Hope everyone finds it in the best state of Imaan and health!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone trying to make them understand some aspect of Islam and their replies (mostly illogical) led by their inclination towards not accepting it has make you think, "How can anyone be so lame?"

Well its at times like these I realize that Alhamdulillah I've been blessed with the most priceless gift! My condition in this world, in spite of how it appears on the outside, is the best! If I get something and I am thankful to Allah I am rewarded, if I don't get it and remain patient I am rewarded! A win-win situation!
And Allah has even made it clear that 'good men are for good women and good women are for good men' so you even don't need to worry about who you'll end up with! b'cause Allah has taken care of that! All you have to do is be a good person yourself!

I don't drink alcohol or take drugs which is actually good for my own health but I even get rewarded even for that!! I wear Hijab which protects me but even that is going to be fruitful for me!
There are countless such things which in case i practice them in this world, they'll be beneficial to me here and above all will earn for me Allah's pleasure!

it reminds me of the Prophet Dawud's (a.s) du'a:
"O Allah! How can I ever duly thank you when my thanking you is also a gift from you to me."

May Allah make us usderstand the 'hikmah' behind every aspect of Islam and give us the 'taufeeq' to adhere to it! Ameen
Jazakallah khairn!