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    Money to get married in two years (I'm 20)

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    I'm right about to turn 20, and in two years I'll be graduating after having internships, and then I'll be getting a job with my Economics degree or pursuing graduate school. I just got a job offer at my school, helping students and parents of students (some are not independent as in other countries and some are high school students who come here part time). Per dream interpretation and personal preference, I aim to marry some (not any particular HAS to be it, though the dream single out one) Ahiskali, or some Turk (with a few in mind), and I figured after calculating the number of hours I'd work and the number of weeks I'd work and the number of money I'd make per hour, and the amount of time I'd be working at this job and at the internships, I'd be left with a few thousand dollars in savings after paying tuition, (if I don't get scholarships, if I do, GREAT!) so more if scholarships, more if internships that are well paid, and after paying sadaqa so I can help the disadvantaged and so Allah can help me in return, and after leaving some for family and personal expenses and savings. I also thought of investing on stock market. How much money is required to get married? EDIT: I also have my mother buying an apartment, so I'll rent from her.
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    Re: Money to get married in two years (I'm 20)

    When you plan for the tomorrow always say if Allah wills (Inshaa'Allah). This way we put our trust in Allah so He helps us to achieve our plan.

    Marriage now is expensive especially now that people want big weddings etc. If you can find a lady to accept a small wedding or marriage at the masjid then that's great.
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    Money to get married in two years (I'm 20)

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