Ignorance Leads To Knowledge

It was mentioned that a man from the time of the Salaf entered a masjid one day after salaatul zhuhr and sat down.

A person then said to him; “Stand and pray two units of prayer (greeting of the masjid).

Upon hearing this, the man stood and prayed two units as instructed. Some time later on another day the same man entered the masjid after salaatul ‘asr and began to pray two units of prayer before sitting.

A person present at the masjid said to him; “Do not pray now, this is a prohibited time for prayer.

Upon hearing this the man said; “I must seek knowledge.

he began to do so until he became an imam (leader) in knowledge.

In this story ignorance was the reason why this individual became knowledgeable. And if Allaah knows a person is sincere, He (Allaah) will grant him success, and it is possible that he will be able to obtain much knowledge.

[This story was taken from Majmoo' Al-Fataawa 26/204 of Ibn Uthaymeen's fataawa]

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