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Marriage is NOT a charity!

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    Marriage is NOT a charity!

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    This is a follow up from Society Evils thread.

    Allah has stated in the Quran that this is for “believing Men and Women”, so the rights of Men and Women that Islam talks about are for “believing Men and women”.

    1. No Prophet ever said that you have to get married first and then become a Muslim afterwards.

    2. Marriage is half of your religion they say, this is actually because you are showing that you are being kind, attentive to another. After all it does take patient and understanding to live with another, as there maybe differences of habits etc.

    3. They say that women are less intelligent then Men. Well fine, so how are a lot of women going to help Men to become religious?? If they know less themselves?? There are issues where women do feel that there husband is going to value, appreciate them more if they help their husband to be a good Muslims, but again they are forgetting that they should have got married to a person who is already a Muslim, not a little bit of a Muslim, or not understanding. As Allah already stated this is for “believing Men and Women”.

    4. A lot of Males are quoting that they will be good after they get married, then how many do they know have actually become good Muslims after they have got married???
    Of course you have to be good before, ie you may have a child in a years time after marriage, so you should already be a good Muslim, and being responsible.

    Anyhow, they are showing they have squandered the time to become good Muslims before they got married, what were they doing when they were 12, 14, 18, 20 years of age etc?? All that time, and they have nothing to show for it, except that they need to treat Marriage as if its charity? Wrong. Some spend more time with their best friends, instead of learning from older Men, so again squandering their opportunity for learning.

    5. There is agreement that Men and Women at the time of the Prophet, were best at being Muslims, they themselves did not say I need to get married and then I will become a Muslim afterwards.

    6. Even Allah has said that a women should get married to a Muslim, not a Christian etc, so again get married to Man who is already a Muslim.

    7. Males are more freer to walk outside then women, and there are those that have squandered their time of learning and then have the nerve to say that a women who practically has spent a large amount of her time at home is going to help them be a good person, when they had already had the opportunity to learn by good people, so they squandered the resources out there for them.

    8. They quote more of entering marriage for fear of committing illegal sexual relationships, fine, then again as this if for believing Men and women, I would expect these people to already be praying 5 times a day etc if they really feared displeasing Allah. Not pick and choose what they want from Islam. They should already been controlling themselves when they were 16, 19 years of age etc, what has changed for them now?? Again present yourself as a Man, upright who forbids evil and enjoins good, who worships Allah and remembers the Day of Judgement and in Paradise and Hell, of course you should not be making first impressions about sexual desires.

    9. We have a limited amount of time in this world, this is the only opportunity to make it to Paradise, and you cannot waste it on someone who is redefining what marriage is, to a lower level for them. It is not about being uncaring, there are women that are weak, and they cannot afford to get married to a Male who calls himself a Muslim by name only, and does not pray 5 times a day etc.

    10. Of course you don’t get married to someone in Paradise because they would feel sorry for you, why would they need to feel sorry for you when you are in Paradise and living in peace? So again marriage is about being a Servant of Allah, proven yourself and you are able to go to Paradise and get married, again not a charity or getting someone to feel sorry for you (so many Males play that role, when they have done nothing in their lives, so why do you need someone’s else’s attention, when you have done nothing in the way of Islam?? Why should others need to care about you when you care about yourself anyway??? Again being Servants of Allah, for believing Men and Women.

    I believe in equality for Men and Women, and absolutely agree to marriage, and the rights therein for Men and Women. This is about people having a short amount of time in this world, and they cannot afford to waste their only opportunity in this world to make it to Paradise by weak people who are treating Marriage as a charity. Marriage is about two believing Men and women whom are mature, responsible, and give and take equally in their relationship.
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    Re: Marriage is NOT a charity!

    JazakAllahu khayran for the awesome advice
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