quran 12 : 21)

Just one instance, if we sow a seed we exert our best efforts but ultimately the seed will not grow unless it gets enough sunlight, water and air, which is entirely in God's hand. God has willed that He will provide sunlight water and air for the seed to grow, but human has to make the efforts to sow it. But if man doesn't sow the seed, then he loses the chance to get the ample benefit from God, but if man makes an effort to sow, then man will share a contribution in this process and God promises to reward man for that effort which he has made as his part of contribution. This can be applicable for all man's deeds.

It's not because God needs the help of man's effort (even though the earth was existing even before human life began on Earth) but to give man an opprtunity on the earth's time to grab such a blessing from his creator.

"My mercy encompasses all things. (Quran 7 : 156)

“To Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. He extends provision for whom He wills and restricts [it]. Indeed He is, of all things, Knowing”. (Quran 42 : 12)

This gift of 'Will Power' which man is enjoying perpetually on earth since Adam pbuh, that man will achieve whatever he desires and strive for it. And man's effort itself is God's will and His allowance for man. If man exerts an effort for good he will be recompensed with good but if man exerts an effort for evil, he won't go away with it but will be recompensed for it on the promised day of judgement.

God not only endowed us with hearing, and sight, and hearts but also the faculties of thinking and reasoning, imagination, memory, discrimination, judgment, will-power and such other mental powers by virtue of which we are able to perform the functions fit for man in the world. In addition, God has subjugated the entire universe for mankind so that we can explore, investigate, experiment, and discover and observes the versatile power of God.

God who has bestowed that power to man, "Our Lord is He Who gave to each thing its form and nature, then guided it." (Quran 20 : 50)

No matter how hard we strive to do so, we cannot possibly come to grasp the extent of God's knowledge and the might of the Divine will because it is unlimited, perpetual and unfathomable. We can comprehend it only as far as God permits us to do so, we must remember our incapability, incompetency, inefficiency and helplessness that if any disease attack us we can't cure it ourself, but we need aid that is we are dependant.

Nevertheless, we have many limitations with our temporary life, besides we have to depend on our creator for everything, gaining full awakening is impossible without Him. Whatever in the Universe is the manifestation of God. Our presence is because of Him. Just like a child’s presence is because of his mother. Man must seek to appreciate the extent of God's knowledge, and reflect to comprehend His greatness.

God's wisdom, knowledge and might is infinite. Marvellous and artistic creation of this world has been aesthetically designed which is beyond our vision and imagination. God’s creation of the entire universe is a great blessing for human beings, because it shows us that we are under the control of the Almighty God. Hence, it's very essential for man to live the life on earth according to the guidance of God. That will save man's time by experiencing trial and error.
When man rejects what God has revealed and told, and tries to search himself for answers, he is automatically subjected to misguidance.

God also warns us from our arch enemy, the deceiver, Satan who always tries to misguide us in various ways, and instigates feelings of arrogance that we must ourselves try to figure out instead of submitting to God's message. "Verily, Satan flows through the human being like blood.” And we have been given a demonstration in the story of Adam pbub and Satan. So we should earnestly seek God's guidance in every action we do to make us successful in both the words.

"...so that you might know that God has power over all things and that God has encompassed all things in His knowledge. (Quran 65 : 12).

May God grant us the ability to recognize His true power. God is the source of Knowledge.images%20(68).jpeg