Video: Gaza and the World - So this is Christmas?
Sonja Karkar

December 22, 2009

Australians for Palestine and Women for Palestine offer a video that calls attention to the extreme humanitarian crisis in Gaza at a time when Christians are celebrating their most festive religious holiday - Christmas. Underlying the frivolity of Christmas shopping, eating and entertainment, is the destitution, misery and hopelessness that millions of Palestinians under occupation and in the refugee camps, face every day. Gaza endures the worst of it. The war is not over for them. Those who have allowed these crimes
against humanity to continue, also have the power to change direction and
demand freedom for the Palestinians and work for peace and justice. We can help them make that change. Speak up to end the siege of Gaza and the occupation of Palestine.

The video is accompanied by the music of John Lennon, Yoko Ono and The Plastic Ono Band - "Happy Christmas (War is over)".

The video was created by Sonja Karkar as a not-for-profit initiative to highlight the tragedy of Gaza and stop people in their tracks as they spend and feast, so that they might demand an end to the crimes Israel is committing against the Palestinians. It is not too late to make your protest by writing to your country's politicians, the media, the Israeli embassies and consulates, companies that trade with Israel. Join a Palestinian solidarity group to learn more about the issues and to give momentum to a growing movement worldwide that sees a just peace for the Palestinians.

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FOOTNOTE: A special thanks to setfree68 who suggested the song for "Gaza in Crisis", which inspired me to create something specifically for the song. SK