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How Blessed We Are

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    Red face How Blessed We Are

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    I was emailed from my mother, and I hope it brings many benefits to us. Ameen. (anyway, I'm not sure that I shall post it in this forum)

    (from a friend)

    I dreamed that one day I went to the heaven
    An angel accompanied me
    and show the heaven's circumstances

    We walked into a certain work chamber
    loaded by the angels
    The angel who accompanied me stopped
    and said, "This is acception section."
    "Here, the whole requests aimed to Allah are accepted."
    I was looking around this place and I saw
    that this is a very busy place with so many angels
    working with all the requests
    which are written on the papers
    from the whole mankind

    afterwards, I and the angel continued walking
    through a very long corridor
    to a second work chamber
    The angel said, "This is packaging up and dispatch section"

    "The processing of the glory and mercy which are requested,
    then sent to the living humans whose requested them, occured here"
    I watched again how busy was the room
    Many angels worked so hard
    because there were so many requests
    which had to be packaged then sent to the earth

    We continued our journey
    until I reached the end of the corridor
    with a door of a very small work chamber

    Which was very surprising me
    there was only one angel
    whose mostly doing nothing
    The angel said, "This is thank God section"

    The angel looked embarassed.
    "How is this? Why there are no tasks?"
    I asked

    "Pathetic", My angel pulled his breath
    "Humans received the mercy they requested
    and very few of them who thanked for it."

    "What should human do to thank upon the God's mercy?" I asked
    "Very simple", said the angel
    "Enough by saying, 'ALHAMDULILLAHI RABBIL AALAMIIN', thank you, God".

    "Then, what kind of mercy we need to thank?", I asked.
    The angel said, "If you have foods in your icebox,
    clothes that cover your body, roof above your head,
    and a place to sleep, then
    you're richer than 75% population of the world."

    "If you have money in your bank, in your wallet, then
    you're between 8% prosperity of the world.

    "And if you get this massage in your computer,
    then you're a part of
    1% of the world who can still have that chance."

    "If you wake up in the morning
    with more health
    than illness ... then you're blessed
    than so many people in the world
    who could'nt survive until this day

    "If you've never felt the fear of the war,
    loneliness in a prison, the misery of torturing,
    or a very, very deep starvation....
    Then you're luckier than 700 million people in the world

    "If you can go to the mosque or any religious meetings
    without any fear of suppression or aggression,
    seizure, mistreating, or death ...
    then you're blessed than 3 billion people in the world

    "If your parents are alive
    and still in the marriage bond
    Then you're one of the very rares."

    "If you're hopeful and smiley
    then you're not the one of the majority
    whose fall in a pit of hesitance and despair"

    "If you can read this massage, then
    you receives double mercy
    that the person who send this to you
    thinks that you're a very special person
    and that you're blessed
    than 2 million people in the world
    who can't read at all."

    Enjoy your days, count the mercies
    that Allah has given to you.

    And if you want, spread this massage to all your friends
    to remind them how blessed we are
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    Re: How Blessed We Are



    Thanks for sharing

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