As salaam Alaikum,

In Islam the reason men are the one who are authorized for divorce and not women, so it protects men. Since men are at the losing end of things when divorce happens. That being said, if women want to have authority of divorce can a man make a contract that says, "You have full authority of divorce. You make the decision making of divorcing and I gave power over to you and I have no right to divorce, in exchange" and he can list these conditions so he can protect himself?

Can he say you can divorce me and in this contract in marriage I have no right to divorce you, I can ask for khula, but no divorce you in exchange of the following conditions:

A) The man have no authority to financially support a woman after divorce
B) The man have full custody of the children
C) The woman have to financially provide and support the child
D) The man does not pay mahir before marriage and the wife and her family have to provide financially for marriage (perhaps this way, we can finally have simple weddings, instead of spending millions of dollars for weddings when men are no longer the one paying)
E) A woman must go out to work and provide financially for the family, and the man stays and raises the children.

You can say mahir is prescribed in Islam as women's right. But I can also say, "Divorce is in the right of the husband, that is the men's right. He should be treated with respect and be obeyed." However, many women complain and want men's right also. I read in that a contract can happen before marriage that says a man can give a woman right to divorce. If she divorces herself it works and is applied. So I am wondering, as long as a woman agrees to above conditions, I see no reason why more men don't agree to these terms? I am not being antiwomen here, I am asking in terms of Islamic question, asking if it is acceptable in Islam. Lots of people attack Islam and say it is a woman hater. So I am asking, if the above condition can be accepted in Islam, can't then one say above that you can prescribe these conditions and thus women can divorce herself or her husband if both parties agree to these terms? I am also looking at protecting family and protecting men's right too. Not just women. Women are not the only people who have brain, heart and soul, you know.

So I am wondering in order to also protect men's right and protect family structure, can above be accepted in Islam if both parties agree to these conditions before marrying.

I am thinking if it is accepted in Islam if such contract can happen, then I am more open to getting married. As to the question, don't you feel less of a man with the above contracts? The answer to that question? Nope. I am ok if she is ok.