The female was created by a rib from Adam. The purpose of our creation was so that Adam had a companion, as he couldn't find one among the animals.
For that, the men are ' ruler' of women, and women are ' ruler' of the husband's children. The men are responsible for maintaining and protecting the women.

Marriage is half of the religion. Muslim men are allowed to marry non-Muslim women, because they have more power to convince about the Truth (=Islam)

Women are supposedly obey their husband and raise up their children at home. The husband does also play a very important role for the wife's destiny (Paradise or Hell). His judge about his wife has influence about this.

This means, women are created for men. Men should take responsibility for women on earth so that may enter Paradise, Insha' Allah. In Paradise, husband and wife (and family) will meet again.

But look around you...unfortunately this is not the case anymore. Everything has changed. Reality changed. Nowadays there is pressure on everyone, mostly on women.
The world has changed so much where the men (especially the Muslim) they don't see that responsibility anymore. They ' hate' girls from Europe and USA. And in stead of trying to help them and guide them to the Truth so that may have a chance of entering Paradise, Insha' Allah, they make a difference between ' good' and 'bad' girls. And they should know that women need to be guided by men in a propitiate manner. And there is more...even Muslim women working like men (because the system makes them to...they have to survive, they have to eat..etc) But even the men they start loving ' independent' women...who have their own houses, own cars, buy they own clothes, etc etc....

So this world system is misleading us. And I really wish Muslim men stand up and help the women, Muslim, non Muslim, disbeliever etc etc, because you CAN help them. You CAN advise them, even as a friend or even better by marriage. How beautiful it would be when a ' bad' girl turns into a ' good' girl, before it's too late (death) We all have one chance and we all pray that Allah be merciful with us.

I wish too see more real Muslims knowing what they doing and that they are aware of their thoughts, words and actions. Please be wiser, and be conscious about your responsibility as a Muslim man according to the Qur'an and according to the Prophet Mohamed, Peace be upon him.
Insha' Allah more and more people understand the Truth and don't get misled by the World system.

Thank you for your attention.

Salam, a Muslim sister