O slave of Allah -Reflect

Bismillah-ir Rahman-ir Raheem
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most MercifulO slave of Allah! For how long will you wonder in the valley of darkness? Your passions are your valley, and darkness has prevailed because of your negligence towards your Lord – Allah (Exalted is He). You claim about yourself what is not true by saying what you do not do; therefore, you have become what no sincere slave of Allah wants to be. Look at your face, dare to see yourself! What do you see? It is not quite pretty what you see isn’t it? That what you are seeing is the result of your deeds. They are ugly and horrible, and they are nothing to be proud with. Hence, REFLECT; while you can.O slave of Allah! This is life, isn’t it? Wrong! This is an illusion, and you have been deluding yourself by believing it is a reality! For how long will you continue being in such state? WAKE UP! Open your eyes and see the reality in front of you! What do you see? It is not as pretty as you thought isn’t it? Welcome, for this is the reality of the life of this world! It is ugly and unworthy, and nothing to be proud with. Hence, REFLECT; while you can.O slave of Allah! My message to you is this: Take away from your heart any worldly desire, and return to your Master. You are in a test, and you are not in control of anything. You are a slave, and Allah (the Exalted) is your One and Only Master. If you disobey Him, He will destroy you; but if you obey Him, He will protect you from His punishment. Furthermore, if you love Him, He will give you such what no eye has ever seen, and no ear has ever heard – Paradise. Do not wish for the benefits, but have hope in your Master’s Mercy. He is much more Merciful than your own mother. Do not feel lonely, but feel happy. Your Master is nearer to you than your own jugular vein. Do not grieve nor lose hope, but be cheerful. Your Master is preparing for you happiness. You can go after your wife, but she can hurt you and misguide you. You can go after your friend, but he can hurt you and misguide you. You can also go after your passions, but they will destroy you and burn you forever! The only solution for you is to return to your Master. Your way to Him is Tawheed (Oneness of Allah). Once you’re on the way, you need to beware because it is dark, and there are many beasts that can emerge from a bush at any time to kill you. The only solution for this is to protect yourself with the Glorious Qur’an and Sunnah. However, it will be still dark; therefore, you will need Light so that you can start walking on the path to your Master. The only way to receive such Light is the Du’a (supplication). So, make Du’as, supplicate to your Master (The Exalted), for He is All-Hearing. Consequently, you will receive this Light and your path to your Master will be illuminated. Begin walking, and continue walking; until you reach your Master. Finally, you will arrive at His Door. You cannot open it by yourself; you are not even allowed to approach it, unless permission is given to you. You must find a way to be granted permission. You will find out that there is no other way but to surrender your will to your Master. You will need to be willing to submit completely to your Master. As a result, you will become a Muslim, truthful in your heart, speech, and actions. Now you are completely ready for your Master. At this point of time, your Master opens the door for you. You enter, and you witness with your heart beauty which the eyes cannot see. Consequently, there is nothing that you can control; therefore, your Master installs love in you for Him, and blesses you with Wisdom and Guidance. However, he is returning you back to Earth, because your mission is not finished there yet. You are saddened because you want to enjoy the presence of your Master, and you do not know how to manage on Earth without Him. Your Master is assuring you that you will be safe as long as you remember Him. As a result, He will guide you to what is best, and protect you from all harm. Finally, before you go; He warns you of your biggest enemy. That enemy is idle and evil, and he is very jealous of you. There is no way to protect yourself from his attacks, except by remembering your Master and be content with His decree upon you. “Be patient, and remember me; and I will remember you”, He says. You promise to obey His command, and you return to Earth. So, you return to Earth. You can see, but most people are blind. You hear, but most people are deaf. You speak, but most people are dumb. However, they are claiming that you cannot see, nor hear, nor speak; and that they can see, hear, and speak. You realize how they are misled and deluded by the life of the World; so as a result, you become sad. The blind, deaf, and dumb are happy with the life of this World; and they do not understand why you are sad. Furthermore, you are being attacked from each and every corner. Your life on Earth has turned into a mountain; which you must climb. You begin climbing, but trials and tribulations fall upon you. The more you climb, the more hardships you endure. You cannot give up; and your Master has equipped you with everything you need in order to reach the top of this mountain. Patience and contentment; therefore, STRIVE, o Slave of Allah! After much hardship, you have reached the top of the mountain. Your mission is complete. You must now return to your Master. Consequently, your Master is calling you; and you depart from this worldly life, and return to Him. Thereafter, your Master announces to you the following: “Peace be on you, enter you the Garden (Paradise), because of (the good) which you did (in the world).” (Qur’an 16:32) and His Angels will say to you: “Peace be upon you for what you patiently endured! And excellent is the final home (Paradise).” (Qur’an, 13:24) You then enter Paradise, and witness what no eye has ever seen, and no ear has ever heard; with complete joy you are saying: “Praise be to Allah who has removed from us (all) sorrow, for our Lord is indeed Oft–Forgiving, appreciative; who has settled us in the house of lasting residence out of His bounty. No toil nor sense of weariness shall touch us therein” (Qur’an 35:34-35). O slave of Allah! Hence, REFLECT; while you can!