Interpretation of a Dream

All human beings have dreams. The latest analysis of dream has discovered that even some birds and animals have different kind of dreams during their sleep. Good dreams are glad tidings from almighty god and since it is a special blessing from god, it could be shared with his well wishers and reliable persons. Hadrath Abu qatadah (R.Z) has quoted the messenger of god saying:

"good dreams come from Allah, if anybody of you sees what he likes, he should not disclose it to anyone else other than whom he loves"

The sources of dreams are three; divine dreams, satanic dream and dream based on mind's rambling. The later two dreams have no need for interpretation and the dreamer is advised not to tell other of such dreams. The Holy Prophet (S.W) has already advised the Bedouin who saw his head rolling down before him not to tell such dreams to others. As far as good dream is concerned, it comes through two main sources. First direct from almighty god with glad tidings for a good deed or warning against a bad deed. Second; dreams transmitted by an angel specially entrusted for this purpose, some times this transmission is very vivid and very clear but some times, it is transmitted in parable, metaphor, coded and symbolic language that needs for proper interpretation.

The coded and symbolic dreams need for proper interpretation. But interpretation is an art, a skill and more over a god gifted inspiration to decipher the symbol or code used in the dream. It is very tough job that required clarity of mind, inner purity and inner devotion to god in addition to blessing from lord for driving a correct conclusion.

A wrong interpretation has the potential to transform a good dream into a bad dream. The Holy Prophet (S.W) in a tradition has warned that dream remains clung in the claws of a bird until it is interpreted and after its interpretation it does effect as interpreted.

Abu Razeen al-Oqaili has reported that the messenger of Allah said: the dream of a believer is one of 46 parts of the prophecy and it remains in the claw of a bird until he discloses it. When he discloses his dream, it falls down. The narrator of this tradition said further that I think the Prophet (S.W) said: "do not disclose it other that a wise man or a friend”. This is what Tirmidhi has transmitted in Abu Daud's version, the holy prophet said: “The dream is on the leg of a bird as long as it is not interpreted and when interpreted it falls down." Then the narrator adds I think the holy prophet said: "do not tell about it other than a good friend or a wise man"

In Islamic tradition every care is taken to give as far as possible, a positive interpretation of the dream, otherwise, it may manifest as it is interpreted. The messenger of Allah warned the believers against a negative interpretation of the dream. In a tradition the holy prophet said:

Hadrath Anas bin Malik has narrated that the messenger of Allah has said: "The dream falls as it is interpreted. It is just like a man who has raised his leg in wait where to put it. Therefore, if anyone of you sees a dream, do not tell anybody except your well wishers or scholars"

Therefore it is a sunnah for the listener of a dream to say good willing, May it be a glad tidings for you.