To get the best of Ramadan, one needs to prepare well and put the plan
before Ramadan knocks the door without being ready to receive it. It is the
month of the year, and the actual loser is the one who witnesses Ramadan
without being forgiven in it as narrated from the Prophet (peace be upon
The tips below discuss how to make actual and useful preparation for

1- Supplicate Allah to prolong your life to attend Ramadan, bless it for you,
accept your good deeds in it and forgive your shortcomings.

2- Make a sincere repentance from all sins and evil deeds, regret them, and
ask Allah to help you not to turn again to them.

3- Keep away from the misdeeds that displease Allah and incur his Wrath
upon you.

4- Strive to observe the obligatory prayers at their due times in
congregation so that it will be easy for you to continue on this in and after

5- If you are not in the habit of offering the supererogatory prayers, try to
do some of them and move on to do all of them.

6- Rectify your intention, make all your actions sincerely to Allah, the
Almighty, Alone.

7- As the utmost goal of fasting is attaining Taqwa (righteousness and fear
of God), facilitate its realization by the different means of Taqwa, such as
remembering Allah, reading about the stories of the earlier generations,
contemplation on the Qu’ran, thinking about death and the Hereafter, and so

8- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. use up most of our free
time. From now on, give Qur’an, Dhikr, Salah, etc. the greater time to
prepare for the month of Qur’an and Salah; Ramadan.

9- Recitation of the Qur’an in Ramadan is the month’s worship, so make
the Qur’an your companion by starting recitation from now and learning the
rules of Tajwid.

10- If you have a missed fast from the former Ramadan, make up for them
in Sha`ban, as Lady `A’ishah (may Allah be pleased with her) used to do.

11- Accustom yourself to long du`aa’ (supplication), memorize some of the
reported supplications of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and some of Holy Quran online at such as Firdaws Academy.

12- Accustom yourself to long stay in the mosque after each Prayer, in
preparation for i`tikaf in Ramadan.

13- Follow the Prophet’s example in fasting in Sha`ban, as he used to fast
most of the month of Sha`ban. Do not forget that this makes fasting in
Ramadan easy for you.

14-Save some money to give in Sadaqah (charity) in Ramadan and start
from now.

15- Start offering 2 rak`ahs (unit of Prayer) daily and increase the number
from time to time during the night in preparation for tarawih
(supererogatory night prayer in Ramadan).

16- Prepare yourself to make `Umrah in Ramadan, as the Prophet (peace be
upon him) said, “`Umrah in Ramadan equals Hajj with me (in reward).” (AlBukhari)

17- Find righteous companions who would assist you in getting closer to

18- If you are a smoker, you should bear in mind that Ramadan is a good
chance for you to quit. Start from now and minimize the number of
cigarettes until you rid yourself of this bad habit that devour your money
and health and incurs the displeasure of God.

19- The month of Ramadan is the month where the Qur’an is revealed. Thus,
it is the best time to memorize the Qur’an. Let’s start from Sha`ban.

20- Congratulate each other with the coming of Ramadan.
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