Assalamualikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu
My dear brothers and sisters,

1. Who are we?

We are a group of brothers and sisters who would like to provide our fellow brothers and sisters with an alternative to the marriage introduction sites you see online. We are working solely for the pleasure of Allah, we do not get paid and we do this in our spare time. Please make dua for us. Some of us would like to remain anonymous which is why when you contact us you will get a response from the MatchMaker Team as opposed to an individual. We assure you that we are all alhumdulillah Muslim.

2. How do I view profiles?

Easy. You can click on the tags on the right hand side of the page. All profiles are posted as Profile in the title, and each individual profile has been tagged for male or female so if you wanted to search for female profiles only you can click on the tag "marriage profile female" on the right hand side of the page.
3. How often do you post profiles?
We will post profiles as and when we receive them. If we get a lot of profiles we will post them every fortnight. To make it easier for people to search and view profiles we will be keeping all the profiles on one post from now on so people viewing profiles can scroll down a list to view as opposed to viewing them as individual posts so please do come back and check our pages for updates. Alhumdulillah we have 16 profiles up since we started the service in February and InshaAllah we will be posting some more within the next few weeks.
4. I am interested in a profile, what do I do next?
If for example you are interested in profile 005 you must email us at [email protected]. We will then pass your details to the person you are interested in and take it from there. We cannot provide you with personal details of anyone who has posted their profiles. You are free to post comments on profiles (you have to be a member of Vox to post comments but you don't have to be a member to view this blog) but we will NOT under any circumstances discuss with anyone who posts a comment anything relating to a person's profile. This is to ensure that each person who posts their profile their details are kept private and to prevent people from wasting time. If you are sincerely interested in finding out more about a profile on this blog we strongly suggest you put together a profile which can then be sent (through us by email) to that person. This will then allow the other person to find out a bit more about you and decide whether they would like to proceed.

5. What happens next?

The Matchmaker team will act as the mediator between you and any person on this blog. We will contact them to see if they would like to proceed. When both parties agree that they would like to exchange details then this will be arranged by MatchMaker. We also recommend that anyone who wishes to find a spouse using our service should find a mahram (if they are female) or a trustworthy person to liase with any potential partners on your behalf and itis ur duty to do ur own research on searching reference of the spouse as itis not muslim spouse job, We recognise that in some cases (in particular revert sisters) may find this difficult and if this is the case Matchmaker will help to arrange any meeting to ensure that everything is halal and above board.

6. Who is this service for?

This service has been primarily set up for Muslims living in the Northwest of England. Anyone outside of this area will only be able to post their profile if it is there intention to move to the Northwest otherwise it will be difficult for us to find compatible partners for you.
However, we are willing to accept profiles from those who do not live in the NORTHWEST providing that they put on their profile that they are willing to re-locate. This is so that we do not become oversubscrbed with people's profiles from different parts of England. It would also be difficult to mediate on behalf of any interested parties. Please email us for more information or clarification on this matter.

7. Why are there no photos?

We will not share photos without the consent of anyone who uses our service. Again this is to prevent anything haram from taking place and to prevent people from wasting our time. This is not an online chat forum nor is it a place to meet girls or guys. This is a genuine marriage introduction service and for that reason we wish to be taken serioiusly and to keep this as halal as possible we will NOT be posting any photos. Please also bear in mind that this is a blog it is not a website which is why there are no adverts. The content and layout is also in the style of a blog as opposed to other marriage sites you may have come across. We will also delete any comments that people post which we feel are offensive or inappropriate.
8. How do I submit my profile?
Please email us at [email protected]. Your details will remain with the Matchmaker team only and not be used for any other purpose than to find you a spouse. Your email address will be necessary to contact you and keep you informed. We will contact you if someone is interested in your profile. We will not send you any junk mail or anything unrelated to your profile.We will also ask those who submit a profile whether they have British Citzenship as this is the basic requirement for the majority of users of our service so please do not be offended when we ask you this!!

9.What else do you do?

On this blog we will InshaAllah post details of marriage events happening locally as well as Islamic events happening locally. We will also occasionally post articles, videos, audion lectures in fact anything of interest relating to the Islamic viewpoint of marriage which InshaAllah we hope will benefit you and give you a reason to come back and visit our blog again. We also have on the right hand side links to Islamic web sites which we hope you may be interested in.

Please forgive us for any mistakes we make as some of us are new to blogging.
Any other questions please email us on [email protected] We welcome your comments and feedback to help us improve our service.

May Allah Most High grant you a righteous and loving spouse. Ameen.
The Matchmaker Team.