I'm seeing this one scene over and over again, every day, more and more as the days go by: Children are kicking their families to the curb.

Suddenly it seems as though parents and siblings are nothing. Yeah, I'm talking about the guy that wakes up before fajr to catch a flight to the other side of the world so he can bring home the bread and butter. Yeah, I'm talking about the woman who devoted herself to you since before you were even born. Yeah, I'm talking about the brothers or the sisters who played with you when you were bored and shared their dessert with you and let you borrow their clothes time to time.

It is sickening to see more and more children (and by children I mean people our age... high schoolers, college students, grown young men, grown young women) who are choosing their friends over their families.

No one has the perfect family. We can all sit here and list a thousand flaws about our families. Some of us can probably say there are people in our families we extremely dislike (and I know others would flat out say hate). Some people have parents who are divorced. I've never been through that. I can't imagine how hard that must be on the kids, and even on the husband and wife. But these flaws or inconsistencies in families do NOT mean that the family cannot still be united.

Who are friends? What status do your friends have that makes them so much more superior than your mom, dad, brothers, and sisters? What right do they have upon you that you should devote more time to them than your own family members? Absolutely none.

So tell me, why is it that we choose them over our families? Have we become that blinded towards everything our families have done for us, no matter how imperfect they may seem?

How can you JUSTIFY fighting with your sister and then going out and treating your friends like your own?
How can you JUSTIFY making your mother cry and then going out and lending a shoulder to a friend in need?
How can you JUSTIFY not getting your father a glass of water and then going out and spotting your friend for a soda?
How can you JUSTIFY refusing to give your brother a ride and then going out and picking up a bunch of friends for the movies?


Brothers and sisters, if we refuse to unite within our own families, then don't go crying when you see the Ummah falling apart. This Ummah won't rise back up until YOU become the young man or the young woman who is going to step up to the challenge first.

Don't kick your family to the curb; don't let anyone kick their families to the curb for you. Fear Allah, remember the Day your family will testify against you, ask yourself what Allah will ask you... and see... can you even justify what you did in this life? Don't go to that edge of the cliff. Change now. Go take care of your mother, spend time with your father, talk to your sister, play with your brother... and enter Jannah hand in hand with them.

May Allah forgive us and our families and unite us all in this life and in His Paradise. Ameen.

(This is all to myself before anyone else.)