There was a man in a village who was a muslim. In this village where he lived there weren’t many muslims. He found himself alone most of the time. Nothing was able to take his focus from Allah despite the bad conditions of his surroundings. There was another person who despised him. He would spend time bad mouthing the muslim as he walked to and from the masjid. The muslim just smiled to himself and kept walking. Until one day the angry man stood in his way.

He said “You think you are so special….while you are a fool.”

He pushed the muslim.

He growled, “If you have any truth in you…fight me and you’ll see who will be victorious.”

The muslim shook his head with a smile and moved around him. The man sneered at him as he walked around him. As the muslim continued walking the man got even more angry and ran behind him pushing him to the ground. The muslim got up dusting off his clothing. He smiled and asked, “Feel any better?” As soon as he finished his sentence the man punched him in his face. At this point the angry man didn’t realize they were close to the masjid and other muslim brothers had seen his actions. The were running to the aid of the young muslim brother. Before they got there the brother rubbed his cheek and said “Nice punch.”. He turned to the masjid as the other brothers reached him and waved his hand.

“As salaamu alaikum brothers…lets go to the masjid”

The brothers replied “Wa alaikum as salaam. Should we not handle this brute for you?”

The angry man stood his ground ready for a fight.

“No let him be” chuckled the young brother.

“Ha…what a weak person…what kind of truth is which such a person?” The man walked off laughing.

“Why did you not fight him….he attacked you unjustly.”, asked on brother.

“Allah is most generous. The guy got what he wanted and I got what I wanted”

“Huh?” asked another brother.

“It was within my right to fight back but I chose not to. He didn’t want to kill me..he wanted to prove to himself that he was correct in his judgement of me by winning a fight. I wanted to go to the masjid to make salaat. Soooo he won his fight and continued in his dillusion….and look…we’re about to turn to Allah in salaat….who is the real winner and who is the loser? Maybe Allah will guide him to truth before he dies…maybe not…either way he is going to find out The Truth..on his current course it he will wish he joined us but it will then be too late…if he becomes muslim…Allah is The Forgiving , The Merciful.”

“SubhanAllah…that dude is fortunate it wasn’t me…I don’t think he would’ve walked away conscious” chuckled one of the brothers.

“Truthful you are” said the younger brother with a smile.

As the group were about to step foot into the masjid a few people who were able to listen to the conversation asked if they could join the young brother and become muslim.

“Allahu akbar!!” Shouted the brothers in unison.