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samos greece by burciijpgw300h225 1 - There's something about 40 - The 40 days of Pythagoras! (Greek Mathematician)
Samos, Greece.

The image on your left is of the Greek island, Samos. The place where one of the most famous mathematicians of the past, Pythagoras is believed to have been born in 570 B. C., very little in known about the man himself except that he traveled a lot, visiting places such as Egypt in his search for knowledge and God knows what else, what we do know is that he dabbled in various sciences and is remembered throughout history as a mathematician, scientist, philosopher and…even a mystic, whoever he really was, I only remember him from the math class back when I was in school, where we were taught the Pythagoras theorem. I recall, it was pretty easy.

But was it knowledge that made his famous? Not at all as you’ll see.

The following is a marvelous anecdote about him I came across a few years ago is an eye opener.

Pythagoras as a seeker of knowledge and his travels to Egypt:

When Greek philosopher Pythagoras reached Egypt to enter a school – a secret esoteric school of mysticism – he was refused entry. And Pythagoras was one of the best minds ever produced. He could not understand it. He applied again and again, but was told that unless he goes through a particular training of fasting and breathing he cannot be allowed entry.

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