, w00t! it's another blessed friday. I hope you all recited surah al-kahf, unlike me who's been missing it 2x .

Anyway, what is your way of dealing with either parents, teachers, family, relatives,the elderly, friends, the youth,teenagers or kids. Now, first of all is it true that we need to treat them all differently? Second of all, how do we deal with psychological thoughts? Based on my experience, I try to keep quiet in school so I won't backbite or have some loose talk. However, I find it difficult to do this and struggle with it, my inner voice will say,"Talk to him/her, have a conversation", I think that this is because I feel guilty or awkward when I don't talk to people. When I actually have a conversation with a friend(This happens when I try to be friendly), I would normally get caught up in my own speech, hesitate in my own speech and most probably have grammatical errors in it. Argh, I hate it when that happens especially when I'm trying to explain something I find funny, my classmates will just be silent or say that they don't understand. Furthermore, I feel really offended when people don't listen to me and can't listen to me. It feels like I have no one respects me anymore. One more thing, when I see someone that I know besides me while waiting for my car to fetch me, I don't say anything to them but I feel really guilty. Again, I think that I don't know how to socialize good enough with people. As you can see I suck at this socializing thing, I wonder how would I do da'wah if I continue like this. If something is wrong with my mentality, please do inform me .

So there you have it!