Salam- posting of a fowarded email.the advice and dua was touching!
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From Akh Sajid Umar

I send to you an early eid mubarak message!

The month has flown by speedily, and this should serve to educate us the realities of our presence in this world!

We are truly here for a few precious moments.

Everything, dear friends, has an inauguration and beginning! And every beginning inevitably has a conclusion and ending. This has clearly been seen in the manner our blessed month has come and gone.

What we do need to comprehend however, is that the ENDING is more important than the beginning. If our beginning was superior and our ending mediocre; then we need to immediately rectify that in the remaining hours, minutes and seconds of this month! And if our beginning was good and ending bad, May Allah protect us,-let us seek forgiveness in desperation because disaster is upon the one whose ending is indeed bad. And if our beginning was good, and ending even better! Then be grateful to your Lord for glad tidings are upon you!

Let us boost our chances of a magnificent ending to this month by forgiving our Muslim brothers or sisters that may have harmed us –by putting aside our pettiness and developing the understanding that our expectance is to only live for Allah! For the sake of Allah -forgive one another.

My dear younger brothers and sisters who may be disrespectful to their parents- Let us start truly loving our parents. Let us make constant dua to Allah and seek his mercy upon our parents as they nurtured us and continue to love and guide us.

My dear sisters who are married- May Allah love you all always, and may he grant you all the abilities to be worthy in the homes of your husbands, to be inspirational to your children. May he shower upon you all as well as our unmarried sisters the important understanding of HIJAAB. May he make you all from amongst those that are dutiful to Allah in open and in private. Ameen.

My dear married brothers- May Allah make all our spouses the coolness of our eyes! May he award us all the rare ability to treat our spouses preciously. May he grant us the ability to overlook their mistakes and concentrate on the many good that they have. May Allah provide between every husband and wife eternal and sincere love.Ameen.

My dear Fathers- May Allah shower his Mercy upon you all. May he make your children the coolness of your eyes! May Allah equip you with the necessities to bring up your children completely and absolutely. May Allah grant us children that will be a means of our goodness after we have passed away. Ameen.

My dear Mothers- May Allah shower his mercy upon you all. May he make your children the coolness of your eyes as well. May Allah never divert you away from the important responsibility of upbringing them. May Allah allow you to raise the most upright muslims that will be a means of your praise on the day of Qiyaamah.Ameen.

To all those accepted by Allah to be responsible over the affairs of Muslim communities.

May Allah gift you all the strength to lead by example- with sincerity, Islamic procedure and conduct. May Allah protect you all from the evils of 'loving power' and instead equip you all with advisors who fear Allah, and are sincere.
May Allah steer you all always towards judging in all matters based only upon the Qur'aan and Sunnah.

May Allah love us all always. Protect us from all trials and tribulations. Protect us from Shaitaan and all evil. Accept our worship and supplications. Forgive our weaknesses and mistakes. May the Almighty write our names from amongst those that have been saved from the Hell-Fire. May he make us from amongst those that have witnessed 'The Night of Power'. May he grant us death when he is happy with us. May he grant us a grave which is a garden from the gardens of Jannah. May he grant us shade under his 'ARSH' on the day of Qiyaamah. May he grant us steadfastness whilst crossing the bridge. And may Allah grant us Jannah with Rasoolullah (SAW). AMEEN.