Peace is not the default state of the world. Peace has to be "attained". Most of the time, fighting is required in order to attain that peace. That's a reality of the world.

America likes to tout the "peace" issue, but they only got that country through killing and abusing the natives who had been living there. Hypocrites. No one kills more people than America and its allies.

America is like a wolf who attacks a sheep and eats it, and if the sheep kicks and fights back before dying, and as a result of that some blood splashes on the wolf, the wolf screams, "Terrorist! You sheep are supposed to be a peaceful community! You've ruined my fur coat!" And then have drone strikes on all the sheep around the world. "War on Terror". And all the allies and puppets of the wolf around the world sit in the trees and squawk like parrots, "The sheep is a terrorist! We saw the whole thing! He committed an act of unspeakable terrorism!" And the chameleons, also puppets of the wolf, will go around shedding fake tears and lighting candles, to show solidarity with the wolf and show their sympathy for the unbearable terror it was put through by the sheep who spilled blood on its fur.

What a wretched world...