"All Praises and Thanks be to God, who guided us to this, never could we have founded guidance, were that God had not guided us". (Qur'an 7 : 43)

The Journey is very simple and exciting. But this journey need a long lasting stability. It’s a bond between person and God, he/she has to make a declaration of faith wholeheartedly that “there is no God except Him and Prophet Muhammad pbuh is His servant and His messenger” through verbal testimony with firm belief in the heart. This is the key to enter into the fold of Islam. He/she become legally Muslim but have to struggle to become a practical Muslim by surrendering his will to the will of God and His laws. Once entering into Islam, taking the daily dose of Taqwa (consciousness of God) as it revives our faith as well as provide the spiritual stamina.

Prophet Muhammed’s pbuh Sunnah (way or path) is the true path to be followed. Some obligatory acts includes prayers, zakaast, fasting, haj and the parcel of good deeds with sincer and pure intentions. He/she has to cross the path of this world as prescribed by God with the list of including Do’s and Dont’s. It’s important to note that person doesn’t become a Muslim not through birth or through conversion but through knowledge that’s why he/she need to seek the Islamic knowledge. Moreover it broaden our perspective of thoughts and expand our intellectual horizons. Hence, we should learn the basic and essential teachings of Islam.

There are many fantasies in this journey we need to be very cautious while choosing the road because everything depends on it. Either it will take you to success or failure. As the enemy of mankind Satan which always try to attack the mind and try to deviate us from the right path trying to make us looser in both the worlds. The favour of God is very essential, we can attain it by asking constantly God to guide us to straightpath. Dua is the weapon to save us from such deceiving traps of Satan. Truth and Guidance is from God. And the Qur'an introduces itself as : "and the manifest light".(Qur'an 4 : 174).

Also God has described the Qur'an in these words: “ ....... a guidance for mankind and clear evidence of guidance and discrimination (between wrong)” (Qur'an 2:185).

May God grant us success in both the world. Ameen.