I've had enough with hearing about feminists, and especially those who are trying to speak on behalf of Muslim women, when Islam already advocates the rights of women, it is the people who disrespect them.

Firstly lets have a look at what Man has that these feminists are wishing to have. You see typically a Man who is respected and loved, when he is a husband his wife supports him and he is loved. He may typically work and provide for the home and upbringing of children. People wish to look typically to Men for advice.
If he has had a hard day, a wife would typically be sympathetic, and even give him a massage and look after him.

Now these feminists see the role of a wife as demeaning as they wish to be in the station of a Man who has support and love-this is where lesbianism comes in -instead of supporting a husband, they wish to treat themselves as the husband who is going to be supported by another-taking the role of a husband and trying to copy off this. This is where you get career women who (there is not a problem with having a career, but in case of these feminists), they think that they would be admired, respected as a Man would be, regardless if he works in business or anything else. But typically people do wish to look up to Men regardless of the society that they come from.

Feminists do not actually make any sense, just place jargon on making broad statements on what they think women should have-well there are plenty of women who couldn't name a feminist, neither are they interested in looking at a woman-they prefer to get married and have children. The more the feminists are rejecting important criticism, the more they are not taken seriously.

There are plenty of examples where females like to portray an image of a woman-but are far from it ie;-

-they wish to campaign for silly things such as breast feeding in public-but they fail as a woman in getting married first, and dressing decently

- they wish to campaign in some areas to be topless- as if I as a woman would wish to see that, that's just disgusting.

-they wish to approve of divorce settlements-that is a contradictory statement being sent to the rest of the world, they say that women are more free in choices, so why should ex-husbands pay? You hear of bizarre divorce cases, that just because a female has got used to a certain lifestyle then it means that the ex-husband should continue to pay her-so basicailly you wish to have the benefits of a being a wife without being married to him? When they do divorce, they wsh for compensation-so basically you asking to be compensated for being LOVED??? Yes you may not love you husband now, but during that time, you were, and had children-so you wish to be compensated for being loved, have compensation for having children, have compensation for watching your children take their first steps.

BUT, they fail as being a WOMAN on so many levels, and act indecency but they wish to present themselves as if all the men on this planet are sexually attracted to them, but in response they say that not every one is perfect, well its not about prefection its about the bare minimum. Women in large parts of the world get on with their lives, regardless of what society they live in, and they don't ask that people treat them as if they need constant support in everything.

So you hear of females promoting to Males that they are women, as they are physically a female, but when it comes to the actually doing what women have been doing in the history of this world they fail, they fail at raising children, need support due to post natal depression -where this is practically unheard of in other parts of the world.

The facts are for example that there is reference that the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will be getting married, and like the other Prophets, the wives supported their husbands, you don't hear of feminists pushing women to build homes, carry the dead to their graves (a Man's job), do heavy farm work-as it would be unpopular, and women don't wish to do it, so they wish to have all the benefits as if they do the same job as a Man.

Men typically as per the norm in the history of this world and not just in Islam, spent more time outside the home, working and helping other people, are these feminists actually helping anyone?> No as they are just typically telling others what they think they should be having, not actually actively giving their own time and money to charity, but telling others to do it-it would be interested to know what they are getting paid for their jargon.

They do not typically ask what role they think that women should be playing, and avoid reports that women who have tried to juggle career and motherhood is not something that is ideal, there are those that can make it work, but if you have young children, there are plenty of women who are not happy to leave them in childcare.

In the past Pharoah chose to kill the male children and spared the female ones, of course as he was afraid of a Prophet. But it makes you think that if people wanted to be in control of a country, they would try and get rid of males more just like Pharoah and have more women, as they are comfortable with speaking to women more as they are typically less hostile-even the homosexuals like to spread their agenda to appeal to them first, instead of speaking to Men.

Females today need you to support them with everything ie;-

-raise up children, change nappies, feed the kids, (even though in Islam you don't need to as can pass your childcare duties to another, but women have been doing it for a long long time),
- if they cannot get pregnant, they wish to drag their partner to IVFs, which is just wrong, as getting out a sperm and your egg, someone needs to inseminate it and then place it up the womb-is just not dignified act. They wish for Males to accept them if they take another women's eggs, they wish for their husbands to still accept them if they transplant another women's womb-which is their own Mothers in their bodies, and they wish for their husbands to continue with sexual relationships using their Mothers wombs, they wish to drag their partners to accept having his sperm placed in his Mother in laws womb to give birth to the child so that it would be a "grandchild", but wouldn't be as a Mother is one who gives birth-so even though they don't have sexual relations, it is a lewd disgusting act.

Hager did not give up her son, but raised him up. (which is an example that some people like to use for surrogacy.

Why don't feminists spend as much time with females who are alcoholics, taking drugs, smoking even whilst pregnant???

What Mothers typically to, is be worried that their son is OK, and don't wish for him to go out to dangerous destinations, as she wishes for him to be safe-this is typically what a female doesn't care about as she asks her husband to take her to such and such a place, even you hear of a couple who are travelling around the world taking photos getting married again and again, with not thought to safetcy and actually living.

A Man is loved for who he is and what he does when he helps others, and regardless of his career ie working in pottery, this is the case. A Muslim woman isn't going to say I am going to love him more if he buys me some more clothes, flowers, chocolates take me out to a restaurant, as typically Muslim Men are looking after their parents, extended family members, taking part in funerals (not as the west were you just go to a funeral of family or friend members), work and provide for the family. Feminists of totally disregarded what Men have contributed and that people even typically wish to look at them more instead of feminists. They use examples of acid attacks, domestic abuse to treat women as if they are all going through it.

So typically these feminists, wish to use and hold on the fact that Men wish to have a relationship with women, and they use this and wish to speak as if they are speaking on behalf of all womenkind. They do not, it was not demoralising for Mary the Mother of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him to give birth to him and raise him up. Also neither are the wives of the Prophets just like with the wife of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him (to be) will not be treated the same as the Prophets.

Remember Allah and they Day of Judgement much.