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    Are you prepared for Ramadan?

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    Check your intentions!

    Ramadan list:
    I will pray all five prayers on time.
    I will keep all the fasts that are Fard on me.
    I will abstain from watching t.v., movies, and playing time wasting games, even on the computer.
    I will use my time wisely and read all the Quran I can, learn all the hadiths I can, and make as much dua as I can.
    I will try to learn more and increase my faith, and whatever I learn, I will teach others.
    I will not complain, but think about all the things I should be thankful about.
    I will not fight with my siblings or anyone, but will like for my brother (or sister) what I like for myself.
    I will help my mom around the house.
    No matter how much homework or other work I have, I will take out 5-10 minutes in my day to help me mom prepare iftaar and clean up after.
    Before iftaar, I will help my mom, and when I am done helping, I will sit on the table and read dua until it is time to break my fast.
    I will memorize at least one surah from the Quran.
    I will try to finish reading the whole Quran this Ramadan.
    I will not swear when fasting.
    I will try to control my anger and will find other peaceful ways of resolution.
    I will try to make myself a better person, and a better Muslim.
    I will help those in need and give as much sadaqa as possible.
    I will renew all my relationships with people I did not get along with this year.
    I will forgive those who I don't like and ask them for forgiveness.
    Before going to sleep everyday, I will reflect on the things I did that day. I will remind myself of all the good things, and make an intention not to repeat the bad.
    I will try my best to read surah Mulk every night before sleeping (or after Maghrib) and surah Yaseen every morning because surah Yaseen will helps get your daily activities done, and surah Mulk will protect you from the punishment in the grave.
    If I do get hungry, I will remember those who are not as fortunate as me.
    I will try to do ibadah (worship) with my family and friends.
    I will not gossip or backbite, tattletale, or break any promises.
    I will make sure whatever food I eat is 100% halal and zabiha.
    I will do my best to feed others.
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    Re: Are you prepared for Ramadan?

    It's a very good list sister mashallah... For me I will keep my moral, try to make it better. Start pray five times a day and start with hijab. I haven't been able to before for private reasons but now I will finally soon be able to inshallah. I can't wait for it.
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    Re: Are you prepared for Ramadan?

    Asslamu Alikum.

    I'm going to try and accomplish the following:

    1. Read the Quran before I go college in the morning.
    2. Memorise Surah Ya-seen.
    3. Avoid playing computer games.
    4. Give charity. I will use my EMA to give money to the poor.

    I'm able to pray 5 times a day. I'm learning how to cope with my emotions and stay in control though it is proving to be very difficult. Memorising Surah Ya-seen will be a challenge for me since I will be travelling very far to college and have to maintain good studying habits.

    I just hope things will go smoothly.
    Are you prepared for Ramadan?

    I was looking at myself talking to myself and I realized this conversation...I was having with myself looking at myself was a conversation with myself that I needed to have with myself.
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