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    Lightbulb Planning a bright future for your children

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    Nowadays, many parents prepare their children for a bright future in this world, by sending them to school and ensuring their child is excelling. Yet, they do not prepare their children for a bright future in the hereafter, by bringing their sons to the Masjid for Salah, or encouraging their daughters to dress modestly. Many men come for Salah but leave their boys at home. It is unfortunate that our love is so shallow, it is only limited to this worldly life. We are only concerned about their worldly success. What about the hereafter, where your child will live forever? Are you not concerned about what will happen to your child once they die?

    This attitude is akin to taking your child to the highway, helping them cross through one lane and then leaving them to cross the rest of the highway on their own. How will the child pass when there are trucks and cars speeding past? How can we have the heart to help them cross just one lane and leave them to cross the rest on their own? This is how we are. We worry about how they will cross this bridge of life, but we do not care about how they will cross the Sirat bridge in the hereafter. This bridge is thinner than a hair and sharper than a knife. Only believers will be able to cross it and reach Jannah. We must ask ourselves; are we equipping our children with the faith required to cross this bridge, which will determine their destiny?

    May Allah enable us to fulfill our duty as parents, Aameen.

    — Hazrat Ml. Dawood Seedat حفظه الله

    Above is an article taken from www.islaahiadvices.com. It is an extract from Hazrat's talk on 19/09/17 in Masjid Hamza, Effingham Heights, Durban. To listen to the full talk, please click here.

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    Re: Planning a bright future for your children

    I did not go through the whole post.

    First is Knowledge of Deen and manners , next is Halal Dunya and studies for it etc. Halal dunya is an act of Ibadha so keeping your children on it is a Must and duty of parents.

    beware where we take knowledge from.
    Planning a bright future for your children

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    Just a Muslim with Glorious Quran and (hadith) sunnah as my guide as in verse 41:33 '' And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, "Indeed, I am of the Muslims."

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