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    Series of -Red Birdie Part -2

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    There was a MujahiD
    Who lived like a Knight
    I knew him since 9/11
    Through a sign from ALLAH
    As this is how terrorists of AQ are
    Fighters to US-Trading lives for World Trade Center
    When I was in my usual mode of sarcasm at US
    Was into thinking what a Trade!

    To my horror,people were glorifying 9/11
    All around me over news
    As if it was a worth thing to give attention!

    My usual sarcasm mode turned into my thinking of Wth is Wtc...

    The ever sarcastic comments that never stopped from that day

    My usual sarcasm worked as like slapping waves of Hurricane Katrina on US

    The sarcastic girl was humbled when Iraqi mujahiDeen beheaded US soldiers in beginning of Iraq invasions by US
    The US kuffar threatened a little girl with ALLAH's torture for her comment!
    So,the US kuffar themselves let me know why don't you just shoot with guns as OBL&crew suggests

    My sarcasm right now at those little teenagers is at its peak!

    Because AQ was what they told to me was correct

    Straight from American's words!

    The time for political awareness came as I read more on disappearing people
    As Arab mujahiDeen &families were arrested
    I understood there's something wrong
    My friend Narrated to me a dream of a martyr
    Literature reg.Iraq came in my hands
    Stories upon stories

    My soul ached & I fell in ultimate daze by the future events
    That turned out to be true when I met this MujahiD
    Over the same descriptions as I had gotten to know over start of initial 9/11

    As everyone saw my Hurricane & tornado after becoming a Muslim on this path,
    I Fell&got up on my horse dusting off my armour
    That had gotten onto ground
    Because I understood its Duhayma fitan times
    So,we get trials in many shapes
    And it's end times
    And it's severe trials times for momineen

    My tears started to work but with illnesses
    That struck me with the time I met the bro

    The brother Rh got martydom
    And I got upset with the thought
    So I lost my mind
    Decided to opt for not accepting news of it
    As you know I had dreams of rewards with him

    My life's tsunami entered in my safest zone
    As trials are a trait of momineen

    Such strong Imaan I had before that I thought I shattered
    And I did
    The family was shocked
    My lil friend choked to see me
    But then I laughed

    Thought "do you trust ALLAH"?
    Or you follow your own theories
    This further cracked me up
    Tears & laughter
    Till ....

    When I met this man who I had accepted that he passed away
    But he acted strange
    As I was still in a vast shock
    I thought the guy came
    Friends reminded me he's a martyr
    But I had lost my sanity

    Two years. Pass by
    Of extreme mood swings & wondering who's he
    Till .....

    The guy who I thought was a martyr
    Proved to be a jinn using his name

    From that time,I have again been laughing & feeling super duper good
    That ALHAMDULL'ILLAH, the guy passed away as a martyr
    And I recovered from my mood swings
    That swung the evil jinn as it lost its mind

    P.S:It's been noticed evil jinns misguide mankind through various ways as I understood from Salaf Texts.

    The Aleppo fall had me under rubble
    As it fell in Dec,
    My life crumbled to pieces
    So,during that time, I thought
    The guy(jinn)plotted on me
    So,I had a dream years ago
    Syria would be destructed
    If the guy(real Muj) didn't get it

    Again lost my mind for 3 months straight away
    Till I realized I was talking to a dead martyrs Qareen who was trying to harm his repute & degrading me

    May we all Muslims be protected from being tested like this!

    Alhamdull'ILLAH-This was a very comprehensive qawl of Shaheed, InshaALLAH - Shaykh Anwar Awlaki Rh

    "You bring a Muslim and give him the banner of Islaam. Then have him experience a hurricane and have a tornado go over his head.Once the dust comes off, he should still be holding the banner- this is steadfastness. "

    -Sheikh Anwar al Awlaki Rh

    That's why I thank ALLAH
    to have been guided to sanity & being seeing things clearly to figure out my problems & I am pleased with ALLAH Ta'ala as a tornado & tsunami passed away with my being a survivor ,with sole reliance on ALLAH Alhamdull'ILLAH

    The steadfastness can never be achieved or considered yeah,I'm now steadfast as we are living in dangerous times but tawakkal goes a long way for a momin,until a momin passes on-La Ilaha illa ALLAH

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