Scotland's largest Muslim community is holding its Eid el-Fitr celebrations in Glasgow to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

During Ramadan Muslims are called to fast during the hours of daylight

"Eid on the Drive" is taking place in Albert Drive, Pollokshields.

Celebrations got under way at 1500 BST and will culminate in a laser light show at 2015 BST.

During Ramadan Muslims are called upon to cease all consumption of food and drink during daylight hours for 30 consecutive days.

"Eid on the Drive" started in 2007 following complaints about previous Eid celebrations in Pollokshields, particular among young men.

Local councillor Irfan Rabbani said the aim last year was to tackle anti-social behaviour but the event was a "success on many fronts".

"It brought the community and individuals together, for what, in my experience, was the first time in Pollokshields," he said.

'Displaying diversity'

"It gave the community an opportunity in terms of displaying and demonstrating our diversity."

Festival volunteer Majid Bashir, 23, said last year's event attracted people from outside Glasgow.

"There were families there I knew from Edinburgh, Dundee, Stirling and Falkirk," he said.

"There were Muslims from different countries, too, like Somalia, Iraq and Iran.

"It wasn't just Muslims either, there were families there from the local area who were along to have fun. Everyone was just getting on."