so we all know unity is strength, so let me ramble on a bit and see what you can make of it.
although we try to go against our nafs and desires these are essentialy what we are, this is in most cases what drives people, after all if you look at any company you will be describes as the consumers.

everybody has strenghts and weaknesses but if you stand alone, sooner or later people will prey on your weaknesses. standing besides your brothers and sisters with understanding and you can cover each others weaknesses, drawing on each others strengths.
(i know somebody that can work like a pack horse, although if you leave him to his own devices he gets trodden on often by other people. when he is with his friend that very rarely happens. i know somebody that can charm even the hardest of hearts i dont even know what his weakness is lol)

think of our ummah as a huge company without direction or structure, we have our manifesto all we need is to form an understanding infostructure.
we are told to struggle and fight but most of you will be living in a democratic and stable society, you tell there a place in this society for violence? no i hope not.
so struggle in words and action, intention and cause and hopefully we can direct this company on a steady course.
in unity and understanding there is strength, although we must be constant in fighting our own nafs and desire unless we like being the consumers.

forgive me if this makes little sense i have a warped view of the world.